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1100 Main Street, Green Bay, WI 54301


44.5124519, -88.0012814




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Oval Office Gentlemen’s Club

  1. tom
  2. Jimmy

    Awesome place!

  3. Chris

    Was in this past weekend when they had the feature Aspen Reign. The club, service, dancers and feature were amazing…awsome place, will definatly be back!!

  4. grant
  5. Monica mayhem rocks

    went to check out monice mayhem last weekend! she was outta this world amazing!! cant wait to see what their 1 yr party has in store, huge give aways a hear!

  6. maxxy1

    Chairs with wheels on thema 25 foot stripper poleAnd a hole in the ceiling where the whores come sliding down as if they are coming right out of the whore factory.What more can i ask for.

  7. DDT

    Really enjoyed this place. I highly recommend it. The only complaint I have is the girls didn’t mingle much. They basically sat at the same table(s) the whole time I was there. Even after getting up and doing their stage dances, they’d return right back to the same table(s) they were sitting at previously.

  8. Mick

    One Word…OVERPRICED!

  9. felixnada

    worst club i have been too. no seating not enough girls. i paid cover to stand and buy expensive drinks. when you have no competition you can be this bad

  10. GB Hunter

    OMG!! We had a blast at this club. The girls were great and the DJ is hilarious. You wouldn’t believe the shit they did to the bachelor parties. Those girls are wicked. Prices are reasonable. GB finally has a club to talk about.

  11. Shane

    It was just OK, no atmosphere of fun, just hustle and flow.

  12. shakin it

    I was in there Friday night and had a great time with Katrina. Loved her nude private lap dances, but $30 each Ithought was high. Very classy club. Best I’ve ever seen. Very friendly staff and girls. Will be back

  13. MJ

    Bunch of money hungry girls ruin the entire atmosphere. End of the day not a very fun place but has tons of potential and talent.

  14. Steve

    High Cover Charge + High Drink Prices = One less Customer. Come on, $10 for a beer and a soda. You gotta be kidding me. Did Green Bay turn in to New York or L.A. when I wasn’t looking. These folks need to get a clue.

  15. Jamie

    Holy Shit!! Felony Foreplay is gorgeous and I loved eating her cookie. What an amazing time. I am coming back for sure.

  16. Inis

    Only average. Girls were less than I had expected for a nicer newer club like this. All in all it was a complete letdown.

  17. nick
  18. mike
  19. Sikoursky rules
  20. James

    Had a blast in this club. The people in there are amazing!!

  21. Rick

    I came in from Chicago for business yesterday and had the time of my life at the Oval Office. This club has very thing you need for a great time. I had 4 clients with me and we all were treated better at the Oval than at any of the top notch clubs in Chicago. I will definitely come back. The Champagne rooms are amazing – the women were beautiful – plus plasma tv’s everywhere was a great touch. Service staff was unbelievable. Thanks Oval for a great time!!

  22. K.C.

    This place is great visually, but the lack of direction and high prices will not last. Changes need to be made or it won’t last.

  23. Paul

    My friends and I had a great time, we will be back!!

  24. JB
  25. JoJo

    For a high class club, the entertainers are pretty low quality in the looks department.

  26. Bill

    My time at the Oval Office was so much fun on Sunday, I’ll be going there for games more often!

  27. geoff
  28. Joey

    Nothing but a complte and total rip off. This club looks good on the surface, but that’s where it stops. Girls are rude and pushy and the prices are as high as a Chicago club. Wake up folks, this is Green Bay, WI. Thinks will have to change or business will drop in a hurry.

  29. carl
  30. Samantha

    OMG the chicks are so hot. They got all new girls and they ROCK!

  31. Phil

    had a great time last night, me and my buddies only planned on staying for a few drinks. we partied til last call. we will be back again for next year’s packer game unless we make it back sooner. thanks Oval Office

  32. Chuck

    This club is definitely worth all the hype. There were lots of girls… quality girls. Plan on spending some money cuz these chicks are awesome. We are coming back Saturday to see Felony Foreplay’s show.

  33. Blows

    Seriously, this place is greedy. Basically there customers are the

    dancers. It’s a scam. It’s empty, good dancers won’t come because if

    fees, and customers won’t pay the cover. Even rich ppl don’t tip. It’s

    a waste for both customer and dancer.

  34. A visiting dancer

    I just want to let everyone know, I spent a week in this club. Which just happened to be the first week they opened!!!! I travel all over the united states, performing as a feature. This is one of the best clubs Ive worked in. They may have had a few bumps starting out, but what business doesn’t? I know for a fact, that they are all about customer service. And wanting you as the customer to have the best experience, with nice, beautiful, classy ladies. No, Green Bay may not be accustomed to such a high class place, but you will soon see that it may not be quantity but QUALITY you’re looking for. I will tell you this if this jack ass down here below my comment keeps trashing the security set up, may not be so sure hes the right clientele for this place anyways. The only reason i can think of why someone would be worried about security in a place like this is if one… he wants to rob the place or two… is that guy all dancers dread that comes in to the clubs wanting a little more action other then a lap dance. So YOU keep going to your so called “QUALITY” shit hole strip clubs your accustomed to sir, and let the rest of the population her in Green Bay enjoy their new gentlemen’s club. It also seems to me that the female population here in green bay seems to be taking advantage of this new club, more so then the men!!!! Every night i was there, it had to have been at least a 40 to 60 percent ratio. So now you now where all the ladies are hangin out at. I had alot of fun working in this club. I cant wait to come back!!!! Remember Oval Office… shake off those haters!!! kisses “LL”

  35. Jon

    great time at the oval office. I even met Collective Soul. I will be back for sure.

  36. Mark

    I went to the Oval Office last night for the first time (I had to go and check it out after hearing so much about it), and boy was I impressed. I didn’t think the prices were too much, what do you expect to see hot girls! I was impressed and will be returning. Thanks for a good time girls!

  37. Yo Yo

    Great club but terrible girls.

  38. Kevin
  39. ?????

    Staff-3/10 Girls-7/10 Overall-5/10

  40. Big Fan

    What a joke! This place could be so much more, but never will be until they change A LOT of things.

  41. Wally

    I had a blast this weekend at the Oval Office. I’ll be back for sure!

  42. RHW
  43. Terry

    I had a great time last night!!

  44. "Hey Ken"

    Guess what “Hey Ken” you have no clue what you are talking about. You sound disgruntled, what’s wrong? My guess, even with all the world’s money, you couldn’t get laid!! Trust me: this club is worth every dime and the girls are HOTTT!!! This guy needs a reality check. Nice word “substandard” – that alone tells so much about you. Maybe you should try to meet a nice fella at the gym!

  45. Not happy

    Not happy doesn’t even begin how i felt at this place. I had heard such good things but the one thing about the girls stabbing each other.lol… But when i came in i was greeted by a dancer making fun of the fact that i ride then after bashing me she thought i would like a dance.NO. The girls here def need some help with there ego cause they are not all that and they don’t need to be acting like they are. I don’t know if i will be coming back to this club. The girls are not personable at all and you can tell (at least the one’s i meet that night) where mostly bitches.. And whats up with all the guys just standing around for no reason? Really.. dot you think thats over kill there.Club looks cool but the girls are not. Pretty is not everything. Some of those girl’s need to find that out soon.Cause the way they looked they wont be pretty forever.. lol

  46. JR

    I stopped by to see Flexx this past weekend. I gotta tell you that was crazy. I love that this club brings in all these features.

  47. Debbie

    I don’t like anything about this place.

  48. Russ

    Went for happy for a drink after work, ended up staying til midnight!! Great time, will definitely be back.

  49. Troy

    I was at the club last night and I had a blast!! The girls were hot. The food was great too! I’ll probably be back this weekend for some more fun.

  50. Utech

    Nice club but overpriced and not the greaest talent level. Seems like the same girls as when the Bamboo Room was running things.

  51. Jake

    Great night last night! The girls were hot and everywhere!

  52. Thomas

    I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this club. After traveling for business all over the country, this is one of the finest clubs I have been too. I can’t believe its full nude! Too bad the club isn’t bigger

  53. Harry

    Kind of a dirty club. Girls let customers suck on their nipples right on stage. I guess some people like that sort of club, but it’s not what I was looking for.

  54. Sammy

    The inside is amazing, I can’t believe what you guys did to the place. It looks soo cool. The bartenders and cocktail waitresses are really nice too. The dancers are all good looking too. I’ll be back, actually probably this weekend!

  55. John

    I had a great time last night thanks to the girls of Oval Office. Classy with a great champagne list. Ace of Spades blows Cristal outta the water, guess JayZ was right. I didn’t eat the food, but it looked good. For those complaining about price, guess you have never been to a real gentlemen’s club. Their prices are totally under priced for the atmosphere. I will be back VERY soon.

  56. name


  57. Edie

    I’ll have to try it again later

  58. johnny
  59. todd
  60. Tommy

    Great time!! That girl Freedom! WOW long legs, nice rack. Will be back for sure when I am in town!!

  61. T

    Too expensive and WAY TOO DARK!!

  62. Ethan

    Awesome Club!! I was really impressed with the service and the girls, I’ll def be back.

  63. new customer

    More people need to come try this club out. Its shocking that green bay has such a great club.

  64. Vick

    This is a nice facility, but that’s where the good part stops. Green Bay is not Vegas and it never will be. I found the quality of entertainers (aside from the feature dancer) to be far below that of other clubs in the state in both looks and attitude. I also found the staff to be rather unfriendly and in some respects even rude. I think the concept of this club started off in the right direction, but it suffers from a lack of execution and a terrible lack of management decision making.

  65. kim
  66. AJ
  67. jane
  68. Steven

    Wow!! Oval Office is one of the best places not only in Green Bay, but anywhere I have been! The food was great, incredible service, the club was very high class & clean, and dancers where amazing! Thanks for the great time Oval Office!! Will definatly be back soon!!

  69. Sally

    Awesome place to work. everybody is so nice and they treat their dancers like royalty. Stop down and check us out!

  70. Ken

    Great time last night with the sexy ladies of the Oval Office. Can’t beat a bottle of grey goose, cigars and beautiful women. I love the atmosphere. Prices are reasonable, the other reviews must have never paid real gentlement club prices before.

  71. Fred

    my friends and i have a crazy time in this club. we are so coming back soon

  72. Rod

    Amazing drinks, amazing girls I’ll be back.

  73. willbee

    I think expensive, but worth it. It’s a great club, I just can’t afford it every time. It will be the place to treat myself when I can.

  74. Henry

    Awesome club and food.

  75. Frank

    WOW what a great club

  76. Micah

    WOW! totally impressed with the service and the ladies on stage! I bought an hour in the champagne room and had a fantastic time. Wonderful food and a sophisticated, upscale atmosphere. coming back very very soon.

  77. Pat

    Went to the Oval last night after work w/ a few guys to have a few beers and ended up staying for hours!! I had a great time last night w/ the girls and my buddies. I’ll be back, maybe this weekend.

  78. Green Bay Mayor
  79. Emily

    I went in here last weekend with a group of my girl friends. I had never been into one of these clubs before so i was a little nervous. The staff was amazing and the dancers were so much fun. I cant wait to go back and have some more fun.

  80. Shawn

    Awesome club!

  81. Hey Ken

    What are “Real Gentlemen’s Club Prices”? Does that mean grossly overpriced because that’s exactly what you get here. Way too pricey for a club that is out of place in Green Bay Wisconsin. Get real this isn’t New York City. Add to that the “substandard” entertainers that are the majority of what work here and it’s a joke!

  82. Travis

    Wow!! If you didn’t see the show this weekend, you missed out. This club is awesome. Yeah, there is a light show, but its certainly not to bright. The dancers are amazing. Great Job Oval Office, I will be back!! FYI: the steak was amazing.

  83. Cory

    Had a great night lastnight. Harley’s pole routine was amazing. Ill be back soon.

  84. For Shane

    As the last guy said, anything goes, and you are RECORDED on video cameras and can be reviewed for 14 days by the LAW INFORCEMENT!!!!Hence, the bright lights!!!

  85. Charlie

    Had an awesome time this past weekend at the Oval Office. I love the name too it’s funny.

  86. Mr Cool

    Really cool. Take a cue from some of the big clubs and your parking lot . Take a look at how many pick up trucks are in the lot.Play some country music!!!!! It works!!!!!

  87. Jack

    Great time again. Good food too. You need to open an Oval Office in the valley

  88. Sean

    Really had a nice time. Probably the nicest set-up i have seen in wisconsin. yeah, the price to get in is more than the other dives in this area but you get what you pay for! Most certainly coming back again

  89. Johnathan

    I had a blast this weekend at the Oval Office. Hello GB, drinks are gonna be more because you get to look at beautiful ladies. I will definitely go back!!!

  90. Kirk

    Anything Goes!!! You gotta love that.

  91. Jim

    Green Bay has never had any good strip clubs, and that hasn’t changed at all. Still have to go to the Appleton/Fox Valley area for a quality club.

  92. nate
  93. Wes

    Hot chicks and great environment, I will be back on Thursday.

  94. harley
  95. Ryan

    I thought the club was awesome and I will defintely be coming again!!

  96. Bob

    My trip to Green Bay was salvaged by my time at the Oval Office. It was a blast. I will come back just to see the ladies of the Oval Office.

  97. Gregg

    Looks like the Oval Oriface found their niche… customers from Chicago. Keep importing people that like to be overcharged and you’ll do fine.

  98. Andy

    They wasted a lot of money fixing up the place only to have people running it who treat customers like dirt.

  99. Mitchell

    You guyz ROCK! Hot chicks were great, but the highlight was seeing my buddy on stage. I will definitely go back for the next bachelor party. My buddy definitely got the presidental treatment

  100. Joe

    The club is fun, classy, and there website rocks!

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