The Camelot Showbar



1823 M Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20036


38.9059219, -77.042709




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Camelot Showbar

  1. Harrison69

    This place is hands down the classiest and best gentleman’s Club in DC, I was out strip club hoping with some guy friends one night,I personally enjoy strip clubs I find them to be a lot of fun. We went to a verity of clubs in the city, all of previous were very small and not as nice on the inside compared to this one, (not sure about the old review saying this place only has one stage?) We were seated on the second floor, (The bigger floor) By a very large security guy (we nicknamed him Tiny LOL) The stage on the second floor where the girls danced was huge! With a verity of girls who were not afraid to show off there poll tricks. I did notice a lot of the girls here did have fake boobs, but they were of all shapes and sizes, I personally prefer the natural girls, all of them were in amazing shape! The bathrooms were well kept and Overall the club was Very clean and cozy with the seating, we had a booth/table which gave our party enough space.There was no door cover, but they do have a dress code(which wasn’t to bad, Just don’t dress like a scrub) I spent a good amount of money on drinks but nothing out of the ordinary for DC nightlife. The waitress we had was even more attractive than most of the dancers, and considering this club has the most beautiful dancers I have seen so far in the DC area, that’s impressive! WARNING:there is a strict NO LAP DANCES policy!?not sure why that is and that was disappointing but the law is the law, apparently this is a law throughout the whole city?? The rules on touching are very strict too, you can only tip the girls in their garters, and the security is very quick to tell you if you’ve done something wrong(which is good for the employee’s) The girls were friendly,Most all had a good attitude and a smile on there face, as most strip clubs, the table with the most money is the one the girls gravitate to, there were a couple of pretty ladies that sat with us briefly and had some surprisingly very intelligent and interesting conversations. They answered a lot of my questions about why DC is so hard on the strip club industry.This is a very classy, clean and well put together place, My friends and I had a great time and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or grimy at all when I was there.The rules here were very strict, and the drink prices were above average as most strip clubs but you get what you pay for.

  2. dean
  3. richard95

    Sir Mix-a-lot: This is more like an Oakland face with an LA booty

  4. T.J.

    The girls here were excellent. The waitresses suck, unfortunately, but it is still worth it. The food is actually quite good, which was surprising. The dancers are the best I have seen in DC.

  5. danger359

    I like to hang out at this club sometimes. Easy walk from Dupont Circle metro. If you are a good tipper, then it is easy to have conversation and a good time with the gals. No lap dances is a drawback. Also no DJ. Girls pick their own tunes from a jukebox. Clientel generally upscale – very international crowd since its near embassy row. I like it, and in prudish Washington DC its the best I’ve been to.

  6. Morey
  7. moorehead
  8. FHM
  9. retd
  10. who


  11. QT

    Simply Amazing!

  12. Liz
  13. Peter


  14. todd
  15. Larry

    This place is the what a perfect strip club should be. Amazing!

  16. jason
  17. lou
  18. jcg
  19. huyftj
  20. Matthew T.

    When in there last night for a bachelorette party they were extremely very friendly and very nice they made sure friend had a good time at her bachelorette party definitely going there again for a bachelorette or Bachelor party

  21. billtheguy12

    Camelot is the best gentleman’s club in the DC region. Some reviews indicate it is small and you don’t have certain options. Well, consider its location in midtown DC and that the club has to abide by DC laws. I encourage you to try it and form your own opinion.The servers, dancers, security staff, and managers – on the whole – are very good and treat good customers very well. When they have a few moments, they engage in conversation with customers and they are entertaining to talk to. The variety and quality of dancers is very good.Currently (May 2015), the place is undergoing renovations and so far, I think they are significant improvements. Note that there is no cover and yes, the beverage prices are more pricey than regular bars. That should be expected for an entertainment venue with no cover.

  22. me
  23. XXXbeast

    Camelot Showbar….classy establishment..lots of beautiful woman. Fun bartenders….the managers are attentiveare and pleasent. the food is great. I do enjoy the atmosphere. The music can get a little loud but my ears are pretty sensative. If you go order the steak…it’s amazing. Girls are hit. Did I mention Hot girls.. 2 floors. I enjoyed both floors. Very classy and hot girls.

  24. texas

    use to go to camelot alot. but the place has gone downhill all the girls talk shit about eachother to the guys. way to big of a age gap between alot of the girls. you have alot of late30s and even 3 or 4 girls over 40 working there. then a bunch of girls 21 to 29 range. the old girls think they own the place and dont get the fact that there time has pasted. and keep holding on thinking they are still 20something. dont care how good they may look for there age guys dont want to see old ladys dance. when some of them are old anuff to be the other girls moms. place need to clean house and get back to were it was 10yrs ago.

  25. Stick
  26. pkl
  27. kevin

    camelot has gone downhill the last few years, overall the line up sucks. you got dumb young girls. or a few that have been stripping and working at camelot way to long. need to bring in a lot of new girls and get rid of the old ones.

  28. Chinita A.

    “…No bullet holes or stab wounds!” THAT was the line from the bouncer as to why we should spend the rest of our evening at Camelot. Now a few reasons why my sister, girlfriend and I decided to enter: 1.) It was a Monday night and nothing was poppin in Dupont 2.) It was my birthday and I needed some kind of excitement 3.) The kitchen was still open 4.) Random drunk man in work clothes says he’ll buy us all drinks! 5.) ….the kitchen is STILL open….Annnnnd we’re in!!! “…three ladies, three ladies….coming in.” says the bouncer on the headset We go in and theres what, one, i repeat ONE stripper pole downstairs?! wth?! Definitely thought this place was the size of Ozio….ooh okayy…random drunk man has a table upstairs so we follow after he yells for us to hurry. “….three ladies…coming upstairs.” second bouncer inside over headset Annnnnd theres just one other pole upstairs and a small bar. That’s it. Just 2 poles in the whole damn place… Naturally, we sat at the bar. Our bartender was nice…Samantha was her name. She clearly had her shit together as the patrons kept coming up, drunkenly, confusing the order/bill. Our random drunk “friend” orders “whatever you want!!!” which for us was a beer and 2 vodka infused drinks. He then disappears to table which was fine with me. I order the curly fries which took FOREVER to come out! Its just curly fries common! While I waited for my food, I did my lil observances and not long I became BORED. The girls BARELY shake ANYTHING!!! Like shake a left titty or something!!! What really frustrates the hell outta me is there is NO DJ!!! Just a jukebox—and the girls have to pay for their own songs. smh. TIMEOUT: if you’re paying for your own music from the jukebox, why the hell would you pick a song by La Roux?! (no it wasnt even their hit song “Bulletproof” as if that is any danceable) Like you either lazy as shit and know that you can make some decent money just by standing on the stage alone OR you can’t pop that pussy aka pussy poppin. In my boredom, I ended up talking to one of guys next to me at the bar. He explained that lapdances in DC are illegal or some ish and that he’s from ATL and as much as he doesnt wanna compare…..YEAH I feeeel yooooou!!! Where is the pussy poppin and the booty shakin?! Oh and where are my damn curly fries?! Oh here they are like 30 min later!!! And the plate is small as ish. I was never offered any ketchup from Samantha (didn’t need it, but like to be offered) as I’m sure its cos I’m a vagina and she know I ain’t over spending. Fries were good but not to die for. In the end, bill came to $17 for a drink (sister paid for another drink cos ya kno bday and such) and the fries. Yes $17. Not surprised, but expected better. I will say staff was very kind towards us and kept a good look out for us! I get it that this is supposed to be a classy establishment, but please give me girls who can do things that I can’t.

  29. Kat L.

    Why does this place suck so bad?I love strip clubs, and I love strippers. Maybe the girls in DC are just not my taste. I have to agree with Janeen that I too was bored at one point. I dont understand this strip club. No contact, and no table dances yet they get tipped every time they walk off stage. wth.Also, how cheap is this place that they have to pay to play their own music?! Thats what a house fee is for! C’mon give these ladies a break.Drinks are expensive, and I always feel like I’m going to get raped if I go to the bathroom alone. Maybe I shouldn’t be going to these places, but I always think that I’ll have a good time. Tuesday wasn’t impressed and said that her bar for strippers was really high since visiting the Caribbean.Meh.

  30. Jose
  31. Jo
  32. Danny

    So much fun!

  33. doug e

    camelot is the hottest stripclub in DC

  34. Dick
  35. 8/25

    was there for the first time monday night. drinks are way to much. the girls act like sluts not a very classy place. and one very old girl there dancing.

  36. Ken

    Tops them all

  37. Capt.Zzap

    Not bad!!

  38. Raff

    Never been to a no cover charge strip club in DC. Loved the experience both times I went. I just went Monday night for my birthday on Halloween. Got a free drink, fell in love with one of the girls, and had a great time! I wasn’t expecting 5 star service in a strip club but our waitress was fine. The music was good, not too hip-hop, not too Pop, but just right. The staff is SUPER nice even the last time I went the bartender gave me a cinnamon toast crunch shot to try and they played FAVORITE song, Twerk by Juicy J and Project Pat! I love this place brought my gay guy friend with me and he tipped the girls all night! We’ll definitely be back very soon!!!

  39. Patrick

    nice chicks, but lower the price!

  40. Marco S.

    This, for some, is the best donut shop in town. There is a main level in which clientele will be seated at various distances from the donut counter; those up close to the action are expected to tip the baker regularly, while those seated further away tend to engage in conversations among themselves; they may or may not discuss the donuts. Should a particular baker (did I mention all the bakers are women?) catch their eye, they typcially step up from their little two-top table, saunter across the donut shop, approach the counter, and tip the baker. At that point, if you give the baker a dollar, she will show you her utensils and, for an additional dollar, her kitchen . Some patrons really love this aspect of the shop, and will stay there tipping the baker $1 over and over and over until the utensils and kitchen have been thoroughly examined from every possible angle. The customers typically put on a goofy little grin during this part. Alas, there is no option to purchase a baker’s dozen from a baker and be fed in your own private kitchen, which is probably why people stay up there with their $1’s for so long. If you ask nicely, you may buy coffee for your favorite baker, and she will sit with your at your table for $20. This is not always easy to arrange, since the bakers seem to prefer to drink their coffee with the same few patrons, who are typically older and show the wear from having eaten donuts for years.Those donut eaters who dine frequently enough, or who look non-threatening, are admitted to the VIP bakery upstairs, which for a donut shop is pretty darn classy. There are large flat screen TVs, waitress service, and a separate counter with its own VIP baker. Don’t be fooled though, all the bakers rotate between upstairs and downstairs. The bakers are pretty good for DC and for a little place in the middle of DC, it’s not bad. The bakers, as expected by now, use lots of artificial colorings, flavorings, and fillings in their donuts, so those looking for natural amazon donuts ought look elsewhere. I’d say most bakers are all-american, with an occasional Eastern European baker with her own flair. Women frequently patronize this donut shop as well, typically with a guy, so the ladies need not hesitate about feeling completely out of place. Oh, and the donut shop has a full bar. The drinks are $$$.

  41. Krutis
  42. wrq
  43. Franklyn

    I thought this place was fun. It’s not like a Las Vegas style strip club with huge floor space and 100s of dancers; it’s a tiny place with probably around 12-20 dancers. The girls are cute, a lot are GW/Georgetown students, so they are fresh and young (LOL!), and most importantly, they get naked, so if that is important to you, this might be a good place to go.One of my BFs and I went on an early Thursday evening. Its a shame they don’t have lap dances, or a ‘sketchy back area’ for ‘VIPs’, but I think those are both because of city regulations, so I can’t blame the business for that. The drink prices are normal for the city, and no cover charge, so there you go. Naked college girls, drinks, and no cover. Easy 4 stars.

  44. Daytime Visitor

    Visited durring the weekdays both here and Archibalds

    -no cover

    -no lapdance, no VIP

    -drinks more than archies

    -food was surprisingly good and not all typical bar food

    -girls better looking than archibalds

    -small stages

    -girls dont bother you much (only after their dance)

    I would go here durring the weekday. Don’t know much about the night time atmosphere.

  45. Johnnyboy123

    My first experience here: Pleasant! The entire experience from the FBI like bouncer “9 coming in, 9”, to Mr. BIG x 100 bouncer, to the dancers! All surprisingly enjoyable and fun!There were 9 of us going to Camelot as part of our bachelorette party festivities. We were slightly obnoxious as alot of us were going to a strip club for the very first time (not me thou). The bride to be was amazed at what’s going on at the stripper pole and the slightly creepy men just standing there. The dancers were pretty, friendly, and some really got some cool moves! Super impressive!We were giving money to our shy bride to be to tip the dancer, and Mr. Big x100 bouncer actually took the time and go with her and show her how it’s supposed to be done! Extremely attentive and we love him!Some of the dancers even come to our table and congratulate the bride to be and they were so friendly! So awesome! The drinks are pretty expensive- I asked for water, they gave me some expensive tiny bottle of mineral water… but what do you expect? No cover! Well, i do wish there were MORE going on there, as if there are more dancers at different part of the floor at the same time. My ADD couldnt just watch one girl! I likey!!! fun fun place to be!

  46. chuck

    over priced drinks. poor quality girls. they have some very old girls here that they keep.

  47. mean?

    Rude women? NO they are not rude. Best girls I’ve ever talked to.

  48. Adi
  49. tonycluber

    I honestly think this is the cleanest and best managed gentleman’s clubs in the world! What I do not think people know us that they have the best food in DC. Also the best value in DC. New York Strip dinner with all the fixins is about 25 bucks. Love it!

  50. eric t
  51. camelot

    a bunch of old girls in there 40s still stripping.

  52. Jen


  53. disappointed


  54. Fran
  55. Jimmy T.

    This could be the worst strip club I have ever been too. I mean a few of the girls were pretty but overall mostly overweight. And the attitude! They put no effort into the dance, into anything. It is a nude club, but they drop their panties and just slowly walk around the pole. Very bizarre place, weird vibe and they got $0 out of me other than a crappy drink. Thankfully no cover. I had about $500 to spend – terrible terrible club.

  56. daddybigbucks

    I love Camelot. The women are beautiful, the place is intimate and classy… Its by far the best stripclub in DC.

  57. Harold

    Highly recommend this club.

  58. bombthrower

    Way better than it’s closest competition (that I’m not allowed to name). The owners are good people that have loyalty to their employees and their regular customers. These folks know how to run a business (unlike their competition). If you have a problem with this SCREW YOU!!

  59. Ugly girls
  60. pat
  61. yanard12

    Most of the dancers did not coordinate to the hip hop music that was being played (they were very stiff & relied on the fact that the were naked ). The server was the worst. I told her I wanted grand Marnier in my Cadillac margarita 4 times and she still brought me a “patron margarita” with no grand Marnier. Believe it or not my boyfriend placed a food order for a mixed grill and half an hour later no food and all she wanted to do was argue and not fix the problem. Ps, I tip her $10 initially on our $24 drink order that she messed up (but she still wants to argue about the $16 food order). Walked out and will never go back! !

  62. jeremy

    Layla has no problem giving “extra” attention

    for some extra$. And does not like to wear

    panties 😉 and she will definitely dish out the

    juiciest dressing room gossip which is at

    times hilarious!! I had fun but won’t be

    bringing clients in the future.

  63. William

    Best time ever!

  64. felixnada

    I’m actually shocked that this gentleman’s club doesn’t have more stars. As a woman who has been to all the clubs in DC, Camelot is my favorite. The dancers are definitely the prettiest, and cocktail waitresses give better service than I’ve received at some restaurants in the area. I’ve never felt uncomfortable going in as a woman which is nice. I was skeptical about eating food at a “strip club” the first time I went, but the Greecian Chicken was shockingly good. I follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s a good way to see who’s dancing when. Amongst all the ruckus of M Street, they do a great job of keeping out people who shouldn’t be in. Whenever I’m in the mood for a “Strip Club Sunday”, or I want to feel like a VIP, I always make this my first stop with friends.

  65. rei
  66. RM

    I don’t go to Camelot often — perhaps once every six months — but I always

    enjoy my visits. I visited several weeks ago and was impressed with the quality of

    the girls; in particular, a slender brunette (if I recall correctly, another dancer

    told me that her name is Brooke) and a busty young redhead (whose name I

    didn’t catch) were the standouts of the evening.

  67. Him
  68. jon


  69. vfw

    total shit hole. they treet vets with no respect, despite that being on of their main marketing points, and they only have 2 kinds of dancers. 1)the rejects from other clubs, 2) young dumb girls who don’t know any better.

  70. timothy

    camelot is doing better then in past years. Over the last year they have new, younger, and more diverse talent. Some girls still need to go. Overall 95% of the girls are extremely hot in all different ways

  71. Jack

    Great club, great atmosphere, great food, hot dancers, hot waitresses, what more could you ask for?

  72. tre
  73. GOD
  74. Stipend

    Love it!

  75. Dia W.

    If you love orange colored chicks and no rhythm dancing, then Camelot is the place to be!First of all, the two sweaty guys that work the door are amazing. They have an abundance of smart comments, and racist slurs to mumble under their breath if you’re a person of color that wants to visit the location. Don’t worry about them wasting time smiling or welcoming you, they just get right to the nitty gritty and make you feel like s**t before you even enter.Once you get inside there’s an ATM to get cash from to tip the girls. The surcharge is a mere 7 bucks.The layout is wonderful! Dusty mirrors and the sweet aroma of piss fills your nostrils as soon as you enter. There is a diverse group of beach blonde grannies with bad boob jobs ready to work for your hard earned cash…by “work” I mean do absolutely nothing.The grannies, I mean ladies, each take to the stage one at a time to dazzle you by rhythmlessly swaying to old country tunes and taking time to yawn in between each dragging step. They don’t hold the stops there either, every 30 seconds a dancer will seduce you with a slow motion turn or a slight twitch of their botox injected faces, which I assume is meant to be a smile. After their snore fest set is over they each hit the floor to shake your hand and linger around until you sum up enough pity (or annoyance) to give her dollar before she two steps over to the next table. The awesome drinks are so healthy! I’ve never had so much H20 per drink in my entire life. The crowd consists of elderly men and unsuspecting youth (such as myself) that had no idea what they were getting their self into.Seriously… DO NOT GO! Unless you’re into that Golden Girls at Shady Pines sort of thing, then by all means..have fun!

  76. Janeen P.

    OK so I went here because it was a friends birthday and this was one of the destinations that we ended up at……..what can you do? LOL Anywho……..I didn’t order any food but got the mandatory drink. Which was very week. I can’t say that I have too much experience in the way of this type of establishment but I will say I was BORED! The ladies were very nice but it was almost as if they all HAD to do the same dance moves. Really….I’m not into this stuff but I wanted to see something and say now THAT deserves some money. The thing that killed me was there wasn’t a DJ. The ladies had to play something on the Juke Box or listen to what someone else requested. SNNOOORRREEE

  77. Timmy
  78. Dan

    Bring your ATM Card!- nice babes

  79. My two cents

    I like the mix of younger and older women.

  80. Bo


  81. Frank Monzon
  82. John Boy
  83. Dax
  84. klad
  85. Henry


  86. ed
  87. sad
  88. ghf
  89. Greg
  90. bill d

    I love this club. The girls are hot, especially Taylor, Anna, and Zoe. It a small intimate club so if you want to talk to the girls and hang out awhile your guaranteed plenty of attention. The waitresses are great, some even hotter than the dancers. Camelots the best in DC by far.

  91. Cowboys

    Nice club I have fun everytime I go

  92. Pooh B.

    I’m pretty easy to please, so it’s rare that I get disgusted and request the establishment to give me a replacement. However, at Camelot it was just too much and I couldn’t handle it. I mean, the vegetable barley soup here was just way too salty, so I asked for the Greek salad instead, which turned out to be pretty good. Crisp romaine, delightful feta, the olives weren’t so great, but overall the salad was rather tasty. But enough about the salad, my main objective of my night at Camelot was to indulge in some tender flesh. So I got the Grecian Steak. I was kinda hoping to be blown by the “house specialty” at Camelot, and the meat was moist enough and good flavor, but not really anything extraordinary to send me into waves of ecstacy. If you bring your date here, beware of the Grecian Steak since it’s pretty high in the garlic factor so you might want to think twice, perhaps order something else.Speaking of which, Camelot really has the atmosphere down for a romantic night: dim lighting, comfortable chairs, candles. The word that comes to mind is “classy”.The wine list is terrible, so I recommend that they work on that. I’m hardly a oenophile but I couldn’t find a single bottle that appealed to me at Camelot. I don’t need Ch. Lafite Rothschild, but is it too much to ask for something like a Ch. Ste. Michelle or Mondavi?By the way, when I asked for change on my bill, the waitress gave me $14 in all singles. What’s up with that? Don’t they have any fives or tens?Overall, I think there are better options for dinner in DuPont.

  93. funked
  94. dirk

    hotties everywhere

  95. Hans
  96. steve

    a few of the girls at this club are way old. its the club were way over the hill strippers go to. or stay tell they are in to late 40s shit maybe even 50 buy the looks of a few of them.

  97. Balderdash4u
  98. Tall Tom

    The negative reviews surprise me. I come to Camelot irregularly but for 20+ years. One recent Thursday I dropped in & was pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere and lovely women, who even seemed to like each other. My waitress was helpful and I was really impressed by dancers SUMMER, Alex, Amanda, and Dallas. DC has no better place now.

  99. Phil


  100. Eric L.

    I wish I could give this place 0 stars.My friends and I showed up there for a bachelor party and we are told we have to wait for a manager. The manager comes out and asks us how much we had to drink.I say… “half a beer” (Since i’m the DD)The bachelor says… “A beer”NOTE: At the time nobody else was there yet.Manager tells us… sorry you had to much to drink I can’t let you in.WTF?

  101. Playboy

    Will be back. Hot dancers.

  102. RJS


  103. Johnson12

    Been here twice, both times later in the night. Think around 1:30ish. The bouncer kept the line moving and we barely waited 10 minutes. Seems like the definition of a gentlemen’s club in DC. First and most importantly the girls were the best I’ve seen at any club where the girls dance naked in the DMV area. There was a nice mix of types and body sizes. The servers are also pretty easy on the eyes. Now why would you come to a DC strip club expecting a lap dance? That’s not what they do at least from what I’ve seen. Drinks are the typical DC prices and of course cash is king in an establishment such as this(this isn’t the place to be racking up the bonus points or air miles anyway). I didn’t really get much interaction with the dancers after they came off the stage but the forecast both nights I went only called for a light sprinkle, less than 10% chance of rain. Overall a good place, can’t say I had a great time but I can’t say I made it worth the dancers while to give me extra attention. Can they dance you ask??? Some can move their bodies to a beat, others just slow and “sexy”. The music wasn’t very good but I’d go back because there’s no cover and I can grab a drink at the same price as most other bars except here I get a slight show.

  104. Sean G.

    If youre gonna go to a strip joint, I guess this is the one to go to. I say that because it’s always packed (errrr… ahem, not that Ive been frequently). Bring women with you or youll feel like a lech. $5 dollar beers and no cover – it’s a cheaper date by half than half the bars in the neighborhood. Remember to bring dollar bills.

  105. Zion
  106. Patron
  107. williamr

    After living in the DC area for more than a decade, I finally went to Camelot for the first time this past Saturday for a buddy’s bachelor party celebration. It definitely lives up to its reputation as the best strip club in DC (granted I’ve only ever been to one other place and that was years ago) since the staff were all very accommodating and nice, from the door guy to our waitress to the many attractive dancers. Our last dancer, Amy, was absolutely gorgeous and very down to earth; she came over to our table and chatted with us for a good 30 minutes, and genuinely seemed disappointed when we had to leave! It’s probably cliche to call a place like this “classy,” but in my experience, Camelot lives up to the title! Great option for a solid bachelor party or adventurous night out in the District.

  108. moi
  109. Joe

    A 10

  110. Jim
  111. Robo
  112. Tenner
  113. 5yrdy
  114. Bill

    dont waste your time with these ugly girls

  115. Rick

    Never thought I’d hear the words CLASSY and Strip Club in the same sentence. Stripping isn’t classy. Sexy, but not classy.

  116. Mitch
  117. zasbi
  118. Coolio

    Beautiful jade. Best of the best.

  119. Christopher S.

    If you are planning a: (1) Guys night out, (2) Girls night out, (3) Bachelor party, (4) Bachelorette party, (5) Company outing, or want to (6) Entertain clients, then DO NOT GO HERE! The line outside is for one reason: the place is on M Street. This place is not classy. This place is not cool. The place just plain sucks. A girl friend of mine wanted to experience a couple of the adult entertainment clubs in D.C. and throw down mad cash. I wanted to oblige her but hadn’t been here in years — and now remember why. Apparently, Camelot is in the business of encouraging customers to keep their money by creating the most uninviting environment possible. The place is small, crowded and, with two dancers per floor on tiny little obscure platforms, I felt like I was watching U2 from the nosebleed seats in Giants Stadium. Lame. The bartender upstairs was rude and disrespectful. A bottle of beer was $9.90 because there’s “no cover”. I feel bad for the dancers and for the guy outside on the door. There are other better options.

  120. Christopher J.

    Tell me why this place rejected five military members tonight. The bouncer reduced to check our military identification…saying they looked fake. One star only because people have great things to say about the place, guess I’ll never know. Shame.

  121. fuckery12

    So, one of my wife’s best friend/mentor came into the area for a visit and after having dinner, and quite a few drinks, my wife tells me to stay out since she’s tired and wants to go home. So after watching my wife get in a cab and leave: Wife’s Friend: ‘where to?’ Me: ‘There’s this place down the street that you might be interested in. WF: Lets go Coming up to Camelot WF: ‘Oh man, I know I’m going to get kicked out of this place!’ Me: ‘Oh comeon, I’m sure it will be fine’ Showing the bouncer our id’s, I go in, I don’t even see where he goes. Less then 5 minutes I swear, I see him walk past me being escorted by the bouncer saying ‘I told you so.’ Me: ‘WTF’ just happened??; WF: ‘I don’t know, I went upstairs and started talking to one of the girls and then I’m told I need to leave.’ I still have no clue what he did, said, touched, but it’s one of those places where if you have to leave, you really aren’t that disappointed to go.

  122. Andy
  123. ef
  124. aqs
  125. 9-6-2011

    fat chicks and old ckicks.

  126. really

    what happened to this place, used to be a nice club

  127. Harry

    Always the best

  128. Rat

    Love the atmoshpere in the in this club !

  129. Earl
  130. Tim
  131. ht
  132. Zoe
  133. mathewater12

    Every other time I come here, they tell me I’m too drunk to come in. I rarely drink at all before going here, but I have MS and I sometimes stumble or drop things in my hands. I guess that makes me too “drunk” to go in, even if my friends vouch for me.But every SINGLE time I come here, I regret it. Just stay home and watch porn, or go to another club.

  134. Ashley O.

    Great place, very classy, no fee (if you’re a female) to get in.I’ve gone a couple times now. Compared to some of the other places, Camelot is a fairly upscale establishment. There are two floors, each with a bar, and dance stages of course on both floors.The quality of the women is fairly stellar and they also provide a good variety of “types” of dancers; not everyone likes super skinny well-endowed girl-next-door types, so they cater to a broad span of characteristics. I liked that. Also, the girls that will come up and talk to you, don’t always just want your money. A couple of ours just wanted to chit chat and one tried to recruit me to work there (sorry…can’t – I gotta bad back,lol)The only drawbacks I could really give were the inconsistencies in wait staff and lack of lap-dancing..Sometimes the waitresses were really on their “A game” and sometimes we’d get a waitress who acted like she was there for volunteer work. The lap dance rule, however, as I understand it, is no fault of Camelot’s… I’m fairly certain that D.C.strip clubs in general are not allowed to let their dancers perform lap dances. Were Camelot anywhere else (ie – West Virginia), I’m sure they’d provide lap dances. Just a regional rule, I guess.The only area where it got weird for me was one “woman” (and I use that term loosely) that I met in the bathroom who was clearly on a crazy nasal upper, and I wasn’t sure if she was a transgender or a real femme. I’ve nothing against trannies and whatever legal/non-legal things are totally not my business, but her chemical induced manner was a little overbearing. She was trying to convince me to go somewhere with her after the club shut down. It was a lil weird… I understand that a shot or two of this or that helps girls get the nerve to go up and strut their stuff, but some of these girls really need to be watched as they have a tendency to “overdo” it 😡 I’ve yet to see a girl pass out on stage, but you never know!!Either way, the few drawbacks I found at Camelot were definitely balanced out by the quality and variety of women, drinks, ambiance, etc. Four stars all the way 🙂

  135. JOHN
  136. Picture Attached A.

    Beautiful girls with a low key classy atmosphere. The two bars (one on each floor) only have four or five seats each, so most folks are seated at a table. It was quieter and not as pushy as Archibald’s, which is about six blocks away. The women also acted more professional and were more attractive than the other clubs in the area, including Cloakroom. Take my money. I’m sold.

  137. 8-26-2011

    this place sucks the owner has ran this place in the ground. you got some young sluts and some very old womem stripping. take your pick.

  138. Ron
  139. J Mega

    This is one of the classiest stripclubs, but it’s a bit EXPENSIVE. Don’t go here to eat, just enjoy the very beautiful dancers.

  140. DCMike

    Incredible club. Definitely the nicest club i’ve ever visited. Not really a strip bar, its a night club with nude entertainment. The dancers are just that, dancers. No VIP, no champaign room. (champaign is available, just no private room) Dancers are ages 21 to 45 but all in the top 2%…. Take a little time and you will discover they are really special people… For those who care, they can actually conduct an intelligent converstion. The night shift could learn to turn the sound down just a notch. If you take the time to learn which cook does what well, the food is some of the best in DC. If you are a pedophile go visit “the block” in Baltimore, otherwise this is the best club between NYC and Atlanta on the east coast. Drink prices are appropriate for DC. Hey, its a major city, get real, don’t expect Walmart discounts… No Cover charge. Drinks run $7.25 for beer to “somewhat higher” for high end special stuff. If you are looking for a discount, go to the Walmart in Topeka, Kansas. (and no, I don’t work there…)

  141. Melanie

    Hi. Thought about dancing in Washington, now I read that there are no lapdances, no VIP rooms… How do the girls make money?

    Are there regular (no contact) dances?

    Can you make at least 500 a nicht there? Thank you

  142. Taylor
  143. Erica R.

    I’m the girlfriend mentioned in Eric S.’s post from a week ago and I 100% back his review, as well as the others I’ve read regarding random, unfair, and unwarranted refusal of entry. Yes, we’d been drinking, but were absolutely nothing resembling sloppy, loud, or disorderly. We took a taxi over, quickly and obediently moved to where they wanted us to stand, then were promptly told by the manager, who was not even looking at us, that we were not allowed to enter. We stood there for a moment, dumbfounded and confused. Surely he wasn’t talking about us. He was looking over our heads at the group of young guys behind us. We were then told to get out of the way with absolutely no explanation. I was mostly sober and I can’t find any justification for this treatment other than a manager on a power trip.As this was my first time attempting to visit here, I was utterly livid that the only girl within 20 feet of the place (I looked) was randomly denied entry, while every guy (aside from those with me) was allowed in without question. I also find it bizarre that the manager felt able and willing to share the dead giveaway titles of officials who were inside already (clearly privacy and discretion are not something they possess) and used these titles as if somehow our very existence would offend them.I don’t care how the inside is. I would never return here and encourage no one else to either. It can’t be worth the crapshoot that will be whether or not you’re even allowed in by that jerk.

  144. jefferson
  145. camlot

    girls are nothing to look at. place sucks

  146. Rod
  147. Gus


  148. Virgoian W.

    Horrible! I’m disappointed in Washington DC — my friend and i went last night, thinking “oh yay, they’re gonna cater to women” and we’re gonna have a fun time! I’ve been to stripbars before, and they’re always fun, not this one. They don’t even DANCE! Twirling around the pole isn’t considered dancing, not only that, but the girls don’t even have “game” enough to let you know its not all about money. They stand in front of you blink twice and then expect a $20 bill shoved down their panties, lol WTF? These chicks are so spoiled. The drinks are sooo expensive…this place sucks! If another upscale stripbar were to open in the DC area, Camelot would be soon out of business.

  149. shayla
  150. StripClub431

    Beware they double charged my Amex 2 times woke up in the morning after 4 lousy drinks 4 drink for 2 ppl came to 300$ … what ?? These girls may be beautiful and have skills but it’s all about the experience and I had a bad one the 2 times I went

  151. AssnTits5

    Some guy that looked like a lighter skinned version of me told me my jeans were too baggy to come in.

  152. HJ
  153. BigPoppaPump

    Best strip club in the DMV for over 24 years. No laps from dancers which is DC law. Some of the hottest dancers in the area. Dancers are very friendly to regulars. Have to tip them to sit with you and talk since no laps.

  154. Norm


  155. GREAT


  156. Elsa K.

    This was only my second visit to a strip club. I’m not exactly a fan but the first time around was in Montreal and that was admittedly fun! I pass by Camelot on my way to the gym and I always feel awkward because the bouncers are very mean-looking and much bigger than I am. The setup in here is very uncomfortable since it’s a very narrow space. First floor was packed so we got a table upstairs close to the stage. It was incredibly dark and most of the other um, patrons looked really sketchy. This was on a Friday night mind you. The drinks are expensive and I was forced to gobble down a bud light, gross! The girls were ok, I’m not judging their physical appearance, but they didn’t seem to put much effort into anything. I actually chatted with one of them in the bathroom and was horrified when she told me she was only 22 and was paying off credit card bills.There must be better strip joints in DC than this. All those politicians have to get their freak on somewhere, don’t they?

  157. walkabout
  158. SMITH
  159. lang
  160. 3rf
  161. 10-4-2011

    sucks way to many girls way past there time.

  162. Gio
  163. Queue

    The best gentleman’s club in DC. The women are very beautiful

  164. Pacer

    Excellent in every way! One of the best in the country!

  165. Josh
  166. dj

    Thursday afternoon had a smoking line-up—-best i’ve ever seen. Food was great too.

  167. Tico
  168. Joel S.

    my ‘friend’ says girls get nekid here. my friend says tipping good. touching bad.

  169. ?

    used to be top notch, but recently has hired nothing but the crackheads and fatties that even royal palace won’t take. how did you get so desperate?

  170. JJ
  171. Wil

    Smokin’ Hot

  172. Don


  173. TJ
  174. oo
  175. Mark
  176. timmykilla

    A true gentleman’s club. Not full of the dizzy a$$ “hoes” (lack of better words) or at least they don’t act like it. It’s a good clean spot. I’m not one for strip clubs but they really do have a good steak too! If you want to see pretty girls and enjoy yourself this is the place a suggest.

  177. Hottie

    Best club ever!

  178. some dude

    camelot rocks!!!!

  179. 10

    Excellent club!

  180. larry1

    I was overcharged $60 and had the pleasure of dealing with Nick the manager for over 10 days trying to get a refund. Sketchy that I was overcharged and never told why and nick is a HUGE asshole. He started texting me about this, really professional.. Watch your bank statements if you’re paying with a card because I’ve read several other reviews about the same problem.

  181. SAL


  182. George


  183. XhXeXy

    Fun place to chill out and see some naked girls, with some caveats.This place is sort of the “respectable” strip club. It gets a lot of businessmen in town for meetings and stuff. It is not sleazy in the sense of girls turning tricks in the back or bouncers threatening patrons into coughing up more money. It’s the place to go to have a “safe” experience in the red light world. That said, you will likely encounter some sketchy behavior (more below).There’s two floors with a stage each, the place is pitch-dark with neon lights guiding the way, and the bouncers talk into their earpieces and track you as they lead you to a seat. There’s a 1-drink minimum and the drinks all seem to be $10 (unless you’re ordering Cristal I guess). Charges appear on your credit card as “Rah’s of DC”.The girls dance for 10 minutes in 2-hour cycles, once each upstairs and downstairs. They aren’t too exact about which girl is dancing when, despite the schedule online. They take it all off and some girls really do a routine on the pole. They range in looks: many are typical strip club girls with big (fake) boobs and big hair, like from a Motley Crue concert. There’s a few older ones, for the 50ish men. Some have too much booty (i.e., they’re fat). But some are great. I can be picky but there’s usually 1 or 2 that catch my fancy, even if they sometimes need to tone it up a bit. I’ve been there when there’s amazing girls and when there’s been disappointments (even if they are naked).Get a bunch of $1s and slip one into the g-string waistband of each girl as she comes offstage and makes her way around the patrons (she’ll pull back the strap, not you). If you don’t tip, she’s liable to ask if you are having a good time and guilt-trip you. If there’s one you really think is pretty, go up to the edge of the stage with a dollar (or more) and they’ll dance around and lean in close to you, then you tip them. You can also offer to “buy them a drink”, which is the same price as normal. They’ll probably review the options and go with whatever table is ordering the most drinks, since after all, the girls are young and like to party (not to mention get tips). Anyway, they’ll sit with you and make pleasant if standard small talk, and flirt, but that’s all (unless you’re an NFLer).The waitresses can really be bad, especially if they think you are a 1-drink guy. I drink slow so I always have a hard time getting their attention again. The waitresses are dressed in skimpy clothing, either lingerie or sexy Bunny-style costumes. Some of them are better than the dancers. I made a bit of a fool of myself over one, Erin, who looked exactly like Kate Beckinsale. Hey Erin: get in touch if you ever got your massage business going!Here’s the one sketchy part: sometimes the dancers stroll over and ask to sit with you. The waitress (who previously was never around) will immediately dart over and ask if you want to buy the girl a drink. As I said, the drinks are $10 so that’s how they make money. If you decline, you’ll get a lot of , “Oh, that’s funny! But it’s ok.” which really means, “Cheapskate asshole!” Frankly, I like it much better being able to invite dancers if I want to, and being left alone if not. Especially since I don’t want to get stuck with one I am not attracted to.I know it’s a popular “wild night out” place, but I like to go and chill out and have a drink while seeing some nudity, when the bar scene of chatting up girls all night just to get a phone number is too much of a hassle.

  184. ryan123

    I went, I saw, I spent too much on alcohol… No cover, the atmosphere was inviting, not too pushy like some clubs.

  185. Brianne C.

    Decent lunch items, incredibly expensive water, one stunningly beautiful girl and three average girls dancing on stage. No touching! Notable lack of sleaze factor, which I appreciated. Still, I most enjoyed chatting with our cute waitress.

  186. eddyL

    Kenny B Bad and Perks planned this occassion for my b-day. Cunt Nugget also tagged along (story to be told).Standing outside the doors you will see random girls walk up to the bouncers and ask for an application. Apparently they only hire 21+ dancers. 3 years too old if you ask me. 7 years if you ask the pedophile in the trench coat.What’s that I see? Holy Grail! No longer do you have to wonder if the lineup is legit. On the Shield outside is a roster of the dancers for the night. Candi, Sindi, Barbi, Laci, Anne (Anne is the girl you pretend to go to the bathroom during so you don’t have to tip her because she was so damn boring/not attractive). I have a request! I’d like for Camelot to also put “JV” or “Varsity” next to their names so I know their talent level. We went on a Wednesday night, I should’ve known the JV squad was playing!The bouncer who looks just like Joseph Addai (RB for the Colts) let us in. It gave me a sense of security. I felt like I could out run him if it came down to it.There’s a tacky bronze statue of a knight in the entrance way. I guarantee he’s the only Knight in Shining Armor in this place. I say let’s be more honest and replace the Knight with a Mirror. I’d like to see the sleezy look on my face as I walk in. It might bring some shame to me, or I might just stop and fix my hair a little.Now the story to be told– The tag along in our group has an elitist personality. We joke that if he eats anything under $10 for lunch, he always says he feels sick. Our waitress who refers to herself as Golden Vagina had a pretty good sense of humor. She apparently woke up one morning and said to herself “I’m going to treat my clientele like what they are, douche bags”. So she quickly assigned the Elitist in our group the nickname Cunt Nugget. Now I don’t know what a Cunt Nuggent is, but he didn’t enjoy the name much. So what are friends for right? Did we step in and put Golden Vagina in her place? Fuck NO! We paid all the other dancers in the club to refer to him as Cunt Nugget the entire night. It brought tears to my eyes.”I will not be treated like this by some wenches, I demand you bring me another cup of tea!” ~ ExaggerationI expected more out of the girls. I heard a lot of good things about this place but it turned out to be just OK. Under the heavy black lighting you can see the white residue from upper lip waxing some of them had in the morning. Each dancer dances to two songs and picks it from a jukebox (lame, I love strip club djs and their pony tails). Dance one is usually topless and dance two is bottomless (not that they put their tops back on and then take off their bottoms, look you in the eye and claim you never saw them fully naked). It depresses me to see guys tipping during song #1. Rookies.I don’t classify this place as Classy, or even Dirty… They need to either slut it up or clean it up. Give it some identity. I’m also now suggesting that all strip clubs implement a new rule… Instead of banning cell phone use (c’mon man, i’m just checking the scores), there should be a 30 second hand in pocket rule. You got 30 seconds to pull out more money or keep your fucking hands out of your pocket. If your hands are in your pocket for more than 30 seconds, you’re not Tipping, you’re not Drinking, you’re just playing with your Dick.

  187. Philip

    lots of hotties

  188. winston12

    Bring all of yo’ money.We need strip clubs. We need to spend at least $10 on a bottle of beer. We need to practice lying to our wives and claim we are actually attending a wood working class with the fellas. We need to listen to hot ditzy chicks who want to get paid to sit with you and explain how this is just a temporary job that is paying for their law degree at Georgetown U. We need a demonstration every 4 minutes on how to properly Windex a brass pole. We need to tip everybody…this includes the creepy Herman Munster dude that hands you a paper towel in the mens room ( was a reach). We need to sit and stare at 19 year old butts of steel on a stage and convince ourselves that our 40 year old wife (after 3 kids) has….uh… a butt. We need to empty the rest of our wallet to have a 19 year old hottie dance in our lap (not in District of Columbia though…..phooey) for 2 minutes and have a 300 lb linebacker watch from the shadows just looking for a reason to break both of our arms when it looks like we might touch the merchandise. We need to stand around the water cooler the next day and high five our lame pals that this was the greatest night ever. We need strip clubs.Bottom line: DIY woodworking 101 is available each semester at your local community college.

  189. BOB
  190. Barbara P.

    bar on the side, central stage where the dancers are; you can go up to the stage and give them some bills and then they’ll shake whatever you like in your face… but you still can’t touch.service is horrible cause all the waitresses are drunk or on something. my waitress literally said, “hold on, i need to write this down… sorry, i am so f-ed up” i thought it was hilarious. pretty sweet job when you can just walk around incoherent the whole time.but i have to say, 99% of the strippers are really beautiful girls with awesome bodies. they weren’t really the trashy gross kind. i just think it’s kind of a weirdly set up strip joint.

  191. D

    Best damn club around and I will be back with alot more guys!

  192. doe
  193. maxxy1

    My younger sister was mortified when we stopped late night for my birthday, you can’t blame me, we were around the corner at Irish Whiskey when all of a sudden the mood just hit us (me, her boyfriend, and his friend). Yes, I did leave the rest of my friends on my birthday, whatever. The line at that hour can be long, but fortunately my sister’s boyfriend and his friend are on a first name basis with the bouncer. Somehow she wasn’t mortified by that, but I’m not reviewing my sister, I’m reviewing Camelot. Not all the tables have great views of the little stage which is fine considering the dancers hardly do anything. The dancers at Crystal City Restaurant have such better moves (not to sound pervy or like I regularly frequent these establishments). Oh, Camelot also doesn’t stock Ketel 1 and the food isn’t as good as CCR. I should really go give my review of CCR another star.I’d go back to Camelot. Don’t judge.

  194. brt
  195. Sam


  196. FGH
  197. Puck
  198. the lot

    what happened to this place?

  199. james1412

    As a strip club connoisseur I liked that we instantly got offered a place to sit !!!! Thank you booty gods !!! Everything was a blast very high class but I had to give this place 3 stars bc our cocktail server gave us a miserable experience !!! Our ticket said Kari, it was a thicker girl who was superrrrrrr rude. Rushed us to pay our tabs like we would flee & only payed attention to the men in the building. Even when we would pay our tabs she would rush us to sign them. We were trying to enjoy the girls. She took forever to refill our drinks. Also be prepared for steep prices, $12 for a jack & coke loaded with ice in a cute glass with a handle that’s smaller then a rocks glass but we expected to pay a pretty penny it’s not our first time in a strip club. Btw we’ve been in the hospitality industry & are extraordinary tippers so our waitress chose the wrong ladies to be rude to. The last cocktail waitress we had made $350 off us we truly do appreciate good service. We were two of the few people actually tipping the strippers and they were very grateful & kept coming over and saying thank you & dancing in front of us. Take a visit here & cross your fingers for a better waitress. UPDATE : after posting this review we left & as we were leaving a guy asked us why & we told him. I guess he worked for the club he was well dressed & led us back in sat us in a different section & bought us drinks. We had a very pleasant waitress who took good care of us & even helped us to shoooo away some thirsty guys who were uber agressive trying to sit with us. I didn’t pay attention to her name but she was a gem & when we tipped her twice she came back & overly thanked us. Sooooooo, maybe this place isn’t to bad & we just need to make sure to avoid Kari’s section.

  200. Monte
  201. GREAT!!!
  202. Han solo
  203. Dewbert

    Very nice and the girls are all hot!!!

  204. fritter17

    Came here for a birthday and popped my strip club cherry here! Let’s just say it was a very laid back place which could ease any noob into the strip club scene. No cover, TINY place. The girls dance up on the only stage on the floor, and there was always a pretty big flaw with every single one of them (old age, cellulite, funky tits, bad fake tits, no tits, etc). But overall they were alright. I highly enjoyed watching creepy old men gawking by the stage, definitely the highlight of the night.

  205. Luis M.

    It’s a strip club. You can see boobies here. Luis likes boobs.

  206. T H.

    Confession: I have a girl-crush on one of the strippers here. I’ve only been twice (with the bf…I make him get Man-zilians, he gets to drag me to strip clubs), but she’s been there both times. Every time she looked over at me, my ears started to burn and my cheeks got hot. When she came over to chat (read: to get $$$), my heart jumped, and my tongue felt swollen. On my second visit, I finally worked up the courage to speak to her (but not enough to look her in the eye), and said “we are huge fans of your work.” We are huge fans of your work? Could I have sounded more stalkerish? Ai-yah.Crush aside, I don’t really see the appeal of this place. (1) The inside isn’t nearly as nice as one would think after watching the bouncers dramatically whip out their radio thingies to give the security dudes inside a heads up before letting anyone in (“Two customers, coming in.”). (2) For the most part the girls aren’t that great looking, and they don’t dance much (though one girl in a Sox cap was doing some crazy spinning and twirling and upside-down dancing). (3) The regulars are a drunk, sketchy bunch, but the creepiest dudes are the well-dressed middle aged guys and really old men who walk right up to the stage and stare at the girls’ gyrating crotches. What’s that in your pocket, guy? Gross.Probably won’t ever go back, but it was interesting while it lasted. Here’s lookin’ to ya, Blondie.

  207. Tom
  208. Halo82

    Great place!

  209. KLG


  210. Eddie C.

    Overall, when you weigh in service, quality of talents, ambiance, and location, this is THE BEST gentleman’s club in Washington DC. This family has been around and running the business for over 30 years and take it from me, having been to all the clubs from NYC to Florida on the east coast, they’re as good, if not better, than anyone at the top. Nick and George are two classy guys who know how to run this place right and make everyone feel at home and happy. Honestly, 5 stars! If I’m wrong, come back here and tell me.

  211. Cam fan
  213. Eric

    This club is so hot! Even my girlfriend had a good time. The girls are so hot, better than the other DC clubs.

  214. adamrod

    Terrible bouncer who hates on veterans

  215. Veronica L.

    There’s no cover charge but you have to buy drinks. Mixed drinks are $10 and they’re not in large glasses. When I walked in, I didn’t expect to see big screen TVs at the bar area which is at the far-end of the room. There’s only one dance pole and girls switch every 10-15 mins. All the girls are blond. Banging body but have such fug faces because they either look old or look like men. LOL… Also, the girls aren’t doing tricks on the pole. They just dance seductively. Hello, I could have just gone to clubs to see that. Plus, men oggling over them don’t go up front in packs. Actually when I was there, only one guy at a time seemed to be giving money to the girls and watching them up close. And after the girls dance, they would go around each table to get more tips. Don’t feel obliged to give them tips if you don’t feel like it. People don’t really dress up here. And I was surprised to see women with their men here so I didn’t feel out of place.

  216. Marie A.

    No cover charge, but that’s probably because I went with a group of girls. A regular bottle of Bud Light was $8.80 each, seriously?? None of us had enough cash, so one girl put the drinks on her card, and we tipped in cash.. When she got home, she noticed that even though we had tipped, they added an extra 20% gratuity to her card. Lame!The place is really small and the layout is uncomfortable. The stage is so small it’s ridiculous. The girls don’t even do any cool tricks or anything on the pole, they just kind of walk around looking very awkward. Most of them looked pretty sad & uncomfortable too, so that was pretty depressing. The music was horrible too. It was a mix of oldies and Linkin Park.. very odd, and not to type of stuff you would dance to.Overall I was very disappointed, and by the end of the night, I just felt bad for the depressed looking girls up there. I mean, it doesn’t help when you have a nasty 300+ lb man standing in front of you, practically sticking his face in your ass. Yuck.

  217. Andi
  218. Larry G.

    The ladies were beautiful, the environment was relaxed/classy, and the drink prices were not over the top. This place was appeared to be run very professionally. Would recommend.

  219. Sahar R.

    I can not believe I am reviewing a gentlemen’s club, but my good guy friend was moving to Kansas City and on a whim me and a girl friend decided his last night in DC should be spent here with us. What guy wouldn’t love going to a strip club with two chicks?I have never been to one and kinda expected it to be more exciting. Apparently all men strip clubs are dead serious and just sit and stare. I don’t get it but whatever. So we decided to liven things up (in our opinion) and send out our guy with dollar bills with assignments like:”Could you find out what shade of nail polish she has on her nails””She looks like my roommate in Hawaii, could you ask her if she is half -korean/german?””Ask her if they make a flat version of that boot””How does she do the twirly half flip thing””Find out if she took gymnastics or if that’s just natural talent”So pretty soon we had a table of strippers sitting with us debating whether OPI’s Russian Navy or Lincoln Park were the better dark nail colors.My friend said we have ruined strip clubs for him forever. So I’ve decided to start a new business. If any ladies out there have a guy who is a little into strippers and making it rain but not for you, just hire me and my friend and we’ll take him. I guarantee he’ll be at home with you after one night out with us.

  220. JC
  221. Jonny walker
  222. rogerrab2

    This Gentleman Club is awesome they have really hot Bartenders And the dancers are super hot specially Thursday’s and Friday’s .

  223. 9-15-2011

    place sucks. was there tusday night seen better looking women at a dog show. mixed between a few young sluts and a few nasty old ones.

  224. Rita


  225. Justin S.

    This place is your typical, inside-the-beltway “gentleman’s club.” All nude, full bar with highly priced drinks and hit-or-miss talent. This place compares nothing to the Baltimore clubs. Some of the “entertainers” dance to the music, some dance with the music, and some try to dance with the music playing. To some certainties, Camelot is cheaper than your traditional show, but you make up for the dollar dances in fairly pricey drinks. A word of advice, stick to the bottom floor. The “talent” make a round from top and bottom floors, so you’re almost guaranteed to see all of what the establishment has to offer.On a personal note, I’ve never had to put a dollar in the jukebox for a stripper… until tonight.

  226. Liam


  227. wtf


  228. Tony
  229. BELL
  230. Frank
  231. HUJ
  232. Matt

    After reading all these comments i have to say i must have went on the

    right night. Went on a friday night and the place was busy, the girls were

    smoking hot! Got some food which for a strip club was very good. The girls

    were all young and gorgeous. Talked to a few of the girls jade, sasha and a

    blonde girl but cant remember her name. They were all nice and even my

    hot waitress sat with me a few times. Maybe try at night closer to the


  233. Lance

    no comment

  234. Wendy
  235. Dan B.

    Im a huge strip club fan, have been to many across the country, including Las Vegas. I expected a lot more coming to this place in DC. The whole set up is weird, and different from other strip clubs that i have frequented. I guess this place should be classified as a Gentlemen’s club as opposed to a strip joint. There was one small stage on the first floor, and one stage on the second floor, but for some reason there were no seats right on the stage? Every strip club ive been to no matter how small, there were always seats at the stage where you can tip and just sit and enjoy your drink and the view, but not here. You have to awkwardly stand up and go to the stage and give them your money, it was kind of weird cause then everyone in the whole place is watching you. There are some pretty hot girls here though. I asked this one chick for a lap dance, and she tells me that there are no lap dances in DC, i couldnt believe it, but yes, it is true, and very stupid, almost pointless to even go to these places.Objective things: No cover charge, there was a line (Saturday night), good location in Dupont, two small stages, two floors, strippers DO walk around and mingle, but there are no VIP services such as private dances or lap dances, no seats at the stage (very disappointing).Not what i expected, was pretty disappointed as im used to a totally different environment when going to a strip club

  236. terent
  238. KIM
  239. lots

    lots of hotties

  240. Officer

    EXCELLENT CLUB OVERALL—located in downtown DC, no parking, some street parking but difficult on weekends; safe location and safe club; no cover; $7.50-$7.80 for a drink; two levels, each rectangular shaped; very enjoyable atmosphere, no pressure to tip or buy drinks; one stage on each level, one or two girls dance on stage at a time; two song sets; FULL NUDE CLUB, ALL GIRLS DANCE NUDE; 35-40 girls; very beautiful girls, all are 9’s and 10’s; all girls white except one black girl and one Asian girl; buxom girls with tight legs and tight asses; all have large (C cup) or very large (D cup) boobs; all boobs appeared natural; half of girls have fully shaved pubic areas and half had partially shaved pubic areas; some tattoos; stage dancing good but not great; no dirty dancing (girls don’t spread legs apart or touch themselves); small club with tightly spaced seating; $1 tips in exchange for 10-15 second mini-dance on stage; NO PRIVATE DANCES OF ANY KIND IN WASHINGTON; OVERALL RATING 9 OUT OF 10

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