Deja Vu Showgirls Spokane



8722 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane, WA 99212


47.656563, -117.287482




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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With an abundant customer capacity at just over 150 party animals, the Spokane Vu pushes the excitement far into the night with a raging main stage, jam-packed full of delicious nude performers topping out at just over 40


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All Inclusive


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls Spokane

  1. Jeff

    Worth every cent. 95% of the girls are banging hot!

  2. mark

    had a bomb time

  3. johnny knox

    wheres snow flake

  4. Chris

    This place is not too bad to go to. I would recommend it as place to check out.

  5. J B

    Had a GREAT Time!

  6. big sam

    Go see “willow” on the weekends

  7. Scott P.

    Pandora and Skylar have THE NICEST ASSES I have ever seen in real life. great place to chill even if it doesnt serve alcohol.

  8. Vera

    my husband and i loved the place. it was our first time at this location and it felt like home. the girls were awsome. special thanks to sierra and especially jade. will definatly come back when in town.

  9. Jason Hibberd

    Last night was my first time in a strip club ever and it was so much fun I am going back on july 29th for my birthday.

  10. Aj

    Gotta come in on day shift the girls are top notch for sure! Its too bad that there is no alcohol but,the ladies make up for it. Great job girls!

  11. node boy

    those girls are fucking hot!!! i bought a few dances from the girls on day shift, and got a couple rooms, my wallet was fairly empty by the time i left but i had an awsome time. i would defenantly recomend pandora and chloe they are great!!! the music could have been more upbeat though, way to go girls your awsome

  12. Heather

    C. Thank you I am glad I made your night. I look forward to seeing you again. I work 3 or 4 nights a week after 9. You can call the club to see if I am here if you want to come have some fun with me.

  13. yeahyeahyeah

    Harmony and Autumn made for a very hot afternnoon!

  14. bad news bill
  15. L.

    my recent visit to deja vu was my first to a club of this type and thanks to a lovely dancer named Winter, it was an excellent experience.

  16. Joe

    IT was fucking awsome.

  17. The Innocent

    Last night was my second time in Deja Vu, and my first time getting a lap dance. Admittedly, I only planned on getting one, but I left the club after EIGHT! All of the girls were extremely attractive and all of them were amazingly courteous.

    When you visit, I recommend Savannah (I hope I didn’t botch your name) She was a complete doll, and I wish I had met her earlier in the night. I certainly hope to see her again when I return. And return I shall.

  18. billtheguy12

    If I could rate no stars I would.. was having a good time tell one dancer was ungrateful and treated us very rudely. We tipped all of the dancers whithin our balance and then backed away from the stage to relax and possibly get a dance. She accused us of being cheap and not tipping even though we did and at that moment weren’t close to the stage. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had at a club in my whole life. Other dancers were nice and friendly but when we politely declined her dance offer she got hostile and ruined our whole night. DO NOT GO HERE GO TO STATELINE OR A DIFFERENT CLUB!

  19. Batman
  20. secretlover10

    I LOVE this club. The girls are amazing and SO beautiful. They really know how to take care of their customers.

  21. Nic

    I went on sat night, lots of amazing women dancing for it being Halloween.

    Walking in the beautiful Elizabeth was dancing, very talented and very

    personable. Then Cat stepped up and blew my mind away dancing to

    Coheed and Cambria.. Intotal I spent 8 dances with them and it was worth

    every penny. Closing the night I got a dance from the two sexiest dancers

    in theplace, Cheyanne and Angel.Goodtimes

  22. Lee

    Top Five of the last 15 years that I have been going to this club






  23. Josh Hennings

    The girls are awesome, the private dances rock.

  24. josh

    I went for my first time on friday and there was a girl a name of autum i believe and she was really good and very sexy and cause of her i plan on goin back and hope she is there damn she looked good

  25. JJ
  26. Anthony LaSaint

    Very nice, with beautiful girls and good music. you get your moneys worth for the dances , showers, and overall feel of the place. if you’re in spokane highly recommend going to it! The best girl i think was the girl next door but that (just like this) is my opinion.

  27. Nando

    Whoever visits Spokane ought to visit the club. Excellent people and atmosphere

  28. Dakota

    Amazing dancer and amazing at what she can do

  29. C.J.

    Not a bad place. Still needs some improvement. Overall good place to just chill out at.

  30. manager

    nathan… about artie i heard he passed away, tessa does still work off and on, willow however stoped working here around the hollidays last year, and heather is still around too

  31. scooby snatch

    noi rocks

  32. c

    wow went there on vday, wow what a night, thanks to heather wow i could almost spend half of a paycheck on her

  33. Jason

    I stopped here while I was on a business trip. Had a great time. I will be sure to come by next time I am in town.

  34. mike

    hot girls

  35. ryan123

    I’ve heard a lot of negative things about this club, so I was hesitant to check it out. But I’m glad I did! The place is super clean, I don’t know why people are saying its dirty. I went in on the weekend, and came back for st patties day! All the girls I saw were beautiful and so nice and friendly and amazing dancers! None of them tried to do anything dirty with me or my friends. This place has changed a lot in the past year and it is definitely for the better! Don’t be afraid to stop by, check it out! No bar 🙁 but there is one connected to the building and then one on the other side of the street! And both have drink specials for customers coming from the club!!

  36. Trooper

    I love this place! I went to school with a couple of the girls. 🙂

  37. Patrick

    I loved the summer I spent at The Vu!!!

  38. DC

    Awesome place!

  39. John

    I had a great time! Does anyone know if star still dances there?

  40. Wally

    I forgot to mention the very best waitress…Her name is Kitty and she is a total sweetheart. She treats everyone awesome and makes you feel really welcome….Make sure you tip her when you go in guys cuz she deserves it….

  41. rainbow is better
  42. z
  43. JOEY B


  44. Doug

    ok so you guys have the hottest female manager i have ever seen… i think her name was Amanda…. I wish she was a dancer i would spemd my pay check on that girl.i tried tipping her and she said she couldnt accept tips…. THAT SUCKS

  45. Dude

    The women are great, Laney is the best, give this girl a raise. Love her

  46. Tom

    I enjoyed going last night(Halloween) It was my first time doing anything like that, and I had a blast. I would like to send out a warm thank-you to Madison and Rio, as they actually sat down and had a conversation with me.

  47. BRIAN


  48. jay
  49. Jugs

    Great club.. Had a awesome time evertime I came in.. Keep it up guys.. Noi is a great manager he is funny also..

  50. ZIggy

    I got my first t-shirt last night. I had an awesome time.

  51. Steven

    I was in with my friends on Tuesday night and had a blast!! so

    many hot girls and the DJ was so funny! I cant wait to go back


  52. XhXeXy

    Strip club? Haha! More like heroin brothel… Management knows about it, and not only lets it continue but helps the dealers with dropping and picking up. I have been in stairwells that are classier than the Spokane deja vu.

  53. Douglas

    Had a great time this past weekend. Definetly coming back.

  54. stephandmike

    My boyfriend and I came into the club on a tuesday night a few weeks ago and saw Ashton Moore perform. She was gorgeous. We both also received dances from two lovely ladies who I believe their names were Elizabeth and Nikki. (I hope I got the second name correct). I couldn’t believe how nice and sexy these women were. They showed actual interest in their customers which is a plus considering there was also one dancer there who was very rude to us so every time she went on stage we would walk away. Just a piece of advice for her: you want to make more money? Try not to be such a snob about your work. Even though you strip there is still an air of professionalism that needs to be there and calling other dancers sluts isn’t the way to do it. Thanks so much to the other ladies who showed us a good time! Next time we come to Spokane we will definately be back to spend our money on you!

  55. ronald

    awsome! The club has really change in this past few months. keep up the good work Deja Vu

  56. zack

    please deja vu, remodel spokane site, please! girls are great,but not very busy because of size of club. ive heard about your other amazing clubs with three stories, stuff like that. Bring that to Spokane and you’ll be amazed at the turnout.

  57. Logan
  58. larry1

    “That’s how you tip.”Seriously? So you have one of your co-workers throw $10 in ones at the beginning of your dance, then not even bother walking over to our side of the stage to entertain us, smile or make eye contact so you can actually get more tips? Then you’re going to tell me and 2 other people who were nice enough to drop a few dollars in the beginning, “That’s how you tip?” While pointing at what you’re co-worker’s dropped you. Way to represent. You should get probably get an attitude adjustment so you can buy better nipple rings.I wish I could give no stars instead of one star.

  59. nathan

    does anyone wish to tell me the fate of Artie? I know you hate him but I love him. I need Tessa as well. Does she still work anymore? How about meadow skies aka willow? Anyone? Anyone at all. ask Heather, she knows everything, I love you Heather!

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