Centerfold Exotic Show Lounge



1155 Main Street, Green Bay, WI 54301


44.512273, -87.9993517




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Centerfold Exotic Show Lounge

  1. rwr

    there’s too much drama all of you need a attitude adjustment and the only ones that make you feel at home is ivey and extasy….thats lame and there’s like 5 of you.

  2. Fuck me

    I f you want to see a hot new ass find her DANGER and if you want to see a hott ass thats always been there find IVY I have never had a bigger hard on then I did when she gave me a vip dance. She is HOT HOT HOT and I know what you are thinking, how? Well she is not from here she is from wyoming and let me tell you, the girl can move in ways I never new existed. You have got to see that ass.I think she will be working at centerfolds on Green bay on Monday and Wed. and then at bamboo room in green bay on tue. thurs and frid and sat. then the week after she will probably be at scooters in peshtigo but you should check her out then ask her yourself

  3. Letr2mipenis

    Yes, they are really starting to bring this club up from the ground, all they need to do is hire more girls like ivy and danger and x rated. danger and ivy can dance, x rated has got to be the hottest black girl ive ever seen, you want to check them out for yourself tho

  4. MR nasty

    I say that girl Danger, and she is hot, as well as dangerious. I couldv’e spent all my money on her just seeing her dance. she is flexible, gracefull, thrilling, extreme, WOW go see her

  5. John Doe

    “Danger” Beware the signs, she is erotic and amazing. She dances like no one I have ever seen. The BEST and I quote in all of WI She works at scooters in peshtigo on occation and the week of 03-11-07 she will work at the bamboo room in Green Bay on tues, thurs, fri, sat, at centerfolds, mon, wed, do miss the chance to see the feature dancer who stands up to her name and will tear your clothes off. DANGER she the new best thing PS …. She is a white girl

  6. don the owner

    I suck

  7. gh

    Second worst club in the valley

  8. Waupman

    Worst place ever…seriously….you will see tit, but just an AWFUL place.

  9. SkankHunter
  10. Sam

    Underwelming says it all

  11. Joe

    This place is a total dive, and has been for some time.Don could have turned this place around anytime if he put some money,managment and talent into it. With the opening of the oval office soon centerfolds will be greatly out classed and it can only get skankier and finally die.

  12. Stumpy

    Waste of time and money….

  13. JT

    Scary Bad!!!

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