Deja Vu Showgirls Airport



15011 Tukwila International Boulevard, Tukwila, WA 98188


47.468381, -122.2878657




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Airport

  1. SUCKS


  2. Rick

    Wow what a place!Been to all the other deja vu’s in WA and what this place lacks in size and numbers it is far superior when it comes to quality.The girls are incredible,staff is friendly and the D.J. is hilarious!

  3. JGTUY5879


  4. Juan
  5. Oga
  6. Wifey

    My girlfriend and I took our men out for V-Day – we tried Fox’s first, but that was a bust, and my husband and I had been to this Vu in the past, so decided to all go back. At first, we were afraid it was going to be a bust too. The girls were mostly ok, and we weren’t really approached by anyone for a while. One dancer in particular made it a night for the four of us to remember. She took my girlfriend and her boyfriend back, gave the girl her first ever lap dance, and dance for the boyfriend too. She made them both feel very comfortable, which they appreciated.

    She came back and offered dances for me and my husband. Husband was crazy to say no, but had already promised another dancer he’d get one from her. So I went back with this dancer, and this was NOT my first lap dance, but gotta say, she was the best dancer I’ve had. Knew exactly how to dance for a girl to really get her going. Had to clean up a mess by the time I got home. But best of all, she got us all ramped up – my girlfriend had her first experience with another girl (me) later that night, and the guys ended up having fun with each other’s women. Thanks Morgan!

  7. Vi Lau

    Beauty and talent WOW! Great show!Best dances ever!

  8. Don

    Hey this place is a fun time! Love how its open really late.

  9. Johnny

    This club is awesome!! i enjoyed every minute i was there!

  10. ryan123

    This is the only strip club in a 200 mile radius that stays open till 4AM. With that in mind, proceed with caution.Sitting in the front row reminded me of a Comedy Central skit waiting to happen, starring Jim Carey in his weightlifter chick costume.Chock full of fat GILF chicks and skinny 12 year old looking Asians, you’re sure to have a time.

  11. Joey B.

    Exellent! Best time I have ever had!!!!

  12. BOB

    Women are great and the coffee is even greater. I go in every day for both!!!

  13. Seth

    Lots of pretty faces here! Not to mention the other assets that go along with them!

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  15. MikeJ

    The girls are beautiful but very small club with little talent. Girls need to work on there pole tricks and apperance. Some of them dont look happy to be there. Maybee if there was more advertising people would go there more and the girls would be happy.DJ is great good music.

  16. Jim House


  17. joe momma
  18. Michael

    Ask for Zoe the redhead – hot, hot, hot.

  19. cameron


  20. Ben

    Plenty of beautiful girls and they were all very friendly. I will visit this club again.

  21. Steve

    The best club I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a bunch! Great dances, friendly girls, the best place to hang out in the Seattle area. Maya is the best! See you next time!

  22. joni bender

    small club but great girls. Alot of fun for a small amount.


    I flew in town wednesday morning and heard about the amateur contest here and decided to check in out. IT WAS GREAT! After the contest was over i stuck around but was a little too shy to get dances. But man they had some beautiful black girls in there. And when i say beautiful i mean mariah carey beyonce caramel skin i wanna get in. Next time i come into town and its a wednesday i will be there and NOT SHY

  24. Vern

    Kayla, Tessa, Brooklyn and Heaven are the greatest. 🙂

  25. Aaron

    The Showgirl contest was exellent! Andrea won.! However Chanel(2nd )and Jeanie(3rd) gave outstanding performances and from what I heard it was 1 point differance! Great job.They all seemed to have a great time which in turn I had a great time.

  26. hu
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  28. Old Timer

    Lots of pretty new young girls!Some new employees as well.

  29. IrvInAk

    it was a fun time again as i been there before i really enjoyed natasha and serena this trip there 2 amazing dancers cashew is a hot dancer also a lil pushy on asking for dances but very well worth the money im going back there again and again way to go ladies

    i loved the time there

  30. Conifer

    Love the club! Always a good time when I visit seattle:)

  31. curtis17

    Been to this club twice now an all I can say is wow hot girls good music very helpful staff an close to the airport I make sure I give myself plenty of fun time waiting for flights .

  32. Todd

    This place is a good time, especially they are open really late on the weekends. Had a great time!!

  33. Jeremy

    It was Hard to leave this club! But had a flight to catch.

    Wow greatest secret in Washington…..

  34. TJ

    Very hospitable girls!! They only seem to come out if there’s more guys coming in the place. But my advice–come out girls, even if there’s a couple guys!!!!We like variety of girls, and if there aren’t that many, we’ll probably leave.

    Very hot dancers were Honey and Ariana..very sweet girls and take the time to talk with you and get to know you. Also, I got a free porn DVD with the 3 dances for $40 special!!!

  35. Ted

    This club is the best!

  36. igor34

    Great service, Great girls, very enjoyable each time I go here. I when here for bachelor get together the last time I went and I enjoyed every minute of it. Especially having a girl do a handstand on you naked!!! just amazing. If you haven’t been to a strip club I suggest you go here to break your strip club virginity.

  37. Billy

    I love coming to this club it has such a good atmosphere!! and really HOT SHOWGIRLS!!!!!

  38. omg

    love this place and its privacy. me and my buddies come through every now and then. but last night when we came there were a lot of new girls… hot girls!!!

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  40. happy
  41. Alex Mendoza
  42. Danny

    Great varity of ladies to pick from, It made it HARD to just pick one!

  43. ES

    Great day–Senita, Carla and Faith made the afternoon worth it

  44. doc
  45. Cliff

    This club has the most exotic varity of ladies than any other club I have been too!Checkout Mia,Alanna,Chanel,Andrea

    jeanie,,Kiarra,Diamond and Natasha. Everyone of these ladies will have you wanting more!

  46. FunTime

    Chloe……SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!!

  47. Keith Janke

    Not worth


    I wondered where all the nice big boobs were. I them found

    HERE.Hot looking women with all the assets ! There is a God..

  49. Alex

    The best club ever.

  50. Frederic Scheiderer
  51. Franklyn

    I went here a while ago, and I am not a big strip club fan. However, I had a blast. The staff was friendly, and I got free cover for wearing a tie. I would recommend this place if you have never been before.

  52. Jason

    This club has been around for a long time. If you have not gone here in awhile, I have to say it is well worth another look.

  53. C.F.

    The clubs atmosphere is very inviting and the talent level is very high. Come down and see for yourself I guarantee you will enjoy yourself.

  54. Jersey

    Love this club! Exotica, Bella, Honey:)

  55. Brent

    Nice club…open late, thats a huge plus…damn some big boobs roaming this club. I’ll be back for sure.

  56. Montana Gentleman

    Dear Natasha,


    You were fantastic.

    Thank you .

    If you go there, be sure to have a couch dance with her. She is amazing!

    Thanks again Natasha.

    Montana Mike

  57. PC

    Tessa is the best ever

  58. tom

    I had a great time ,will go back soon as I get paid. Love the girls .Alot to go around .Had a few dances with Charisma and some with …I think her name was Ivy ..both great.Plus they stay open until 4am can’t beat that…Thank you very much. Will come back…best club I have ever been to.

  59. Philip

    Kayla and Heaven are the best.

  60. BJ

    Open after hours till 4am. What a Great time! Exellent music and women!

  61. Fred

    I work at another location . Sure would like to have the Quality of women that this club does. Enjoyed myself.


  62. Sammy

    Fresh new remodel!

  63. John

    Showgirl Contest was HOT! Andrea won and she sure did work for it!Don’t count out Chanel and Jeanie the runners up they were hot! I couldn’t have picked just one!

  64. rambo

    its a small nice place..

    some dancers give awesome lap dances…

    some aren’t that great..

    i got a great lap dance from candy..( i think)..

    ask for candy..

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  66. GarryWas

    This is my first time coming to a strip club the entry fee was $20 and they closed at 3:30 for private dances they closed at 4:00. Some Girls were fully nude and would come up to you during a show. For private shows its $20+ the more you pay anything can happen.

  67. Derek

    I was there on Saturday night and absolutely love this club!Great girls,nice waitresses and one of the most exciting D.J.s I have heard in Washington!I will be coming back to town next month and look forward to visiting this club again.

  68. Resa

    This was an overall great place to go and have fun with some friends. I am definately going again.

  69. mark

    Excelent! I felt vary welcome. Plan to be a regular.

  70. Niko

    Wow! It had been six years since I’ve been to a club. Very happy that I chose to go the the Tukwila Deja Vu. The reason for this is one dancer – Jade. Sexy, beautiful, athletic, and graceful all describe her. The best private dances and hospitality I’ve ever received. Plus, what she does with the pole on stage is just amazing (very strong for a small woman)! Had such a great time I came back three more times during my Seattle trip.

  71. William

    Seriously, check this place out. The girls are probably the best looking ones all around you will find in the state. The cover is steep but worth it. If you get a chance to chat up the night time lot security; Dave, do so. He is very well versed in the area, and not to mention very funny. He gives the DJ his break, and is probably the most talented DJ working there. Why he is still a bouncer is beyond me but I digress. Back to the girls. I personally recommend buying dances from Andrea, Natasha, Salina, Allana, Summer, Honey, Heaven, Franchesca, Jewels, Kayla, and probably a couple others I cant remember.

  72. Lyle

    Bathrooms smell great!!!!!

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  75. Kiara

    I really think that Tukwila DeJaVu is more diverse and interesting. The girls range from white, asian, black, mixed, and just plain beautiful. If you want to enjoy the best of the best then you should visit this club. Add some sugar and spice, enjoy the diversity of this club. More bang for your buck, get a rise in your levis, you all know what I mean.

  76. MrBIGDOG2u

    This club is pretty cool, there are some hot girls there wish there were a lot more girls. I had a good time though and the laps were fun. I am new to the area and heard there are a bunch of these Vu’s around

  77. Scott

    Shaken that ass is what these ladies do best!!!

  78. Cory Croft

    Top ten on my list! Hot chick, get fun.

  79. YOO HOO

    booyah!!! great club. 🙂

  80. tobi lynn

    Maybe your man, HAS to go out to get his. We will do him right here..that you can count on.

  81. Regular

    Great place to go and see lots of HOT Chicks!

  82. Gary

    I love the club!! a little small but allot of goodlooking girls!!! I will be back!

  83. joseph1k

    This place is the greatest! Beautiful ladies and had a great time! If you get a chance, you’ve got to stop by and check it out. The manager was great and made sure we were well taken care of.

  84. LA

    Was early for my flight so stopped in right as it was opening. Much much better than killing time in an airport bar. Mia? Miya? almost made me miss my flight. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and suddenly didn’t want to leave…….

  85. Lucky

    It must have been my lucky day. the chicks are Hot, sexy and beautiful!!THanks for a great night

  86. Dennis

    UUUhhh… hell yeah!! …. Now can i run my card again?

  87. James

    Mike your right the Girls are beautiful. Lots of new ones just starting to get there groove on!The New DJ does rock!

  88. eddyL

    The Ladies are beautiful, the service is exceptional, the atmosphere is exactly what you should expect. One of my favorite things is the music is loud without being so loud you have to yell for a conversation or to get a drink. The HWIC ( I know its supposed to be HBIC but you’ll never find me referring to Leta as a bitch even in this context) Leta, runs a top much establishment and has assembled a staff of beautiful Ladies for both entertainment, and hospitality. Its worth the trip.

  89. Army guy

    Visited the club three times this week. First time I was the only guy there during the afternoon and got lots of attention. Zoey was fun and an excellent dancer and made the afternoon go great. Came back later in the evening, got another dance from Zoey before she left. Fortunately, Amber was more than willing to fill the void. Although Amber had a great body, I can’t forget her sultry eyes which really sucked me in. Came back on Thursday for more of both. Unfortunately, Zoey was just leaving as I arrived, but Amber was there and made the night memorable. There were several other great dancers, but I kept being drawn back to Amber. Again I was entranced by her eyes and her smile and she always made good eye contact while dancing. Plan to stop tomorrow to see Zoey before I leave the area. Definitely will stop there any time I’m in Seattle.

  90. Terri

    Went to the Vu last night , but was way to drunk to enjoy it the way my friends did. However the people were the best ! They help me to the bathroom (sick), tried to sober us up with water,coffee and sprite. The manager brought me a cold cloth to wipe my face and then she helped me stand up and make it back outside to the bus without anyone noticing .Love that Lady(dont remember your name SORRY, but THANKS a millon ). I Just dont remember anyones name that night. I will be back ,but not as drunk the next time. Thanks again.My friend Tom who will get married this Sat. said that he had the best party ever!

  91. Takumi Fujiwara

    Wow Jussem, you must be bipolar or sumthin. I had a splendid time, and i’ll definately be going back!!! Make up your mind “Jism”.

  92. Erwin

    This place makes me feel great!Sizzling hot ladies! I have enjoyed myself everytime I’ve gone in.

  93. james1412

    I have had a great time coming here. The staff is friendly, the girls have actual personalities, and the Queen Bee Leta is a wonderful presence to be around. If your looking for a little fun, in a place that will make you feel comfortable and welcomed this is where you need to be!

  94. Scott Blot

    Close to the airport, but hard to find. Thursdays, Fridays and

    Saturdays are you best bets.

  95. SCL


  96. Ed38

    Clubs near aiports are always good. That is one of my theories and this club held true. Had a great time at the Tukwila Deja Vu. Received many dances from Jade, a petite beauty, and can’t wait to make a return trip in the near future for some more.

  97. Patrick
  98. Pluto

    Don’t touch this dive with a 10 foot pole

  99. ljoi98uoiy


  100. jesus
  101. Carl

    In from Viking country for the game Sunday, stopped in Friday night, had a GREAT time, it was great to hear all the girls were ruting for my team. VICKINGS SMASH BIRDS!!!

  102. JUSSEM


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