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47.159663, -122.433256




8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Pole Position – Tacoma

  1. cmd

    Its an overall fun experience… lots of pretty girls.. Some more experienced, and some young new ones. Nights are the best time.. more of a party atmosphere. And we can get in free 7-11… For sure comin back!!!!

  2. Johnnyboy123

    So as somewhat of a joke, a friend gave me a gift certificate to Pole Position. I honestly thought it was a strip club but she assured me that the club was next door and separate from the respectable sports bar, which she claimed had great food and service. So I reluctantly chose to bring my mom in and see for myself. What I surprisingly found was a clean, attractive well thought out sports bar. Who would have thought? We were immediately greeted warmly by Sophia- the server/ bartender. We told her it was our first time there and she went over everything with us- the menu, specials, beer- everything. I asked about the spaghetti and the fish and chips that were on special. Her description of the spaghetti made my mouth water- saying they made their own meatballs and that it had a little kick to it- one of her favorites! She described the fish and chips as hand breaded with Mac and Jack Amber Ale. The breading was so light and delicious and the accompanying tarter sauce was great! I asked for a box for my leftover spaghetti and I wasn’t just handed a box- Sophia insisted on handling the boxing and even wrote the contents and date on the box. Who does that? This place should be busy based on the food and service. Don’t let the adjacent strip club serve as a deterrent, otherwise you’re missing out! While the food and atmosphere was great- Sophia was the best part of the experience! What a gem you have in her, and what a rarity these days. I have been in the restaurant business my whole life and very seldom does someone like her come along. Please try this place, and hope you get Sophia- it’ll be worth it! By the way, I was wrongly listed as Sharon S- I’m actually Michelle H.

  3. Baby Girl

    The Dj was great, I love John he is the best!!! The waitresses aren’t as good loking as they use to be!!! Alot of young girls dancing in there, trying to do more for the extra money (if you know what I mean) which is cool for some peeps, but how many things did she have her hands on before she got to yours!! Another thing I noticed is alot of them are are on god knows what (drugs) and drunk as hell. There was dancer that stood out in the crowd (Dayton) She was hot as hell, had meat on her bones. (skeleton girls are gross) She could work the stage. I got a chance to spend some of time with her, She had a great personality!!! (plus in my book, makes her 100 times hotter) She gave a dance like none other!! I was completely satisfied. My husband said it was almost like having sex w/ her!! She was very sensual, and very into her dance!!! Anyone who goes there should look for her on the weekends!!!

  4. wow

    club has all you could ever want, chicks and watered down soda

  5. TontoToy2

    i love this place, especially durring the week. go on a tuesday or thursday night and get the hottest girls and discounts on dances all night. friday or saturday night is fun too but you better have a pocket fulla cach to get some attention!

  6. Justin

    I went in there the other night. I got a few dance’s from a girl named kimber… she was ok she seemed a little out of it. But then I got another dance from a girl name london she was amazing A+++

  7. ryan123

    Found this spot by somewhat of an accident as I was trying to head home after working around the area for a bit and I must say the place is a gem. Do not be put off by the strip club next door either the place is a great spot to come in and enjoy a drink accompanied by excellent food options. Coming back from out of the country and stomach still trying to acclimate I ordered the grilled chicken salad and some potato wedges. Solid choice, chicken was moist and delicious the potato wedges were off the hinges and a honey mustard dip that could be spread on an old shoe insole and it would still hold it’s own. The rest of the menu looked tempting. I think I will try the pizza next time,some folks ordered it a few seats away from me and it stayed on the tray less than 5 minutes because the couple devoured it. That can only mean one thing, they got a cook in the kitchen that’s got some game. The staff there is great and refreshingly genuine they don’t need to force a smile because the place naturally boasts a comfortable vibe and atmosphere. Plenty of big screens with HD to catch the Mariners or some UFC action for sure. I forgot to mention they have a jalapeño/habanero hard cider here, I’m a bit of a cider connoisseur and when that cutie mentioned it? I said I must try it…two glasses later my choice is justified. Top 5 for sure. Beers on tap are there for you as well and any other cocktail you are in the mood for, this place will definitely be getting more visits from me.

  8. jj

    the dancers ranged from smoking hot to overweight and clearly misplaced.

  9. Violet

    Loves it.

  10. big sexy

    This club is overall a fun experience!!! Such a wide variety of girls….Some great, sexy, experienced ones are Dayton, Angel, and Chase to name a few!!! Weekends are open till 4am, great after hours spot.

  11. dont_tell_my_wife

    I like the rocker girls!

  12. Dreamlover

    Foxes reopened and had promise. In a short period of time it’s gone down hill. Due to female supervisor Andie workin days. In my opinion Andie has this attitude that she’s in a mans world and has something to prove. I’ve witnessed Andie come down on her employees pretty hard. I used to frequent Foxes nearly every day. Some girls won’t work days cuz they hate her. Days POOR Nights GOOD

  13. larry1

    I’ve been in here a few times for fight nights. And it has NEVER been a pleasant experience. Seating is limited so you pretty much have to fight for it. The outdoor fire pit table was busted once so one side was low and the other side was scary high, like I’m talking someone could get burned just sitting at the table high. You would think a RESPONSIBLE business would have it off, so nobody got hurt, however when we mentioned it the staff just said they knew and it’s “been like that for a while”…again, are you WAITING for someone to get burned before you turn it off? ? On another night during dead of winter we managed to get a seat inside, right by the patio door. This dumb waitress is standing there chatting with some friends outside holding the door wide open. When I mentioned it to the manager, he quickly mentioned it to the waitress, who in turn shot me the stink eye, then unwillingly shut the door. The final straw was when they had a happy hour menu out on the table and we were there early enough for the deals, yet when we tried to order from it the waitress claimed that “happy hour doesn’t apply during a fight” A) the fight was actually about 2 hours LATERB) the menu is on the table (I sure didn’t put it there, or snag it from the kitchen like some creep)C) we had ordered from that menu on a fight night before. The food I have ordered has been decent at best, but pricey. Drinks are pricey as well and the beer selection is nothing to rave about. It’s about what you’d expect being a part of the strip club next door. .. oh and ladies, in case your man doesn’t tell you and takes a little longer in the bathroom compared to normal. .. they have peep holes in the men’s bathroom that play a video loop of women stripping.

  14. Sir Antonio C.

    Torri is amazing! She makes me the best drinks I’ve ever had! The atmosphere is very comfortable and the staff is friendly. Food is tasty as well. If I could give this place 6 stars I would. Come by and have fun! And ask for Torri. She is the best.

  15. rwk

    I’ve been here a few times. It is hit and miss. Some

    nights I have had a really great time, other nights

    everything just seemed off… maybe too many girls working

    too many days/hours in a row and by the time the end of the

    week comes some of them are just not in the performing


    At the time of this writing, no cover charge from 8pm-11pm,

    which is nice. The place stays open to 4am on Fri/Sat

    night, which is just crazy, and those might be the hours

    that make going on a Monday night a bad idea.

  16. first timer

    at Fox’s. First time here, use to go to the Vu alot. It seems more like a party at the Vu though, Lots of interaction with the patrons. Fox’s more chilled/laidback.

  17. Jeff

    I tried your club two times , just to make sure I was not making a judgment on my first impression ,

    But this last visit was all I needed to know , with your new radicles One Hunderd dollar Pricing Combined with the overall uncomfortable seating and Atmosphere , I will Not be back to this club.

  18. Gym B.

    Well today was a sad day since they had maybe three customers and the female bartender was not mentally there. Tried to order the fish and chips but just as I said Fish she screamed as loud as I have ever heard since her friend – a waitress- walked in the door to also come to work. My ears are still ringing several hours later. Then after a loud scream she ran away to give her a big hug. At this point I mentally said – and chips! WHAT HAPPENED. Then she needed to hug her some more and have a chat. Eventually she was ready to take my order. Nice of her to actually come back to me at the bar. The chips came out were soggy – but the coleslaw was awesome. I downed my drink, paid my bill, left the horrible fish and left. With terrible inattentive uncaring service from this female bartender I will think twice before returning. Some time I wonder how they got hired?

  19. rickywho2

    First time in here, not impressed… Wait staff knows nothing about beer (but she was honest) definitely smaller than it appears. Doesn’t have the sexy appeal inside as it does from the outside.

  20. College guy
  21. biggie T
  22. Yummy Tummy

    Went in there Saturday Afternoon, had fun, especially with Miko. Miko is soooo hella sexy. Also there was this other chick working there on Sat. who had brunette hair and had a tattoo on lower back. Forgot her name, but she was wearing black bra and black panties and she was so hella hot too!

  23. club goer

    love this place, weekends are rough though lots of kids just taking up space. weekdays are another story, more one on one time with the dancers before VIP dance time.

  24. 1st timer

    great place will return nextweek and every week after

  25. casualscer

    only 3 or 4 foxes rest are average looking

  26. maxxy1

    I guess I should’ve known better than to visit a bar next to a strip club…but the place was really unappealing. The food was terrible and the service was worse. The bartenders gave a nice heavy pour, but that was the only redeeming quality here. I won’t be back.

  27. discreet

    It sucks

  28. fritter17

    Still an awesome place to hang out play some shuffle board or Chill with friends. UFC nights this place has got it down to an art. $2 bud lights! Can’t beat that! I tried the burger dilla tonight. Talk about a quesadilla on steroids! An amazing quesadilla with jalapeños and all the fixings with a juicy burger In the middle. Definitely a first and it was awesome!Wait staff always on point and happy and a very well run and clean place.

  29. Dr. Love

    I have a short attention span but wow

  30. Boo

    best after 2:00 am. Crowds seem to thin out then.

  31. fox fan
  32. Richard H.

    This location has a lot of history to it, mostly not on the good side when it was a strip club, after it was closed down by the City, it sat there empty for about a year and then re-opened as a sports bar, they have done a real good job at remodeling this place, and the prices of the beer and hard alcohol are on par with what you pay elsewhere.The service here is pretty good, even when they are real busy, so have no issues coming here for a cold glass of beer 🙂

  33. ratee man

    thee best in the area plus free before 11pm how could you go wrong

  34. Jon

    Weekend night DJ sounds like adults on Charlie Brown cartoons, so it’s hard to understand what he’s saying. Of course, that’s not all that important, EXCEPT when you’re in the VIP and you could swear he just said the name of your dancer. Kinda distracting. $5 per flat Coke is a bit high. I usually nurse the required first one for a bit, and maybe get a second one. It kinda sucks, because without getting drinks, you don’t really get to interact with the waitresses, and some of them are sweethearts. As for dancers, they’re pretty varied. Unfortunately, there are a few… how shall I say this… primadonnas? Remember, girls, just because you look good doesn’t mean you’re entitled to my money. Show a little personality and class and maybe I’ll be more willing to spend. Fortunately, I’ve gotten to know a few of the dancers who DO have great personalities and are fun to be around, and I happily pay them for their time. Naomi and Paradise are my faves, but also worth giving a shout out to are Tiara, Ivory, Kitty, and Heaven. Thanks, girls! You more than make up for what I’d consider faults at Fox’s. 😀

  35. Gina P.

    Very disappointed tonight. We come here often and are usually happy but tonight we were far from it. First we came in to find a table and almost all the tables we tried sitting at were dirty. Then it took at least 15 mins to get a waitress to acknowledge us. After we finally ordered our drinks we waited at least 20 minutes to get them. Not sure why we decided to order food but we brought in a group of friends so we thought maybe service would improve. Food was good but we ordered fries and were charged extra for ranch which is annoying since its ranch. We ordered another drink and didn’t get it again so we just asked the waitress to cancel our drinks and get us the tab. We were over it. If I was the business owner, I wouldn’t be too happy with all the money you could of made but didn’t from poor service. And the last thing I can suggest is get rid of the fog machine. We could barely breathe and my eyes were burning. DJ could use a little more training too. Going from like Marilyn Manson to Lil John just doesn’t work. Hopefully this was just an off night but if not, good luck with business.

  36. dA DuDE
  37. Steve

    Serenity is always lookin hot and ready to go

  38. Dancer

    The club is getting back to the way it used to be but with better looking girls and yes that means prices cost forty bucks and worth it. Cheap boys stay at home we are looking for men with money to burn on a beautiful women.

  39. paige

    its nastyness.

  40. Heather

    i loved it! i had lots of fun but the only thing that i hated was the shitty drinks! I went with my boyfriend and atleast one girl came to talk with us. overall i had a great time but i wish taht more girls would have been more open to talking to a couple instead of the groups of just guys!

  41. James S.

    2 stars, sometimes 1, sometimes 3 or even once in a while 4 stars. This place is very hit hot or miss. I come here quite often because it’s close to work. The food is usually pretty good.Maybe a bit high priced for some, but it’s actually good quality and good food almost always. However the wait staff is very hit or miss and always changing. Sometime awesome and freindly, other times rude and grumpy, many times they will just ignore you. Especially if you sit out on their nice patio. Once in a while a waitress will come serve people on the patio, but usually they will ignore you. Could be because it’s a smoking patio, but they ahould come out and tell you that. They do have happy hour but not sure what the happy hour food is other then their yummy chips. The place is like a place going through a transition all the time. Occasionally they will make you feel at home, but most of the time NOT! Usually a very uncomfortable vibe.

  42. gogle
  43. normaldude

    I have been coming into the clubs for years, there are alot of hot chicks here.. Got dances from Dayton and Lilly. They are awesome, fun chicks! I can’t wait to go back.

  44. anthony1

    I’ve driven by here a ton of times and finally decided to swing on in and WOW was I pleasantly surprised…or maybe it lived up to what I heard but doubted. Very nice space and super friendly staff. The proximity to the tenant next door might turn people off, especially woman; but have no fear…this is a great sports oriented establishment. I plan on returning, with my wife to enjoy a Seahawks game…

  45. fly2me

    It was a slow Friday early evening. Most of the girls were on auto pilot but there was one stand out. And after all it only taks one. I had fun. I’ll go back to see about the VIP “service.”

  46. lil b do99

    its pretty much boring

  47. winston12

    Went to the formal opening Sept. 6th from 5 to about midnight. 6 people in our group. Upon arrival we found every table reserved, which is strange when you are having a public grand opening. Waitress found us a table which was appreciated as one member of our party has MS and need to be seated. Midway through the evening we were moved to another table, then once more shortly after. However we appreciate that they found us tables as the bar was very busy. We had Nachos, Pizza, Hot Wings, and BBQ Wings. Food was fantastic. I cannot praise the wait staff highly enough. They kept our table clean and our glasses full. Drinks were well made and we had a wide variety. The bar, outside seating, and restrooms were clean and well maintained. I was impressed with how quickly the manager and wait staff adjusted to problems as they arose. I can assure you we will go back.

  48. Chris

    A true rip off. The girls were skeletal, the private dances weren’t very good, and the guy working the door was stone out of his mind. I mean he reaked of pot. All around a low class establishment. I have been to clubs in Washington, Kansas, Nevada, and Oregon. This was by far the worst place I have ever been to. Foxes prides itself on having more realistic “next door” girls, where as places like Deja vu provides the “fantasy girl.” The problem is that we don’t all live next door to a crack whore in the slums. I don’t plan on ever going back. I’d sooner spend my money at Toys Topless in Gorst, and they don’t even do lap dances there.

  49. nick
  50. shit


  51. curtis17

    Pole Position is a sports bar next door to a ‘gentleman’s club’, which is convenient since Washington State law prohibits the serving of alcohol in establishments that feature nude dancers. I got the distinct impression that many of the servers here also work next door :-)Lots of TVs, outdoor seating, a pretty decent ‘pub grub’ menu, good selection of beer on tap… all in all an A-OK kind of place.

  52. hairyballs

    nice club hot girls good time

  53. hary
  54. yogi

    Its great the best around tacoma area

  55. Kyla M.

    Came here with a big group of friends and loved it! Service was fast and friendly, staff was very accommodating. Great drinks and REALLY good food. Décor is very manly, lots of metal, and lots of BIG flat screens (would be fun to watch any sports game/ UFC fight here) BONUS for the fellas…. Strip club right next door!!! Definitely a “mans man” kind of place. I mean booze, burgers, and boobs…. What more could a man ask for?

  56. joseph1k

    Great drink selection, food could be better though, absolutely great bar staff and atmosphere

  57. SHA


  58. whoknows

    amazing never seen anything better

  59. ryan

    a girl named ming ming took oney for sleeping with a friend of mine and then dumped him flat. you need to watch or the clubs reputation is going to plumet with girls like that working foe you.

  60. harry

    i enjoyed my visit at foxs

  61. XXXbeast

    Came across Pole Position after passing a few ‘old’ dives on Pacific Ave. This brand new sports bar is the best in Tacoma! Large screen TV’s and an outdoor patio area. My husband and I ended up celebrating our 9th marriage anniversary here. The bartender, Chuck, knew how to make literally every drink I asked and the cook in the back actually came out to introduce himself. Brand new dart board- just an overall great experience. Check it out!

  62. Demitri R.

    This is about the bar side. The food is good. The drinks are reasonably priced. I like the oversized Jenga and shuffleboard. Just park in a well lit area. Im still looking for the Ruffians who busted the window on my car. Its no fault of the establishment though. And Fellas should check out the bathroom.

  63. harryharry

    The pizza is delicious and they have a lot of good beer available. It is absolutely NOT a strip joint. Nice sports bar, many groups having a good time.

  64. dA DuDE


  65. Teddy

    Its getting back to old foxs. Miss third stage though

  66. yo

    me likes alot

  67. eddyL

    Was my favorite go to place until the employee took shots behind the bar. I watched her. I assume she was a manager because she would go in and out the left door at the bar. She wasn’t a waitress which is even worse. How unprofessional. She is the Caucasian female who is very top heavy. If the employees are getting drunk I wonder if the food is even being cooked and prepared properly.

  68. mathewater12

    The cheeky name and the fact that its attached to a strip club will scare off some folks and thats a shame. Its a sports bar but with the innuendo of “Pole Position”, it’ll be misconstrued as sleazy. Allow me to break down its 5 star status.Star 1 food: high quality ingredients, the specials are not your average bar food. The JoJo’s cut like curly fries are incredible.Star 2 drinks: free-poured strong and reasonable. Star 3 service: personable and fast. Star 4 atmosphere: inviting, nothing dive-y and they got shuffleboard! Star 5 peepholes. I’m sure it could get scary after 9-10 pm on weekends for us less adventurous types. Try them for lunch sometime. You’ll forget that Fox’s is right next door and enjoy some of the best bar food you’ll find anywhere near Parkland/Spanaway.

  69. Brian

    Strippers are hella hot, and you really get your moneys worth, especally for lap dances

  70. fozzie
  71. Tom
  72. madison

    whore factory

  73. jack

    place sucks

  74. fisherdex1

    Been here 3x. First time the waitresses and bartenders were awesome! Young females/males but really chill professional friendly helpful and knowledgable! The last two times it seems they changed the whole staff around – now Pole Position has waitresses who look like they’re damn near 13years old and act like it. 4 waitresses total, one in training so in actuality 3 waitresses that serviced about 30 people. NONE of them were professional, very kind, maybe too friendly….and a little air headed. Took our drink orders at the table (when they weren’t busy chatting away with regulars) and kept messing up our orders. The ones at the bar weren’t any better — stood waiting to be serviced for nearly 3 mins before bartender took notice as she was too busy being overly friendly with all the male patrons The uniform is pretty slutty- see through tank tops with pasties to cover their nipples and booty shorts with fishnet sides ?? I mean yes it WOULD be ok if ALL of them had the body for it but if you don’t then shit.. That’s all you boo!! I like the XL Jenga game they offer…(we usually seat ourselves at the table nearest to it). What I don’t understand is the construction of the tables … Most of them are curved!! I had not noticed until I placed my drink near me and it literally slid off the table and into my lap advised the waitress of this and her air headed ass said she knew about it… But why is it this way?? Someone with crooked eyes and no sense of gravity certainly built your tables smfh.I don’t like the juke box they have … Doesn’t have a wide variety of artists–ex: NO Mac Dre, E-40, Dru Deezy, YG, and hardly any hip hop/rap/r&b artists. It’s convenient because it has an app you can download and pay for your own songs from your phone rather than walking to the machine to pay. Downside is that you NEVER know when your song choice will play because a lot of customers were controlling it from their phone. If you want your song to play next it’s an extra credit (costly)The pool table is also fun (if it wasn’t out of service for 2 out of 3 nights we came here) and lately they added a shuffle board. Bathrooms are well kept. Men’s restroom has a little “peephole” where you can watch a stripper on a pole (don’t worry ladies it’s a video that replays itself nothing real lol) and the selection of drinks is plenty. Price is the same with any other bar. If you go to pole position prior to entering the strip club you get $10 off entrance fee. Unsure of the food as I’ve never eaten here. Lastly there’s a nice “fire pit” outside but what I don’t get is WHY they DO NOT have a cover above it… I mean it’s fricken Washington for Petes sake and chance of rain, hail snow over a sunny day/clear night is 90%!!! They’ve hung some sort of net-like thing above the fire pit that DOES NOT keep you dry… Which leaves people still asking whyyyyyyPros: clean establishment, drink choices are plenty and staff is friendly if not forgetful and unprofessional at timesCons: tables that are curved, waitresses that wear slutty clothing and are more attentive to male patrons, pool table always out of service, weird people in the later hours (I swear we witnessed 5 prostitutes with their pimps come and go so casually in here) and the outside fire pit with NO cover that makes no sense at all. Hire better servers and bartenders!!! every time we ordered the servers had to redo our orders .. EVERY SINGLE TIME we came here!!!! My choice to come to this bar (all three times) was because it was my last resort – will I ever come back? Maybe in the day time where my eyes are safe from hoes, pimps and poor service.

  75. Franklyn

    Great food, great service! Very nice place even though foxes is next door you honest don’t even notice till you walk out and remember where you are! Sophia is great! The all American burger with chile is AMAZING! Great options and great daily deals! Highly recommended.

  76. Love this place

    Been going to this place for years, the changes its gone through is great

  77. Miss.

    It’s excellent! Everything is entertaining, good people, great atmosphere and very sweet girls..

  78. ML

    Some amazingingly beautiful girls here, especially Friday and Saturday nights. Even Sammi the manager is a super hottie!!! FREE COVER seven nights a week from 7pm-11pm. My favorite club in Washington and Oregon…

  79. Teddy

    It gets better everytime

  80. G.I. joe

    this club really sucks

  81. Guido

    “The Desk” keeps an Eagle Eye on dancers to ensure the private dances are lame.

    But the are overpriced for what you get — which is not much.

  82. horny649

    very fun

  83. Sean D.

    Quick stop for lunch and a beer. Had a great fresh burger. Right stuff was hot, the lettuce and tomato were cold. The bun was really good too. The fries are awesome. Half fry and half Jojo. Place was clean and well lit. Service was good.

  84. dick

    place sucks ass

  85. 1 guy
  86. JUSSEM


  87. nosweatpants

    Love this place hot women everywhere Some of the girls will take the time to

    hang out after giving you a dance.Just wish I could have a burn

    afterwards.Just one suggestion some of the girls could maybe do a little more

    on stage. Just walking back and forth on stage doesn’t get the blood flowing

    if you catch my drift.I’m thankful I’m a man cause strippers are a beautiful

    thing.Love ya ladies see you tonight.

  88. jeff

    pretty sweet

  89. tony

    the lap dances need to be freaky not so soft. girls need to get nasty

  90. calhoontugg

    man i went to foxes 2night and kicked it.. there was alot more gurls with meat on their bones instead of all kinds of skeleton gurls.. and when i say meat, i mean shaped like a woman.. i know there are different stokes for different folks but for me it was great!! i love shaply booty’s and most of these gurls were bangin!! (not too big though)i got spent 350 with one gurl and 150 with another.. i was a very happy camper!!! didn’t get their names.. not big on people skillz i guess

  91. Suzie M.

    Been here once. Ordered my drink, a double vodka tonic with meddled limes in a short glass, the bartender looked super overwhelmed even tho the place was dead. He rudely argued that my drink wouldnt fit in a small glass and then he under poured drastically and put club soda instead of tonic, gross!

  92. J SLY

    I just went last night (a tuesday) and it was my first time there. The dancers were hot and so were the waitresses. There were two mega hotties there and I got lap dances from both of them and they were both great. My favorite was Angel mmmmmm 🙂 short blonde hair, big tits big ass, i got a $100 vip lap dance from her and omg. The other was a hottie named Kimber and she was thin and fun to talk to and could put her leg over her head 😀 she gave a great $20 lap dance too. All the waitresses i saw there i’d love to see topless and i guess they do a waitress contest on wednesdays at 10 pm but i don’t they go topless 🙁 anyway i had a really great time there and blew a shitload of money but it was worth it 🙂 aight peace

  93. Weedman420

    Great selection of beer and mixed drinks. Bartenders are way too hot and friendly. Would most differently comeback to see all of them.

  94. ken

    fox’s rules, best strip club in washington.

  95. LUV FOX'S

    I found out that Fox’s has a MySpace Page. A few weeks back I stopped by the Club & one of the Dancers told me I should check it out. I did, It’s Cool! Here’s the link… http://www.myspace.com/foxstacoma

  96. Bill
  97. Crystal
  98. Timay
  99. great rates

    this place is hands down the best club in the area, hey its pretty much free. just a fiver for a drink between 7-11pm.

  100. somebody

    need better drinks. drinks are flat and flavorless

  101. Pat

    I really enjoy this club, despite WA state doesn’t allow for drinks. The women was fine to pretty good looking. I will go back again before I live the state.

  102. Harrison69

    I swing by the pole position frequently as its a good stop after work. since they opened I’ve only had one time where my food wasn’t up to par. Again I swing by at least twice a week. the staff is awesome and it’s one of the most presentable bars in the south end of Tacoma. the happy hour has killer deals and the prices are no different than any other bar around. the bartenders are on top of their game as well as very pleasing to the eyes! Even the guys that work there know what’s up. The food is amazing, especially the pizza and burgers! I would refer any of my friends to try it out for themselves! Don’t let the club next door turn you off. It’s completely separate even though it’s owned by the same company.

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