Silver Dollar Saloon



23 Silver Street, Hurley, WI 54534


46.449712, -90.179924




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver Dollar Saloon

  1. billy joel

    This cub gives a feeling of sucking you dry,and not in a good way. There is one beautiful lady there with a great personality. ( Ivey ) The bar tenders are not friendly and take tip’s for themselves when you are looking somewhere else ! Be warned

  2. IL

    Great Club & Staff

  3. Mark Johnson

    Hey I was there this past november and I sure hope you have Michelle back to dance this summer.

  4. james

    came in here last year there were a great selection of ALL types, 2 hot blondes 1 older 1 younger good fun drinkers, a few bruneete college girls on the natural kick and a black girl that was also pleasant. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??? now its hookers, there was a monica that sticks out the most couldnt be more then 20 just awful. bring back the hotties from the past winter of 07!! brandi and her niece and that ashland college crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Customers sister

    My brother came into your club three days last week and got lap dances from a girl named michele. Its all on you what goes on in your club but when he told me what he got for 25 bucks in his lap dance appalled me. She french kissed him, pulled her thong aside and showed him her crotch, pulled his hand between her legs and let him touch her bare crotch , stuck her whole nipple into his mouth and offered to meet him after hours at some hotel that she said was nearby. Now im not condoning my brothers behavior but when you have a girl offering it up are you going to say no?. i find this disgusting and frankly isnt that illegal and considered hooking. so i did some checking with a few of my guy friends that frequent the lower block and found out she does that with everyone that she gives a lap dance to and frequently meets them at the hotel across the street. i think you need to choose your dancers more wisely cuz your starting to turn out like 21 club was a year ago. prolly still is now. bad business .. terrible managment and a hooker dancing and running her business out of your club. im sure the authorities would love to know whats going on in there.

  6. ben
  7. Joe
  8. tom


  9. Great Times

    I had a great time at this club. The bartender was super sweet and nice to chat with. The girls had good attitudes and were having fun.

  10. ???

    Looks like Bully Bob & Penny-Pinchin cant make a go outta the club and have now got it up for sale. Any takers?? haha

  11. Ryan
  12. bill
  13. Dan

    Worst club ive ever been to. Dancers were skanky and one had zits all over her rear end.

    Too much begging for the money i mean a private dance ends up being an invitation to a private party.

    bartender sucked just sat round.

    Music sucked dont these girls pick anything us younger guys will like?

    Private dance area not private at all people at the bar sit and stare at me while im getting a dance.

    Get some girls on less drugs , get rid of the zitty dancer, and get some with more personality it was like talking to a wet blanket all night long.

    I wont be back here unless someone else takes over place is run like crap. You want to get your money’s worth go to ANY of the other clubs. they are shit to but at least they are better than this..

  14. Passing By

    Had an outstanding time at this club. The bartender was fun and was always smiling. The club had 6 good looking girls. Glad a stopped in. I will come back on my way through.

  15. Passing Through

    I just stopped in for a beer. I never left. It was a Tuesday night. Had a terrific time and the girls were just a blast. Bartender had a set on her that I would of liked to see. But no go. Lord knows, I tried. The music for the most part was my kind of music. Old time rock n roll.

    Next time I am passing through I will make sure I stop in again.

    Thanks girls

  16. Jeff

    As I staed in the comments, Ive known the owners for ears, and I also had poor judgement getting to know the bartender “kris”,that one WILL manipulate anyone for her own gain, she is a greedy thief and a tremendeous lier, watchn your money and your wallet,and NEVER NEVER see her outside her employment, very miscalculated mistake.

  17. 1st timer

    THis club really had my attention. The girls and barterder were great. Fun to talk to and good music.

    Will be back soon.



  19. joey

    mixed drinks were all soda and service was lousy unless you tipped big. some of us like to tip before we leave.

  20. dancer

    The bartender tried to rip us off and she rips off the customers as well.

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