Pope’s Nude Bar



508-B Industrial Pl, Palm Springs, CA 92264


33.8116052, -116.5431808




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pope’s Nude Bar

  1. Bob

    This club is the pwnage.

  2. Steve
  3. da mex

    great lap dances

  4. Marco

    Was Excellent, a bit expensive but the girls are great.

  5. Timothy G.

    This dive done dove off da deep end…With no plans a for the evening and an expectation level so low you could just step over it, my roommate and I jumped in the car and set out on a Tuesday night epic quest. Armed with cashed paychecks and seeking adventure, we decided that rather than selfishly take Palm Springs by storm like a couple of immature frat boys, the much more gentlemanly route would be to donate our time and money to local performance artists showcasing their talents here in the Palm Springs area. We somehow found ourselves at Pope’s Nude Bar…The thrill of an unlit, sketchy parking lot set far back from the comfort and safety of the bustling downtown nightlife only fueled our sense for excitement. We were unsure if the other 2 cars parked in the area belonged to fellow patrons or to tenants calling the small, crumbling apartment complex with shattered windows and littered garbage adjacent to business ‘home’. Suddenly wishing for pepper spray or background training in martial arts and self defense, we locked my vehicle and pushed on to our dimly lit destination as a sea of paranoia swept over us. No colorful lights, upbeat club music, or seductive beauties to welcome us to paradise, but rather a smug, stoic, featureless and unfriendly chap who emerged from the shadows and quickly collected our $20 cover. Inside was dark and musty and I thought for a moment we had mistakenly entered a condemned stash house. That is, until I noticed the oddly constructed, high-rise performance stage with a collection of mismatched, tattered bar stools that were just as uncomfortable to look at let alone sit on. Another employee – who I assume was the bartender yet possessed little, actual bar tending ability and many of the same outstanding qualities as the doorman – seemed irritated that the two of us had disturbed their busy evening of doing absolutely nothing. He provided us with an expensive beverage and little explanation as to where the girls might be. In fact, after we finally tracked down the ladies huddled in a cold, back room chain smoking, their demeanor was far from welcoming for guests who were here to give them money. They haphazardly made their way to the performance area offering little conversation and charm. The saving grace for the the evening, however, was a performer by the name of Chevy, which, I’m sure is her real name of course. The only hospitable one of this cast of characters, this gal made us feel at home without the pressure of being the only two paying customers. Perhaps the most memorable moment of the evening was conversing out back, swapping life stories and future plans, genuinely engaged in the life and times of my roommate and me. Not that one typically looks for pleasant conversation when frequenting such a club, but, as a member of the service industry myself, it was certainly a refreshing spin on showing a gentlemen true hospitality. I’m sure we’ll be back….and shame on all of you for thinking my usual dirty and perverted thought process was going to take this review in the direction you thought Id take it.

  6. larry1

    The place is small, not very friendly, and not worth the $20 cover. They weren’t at all willing to negotiate the last point for a group of 15 guys at a bachelor party. Didn’t really see any girls worth remembering.

  7. OK Dave

    Eve Rocks! The only one I ever spend time with. Looks like a dive from the outside but, lots of fun and the people are really nice!

  8. Wife & Me

    What a dump. The place could use a serious overhaul and what’s with that smell in the back room? They have a one-customer lap dance area, so that kind of sucked. The lap dances were okay, but there’s a no touch policy. $20 cover was excessive. The girls were very pretty and friendly.

  9. joseph1k

    We spent 20 minutes trying to find an address online. Then another 20 minutes just trying to find the place. When we got there, it looked like a drug/rape operation in a warehouse, disguised as a disgustingly filthy strip club. We got to the door, the very large and menacing door man told us $20 to get in, we turned around and left. From what I could see inside, there was NO ONE there and the music was garbage.If you want to get murder raped and end up on the news, I would recommend coming here alone at night.

  10. harryharry

    I came here with friends. One was named Ryan. He barfed in the sink. I got a free can of coke. It was BUSTED.

  11. R&B
  12. ricky tang

    this place is whak but if you like the crack house theme then come here

  13. Pootie Tang

    I love dem crack hoes. Holler at ya boy. Ricky.

  14. Johnie
  15. Greg

    I have been to this club a few times when i was a Marine in 29palms all i can say is it is horrible it is a hole in the wall club 20+ for cover for rough girls the last time i went most of the girls were 30+ and rough PLEASE(if you can find it) avoid this club at all costs

  16. maxxy1

    I went with my boyfriend and another couple who we’re good friends with. We’ve heard a couple stories about The infamous Popes we walked in and yeah the inside is a bit shabby but the girls were really friendly. There was a really pretty girl named Page who was very nice and another girl named Taylor who knew how to work the pole. It’s $20 to get in and $45 for a lap dance they’re fully nude. I think it’s worth it if you’d like to see someone naked. Honestly the stories made it out to be this scary shady place but it wasn’t that bad. You just have to see for yourself.

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