Jill’s Lounge & Gentlemen’s Club



411 West Alexander Road, Valley Grove, WV 26059


40.0691379, -80.5825713




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Jill’s Lounge & Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Big Cock

    Clubs sucks. Worst Club this side of the Mississippi. But Manager’s daughter is nice she use to suck my cock all the time way back in the day 🙂

  2. Johnnyboy123

    I visited Jill’s on a Friday at 4pm…right when they opened. There was no cover-charge, since it was early…but they normally charge $5-$10 later in the evening. Since it was opening time, there was just one dancer. Her name was Savannah and she was a 7 out of 10. Jill’s has a full bar with reasonable prices. Please note that this club is totally nude….so if you are used to bikini / pastie clubs, you are in for a real treat. The club is somewhat hard to find unless you know where to look for it. It is behind the TA Truck Stop off Exit 11 near Wheeling. There are two options for parking…you can park right off the road if its early. However, if those spots are taken, you must proceed down a rock-filled driveway that puts you behind the club. Their is a stairway that leads from the parking lot up to the club. If it is rainy, be advised that the rear lot is likely muddy. Pretty decent establishment overall….

  3. zack
  4. Yourstruly

    I also want everyone to know that the owner had NO BALLS to fire me herself, but shes made a BIG mistake. First of all she doesnt know she just lost alot of money for herself bc I had setup 3 difference things with customers for the following week that has come in to see me, MORE THAN ONCE now and were planning on spending money when they came back. I was told I was nice, great employee, all the girls loved me and saw me as NO threat And one last thing speaking of a WHORE or crackhouse……One of the new blondes with big boobs bragged about taking SEX pills in front of the young bouncer and he just SMILED!?!? One of the customers looked at me like I cant believe I’m hearing this from this crazy bitch right now and I went up to do a private dance and one of the curtains was slightly opened and a customer was sucking on one of the black girls boobs and I ran and told Stacey she just looked and me and said take care of your own shit!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Anna and Stacey Bullshit that you dont put up with prosititution or bj’s or anything in private rooms. You lied about carmers too didnt you?!?! No wonnder ya’ll dont know whats going on. See how many customers you loose now. I suggest you hire me back and make a public apology. I wanna see your big ass get on stage and make money. I dont do drugs, I’m not fat, I made good money!!!

  5. TD

    Jills is a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FedUp

    Management here sucks..drives business away

  7. Steve

    Big change from the early days. This club is happening.

  8. Sam

    Best club in the whole damned state !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bb

    this club is overrated

  10. DABE
  11. jh
  12. mk
  13. Monica

    I make soooo much money here. No other club makes money year round

    but Jills always has customers. And they like to give you money. No

    begging here. Nice.

  14. yb
  15. your name
  16. timmy

    This club sucks

  17. yo
  18. bgl
  19. JD

    Great place to work.Lotsa money.BLING BLING.

  20. Danger Mike

    Off the hook………………….!

  21. Dr. J

    This Club needs some serious help!

  22. Jimbq

    Jills IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

  23. A couple

    The pricing is way too high, my wife wanted a VIP dance. $200, + tip for

    bartender+ tip for dancer. Set me back $300 for 15 min. Dancer said no

    touching rules just no insertion. She said we could rub any part of her body.

    Every time we got close to her privates she said we were trying to Insert. She

    kept on egging us on to have intercourse in front of her but she would not

    participate like she got turned on by watching but was scared to join in. Might

    go back once more but girl will have to approach us before I buy a VIP

    again. Also did not like how girls on stage begged for money. Most all girls

    are small breasted except for a chubby girl and the bartender downstairs. The

    actual building layout is nice. Drinks are average priced.

  24. Brad Shitt

    I love this place. They have everything a man could want.

  25. XS
  26. la
  27. bubba

    hey sis you run a tight joint. gotta hand it to ya. hands down the best club in

    the tri state area.

  28. GOD

    luv all dem booibies

  29. Travalin' man

    Have been stopping in to Jill’s for years. Not always a good experience but it can be interesting. Last weekend I stopped in to check out the talent and found a bevy of ladies of all shapes and sizes. They were all attractive and very sexy. I wasn’t financially well off and wanted to make the right decision as to who to play with. I choose a brassy blonde and was I ever WRONG!!! I mean, falling down drunk. Next Jill, next time.

  30. Deb

    Awesome bartender who can make anything your little heart desires! 🙂

  31. Cliff

    I love this CLASS ACT club

  32. Ralfe Moore

    Stocked with all types of ladies. This club has it all.

  33. B52

    This place rocks – I go everytime I can.

  34. Jackie
  35. Brian K.

    Nice clean club. Girls everywhere. Drinks are not priced bad. I felt at home. Thanks!

  36. gay
  37. club idiot

    go to godfathers. they dont have cop’s as mangers.

  38. trevor

    girls were fat, ugly junkie lookin girls. some had teeth. barely talked right.

  39. jack
  40. clubdude

    Was here 1st time Sat.Place was packed,tons of girls and i’ll be a regular fixture

    from now on. thanks

  41. Davey
  42. nothing
  43. hay
  44. nnn

    have not been there for a long time Is Evie still around

  46. DC

    Had a great time.Will come back when in the area.

  47. lam
  48. true
  49. Bugs
  50. Hi Sierra

    Much better here now that dirty neck Sierra is gone.

  51. Danny

    OMG. This place has rockin women. Nice clean women. Great club, no

    drama. Bathrooms are squeaky clean. Great food and with a CDL, no




  53. Don

    I agree.Great place for dancers to make money any day of the week.

  54. Carl B


  55. DF
  56. gy
  57. johnny
  58. tes
  59. mikey
  60. blah
  61. BIU
  62. sdajhf
  63. Spanky

    Was in on Saturday…….loved it!

  64. Max

    Hardly any girls

  65. Daniel Bell

    This club is tough to beat. Very nice.

  66. Chuck

    Very nice club, VIP room is great.

  67. T N T

    This is a great club to visit

  68. michelle
  69. Big John

    I use to steal all kinds of money when I ran this place & fuck everything. Glad my wife didn’t find out. But good luck Anna hahaha

  70. johny fuckin walker

    i get a hard-on when i think of this club

  71. Dave
  72. CC

    This was my home club.I made tons of money here.Hi Anna.

  73. bbbbbbb
  74. tim
  75. Rinkes

    The girls are pretty nice a big improvement from before. I also noticed a

    change in the music more rock& roll and no hiphop or rap. Also the

    diversity is improving very hot Latina chic goes by G.G. most mean Gods

    Gift because she obviously is to Jills. Way to go John on that one.

  76. random
  77. Robert P..

    Almost heaven in West Virginia.

  78. ty
  79. yeah

    it has gone down hill.

  80. Doofuss

    Had a great time on Tuesday night. Top notch club!

  81. toby

    this club is overrated.go to godfathers.

  82. fan

    godfathers is better than this overpriced shithole.

  83. Devil Dog

    Great place. love the new VIP rooms. Exceptional!

  84. Tom

    John H. said it all.Beautiful..

  85. Stanley

    You are the number one bachelor party club! We all had a blast.

  86. Ronda

    I have danced in alot of clubs. I have never felt as at ease as I did when I was here.

  87. Yahoo
  88. jim crick
  89. To Sexy Sadie

    You R the single most beautiful woman I have EVER seen..

  90. fred
  91. jimmy
  92. Trucker

    Your club is always a bright spot in on my route.

  93. fuller
  94. Sonny

    Watch out for all the COPS! I’ve gotten 2 DUI leaving this place. Girls not so hot………

  95. Norton

    The rooms cost more but they are worth it.

  96. jonhhy
  97. TT


  98. Pesto

    Off the f-cking hook club.

  99. LO
  100. josh

    if you want to get laid, Jills is the place for you, the girls and management are accomodating

  101. raloph
  102. kris
  103. Tillie

    This place is in prime location 1 minute off I-70.Excellent money.

  104. Sal

    I had a bach party here at party central.Yeah baby.

  105. HU
  106. KAY
  107. ShelbyGT
  108. Timmy!

    Very nice club, great customer service, friendly employees, hot hot hot ladies, good music and cold beer! What else coupld you ask for!

  109. Ho-Ho

    Club is horrible will never come back.

  110. q

    love it

  111. UI
  112. ANNA
  113. BARRY
  114. Ronnie

    To say this club is anything but great would be wrong. I have been to every club in the area and lately they suck. They can’t draw a crowd, they can’t get girls. Jill’s has had at least 20 girls every time I’m there. There is something for everyone. I know I sound like a spokesman but it’s the truth.

  115. Stinker

    Nice club and staffed by nice people.

  116. chris
  117. Jeff
  118. Walt

    I think I rated this club fairly.I spent everythin in my pocket and then

    some.Jordan you are stunning. And the valets were cool.

  119. JOHN
  120. dicl
  121. Farley

    I worked here when Anna ran the club. I hope she still remembers me.This club

    is still TOP NOTCH and that ain’t no jive. Keep it real.

  122. anthony
  123. nate
  124. bob
  125. Stewart

    Luv all your beautiful dancers

  126. dick
  127. DANIMAL

    This place rocks! Great location for a truck driver like myself. 5 minute walk from the TA. 2 dollar drafts and free admission with a CDL. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Good selection of girls too! No pressure for lap dances like other clubs. Definitely one of the better strip clubs outside the south. Anyone know what nights Stella works? Loved that ballerina dance!!!

  128. sucks
  129. justanotherchick

    *kisses* i loved this place have a great time… from what i can remember =-)

  130. New Girl

    I had a blast working with you girls. Suddenly there is no more petty stuff from old house girls. I heard she was gone. LMAO

  131. zdog

    This place is a great place to visit. It has seemed to get better and more relaxed over the last couple of years. The girls are incredible and it a very nice atmosphere. I will definately be back.

  132. MP

    This club is hit or miss with quality varying widely on any particular visit. Sometimes there are a few stunners. Sometimes it’s a sizeable wasted cover charge. Sadie is worth a trip if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her.

  133. Big Sexy

    Great club, super nice girls, lots of fun!

  134. vick
  135. hui
  136. Jimbo
  137. Nick

    Has been awhile ’cause I moved.Still the best in my book.

  138. DEAN


  139. vern

    This place has gone down- hill since they renovated it!! Everything is way to much $$$; and no feature dancers hardly go there now because Jill’s has run itself into the ground.

  140. clefford

    very nice

  141. Dancer

    Best club I’ve worked at in quite a while.I only have to work 3 days a week.No

    other club in the surrounding area comes close.The club is beautiful and the

    people that work here are phoenominal.Just my 2 cents.

  142. Larry

    Hit this spot on your way home…..well worth the time.

  143. bl
  144. pete smith
  145. bhhy
  146. TRE
  147. LL
  148. t.baumann

    freakin’ gorgeous. i’m a lifer from now on.

  149. dah
  150. BILL


  151. Big Willy

    Sierra is gone and thats a big plus here!

  152. Fritz

    No shame in being second, but Jill’s is number one!

  153. Tom B.

    Shower show…..Hot fucking show!

  154. BIGNICK

    This is the best Gentlemans club in the valley I love the ice cold beer and the woman are hot as hell.

  155. DAN
  156. jim

    great club, hott girls and good time

  157. The WHO

    This club has went down hill ever since new management took over. There is no good lookin girls, no features, variety of music is horrible, bartenders/service sucks, etc. & so forth.

  158. Credit please

    LOL……Nothing but love for you.

  159. Matt
  160. NJ
  161. John Henry

    I give this club an excellent rating.All the clubs in a 100 mi. radius would be

    hard put to even try to compete.The club is beautiful,the staff are customer

    friendly and last but certainly not least,the babes here are smokin’ hot!!!.

  162. nasty

    there is a new girl named echo she is willing to do anything for some coke or pills u dont even need money shell meet u outside she gave me her number 304-312-9999 have fun with this one.

  163. Ray Ray

    I had a great time.

  164. JER

    great place.Great girls

  165. nnnn
  166. buddy

    This club is a very nice place to not only visit on your way though but to come to on a regular basis if you live in the area. Its a place where you can go to and not be broke by the time you leave. I recomend this club as a must see if your ever in the area. P.S. dont be afraid to aproach the dancers they love it just as much as you.

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