Deja Vu Showgirls Tacoma



8920 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98499


47.1750165, -122.4844362




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Tacoma

  1. Randy

    This place is great, could use some more asian girls. one of the best clubs I’ve been to in a while.

  2. re: Black

    Your right about Olivia, mmmm tasty.

  3. Ashley
  4. jarhead

    Had fun over the weekend for my boy’s bachelor party. Thanks! The best – letting the ladies whip him on stage!!! ha ha ha wishing it was me.

  5. james1412

    It was ok, the $20 was kinda lame and no break for the ladies. They had a good showcase of dancers, lots of girls walking around. All in all not a bad place but nothing special at all.

  6. be


  7. Nick

    Had a great time on Wendesday watching the Ameture night. had some great dances with Janea.

  8. bdog

    just went for the first time and really enjoyed it.

  9. best

    breasts! hahahahah

  10. Michael J.

    Deja Vu Showgirls is the best of the best. Located on First Ave. in Seattle, Washington, the club is easy to get to, features very friendly, funny, and sexy dancers, is a great place to go late nights, Thursdays and Fridays, and has decent prices. Since I live way up north in Everson, Washington, I really like how Deja Vu Showgirls is, while a long drive, easy to get to. All you have to do is take Exit 165B off of I-5, and get on Union street until you hit 1st ave. Depending on when you go, parking is usually decent. The best time to go to the club is after 9:30, as that is when it gets the most business, and when parking is really good. My personal favorite dancers are Mary, Vivien, Ally, and Lily. My first night at the club, Mary was the first one to gave me a lap dance. She was great, but was even better on stage; she looked great naked, and has the nicest smile. Vivien is definitely the most extroverted and funny of all the dancers. She walked up to me, introduced herself, and said “ready for me to stick my boobs in your face?” That was hilarious, and she is definitely the most aggressive (I mean that in a good way). I would have to say Ali gave the best lap dances, as she wears an orange thong bikini and has the softest skin. Lol, just thinking about her makes me drool. Mariella is the sweetest young woman, looks great naked, and sat on my lap while she was waiting for her turn to dance onstage. She was so fun to talk to. I have yet to see Lilly dance on stage, but she is one of the few dancers who will take off her top during lap dances (that is, for no extra charge) and she even lets you touch her boobies. As for prices, the club is pretty good. Dancers are $20.00 each, and starting around 10:00, they usually offer 2 dances for the price of one, and sometimes 3 for the price of 2. By Washington state law, no alcohol is served. A lot of other reviewers complained about that, but I don’t drink alcohol. The law sounds reasonable to me. Some people get violent when drunk; often towards women. Unfortunately, I can’t really compare Deja Vu Showgirls to other Washington state gentlemen’s clubs. The only other ones I have been to are Honey’s in Everett (which is now closed), and Sands Showgirls in Seattle. Sands was pretty good, as I remember it. I have only been there once, back in 2009. Deja Vu Showgirls is better. So if you are looking for a great place to go on a Thursday or Friday night, then check out Deja Vu Showgirls; especially for those of you who need to get out at the end of the week. I am a caretaker for my parents, so Deja Vu Showgirls is the perfect place to to get away for a while.

  11. zeth

    average age of dancer is between 26 to 32 old ladies

  12. Pat

    Precious is INCREDIBLE!

  13. Rob from Cal

    Nice classy place. The girls are beautiful. Best strip club in the area.

  14. Monte

    I went to this club a few years ago and always enjoyed myself. There were quite a few girls that were just all out whores. However, there were several classy women as well. Dynesti was the most beautiful and talented woman I have ever seen. Her and the other girls always put on a SLAMMIN SHOW! The dances were well worth the money! I went back and few months ago and WTF! The best girls have left! BRING BACK NALA! BRING BACK CRYSTAL! BRING BACK SPARKLE and KIKI! And for damn sure, BRING BACK DYNESTI’S SEXY ASS!

  15. Shane

    A+ all the way!

  16. doug
  17. Ed
  18. Marlone

    i had a great ass time. them girls are beautiful and hot. im definitely comin back!

  19. knox
  20. Joe C
  21. Kyle
  22. RX7DUDE

    Great club very friendly girls and staff.

  23. tony

    Vanessa! Vanessa! Vanessa! Mmm Mmm Mmmmm! Hot and Very sexy! Best time i ever had at a strip club.

  24. hells kitty

    it was funn as hell and i cant wait to go back. and yes i am a female and straight even gals gotta feel sexy too sometimes.

  25. Curt

    They are some awesome girls there..i will be coming back a number of times for a special girl that rocked my world there!

  26. Mya

    This club is POPPIN!!!

  27. Tacoma Grown

    that club is the shit….

  28. Gerrin

    I stopped by last night and had a good time. A dancer’s schedule online would be nice.

  29. Erik Lovold

    I had the chance to visit the club for the second time in my life and was pleasently pleased. I was there just to kill some time and wind down as I was on a business trip and had a great time. Lili was very nice and extremely beautiful and made my visit exactly what I was looking for. I wish I lived closer so that I could see her again!!! Wish I could have had more time at the club!!

  30. Manager

    Roxy works Monday – Thursday from 5pm-11pm or later.

  31. Joe Black

    MmMmM Olivia!!!!

  32. tonycluber

    Attractive and talented dancers who work hard. Seattle customers need to learn how to tip better because those girls don’t get paid hourly. If you’re in the front row you should be tipping the girl. If you’re watching the girl you should be tipping her.

  33. RYAN


  34. J.M.W.

    I was there Sunday August 1st, 2010. Avalon and Chase are two very talented and incredible dancers. Pro’s all the way with a lot of class. Prices for a strip club are right on the money and worth every penny. I have been to several club across the nation as I am in the US ARMY. I had the best time every in this club. I cant say enough about it. The dancers were Johnnie on the spot and were very attentive as was the Doorman out front of the club with the lighting our sig’s. The servers were not too pushie and were always right there when needed. I cant say enough good about this place other than I found my second home! Thanks Deja Vu!!!

  35. me

    A great club! Great dances, friendly girls, the best place to hang out in the Seattle area. Sky is the best! See you next time!

  37. tk

    This place is a really good place i recommend vanessa if you can get her. There are some pretty hot girls there

  38. Johnnyboy123

    Went here for a friends birthday and it was pretty chill. But the prices were kind of high for the quality. Might as well try everything once =X

  39. TJ

    Been a good club for years

  40. Rick
  41. Paul

    Its the place to hang hot dances and everything

  42. ryan123

    The girls were bigger than the guys!Don’t waste your time or money. No alcohol (statewide law) and the talent was NOT memorable at all. Dreamgirls is a better venue to go to if you are looking to go to a gentleman’s club in Seattle.

  43. larry1

    Went out to dinner at Umi with my girlfriend and her brother. We didn’t plan on going out afterward but a couple of drinks later we thought it was good idea to go to a strip club.The whole time Courtney was dead-set on getting a lap dance. I couldn’t let her down. Lucky for us it was some guy’s bachelor party and he ended up getting called to the stage for a quick how-do-you-do by every stripper in the place. This was the perfect opportunity to scope out the talent and let Courtney have her pick of the litter.She ended up picking her girl and was led into the back room. The rest is history…

  44. jordan kane

    yeah this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! wayyyyyyyyyyyy better then foxssssssssss

  45. sam
  46. R. Powell

    I went here on saturday with some buddies of mine and had a blast! The dancers really knew what they were doing on stage. It was GREAT!!!

  47. ngsngh

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  48. jr

    too expensive for lap dances

  49. ...
  50. AF1BootyMan

    Went last week to see MELINA hot latino and TINY hot mixed girl. Best Dancers THERE!!

  51. maxxy1

    I thought the Spearmint Rhino (City of Industry, Los Angeles, CA) owned my heart, but the Showgirls in Seattle enlightened me on how great a strip club could be. Showgirls was so damn good that we did a double-day’r! Yes, we went there on two different days, back to back. I must say that the second day was due to the clubs getting out and being piss drunk while having that mindset of not wanting the night to end. The girls are HOT here. Obviously, not all the girls are hot, but probably 1/3 of the girls are fantastic. One definitely caught my eye . . . her name was Tila . . . yes, like Tequila, only hotter. She was half German and half Brazilian. There are a few ugly girls, but the hot to medium outnumbered the fuglies by far. It was like “Bizzaro world!” The girls all have great attitudes too! As you guys know, attitude goes a long way in the strip clubs. Better attitude = $$$The venue setup is very simple yet effective. There’s one medium sized circular stage (with a pole) on the side of the room and all the chairs are facing it. For some odd reason, the guys never tipped even while sitting in the front. It was very perplexing. I guess they had no strip club etiquette? A girl’s gotta eat! The establishment was surprisingly clean. I was astonished at how clean the bathrooms were given my past experiences at other strip clubs. Too bad San Francisco doesn’t have strip clubs like Showgirls. Wait . . . if that was the case, I’d be broke!

  52. June

    Heaven is by far one of the finest girls here!

  53. derrick

    sexy bodies. exotic women. A+++++++

  54. LOGAN


  55. Sura

    Miami and Paradise is very gorgeous. One is new and fresh the other is a

    certified veteran. Gameplan: both girls in hour vip room. 800 is worth it

  56. Lance
  57. jdjt

    my time at the lakewood/tacoma location was ok. i mostly watched. most of the girls were cool, but i was approached by a one specific dancer and did not want a dance from her. she demanded a hundred dollars, so to avoid conflict i just walked off. as i was walking away she grabbed my leg, pulled me, and started screaming. i just kept walking out. the door man asked me back in to explain my situation to the manager. i did and was asked to leave. i will probably be back, but i would not recommend this club to anyone for this one situation.

  58. Nicolas

    Great… if you’re looking for a place to get judged by women who take their

    clothes off for a little bit of cash.

  59. Chaz


  60. privatebenjamin

    i heard this place was good but i had no idea how good. i paid this girl jamie 60 bucks and she sucked me off. she offers more go get some.

  61. Alicia Gebbers

    I love the stripcluB!!!

  62. Behki Rose

    Raven gave me and my significant other the night of our lives… It was his first time… You can be certain we’ll be comming back for more, just because of her!!!

  63. Micky
  64. Olyguy

    I have been here a few times…ok so a few times over just the last month. I love it. I have not had a bad night here except for reasoning to myself why I just spent as much money as I did. All the girls are great but some of my favorites are Gina, Pheonix, Crimson, Alexis, Fiona, Evette, Blake, Justice and I am probably forgetting a few.

    The only problem I have is when the waitresses ask you if you want to buy the girls a drink, they aren’t alowed to say no if you ask them if they want a drink and the cheap ones are like $10.

  65. Dmoney

    Man I got this lap dance from a chick named Forbidden! That shit was off the

    hook! She got a tight lil body with a fat ass and some big ole tittes! I def got to

    go and get me another taste of that Forbidden fruit!

  66. daniel

    Paris is one hot babe!!! I will be back just for her!

  67. Sarah B.

    After reading Erik’s review I had flashbacks of visiting this place. While they were not as good as Erik’s experience, it wasn’t terrible. I’m pretty picky about strip clubs but since we got in free with the coupons outside and the friend we were with knew a few of the dancers, getting in was easy.The whole non-alcohol and lousy lap dances sort of made it an awkward experience. I’m used to Arizona strip clubs which are um.. very friendly and very alcohol driven. And none of the girls were really wonderful. So needless to say, we left pretty early.But as soon as we started walking out they were apparently doing a “Shower Show” and we weren’t able to get back in. Darn. Overall, I would say save your dollars and head to Vancouver BC for strippers. And just enjoy the wonderful cabaret scene that Seattle offers.

  68. sal

    the dj does to much coke on the job

  69. krystal

    it was so great i went last night and it was my first time and i enjoyed it thanks

  70. b
  71. Nate

    I’ll be back every weekend, its a good time after the bars.

  72. Stss
  73. Rhadford C.

    This a good stripclub. I got a lapdance from a beautiful female, during the daytime. The only bad thing was, she smelled like Rosanne Barr’s washcloth. She smelled like a dead hampster. If it wasn’t for that I would gave it 4 stars. The lapdances are pretty good. With some of the strippers, you might have to hold your nose; if you know what I mean. You can’t drink alcohol here, though. Building is pretty clean, there. Has a lot of nice looking females, as usual for the Seattle area. This is nice spot to chill before, you hit the clubs. I recommend getting there early, because they charge $20, to get in.

  74. bb


  75. Wht?

    Youve got to be kidding, one dancer seems to be caring thistclub. If you miss her the club is sub par

  76. AssnTits5

    This is my favorite club in Washington . They do a great picking the women that work there . Sure they have some bad apple just like any other club but fewer apples are here for sure . The club looks like it is cut in two . the front of the house has the main stage area with chairs to watch the shows , make some noise for Lily please thank you Lily they also have booths for lap dances I think , I just see the girls there texting on there cell phones . In the back of the club they have a second stage I have never see anyone dance on the second stage I hear that where the jello and oil wrestling happens .Back there are big soft chairs for lap dances and in the back are the vip rooms for you and dancer or three .

  77. Dan
  78. sancho

    the waitresses are the best

  79. kramer

    It’s more than worth it! Time flies, girls dance, the lighting is perfect and the party is up. comfy seats. the only thing is sometimes the music is a bit too loud but the DJ’s are funny and the girls have tons to offer. quick service and EVENTS. love them. love you. keep it up.

  80. james

    the owner doesnt seem to like it when beat off in the vip lounge.

  81. Matt
  82. JOHNY R


  83. Jim

    I like the way the club has improved. I must say that I do miss Chanel. Does anyone know what happened to her? I had fun with Korina and Sensation. I must say the new girls aren’t as good looking as they used to be…

  84. brian


  85. Ruby

    just read this club’s reviews and i couldn’t help but notice the guys saying there aren’t that many physically fit & beautiful women there..

    there are plenty of ladies there that are gorgeous and in shape.. For those of you who love beautiful blondes w/ a barbie doll figure, keep an eye out for PARIS, JESSIE, GISSELE, JANESSA, JENNIFER, KARMA, LEXI & PHOENIX..

    For those of you who like fit and exotic women look or ask for INDIA, ALIYAH, OCTOBER, FIONA, & LEILANI.. & For those of you who want sexy black women look for CAPRI, HEAVEN, JUICY, TINY & TEMPTATION..

    All these women I’ve mentioned are beautiful, physically fit and they have great stage performances.. You guys might have missed these gorgeous ladies, but once you’ve seen the girls i’ve mentioned you will see that we do have a great selection of girls.. So keep an eye out for them and write you opinions and comments.. We’d like to hear from you.. 🙂

  86. Drew

    DJ was an awesome man with great music taste and i spent a fantastic Latina woman named pleasure and damn was she gorgeous

  87. Antonio

    best club ever love it!!

  88. nita

    looovee the girls

  89. JJJ

    All I want to know is, do Chase and Chianti still work here on Saturday nights? I’m cumming for you, baby!

  90. rogerrab2

    Went here on an early Tuesday evening, they charge a $5 cover, plus a $10 bottomless soda fee, so it’s $15 to get in. In Seattle they do not serve alcohol in strip clubs, which means there is no bar, which gives the place a somewhat impersonal feel. The club itself is pretty nice. They only had two girls working but they were both good looking and friendly.

  91. Dude

    its not a bad place at all

  92. Colbys

    They steal from their disadvantaged workers. 80% of my money went to paying the house. It’s a terrible and unjust place. If you go, be sure to slip the girls their money as clandestinely as possible.

  93. Taylor

    The Club is HOTT so are the GIRLS!

  94. no body

    dont know why people like this place, seems like someone is always watching you

  95. joseph1k

    O Stars if I could!!! I cannot even begin to give this place even one star!!!!! I am from Colorado which of course the employees had no clue, but here is my story. I walked in tried to find a seat (I am a female by the way) and went with my boyfriend. I sat down at a booth table and was rudely told I could not sit there. I kindly moved to another location in which I could feel the stares as if I were not welcome. I have been to many clubs in other states and have never been treated so rude. I took a hit from my e-cigarette in which I was unaware was not allowed in this so called establishment. An employee came up and told me not to do that, so I said okay. Then, he said in a very angry voice “if you do that again, I will kick you out of here!” I got up out of my seat and will never ever visit this place or even recommend it to anyone I know, I will tell them to stay clear of this place!!! Absolute rudeness and nonprofessional! Not a very classy place for sure!

  96. Jason

    great place, lots of new girls….!!!!

  97. jesse

    sean is one of the friendliest and most upbeat dancers i have ever met! her and i had good conversation and she gave me a great dance! thank you sean and tacoma deja vu!

  98. dd


  99. ghf


  100. Dave

    First thing I noticed was that the outside of the club desperately needs some TLC…it looked run down and trashy. The entry way could be more inviting and in general, the club could be a little cleaner. Poor pretty girls half naked in a dirty club…still sexy though!

    Overall, the girls were pretty cordial, however, I noticed that some where not into the stage dances or the crowd, even with money being thrown at them. One dancer yelled at the DJ regarding who know’s what.

    There were, however, some insanely sexy and fun dancers that totally made my experience worth every penny. Though there were many incredibly talented women there that particular evening, Lexi stood out from them all. Down to earth, incredible skills, and funny as hell! I’ll be back with friends.

  101. highboy
  102. TonyTiger

    They’re Grrrrrrrrreat!

  103. gg


  104. Kitty

    To Andrew: We’re supposed to charge only for the dances

    themselves. Anything else would be considered a tip(We love

    tips!! It’s our lifeblood!!). If a dancer is trying to charge

    you and she’s not even dancing, tell the manager immediately.

  105. Joe
  106. re: zeth

    Really? Sweet! I might have to head down south to check out

    Tacoma. I’m sick of wasting my money on young dancers who

    don’t know what they’re doing.

  107. Jake Hunter


  109. Bill

    It’s a great place to go.

  110. cindy

    best stages and vip dances i’ve ever had

  111. realhero

    Sooo many sexy women! not what you would expect in tacoma. way better than any seattle strip club.

  112. dubya

    an excellent experience, Mandy is hot and one of the best, most sensual lap dancers ever.

  113. ronnie
  114. Larry

    went to Dejavu last weekend & had an awesome time! i got dances from the hottest girls there! OCTOBER, PARIS, JESSIE, & INDIA are amazing entertainers and they’re gorgeous from head to toe! I’ll definetly be back for more!

  115. Donald

    First time at this one,. the Highlight of this club is the dancer ROSE! If anyone wants a total strip club experiance, get a dance or several from this dancer!, she makes u feel very special, when shes with you, she acts like your the only one in the club, and the things that she does makes u want her even more! HOTTIest sexyest ASIAN DANCER AND THAT BUTT OMG I think shes filipino?, thank u VU!

  116. danny

    I enjoy the place it was like heaven

  117. HR^


  118. excessive


  119. aa


  120. Transient
  121. Timay

    I was in this club last week, Paris is a up sell, watch out, she sill take you for a dance then try to get you to pay $40 or $60 more for one dance or threaten that the $20 dance will suck). Other than that the club is nice, cover is fair and most dancers are very honest and hot without the upsell. I know Paris is extremely hot, but buyer beware unless you have no problem shelling out extra cash. If she had told me upfront before we were in the VIP, I would never write anything bad here about her not to mention the signs everywhere that say daces are $20.

  122. mac2112

    tiara is just hot! need more girls like her

  123. Jay


  124. stephen ortiz

    the club was awesome. i had a great time.

  125. DexterRexter

    I was talked into going to Deja Vu Showgirls because the line to the dance club we wanted to go was way too long. Who needs to write a detailed review on a strip club? You know what goes on here. If you don’t, oh honey, bless you… I’m not one to body shame, but some of these women could use some upgraded body parts. However, they can’t afford it because no one in Seattle tips! What the heck? We were the only ones tipping and the place was pretty full. We went up to ask someone how tipping worked in Seattle because we thought we were doing something wrong haha.$20 cover charge to get in and it doesn’t matter who you are. Guess I need to remember that women only get VIP treatment and a free limo ride to the strip club when you’re in Vegas. Sorry, but this strip club was boring and only fun because my friends boyfriend was cracking me up the entire time. Save your $$$

  126. Question

    Love your club,my friends and I were there having fun like always! got dirty thirty from rose, and she only asked me one time If I wanted another one? song after song went by and I kept asking her If she was having fun because of what she was doing, and what she was letting me do? After along time had pass, she finally asked to stop! and I was shocked by how much she said I owed her! Managers need to tell dancers to ask every new song, and not just to keep dancing!Because it wasnt fare I didnt ask for all those, so why did I HAVE TO PAY? I thought she was just getting off and enjoying me NOT charging? ALSO,. isnt it up to the dancer what the guy can do? She was letting me do stuff and she was doing alot of stuff also, but a male staff member came up and stopped us why?

  127. vernon

    love the club

  128. Vince

    Decided to try this place out after the game on my way back south. well worth the visit, its to long of a drive for me to be a regular but if im in the area again ill be back.

  129. j


  130. cruz
  131. Kiki M.

    You may or may not know this little fact about me but I know my way around a stripper pole. I was invited to perform at my pole dancing teacher’s belated birthday/business anniversary party. I instantly signed up then the reality hit that I’d be pole dancing in minimal clothing in front of a lot of people. Oh snap. Deja Vu has an amateur night and in preparation for my debut performance, I figured I’d do a practice run and I got the brilliant idea to do it at Deja Vu. On a Wednesday night I made my way downtown. I walk through the porn store below and up the stairs. I come face to face with a burly man in a suit who eyes me probably wondering if I’m old enough to be there. I tell him I’m here for the amateur night and his demeanor brightens a bit. It got even better when he saw my ID and got confirmation I was legal. I get out of paying the usual $20 entry fee and am led to a table inside the club and told the manager would come talk to me. I sit down and a waitress comes and asks me if I want anything to drink. A water please. I may have gotten out of paying the cover charge but who knows if I’ll get charged the regular $10 for a Sprite. I wait and no manager. I wait a little longer and still no manager. I decide to sit back and enjoy the show.If you’ve been to one strip club in Seattle, you’ve been to them all: bored looking girls slowing gyrating to top 40 music. on a mirrored stage. Being the pole dancing enthusiast I am, I always hope one girl will get up there and work the pole like there is no tomorrow but it doesn’t happen and it didn’t happen that night. Although there was one girl that worked it a bit I left wishing I was shown more. On the sides there are smaller tables with poles for those wanting a lap dance. Then for those who want even more privacy and maybe some inappropriate touching, there are rooms in the back. Its 10:00pm, the time amateur night supposedly starts and the manager still hasn’t spoken to me. 10:30pm rolls around and finally the manager approaches me but with bad news: no one else showed up for the event therefore it would be cancelled. Aw man!I haven’t been back to Deju Vu since that night. I suppose I should make a second attempt to participate in the amateur night. Maybe I could win some money. In these tough economic times a girl has got to make ends meet somehow! Am I right or am I right?

  132. ttt


  133. Chris

    Great Place to be. Environment is great!! Girls are beautiful, DJ is pretty funny. Shower Shows A+

  134. Jeremy

    The club was great,good variety of music, but the dancer Temptation was probably the best dancer I have ever encountered, good enough to bring me back multiple nights! Much love to the place!

  135. Charlie
  136. Sean

    went there Friday night.. Had a blast with Paris & Jessie! they are the hottest girls there

  137. Andrea

    went to Tacoma Dejavu on Monday night and i had a blast! Their boxing event totally rocked! Ruby & Sensation we’re throwing punches like crazy and both we’re having a good time!! If the next event will be as wild and entertaining as the boxing event i’m definetly coming back for fun more! keep up the good work!

  138. Eric


  139. fuckery12

    Went on a weeknight so it wasn’t very busy, which actually meant that the girls were a little TOO attentive (except the drink girl who never came back after the first drink). All the girls were pretty hot that night and they’re talented dancers to boot.The lap dances are typical $20 per song with occasional specials (2 for 1 or 3 for 2). However, each girl has their own set of special options they’ll let you buy into, so choose carefully.I felt that the private dances were a bit too pricey though. Maybe I need to follow my own advice and choose more carefully next time.

  140. werd
  141. grrl

    Well I went here last weekend, I thought the atmosphere was fun. There were a couple cute girls…most had a bit of cellulite but overall they were alright. One girl in the VIP room did some cool pole tricks. The only downside, I am a girl and was ignored by the dancers. I was trying to get a dance but none of the girls would come over if I flagged them down. They would also start approaching my boyfriend but when they saw me they walked away…that was a disapointment.

  142. Anon

    Yea dude! Went there today… “Precious” is SMOKING we had a good lil chat then got down to business… I love her… such a cute lil dark haired girl. She was awesome. Very good dance.

  143. cad
  144. john
  145. Oh my...

    The sign outside needs to be updated, the one about “three ugly ones”

  146. JJW
  147. clank1013

    Ares and Eden are HOT

  148. Mims


  149. Scott

    the girls are beautiful…but i don’t know about the 3 ugly ones.

  150. Brandon

    I went to Deja Vu for my Bachelor party and left with a huge grin. A Dancer named Sky made my last night out as a free man very memorable. Thanks Sky.

  151. Me H.

    After reading a few reviews on Deja Vu I figured I might as well re-live my night spent here. Me and my boys had all gone out to happy hour after work, 6 of us. We drank our way around downtown and as the night went on one by one I lost a boy. It was between 9pm and 10pm and there were just two of us left, he jokingly says let’s go to the Vu I say sure!I walk right in not paying attention to the door guy; he’s stopped and has to pay some cover. We find a ‘couch’ and sit down. Someone comes over and takes our drink order, a diet coke for me a sprite for him. Music starts and a girl starts dancing. I’m sitting there watching thinking she’s a stripper? She’s not very sexy, she’s cute but not sexy and she has small boobs. She’s done and another girl gets on stage she too was cute not sexy and had no boobs. Than a chubby chick gets up on stage and I’m like rock on chubby chicks unite! This went on for a while; there were a wide variety of girls to pick from someone for everyone. My friend was determined to get me a lap dance unfortunately none of the ladies approached us, I take that back one did but she did nothing for him and once he turned her away no one came to check in on us, oh well.That night was a fun night the next day at work wasn’t so fun, my head hurt. Oh and for those interested the ladies room at the Vu was clean and the girl who escorted me to the ladies room was very nice and friendly.

  152. Jimmy King

    I really enjoyed India! Her stages were amazing. She was really nice and easy to talk to before and after the best couch dance every!!! The daytime girls were awesome i will be back!

  153. L Dog

    Overall I was impressed because we were treated very nicely and the atmosphere was a positive contribution

  154. Robert P.

    Awesome place hot women love the VIP shower scenes only bad thing NO Aclhol B.S

  155. vfcfhjghji

    abskjbcgdsrewrtygilhgdbtvc dfhgkfkdds

  156. StripClub431

    Not a good strip club at all. Poor talent, overpriced soda, and overall just a dump! Nice enough staff but stretch marks, c-section scars, and cellulite hanging over a g-string doesn’t say sexy to me. Not saying that they need to be perfect, there is just a certain expectation. Steer clear

  157. g


  158. Mike

    Love the club, all the dancers are great.

  159. Aaron

    this place is fucking amazing, good music, chill atmosphere, and awsome girls

  160. The Dude

    Great club with very nice girls and friendly waitresses.The best around.

  161. deja vu rockz

    The girls there are very beautiful and know what there doin ill be back more often ….and the mixed girls are the flyest

  162. Matthew Martinson

    That place was fricking amazing!

  163. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  164. Craig

    The greatest Strip Club I’ve been to ever!!!

  165. Jimbo

    Was there a few nights ago. October was simply amazing =D Anyhoo, Ill definetly try to make it up there again =D

  166. ick


  167. ronrace2

    the dancers are very friendly and Diamond is so hot!!!!

  168. hey

    that was f***ing great!

  169. s


  170. gjhuj


  171. kk


  172. John H.

    Kind of a tourist trap, although if you’ve got a couple hours to kill downtown you could do worse. The stage shows are decent, and the shower shows can be kinda fun. Lap dances are pretty tame – go to Rick’s or Honey’s if you’re looking for a close encounter.Look for a coupon in the Stranger and save a few bucks. This place isn’t horrible, but no way would I pay $20 to get in it.

  173. Greg

    I loved it! All of the dancers were so nice. The strippers i liked the most were Stephanie and Chantelle. They are the main reason I’m going back.

  174. trav
  175. Rich

    I went to Deja Vu on the 28th of February….i had a great time and will be back soon. The dancers were beautiful.

  176. Bond

    I just wanted to say that the dancers at the Lakewood deja vu have put them on the map. I’ve never been to a strip club before but now I’m definitely going back there.


    Love the Club!!!!! Deja vu in Lakewood, Washington Kicks Ass!!!!!!

  178. Bradley

    I attended the Deja Vu club in my first Strip Club experience and had a great time! One girl that stood out in my mind was named Zoey, I had a dance with her and she was amazing. I can’t wait to go back for another visit.

  179. scram
  180. Gavin N.

    Came here once a while back. A decent sized club from what I remember with two stages. The girls were decent, lap dances were standard. It’s definitely cool when they do their blue light Kmart lap dance special …something like 2 dances for the price of one. Honestly though, Rick’s just all around much better strip club for this area. I think the only thing Deja Vu has going for it here is the name.~G

  181. Jamie C.

    i remember donating $200 to the enjoyment fund of the people i went here for myself, one of the creepy old men had came onto me as if i were one of the strippers.

  182. Andrew

    The girls are nice, they give you plenty of attention. There’s only two problems. One, the stage is dark and I can make out a general outline, but no details. I guess it’s to be expected in a strip club, so not really a knock against you. My main problem is that I feel I’m not getting my money’s worth. Specifically, with the first “dances.” I don’t have a problem with paying for a half a song if they actually dance, but when they expect me to pay $20 for just sitting next to me and chatting for half a song, that goes over the line. I want my time here to be stress free, so I don’t want to haggle or argue. I also don’t want to worry about the money I’m spending, because each time I do, I’m closer to leaving. Each time I’m done with one dancer, I consider whether it’s worth it to get a dance with a new one because of that initial fee.

  183. alex g.

    i’ll just state the cons first.1) no alcohol, but i guess all of washingtons clubs are like this so its not a big deal. you can easily get drunk across the street.2) no touch rule, no titty sucking, you cant even brush her ass without getting a warning.other than that, i was VERY surprised about the downtown deja vu. there are some BANGING chicks in there. very cute brunettes and blondes, and a few asian chicks too. the quality is very good compared to ricks and tacoma deja vu.the shower show is cool, and they give you free porno dvds and tshirts for making it rain on the girls. its a fun place to drop some cash on the ladies.does anyone know whats up with ‘fay’, shes a real petite cute chick, kinda reminds me of micha barton. shes real cool. theres also this brunette named charlie who is badass, probably the finest girl in there.

  184. Jon

    Thanks for the SURPRISE Birthday!

  185. Matthew

    Special in many good ways the dancers do not rip you off and are very entertaining to watch. I love the dancers and think I am in love 🙂 Ginger is mine so stay away from her! 🙂

  186. doyle
  187. marc

    thumbs up

  188. stripforme123

    Brutal brutal brutal. No drinks, fat chicks, and super expensive. What a waste of time and money.

  189. David

    Man, you got to get into the champagne room, that is where it is at! The dances are great, the girls are beautiful!

  190. Josh

    Sound system was way to loud. But the girls were nice. Saga is far and away #1 there. I shall return.

  191. Chris M.

    This store has an incredible selection with great prices and excellent customer service, and the club is top notch with its good music and beautiful girls.

  192. er


  193. Burnout

    This is the best club around right now. Lots of hot girls to choose from. Good stage work and great dances.

  194. cj
  195. Frank

    Gotta love it here.

  196. Piper

    I love this place the girls rock and the dj’s kick ass! September rules the stages and gives amazing dances!

  197. Will

    What a HOT time I had 🙂

  198. Lamonte

    Beautiful Women

  199. Thomas

    What happened to the waitress competition on thursdays? the mating game was funny, but i think a lot of the wait staff have been there a while and need to start dancing!

  200. Jake


  201. Matt Smith

    Need more drink options. Music is way too loud. Most dancers are very good.

  202. AFman

    Great, the women were awsome. Stacy was the best there! I will go back just for her.

  203. Artie
  204. sonnier

    meg an melina are the shit silver dollars

  205. Tom

    definatley the better topless club in tacoma.

  206. Scottyboi

    What happened to Mercedes and Sonya? Does anyone know where they are working? Also what about Chanel, Jessie and Amanda(I forgot her stage name)? Those girls where all natural hotties! I was last in about 2 yrs ago. I’m back from overseas and came in last night for a quick minute and the girl I talked to said she didn’t know who they were. I told her she was crazy not to know them… maybe she was new. All I know is those girls were all great. The pole tricks and all that booty shaking!! MAN!! And Amanda and Chanel used to slam down into the splits… and Sonya would slam her little firm butt on that floor!! HOTTT!!! WHERE ARE THEY!! I got some dough to spend!

  207. Dennis

    What happened to the beautiful blonde Sky? Please let me know what days she will be back, so I can come in and spoil her. 😀

  208. Matthew James

    My first time ever to a strip club. I was just blown away by everything, will always remember it. Very friendly staff and dancers. Will defenatly go again.

  209. kt

    This was awesome! i spent about 175 on one girl but i dnt remember her name and i wanna come again only if she is there. very talented. i need to know her name

  210. troy

    great girls

  211. Pedro

    Si, Latino woman is very hot.

  212. jeff

    yeah the club is awesome and usually packed with people having a good time. come and party with us this is my favorite place in washington!!!

  213. brent

    I saw Mariah on stage today… OMG HOT

  214. Sandi
  215. 00trev0r

    went in on wednesday. kind of slow. but the girls were great!

  216. laula

    need new DJ…. he played same songs over and over and was realy rood when it comes to customers..

  217. Weedman420

    My visit was on a Sunday night and the energy of this place was pretty mellow. The location is right in downtown and walking distance to the hotel I was staying at so we figured why not check it out. It’s fully nude, so there’s no alcohol served, just unlimited soft drinks included with your $20 cover. The waitress wasn’t the most prompt and didn’t come around very much even though it was a slow night. There was a wider variety of girls here than at Little Darlings so I liked that, and they all smelled good lol.

  218. Elwood

    It’s awsome, the Girls are hot and nice, and The dj’s know what they are doing.

  219. zach

    Was the first club I went to for my 18th, been to quite a few since then and I still find myself coming back, the women are great and seem happy to be there, the DJ made me laugh a bunch of times, and the price was cheap as hell and well worth it. I tell all my friends to go there. only thing….never seen food sold there….and after 2 hours of lap dances….I get hungry lol

  220. eddy

    omg dude i felt like a pimp at the deja vu in lakewood hell yea to bad the girls around bonney lake wernt like them lol

  221. justin

    great girls who don’t hassle you for a dance. great variety of girls and tastes both in music and body types.

  222. curtis17

    Chevelle is adorable. I am not one to go into strip clubs and that was actually my first time there. Which was an impulsive decision because I’ve always been curious as to what it looks like and so I decided to take a chance and did it. Chevelle definitely made me not regret that choice. I hope she does well there because from my brief time there I could tell she is a great person. She is also the type of person I would have around in my life. Her personality clicked well with mine. Her body language in general in how she sits and walks or anything is everything I love in a girl.. She’s a dork and I’m a dork as clearly labeled on my Instagram.. Ha. Anyway. Nice place. The security guards are cool guys, if you’re cool with them they’re cool with you.

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