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208 North Main Street, Fond du Lac, WI 54935


43.7846504, -88.4473168




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “New Other Place

  1. taveling through

    i stopped in and there was a girl that was incredibly gorgeous.i believe her name was ava.guys,you should check her out.

  2. Paul

    Sucks, what more can be said.

  3. Smarter Than That

    Jeff – you loaned $$ to a stripper. C’mon, by admitting to doing that you are only proving your lack of intelligence. But then again, you also probably think by sticking a buck in a g-string entitles you to sexual favors too.

  4. Out of towner

    If this club had a PRIVATE VIP area, it would be awsome. I would have loved some private one-on-one time with some of the dancers, especially Billie. She is HOT, HOT, HOT…

  5. in
  6. teddy

    the girls are mostly nice n a few r stunning but the owner gyps them out of money they get back for their drinks

  7. Tim

    This place used to have some good lookin girls, what happened? Where did all the skanks come from?

  8. Thatguy

    Only come here if your only means of transport is walking. You may want to stop at the all-nite laundry mat – better looking girls.

  9. Stitch

    What a fuckin dive. The only place I’ve seen more hookers is on a street corner.

  10. Smiley

    Is Brittany who is now Bailey ever gonna retire? She must be at least 50 already. I here she owes alot of money to alot of guys and shes probably still snorting her shit.

  11. Bob

    this place is terrible

  12. PunkVersion1

    I stopped in there cause my two female coworkers wanted to take me in there I understand that you need a variety of women but I thought it took that a little too far, there were a couple of girls there that looked really pretty and acted nice but not my preference of ethnicity (I’m not complaining about that) then there was the girls that I couldn’t believe looked like that example of one was the girl looked like she was currently pregnant or just had her baby two days ago and I believe that’s not good, and the dancers were skipping me on tips and asking my lady friends if they would tip.

  13. Jimmy

    This place sux, the girls are all old and missing teeth.

  14. the cat fight

    last week was the best ass whuppin ever given at a topless bar. too bar we couldn’t have taken our beers out back and watched the action. the house girls that work at this bar are the fucking coolest ever.

  15. guess who

    angels a fucking whore who cares

  16. Steve
  17. horny on the week end

    Too bright too ugly and too much of wanting money for nothing. Place is just a total ugly scammers hang out. They sgould not have remodeled it. It needed to be torn down.

  18. muzzle loader

    This place is a sex shop. I have been there three times in two years and got laid twice there. They will rip off your money while it sits on the bar too. Some of the chics bitch at you if you don’t buy them an overpriced drink. But a few are really decent and do not try to steal all your cash. For FDL Wis it is an ok joint.

  19. B

    I hate clubs where the girls are only there for the $$. I go there for the fantasy, so “sell” it to me. There were 5 girls on duty, 2 were money grubbers, 2 were nice but not special, but one girl obviously liked her job. It dosen’t matter to me if it was a good fake or if it was sincere, she did a tremendous job of selling the mood, and as a result, she got more of my $ that the rest combined. Girls, learn from this, no guy goes to a stripclub to see bored girls rolling dice…

  20. noobie

    I just discovered this club not too long ago- I’ve lived in this area my whole life. It wasn’t until my divorce that I even thought about stopping in. I’m glad that I did, I love the bartenders and I love the hot girls.

  21. Bill

    I agree with the last comment the cops need to bring their K-9’s in here and close this place down

  22. Jeff

    Is Angel still dancing here? I loaned her $200 a while ago she never did pay me back

  23. Buddy

    I had no idea Fondy had so many crack whores.

  24. Kyle

    Billie does put out just like every other girl here. You morrons believe what you want. This place is just a hang out for whores, prostitudes and drug dealers.

  25. frank
  26. Jack

    What a dump. Whores galore. Drugs up the ass. Where the hell are the cops? This place needs to be closed down.

  27. me
  28. eye love stacey

    glad we stopped in last night. you’re right, all the ‘drama’ on the board brings in new business! I had to stop and check you out, and I’m excited that we did! we WILL be back!

  29. Joey

    What a hole in the wall could it get any worse then this

  30. Pete

    I used to like this place in the old days what the hell happened to the good times here?

  31. Wild Ed

    What a dump needs to be banned from stripping

  32. Mike

    my review COULD have been better, but this one girl (Ava) was and is horribly rude to the customers. Avoid her at all costs.

  33. The guy the girls hate
  34. .

    I stopped in last Thursday evening and had a great time! I enjoyed Sativa’s company immensely over some. that is one helluva seductive woman, with brains, too! I will be back, and asap!

  35. Vixxxen

    Under New Management. Place is Back to premium again

  36. sadsack64

    I was there Friday night. The girls were hot. To the dancer who asked if i was shy. The answer is no, I am not shy. If you did not notice I was busy talking with Billie. I am not much interested in having your tits in my face after other guys have drooled all over them. Remember it takes 5 or 10 other guys to tip as much as I do. So be nice to me.

  37. Kevin

    I have been coming here on and off for sometime now. You know what I just realized what a waste of time and money this place is. The dancers and bartenders are all overrated and Toni the owner is nothing but a money scalping whore.

  38. grown up
  39. Al

    Its a shame the only club in town is a dive.

  40. TC

    Went there once will never go back.

  41. Ron
  42. average joe schmoe

    I had a wonderful time last night watching Tori, Raven, and Billie. I look forward to visiting Fond Du Lac again, I will be sure to stop in! I love you Ladies! See you again soon, but not soon enough!

  43. Mark

    I don’t know, I checked out the club ratings and I think Saphires is the place to go. OP is a dive.

  44. Dan

    Two words SHIT HOLE

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