4 Mile Gentlemen’s Club



W230 Wisconsin 35, Fountain City, WI 54629


44.0706233, -91.6104185




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “4 Mile Gentlemen’s Club

  1. youknow

    This place has went down hill.

  2. B. Marley

    Great little club

  3. Ahh.. f*@# much phone :)

    There are usually a few new faces that are eager to show us a good time. Just remember, if your not having fun, most of the girls just need to feel appreciated and they will be even friendlier!! Men, women or couples this place is welcoming and always a good time.

  4. gotmeup

    Hadn’t been in for a while; a few new faces & a nice change in attitudes. Will be back for more soon!!!

  5. travelling man

    fun time

  6. jimmy

    the talent of the girls needs help its the same girls week after week

  7. Continued ladies night


  8. Frank, lacrosse wi.

    This is still the best club around.

    We’re never disappointed.

  9. agentzero

    good club bood dancers but the lap dance area could use a little upgrade.

  10. billy bob

    love this place! always a blast!

  11. Tony

    This club is a great place for personal entertainment. The girls are very personable and the staff is very friendly. The drinks are a bit spendy, but no more than going to a regular bar in any major city.

  12. Another Guy

    True, about the same girls working there often, but when you have girls like Silver, Kitty, Gisele, Jasmine, Vanessa, Rayne and others that frequent there, what is there to complain about? Not only are they all pretty and sexy, every one of them can carry on a decent conversation at the bar if you respect them and treat them well.

  13. Darryl
  14. Jerry

    had fun but they should searve ICE CREAM

  15. JACK


  16. dissapointed

    The economy sucks, and therefore business sucks. While the woman here are beautiful and charismatic, they cannot make the club the type of money it has brought in previous years- so the owners take it out on them. Wake up 4mile before all your dancers move elsewhere and your club goes under!

  17. tom

    this club needs help and need new dancers

  18. Andy

    This club is and always will be horrible

  19. Ladies night out

    My girlfriends and I like coming to these places with our men, or sometimes without. We make it to the 4mile every couple of months and we always have a good time. There are a couple of girls who have been there a few years who always make us feel welcome., and there are usuall

  20. me

    like to be there

  21. Snoopdog

    Small but inviting, close to the ladies, The girls some are college girls, some not, Some professional Strippers come through once in a while from famous clubs. Not hard to find, Would suggest you come in about 6 Pm and after. Things get better by then and the girls are mostly there also. usually 5-7 girls and they are interesting movers around the poles. Get your moneys worth have a few brews and the food is limited but good. buy the girls a

  22. Shooter

    This is a very good club great atmosphere, the girls are always friendly very

    attractive except for Tiffany who has a bad attitude not very attractive but all

    others are very attractive my favorite is Kitty and Gia. The bartenders are

    very friendly like talking to longhair he’s a great bartender. This club is great

    drink prices are good. Thanks for an awesome time 4-Mile

  23. SM

    Tired of hearing that the 4 Mile is a ‘nasty club!!’ I’m not sure if that opinion comes from people who have never been there, or havn’t been there in years, or maybe people who are used to fancy ‘big city’ clubs, but the 4 Mile CAN NOT be compared in that manner. It is a small town bar, with the bonus of exoctic dancers. For the most part the dancers are all beautiful, professional, kind, and respectful of the clientele. I would not concider this bar fancy, but it is far from nasty!! I have been in many bars far less desireable than the 4 Mile!! Staff treats the dancers w/ respect, and overall everyone gets along pretty well, which makes it a comfortable, enjoyable place to work. I think everyone should check it out for themselves, I believe they will find it to be a enjoyable experience!!!

  24. Kbhv69

    Three Girls rotated, Sat in back when not on stage. Had to ask 3 times for a private dance and gave up. Weak drinks. Great club if you are drunk before you get there.

  25. New to the area

    First time to the 4mile.. I will be back. Met a cute little blond country girl named Bella.. she rocked my world!!

  26. ginny

    this club went down hill and needs help

  27. Pat McGroine

    Never expected such a fun time in a small town club

  28. j

    crystal is the bomb. Dark skin HOTTIII. WRITE BACK

  29. mr money

    These girls are so hot, they could cause global warming!

    And they really work hard for their money. The best I’ve seen.

  30. Todd

    This is a small club but the girls are nice and very sexy.

  31. mike

    great club

  32. Bruce

    Stopped in for a drink and got to meet Gemini very nice girl and attractive. The bartenders were not very friendly especially the guy in the beard very unhappy with customers I’ll be back to see the girls which were nice and hopefully the management can get more friendly bartenders

  33. good eye

    I have been to several clubs in the area and must admit that they have some beautiful women (Julia, Carmen, Michelle, and Kylee) dancing at this club. Nice place to go for some good clean fun!!!!

  34. amon

    Gisele and Jade make this club worth going to. They are all super friendly and give great private dances.

  35. Redisit

    This club is ok i feel it needs a better Private area and get that POOL TABLE out of there.other than that it is a great place to kick back and have a good time.

  36. A regular

    Holy shit, that black haired Katrina is stunning!

  37. JH

    Returned to 4Mile & cuddles & smoothie were there.

    They had a attiude adjustment on there grabbing ETC: they have been upgraded in my eyes to a clean dancer! My hats off to u 4Mile for your fast acting to fix a situation!Very impressed with the manager of the club i believe is Emilly!

  38. chad

    clubs nice love to see that chocolate beauty indee

  39. A regular.

    Owner should put some effort into fixing the place up.

  40. Gisele

    The 4 Mile is a great place to work, and like Silver said, it’s my home club. We’ve gotten a lot of hot girls lately and we have great bartenders/staff. For the guy who said we need to fix up the lap dance area, its been done! So come back in and check it out 🙂

  41. bob

    vanessa is the sexiest girl alive

  42. Joe

    Lap dance area is terrible and they play 3 minute songs. Dancers and dances range from fantastic down to poor. Emily the bartender is easy on the eyes

  43. Shaggy

    I had a great time they have lots of fun girls

  44. dade
  45. Jim

    A small club it has great atmosphere the girls are down to earth, I really enjoyed talking and having a few drinks with Ev and Zoe. The staff was great to talk to. I will be back.

  46. Lord

    Had a great time here, will be coming back.

  47. Trey

    Amazing girls!!

  48. Larry

    say hi to that russian girl for me

  49. to

    this club needs help bad

  50. Rick

    This club needs help they need a new staff and the girls are stuck on them selfs

  51. John
  52. Yellowman

    This place has gotten a lot better than the last time. All the girls were sexy.

  53. that one guy

    they do a great job

  54. college frat
  55. brian

    it was my first time and they treated mr well.

  56. curious

    Hey guys this is Sweety. I had a geat time partying with u this weekend. A few asked when i will be back…. Im looking forward to seeing all my new friends and partying again on Oct. 2nd and 3rd. See you soon!

  57. Leo Lyon

    Nice atmoshphere except “private dance” area

  58. Harold

    this club needs help it was fun its the same girls all the time

  59. wade

    great club

  60. A
  61. Ryan

    great girls!!!!

  62. Silver

    This is my stomping grounds so to speak. I love working at this club and think it is the Sh**!!

  63. jeff

    great girls

  64. jake
  65. my girl

    tried workn here, no $$. NOT recamend this place

  66. Jim

    Went to this club and the one girl Kitty was very friendly and the rest of the girls were just plain rude including Farrah she’s got a big mouth and runs customers out the door. The bartender with the mustache is not a good bartender to cocky. And the door guy was the nice one. The rest of the bartending staff is not that good and they don’t protect the girls at all. It’s not a good club

  67. Kbhv

    Just a club, come on in see some naked chicks, have a chat at the bar, treat people with respect and they will treat you with respect. Oh and the drinks will leave you enought money to buy a dance.

  68. Bob M.

    a place you can feel right at home

  69. Iowa Boy

    nice to see girls all naked

  70. shorty

    nice friendly atmosphere

  71. Ash

    I went to 4Mile to check it out. The place is a dive, but the

    girls shine. Granted, they aren’t the blond bombshells with

    huge tits and rocking bodies like at the classy clubs, but

    their personalities are funny and real. A dollar goes a long

    ways at this club. I certainly recommend.

  72. Dancer

    Love it!! ;))

  73. Customer

    This is by far one of the best clubs that Wisconsin has to offer!! The girls here are HOT and know what they are doing! Most of them have a real, professional job and do this on the side for extra cash. I have been through a lot of clubs and I have to say, this is second to none in terms of the staff and dancers!! Club could be bigger… maybe with a little prodding you can get management to EXPAND!!! You and the girls with make a ton more $$$$$$$ 🙂 Great job!!!!

  74. bobthomas

    some very ugly dancers, only 2 hot ones, a blonde and a light brunette, couldnt get a drink for the life of me and it wasnt even busy. bartender spent a lot of time on her phone texting or something.

  75. around

    I was at this club on friday.It was ok.A few

    pretty black girls.Kitty wasnt looking her

    best.kitty also had a vag oder .Tiffany always

    looks horrible.she has put on some

    pounds.everytime i go in she is drunk and very

    rude.the bartender with the glasses is a major

    dick.i normally try to make it once every

    couple weeks.my favorite is candy but she no

    longer works there.

  76. Mark

    First time visit, had a great time! Kitty had her way with me at the pool table, she is very good! Kitty is even more talented on the stage! I will definately make another visit asap.

  77. ????
  78. Star
  79. Dave

    I like this place the girls are fun to talk to I love seeing Kitty

  80. Ron

    This club is great. It has a laid back feeling and the dancers are great. Very beautiful and sexy. I look forward to getting there when I’m in the area.

  81. Ben

    great place

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