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7509 15th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98117


47.6836, -122.377133




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Our club has plenty for you to enjoy! Obviously many diverse, gorgeous girls to help you unwind on our plush seating watching the entertaining stage show. Grab a drink next door at the bar, head over and catch the last play of the game on the tv here while you enjoy time with your favorite girl in our brand new private VIP rooms. Rent by the half hour or hour and spend uninterrupted quality time getting to know her. Our relaxed private club will be certain to keep you coming back.


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0 reviews for “Sands Showgirls

  1. larry1

    This place is great. I was happy to pay for the orange juice and sprite. Its not too far away from some kick ass drinking holes with really yummy food.I was shocked that my classmates knew I would go sometimes, because my addiction was supposed to be in remission.

  2. Jack

    Cool club. I always hit this place when I’m in the area.

  3. had fjun

    Some of the girls are ugly, but that is compensated by the high mileage offered by others.

  4. jon

    Great time tonight!

  5. Mark

    This club is really a boutique strip club that caters to not a volume of customers, however the atmosphere and dancers are really something to experience.

  6. 50 Roses Guy

    VIP very good. Dancers very good. Heidi, the Vietnamise woman is awsome! I think she was Miss Vietnam at one point. Beauty that will take your breath away, an angel in high heals. Does anyone else know her? What kind of dances does she do?

  7. Alex

    Very low key and plenty of fun

  8. Fred

    Best club in town. Hottest girls and I always have a good time.

  9. Class act

    This is one of the better clubs around even in comparison to some of the brand name places. I’d even go as far to say the place was classy. Had only been going to Rick’s and Vu’s but the Sands was a nice change of pace.

  10. Barry

    Fewer girls on shift than most clubs, but overall, better looking.

  11. Testingthewaters

    Been there many times over the years. At first, there were long gaps between dancers on the stage; however, with the closing of some of the clubs, many dancers migrated to the Sands and the long gaps between stage dances are few now. The quality of the women varies greatly, some or ugly and some are hot. The early day shift tends to be the most beaten with ugly sticks, but there can be some lookers during the day shift. I also found that the early day shift tended to upsell their dances, while during the evening and night, the women had a more comprehensive dance for the standard $40 fee. Several women gave me dances that rivalled anything I ever got at Ricks or Honeys, with no expectation of a tip. Well they probably expected a tip, but whenever I went back, they still asked if they could dance for me. The VIP room could be laid out better with some visual screening to separate people.

  12. Seattle Businessman

    During the day is the best; try to get there Monday, Friday, or Saturday during the day. Or Wednesday evening if day time doesn’t work. That is when you will find the best Female Talent. Many nice girls to choose from, but in many of our books, HEIDI IS THE BEST! If you just want to spend time with an Asian Angel, you have a few choices here, but there is only one that is worth an all day wait.

  13. Grant

    After watching the Seahawks/Saints game on Sunday at the bar next to the SANDS, I decided to drop over and see what talent they had at the Club.I noticed a nice selection of dancers and a cute brunette caught my eye named Sasha. After talking with her for awhile, she indicated she was from Canada. So off I went to the VIP Room for a special dance from this rocket. Tight body and worth the money from what I experienced. I bought the package from her for three dances in the VIP Room and was so impressed with her demeanor that I ended up buying her a ladies drink so I could talk with her some more. All in all the stage action was entertaining however Sasha really stole my heart. Planning to go back at some point in the near future. Nice club inside and really clean.

  14. Johnnyboy123

    The sands is one of those things that make you think what was this place before it is the place now . Now its is a small dimly lit gentleman’s club with no Dj and pool table . And like most clubs it has its good dancers and bad dancers , they all make their money the same way with giving the lap dances . For the most part I enjoyed my time there and even played pool with some of the dancers .Two of my favorites are Secret who I knew from the old Rick’s and Allie .

  15. todd: :(
  16. Jerry

    This club has come a long way in the last 3-4 months. The dayshift is overwhelming with dancers like Pandora, Sonora, Heidi, and Gia. A lot of new hot looking dancers that will give you a ride in the VIP Room. Nice decor, rather a boutique operation, very much like a cocktail lounge. And what is great,for a break from the entertainment if you would prefer an alcoholic drink their is a bar next door.

    Just a nice club with a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful dancers.

  17. David

    The best club in town. Don’t be fooled by those other comments; they clearly haven’t been in before.

  18. Real Jake

    It’s pretty evident that the one liners are all a pack of lies that are trying to discredit the GREAT club that the SANDS SHOWGIRLS is all about. Beautiful atmosphere,lovely young dancers,NO COVER, good service and customer parking.

  19. Matt

    Great Club and great Dancers

    All the below is like graffiti!

  20. Abdulmuhaymin A.

    It is bad stripes club, l do not recommand this place. It is small and ugly girls there. Only one beautiful girl. The VIP is much expansive. Do not go there.

  21. Joshua

    this club continues to amaze me with the range of dancers that are very provacative and talented. It currently is outdistancing many competitors for service and style.

  22. Maurice

    I am new to Seattle and wonder why the clubs don’t serve alcohol, what a rip. Well, without the drink I decided to hit one of the clubs close to town in the North End.Last Friday night I visited the Sands Showgirls which had a pretty smart exposure on the outside,I was wondering if it was worth going in.Curiosity did me in so I grabbed a seat close to the stage in order to view the action up close and of course ordered my pop or juice as the waitres indicated. Their were a lot of dancers roaming around the club, on stage , and the VIP Room. Some real foxy looking babes and some average, however it was all a plus because I was in the center of the action. I took a $20 dance from one of the dancers in the main room and was satisfied considering the reasonable cost. Total action and cost was worth it, yet frustrated with the no booze policy.

  23. UpFromCali

    Monday Afternoons are definitely the Bomb! Ask for the tall, tan, lean, long haired, Asian Girl…Heidi. She has the body of Cali Asian Hottie…But here is Seattle? Who knew? Man…The is the woman The Bachelor should have picked from Seattle! 😉 Just Saying…

  24. Marathon Runner

    When in Seattle, this is your place to chill! I am an older professional businessman and keep myself in fairly good shape. I like my women older. It is very easy to find young, HOT, girls in Seattle. But to be an older woman, more mature, and have a smoke’n hot body that puts a young twenty something girl to shame…Ya baby, now we’re talking! Here you can find both, but you’ll find me with the most beautiful ones in the club. I invite you to come on in and find out for yourself…Just like I did!

  25. Andy

    Spent Saturday night at The Sands and was pleasantly surprised. Ive been to other clubs in Seattle, but the Sands has the most attractive girls by far. Ill be back to this club.

  26. Morgan S.

    Seattle strip clubs have one huge thing working against them, they don’t serve booze! This place has overcome that problem by having the Thunderbird Tavern right next door!I recommend this formula that my friend and I perfected the other night; watch 3 dances, get him a lapdance, go nextdoor for a shot, repeat. Trust me, sets the stage for the fun to come!

  27. BooBoo
  28. Bart

    Hey Bill, I don’t what club you are refering to, however I did go into the Sands last night (Friday) and it was without question my greatest night there. At least 12 dancers all looking hot and the stage show was great!!!

  29. Andrew

    Nice easy club with terrific looking dancers.

  30. billtheguy12

    I’m not originally from Washington, so I’m biased against the strip clubs here in general because I think the lack of alcohol negatively affects the atmosphere in most as the venue’s have to find other ways to make their money. So with that here’s the review.The first time I went here it was early evening on a Friday night. My boyfriend and I were the only ones there, and the ladies, though nice, were almost desperate to sell lap dances, and frankly I found it creepy and we didn’t stay very long.I thought I’d try again last Saturday night for my birthday (it’s been about two years since first adventure). We still found it creepy. The ladies were not desperate acting as before, so that was good. Except for one who did some pole tricks they weren’t very lively, and it was mainly a bunch of dudes in the crowd hardly tipping just creepily staring.An observation about the show itself-Most of the girls were just wearing lacy undergarments with platforms, and I think they all danced to slow rap/hip hop tunes, so it didn’t seem like a lot of variety in those departments. There was a good variety of ladies.

  31. Sam
  32. Suit & Tie
  33. EasyDoesIt

    I have my daytime favorite but have noticed some new talent lately.

  34. Driving Look'n/Holding Hands

    Tucked away in a quiet, sleepy part of Seattle is a small, dark, intimate, classy club that only a handful of local patrons, and a few professional athletes know about. The club feel is that of owning your own club and having it stocked with beautiful, HOT, classy women. This is more of a club for an older, more affluent set. The young kids will not get it, but if you are older, mature, and comfortable in your own skin…this is your club. You must let the girls know, you are the real deal. Come prepared to spend some real money. You don’t want to get the reputation of not holding yourself up to the standards. If you see professional athletes, remember…Don’t ask…Don’t tell. When you see the woman who looks like MISS SAIGON, you have good taste. She was MISS VIETNAM. But my bet is on a sure winner for MISS ASIA! REALLLY…Women do not get any more beautiful than HEIDI. Imagine a ROCK HARD Miss Vietnam body in VICTORIA SECRET attire. That is why successful, professional men from all over the world stop at THE SANDS when they are in Seattle. Remember…Eyes Wide Shut.

  35. maxxy1

    A pleasant evening with friends and $.75 pool table. Had the chance to chat with one of the ladies, and it’s kind of a local joint. Good time. *thumbs up*

  36. Jeremy

    Well, I didn’t make it back to the Sands as quick as I thought. I was drove over with a buddy of mine on last Saturday night 10/6 around 9:30. The place again had many dancers to select from or view their stage prescence, but along came Dylon from the last time I was in and she rememberd me. I told that I wanted to view the action before I was going to the VIP Room for a dance. My Buddy and I ordered the usual drinks and watched the show, and a few more dancers namely Natalie, Sasha, and Chantel came by and said hello with smiles never ending. The place was fairly packed with customers and we sat closed to the stage of course eyeing the talent. After some time past and watching the dancers parade on stage for their stint, I spotted Dylon again and we talked about a little more entertainment in the Drawing Room, so we hit the Room for a dance and again she has some moves that are real special.

    We finally left after a couple of hours of entertainment, my buddy took Sasha to the VIP room one time and she is from Canada, what a knockout. All in all we had a great time and look forward to coming back to Ballard for another night in heaven!!!

  37. richard95

    I went this Friday, June 12th, 2012, for my second time. The first time was about a year ago, on a Friday, but it was really slow & I didn’t care to go back. But I do have an especially favorite dancer: Chevelle. I knew that she was going to start last nite, so there I was! It was busier most of the evening than my 1st time there. The gals are very friendly & most are a 7 or higher. I rate Chevelle a 9.125! Be SURE that she is NICE, honest, and very sexy! I have followed her from Club to Club for a year & a half! Try her, you’ll like her!The club is cheap to get in: $10 for 2 drinks, & no other cover charge. The layout is cool & the VIP room is very nicely done. Watch your step, there is a level change that’s easy to miss! There is off-street parking, comfortable seating, and all the attention you’d ever want from hot ladies! I totally recommend the Sands. Friday or Sat is best for more gals, but sometimes the middle of the week means you get EXTRA special rewards from the gals! And get more than one dance, they will make it worth your while!Oh yeah, give them some tips WHILE they’re on stage, they really appreciate it!

  38. Allen

    Try going into the place and you will find out. Rocking dancers and good entertainment.

  39. Mike


  40. Visiter

    A nice alturnative to other Seattle Clubs.

  41. bob the builder

    Curious as to what kind of lineup is still working at the Sands. Names of dancers and either day or night shift would be most helpful.

    Used to frequent the Sands about 6 or 7 months ago, and now I am back in town and I am curious as to who still works here. From other posts I have gathered that many dancers have either retired or moved to other clubs. A schedule would be nice if someone could post one.

    Thank you in advance.

  42. Joel

    We had a bachelor party last Monday night and the action was super. Plenty of HOT looking dancers to say the least and our groom was questioning if he was making the right decision. The atmosphere was Kool and Secret was a special dancer for me and Vanity kept the guys going forever.

    This place has come a long ways in a year, I would stop in once every three months to see if they had any new dancers. This past visit was huge, and would recommend anyone to step up to the plate.

  43. Tile

    Was shown a kick ass time by my friends at this spot,

    really enjoyed myself

  44. ryan123

    This is one of the places Ballard needs to get rid off soon. It’s one of the slimiest places on earth. Literally.

  45. Stevo

    It’s good.

  46. Weedman420

    So, while the girls were very beautiful, my experience there sucked. See, I’m a chick, and it was made fairly clear that I was very unimportant. I wasn’t a part of the bachelors party there, nor a regular, and me, my husband and his friend were very thoroughly ignored by the hostess and the girls. It was my first time ever to do this, I was excited. I wanted the experience of a life time and instead, spent a horrible amount of time traveling to Ballard from Tacoma because the reviews were so good, to be treated like crap. The girls in the bathroom in between sets were the very best part of my time there. The hostess was a loud mouth bitch that couldn’t ignore us hard enough. She made sure that dudes, especially old ones, got plenty of service though, when she wasn’t yelling at the only other (drunk) chick in the place. They’re quick to tell you a 2 drink minimum, but I had to chase her down for a refill and prices for a lap dance that I didn’t choose to get there because I think(pretty sure) she inflated the price because I have tits. And, she never came for the refill. My husband went and asked for it, and he(“bar tender”) got it wrong anyway. We ended up driving back to Foxes in Tacoma and closed out the night there. I ended up with the experience I’d been looking for as Bri gave me the dance of a lifetime. I’ll probably never go back, but I’ll most certainly endorse Foxes in Tacoma and have plans to return soon. Very soon.

  47. Happy Traveler

    Beautiful dancers with up close and personl lap dances. This place is well worth your time.

  48. Gerald

    This place is hot, lots of good looking dancers and they treat you like a customer should. It has one stage, however you can get front row center without a problem and see all the action, before you pick one out of the beautiful herd and take in the VIP Room for more enlightment.

  49. sweet

    help me help me ronda

  50. Mathew

    I am a little perplexed at Sid and Jeff’s responses because I was in the Sands Saturday night about 10:00AM and I managed to see about 8 dancers that were under 30yrs old. One cute one was Dylan and she was very talkative and we carried on a conversation for about 15-20 minutes. I had a $20 dance in the main room and elected to sit with her for awhile after buying her a drink. The place was pretty lively with a number of cute dancers who were checking me out from time to time. I decided to have Natalie who is a knockout, dance for me in the VIP room for the normal rate. Watched the stage rotation of dancers for some time and left. Will be back to see Natalie again.

  51. Frank

    I was in last night Wednesday and the place was really busy and packed with customers and many dancers. Most of them were HOT and the VIP Room was really busy. I hooked up with one called Tania and she really gave me something to think about. WOW This place has changed immensely with a number of former Rick’s dancers.

  52. Greg

    Quiet neighborhood club. Very laid back atmosphere.

  53. Mr. Classy
  54. Ray
  55. Anon

    I thought I would write a positive review since people are more apt to say something when they’re dis-pleased.

    During the afternoons, there is always someone to catch my eye. Dancers here are pretty and attentive when you want them to be and let you alone when you want that too. They don’t hound you here.

    Overall, the atmosphere is relaxed and unrushed, the girls nice.

  56. John

    Long live the SANDS, it’s a great club!

  57. kathydances677

    this is a great place to bring my husband – we have so much fun here! the girls are really caring and attentive and understanding- we are always welcomed like we are coming home for the holidays- LOVE it !

  58. re: Sid

    Most of the girls are 19 and 20 year olds. Is that too old for you?

  59. Customer
  60. In All Fairness

    Most of these “reviews” read like a spat between someone who hates the Sands and the management attempting to gloss over the one line remarks. What happened to the days when actual customers posted reviews? That is, people who visited the club and wrote about their experiance. Haven’t seen that in months. Since no customers are stepping up, I’ll give it a shot. Having been a dancer at this club a long time ago, I’m still interested and hope that everyone is doing well. Please don’t let some of these comments dissuade you from triing it out. The owners are classy people and wouldn’t hire nasty (as in unsanitary and diseased)dancers.

  61. Phillip

    Gorgeous classy women

  62. Grant

    long drive for me but the girls are first rate

  63. Fake Reviews

    Most of the reviews from 8/30 onward appear to be written by the same person. So, don’t bother reading Jeremy, Mathew, Grant, Aaron, Gerald, Jeff, Joel, etal. unless you like repetition. Probably a bargain rate PR person “beating the drums”.

  64. Roger

    Nice tits on Jamie! Nice hands too!

  65. Joseph

    Haven’t been around since TW clubs closed. Happy I checked the place out. Clean club, exceptional dancers. Can’t beat 10 bucks including drinks to get in. Dances were pricey at 30 but I’m not complaining.

  66. Gary

    Was in Ballard after work and decided to drop in to the Sands to she what new talent they had. I managed to get the last parking space in the club parking lot. Now its around 4:00 PM in the afternoon and the club was fairly full of dancers and customers. Bought the usual two drink minimum and relaxed a bit, watching the show on stage. They had a number of good looking babes that were lined up for their individual stage dance. Like Layla who is a European rocket with a great personality and figure WOW! Gia stopped by my table and asked me for a dance, I took a chance on this BABE who towered over me like a building. The VIP was fairly busy with Gia giving me a real show and she looked great in her costume. Back in the main room, I shared a conversation with Page and Alexis for awhile and viewed the stage show for another hour. This club is certainly turned the corner of being a hot spot for good looking dancers.

  67. curtis17

    This only gets 2 stars because I went to centerfolds and it was an exquisite failure. This place has a decent number of girls and a decent mix of girls, but the dances are lack luster (except for one, Calista, she is the only one that does pole tricks).

  68. James

    This has become a new hot spot that i’ve never even heard of before. went in the other night. WOw! you’ve got to see for yourself

  69. Wool Coat Couple

    There is one asian lady who I will never forget.

  70. J. Erbstein
  71. 'Bob'

    In last night and finally saw the beautiful blond another dancer told me about. She was as advertised-VERY hot. She only works weekends though. There were some other cute girls too.

  72. Jake

    This place is rocking with hot lookin chicks. Monday afternoon late was in and bumped into Layla who is a rocket from heaven. Dances, dances, dances, till I bid her farewell. coming back soon.

  73. Coffee Guy

    I like mine made in Magnolia, overlooking Seattle, hot, in a big cup, with a little bit of milk, and a little bit of sugar. After that, it is all about the company you keep. With a long haired, exotic, tanned beauty in the kitchen to wrap your arms around in the morning, that comforts your soul…

    With what is going on in Puget Sound with Strip Clubs and local & federal authorities, The Sands Showgirls is a rising star. The girls are getting prettier, and friendlier. The Sands Showgirls could be the Adult Entertainment Place for the next decade.

    Never forget…It is all about power & money. The politicians always want more power & more money! To make any since of it, just follow who gets more power & who gets more money. In the process, SEATTLE…don’t let politicians take your rights away!

  74. William

    I have frequented Ricks’ and DeJavu in the past,because I live in the North End of Seattle. Last Saturday night I was out with a couple of friends and one of them said let’s go to a strip club. Well we were around the Northgate area and decided to swing over to the Sands to see what action was going on. It was around 10:30PM and the place was almost packed with customers. I have only been in the Sands once last year and it was OK, however this was unexpected for me and my friends in seeing the place packed with a lot of good looking dancers some of whom used to work at Ricks. I met a dancer called Secret and she was a living doll and took me into the VIP and entertained me to no end. My buds also got dances from a beautiful Sasha who is from Vancouver and she is a cutey. Wow, this place has changed immensely since I was here last year. Rotation on the stage was pretty impressive with knockout babes wrapping themselver around the pole. We all will be back, what a night!!

  75. Steve

    Get the right dancer and the place is wonderful. Get the wrong dancer and it is a waste of money. I started with the wrong one, and moved on to the right one. Shop around!

    The atmosphere is nice, but stage show isn’t great.

  76. Rick Jorgensen

    This has a high level of dancers versus patrons. No cover and slick atmosphere with a varied selection of ethnic dancers. Saturday night was when I experienced some dancers by Christelle who was just fabulous.

  77. Ray A.

    I think that maybe several years ago it was pretty shady…then again it is a strip bar, so how unshady can a place like that be? All I know is the best time to go is during the day when there aren’t a lot of other guys like you in there. Yeah the pickin’s are a little slimmer, but you are in a strip bar in the middle of the day so how picky can you be? I’ve been there maybe a handful of times, that would be like 5, and I think that I left dissapointed once…new gal, not so excited about being there and doing what she was doing. Now the other 4 times, the gals were so nice, great customer service and there was always a happy ending to those visits. Bottom line, take it for what it is and you get what you pay for.

  78. Seattle Visiter

    Nice inside. Very upscale. Small but nicely done. Girls are friendly & very, very beautiful. Saw tall Asian girl during the day, long hair, long legs. Any information on her? Name, Dances, Mileage, Friendly, etc.

  79. sw
  80. Gopi N.

    I and my friend visited this club on 12-july-2012. I have been to all clubs in san francisco,sacromento, las vegas and other parts of USA… This is the most expensive club of my experience … I had worst experience …one italian girl took a visit to VIP lounge and explain the things about the vip lounge and abt her and i bought a drink for her …she spoke with me for about 10 mins and asked for $80. She didnt gave a dance or anything ..i got shocked and askes for reason …she told i have pay to talk with her … Started creating scene and created a big pblm …with no option i had to $80 for her and $10 for drink …this is sheddy place and never go again …

  81. Chad

    Groovy place lots of hot chicks during the day shift, was in Monday and looked fairly busy with a number of cute dancers.

  82. Aaron

    Haven’t been to the Sands for ages/years, stopped in Saturday night and it seemed like another club. The stage was moved and the big sign out front was removed the VIP Room was in the back now. Lot more Dancers than I can remember and way more customers. The place was very lively, I talked to one dancer called Vanity, she has been at the Sands for quite a while. Very Hot and will give you a good dance and workout in the VIP. Fairly impressive from some time ago and will definely come back with more money and time to check out the new Dancers.

  83. Nick

    Ask my cabbie for a gentleman’s club for entertainment. Took me for a 15 minute ride north of town.The place was called the Sands and it was evening so I couldn’t see to well for the entrace. I ordered the two drinks and got some juice drink, no alcohol which I thought was strange.

    Well, I settled in and watched the stage dances for about an 20 minutes and then some real cute dancer showed up and asked me for a dance. I wasn’t sure about the prices show she went on to say they are $20 in the open area and $40 in the VIP Room. Her name was Janelle and I agreed to a table dance in the open area. She was pretty hot and I paid her for her time. The service was fairly good and the entertainment was a free deal, no cover. And I am used to cover in my Hometown in Dallas, where the clubs are gigantic and opulent. A small club buy nice.

  84. Marty

    Great number of dancers and nice atmosphere. Will be back.

  85. Jeff

    Overall experience was excellent

  86. Joe

    Ha! The Sands not only has the class factor, but it also has longevity.

    If you haven’t been, I highly recommend that you check The Sands out. Gorgeous, intelligent girls. All other clubs in the Seattle area pale by comparison.

  87. LQA

    This place is too close for me, but luckily some things help me curb the temptation:
    -You never (or rarely) post who’s working when.
    -The post I do see of dancers working always list the same ones, and none of them I know (namely, Unique, Quinn, Bailey). I’ve gone too often and granted, I go there weekday evenings, I’ve never met any of those names above, and I’ve met about every girl who works evenings. Am I completely missing something?
    -Finally, is Jade ever coming back to Sands? Please tell her she’s missed and we hope she’s doing well.

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