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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showtime Gentlemen’s Club

  1. tommy boy

    This club was okay. Some girls I realle liked, other girls I was almost disgusted by. You take the good with the bad, I guess. The drinks were really expensive, but the lap dance I got was great. $20 for a topless dance, $30 for nude. I got the topless one, and I definitely got my pants worked on, heh. Not to mention that she was literally rubbing her snatch on my lips. So that dance made the whole place worthwhile.

  2. sum guy

    I love the showtime i dont stay in the are but sometimes when i stop in i see a girl named Arniya she’s beautiful and very swet guys should stop by sometimes!!!

  3. to last post

    just so you know, thats not true, nor has it ever been true about the booze. kinda hard to break a seal, fill the bottle w/cheap booze, then reseal it buddy. ive bartended before too and its pretty imposible if you ask me. why dont you tell your friend to get over being fired and move on, maybe w/a new job or something. cuz all this bs is really lame. al for the drinks here, they are weak every time i come in, maybe its cuz i dont ever stick around to spend enough money in this hole.

  4. jamie
  5. MIA

    i worked at this club for a month and thats all it took, the dancers are treated like shit…management is all messed up and the place is run like a joke the manager doesn’t know what hell she is doing, and the dj is a pussy…wanna violate a dancer, go to showtime….wanna be a dancer, stay away…. the stage setup rocks, great facilities, crappy people running the place…

  6. Greg

    good for marshall he was a putz anyway. Glad it is not like that here. Awesome friendly talent all around and good drink prices. You guys are great!

  7. homer

    Place needs remodeling, but the girls are great!!

  8. The Great 1

    Why do you have a pregnant dancer working….Not Good!

  9. Becker

    Showtime is looking good dude. Had A blast Wed night. Thanks Karma and Asia!!!! Love Ya

  10. Harrison69

    Club was ok, typical booby bar. Girls were cute for the most part but not interactive.

  11. bob
  12. joseph1k

    This was our second stop of the night for a friends birthday- we should have stayed at the first dance bar. The bartender making rounds for the patrons by the stage was very pleasant and attentive. There were probably about 6 dancers, two of them were talented and worth your $1 bills. My friend who’s birthday it was decided to get a dance from “Caress,” she invited him to watch her smoke a cigarette outback, where she went on to argue with her fellow dancers, and they all went on about the politics of “dividing the stage.” The silver lining of the story is my friend being delighted to have come close to witnessing a “stripper fight” on his birthday.

  13. Super Star

    Great time but the place a funky smell to it.

  14. JJJ

    had a great time will be back for more

  15. robert
  16. Willy

    I’ll have to stop and see all new additions I’m hearing about.

  17. boo

    ad a blast will be back

  18. Older dude

    Showtime isn’t much fun any more, when compared to times I patronized it in 2004-2006. Dancers won’t go nude on stage very often, and they don’t have the zest for dancing as did Aries, Onyx, Mary Jane, Jackie, Hypnotic, Torch and others from those “good ol’ days.” Lap dances are overpriced, and the lap dance rooms seldom are in use the few times I’ve come in on late afternoons. Erin the bartender/dancer manager is a beautiful, friendly lady, and she’s on par with Alicia from a few years back. But outside of Erin, there isn’t much at S.T. to make me want to go there.

  19. Mr. Peanuts

    This club is ok but it will always have its poor reputation

  20. Thomas

    you guys know it! but teasers is closed down now so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. marshall finally ran it into the ground by fudging his books to get out of paying taxes and the law caught up with him. I heard the irs may only let him open it temporarily now here & there until he pays back all the money he stole from them by not claiming properly. if he can’t he’s headed to federal prison!

  21. Can't say

    The remodel did loads for this club. Very nice!!!

  22. johnny
  23. Jon

    This place blows teasers away big time! To Dancer: I know the ex-bartender from there and she was a great girl and wasn’t fired for the reasons that the moron owner is lying and telling everyone about. He got scared because she confronted the dude about putting cheaper alcohol into more expensive brand bottles among other things and he got rid of her so that people wouldn’t find out! It is because of this b.s. that they now claim to have such “strong” drinks! I am dam* sure that’s illegal and don’t know about everyone else but I will stay here at Showtime where I know that I am drinking what I actually paid for! NO CHEAPOS HERE!

  24. Pattron

    Above average mix and talent in dancers. Stage seating is good but dancers efforts are below average on stage. The dancers stay with locals. Seems very inexpensive place to go for drinks and entry. Very comfortable laid back environment.

  25. Don

    Funny…Alot of left-overs from other clubs

  26. Tom

    No disappointment at all, keep up the good work!

  27. Former_Regular

    The last several visits to this place have been terrible. What a shame because I used to visit this for years and it had been good 6-7 years ago. Tonight I go in, sit down and the first skanky dancer comes by and went into a rage when I did not tip her. I had not because I had not even seen her dance – just came in. She complained to the bartender who talked to me and I told her the truth about the dancer being a bitch. I think she went on to lecture the dancer. What a waste. I will never waste my time in there again.

  28. Sam I am

    Great place to go if your looking for drugs and prostitutes.

  29. Harry

    Had a great time, thanks ladies!

  30. Richard

    I have nothing good to say

  31. thebum
  32. Steve

    When Mary Jane is tending bar, Showtime is a GREAT place to be. When she’s not working, it can be so-so. She has an awesome, fun-loving personality. She makes EVERYONE (patrons and dancers) happy when she is around.

  33. Dr. D.

    I travel all over. With the change to the VIP $50 for 15 minutes or 80 for 30 minutes it was a very good value. Girls are average but then so are most of us. Best value around if you want dances. If you want to just look at super hotties, then go else where. Overall not bad.

  34. Red


  35. joe

    I was here for a bachelor party… GAY

  36. Kurt

    to the last 2 posters here’s some advice: DON’T EVEN GO TO TEASERS! I am not evr going back & neither should you or anyone else that’s smart. Word is going around that to bring in business that the owner is going to other club’s in the area and slashin their customers tires! It’s not safe I’m telling you man! Stick to where it is safe- HERE!

  37. JAY

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs 40+ and my experience her puts it in my all time top 5

  38. Mary Jane

    We’re making terrific improvements both on the club and the quality of girls. I love working here and I love my girls. I especially love all the boys (men, hehe to all the manly men who don’t like to be called boys) that join us and help make Showtime all the fun it should be! To the dancers: The earning potential here is fabulous, come give us a try!

  39. Fletcher

    This place is the best strip club in 100 miles! I will be back. I’ve tried the ones around wausau, stratford & marshfield etc. and non can compare! Keep up the good job!

  40. showtime sucks

    this place is the worst place i have ever been to i wouldnt send my worst enemy in here.

  41. Riley

    I love working for this club. Tom is always more than willing to go out of his way if I’m having problems and makes sure that I am very well taken care of. And as for the little pissed off dancer, let’s just say that I personally saw everything she was doing when I was cocktailing and we have everything on video tape. I’ve watched it about 20 times. Sorry Mia that you didn’t work out… well actually I’m not but I was trying to be somewhat nice to you. Anyways, unfortunately grand daddy’s didn’t work out for you. Keep your shit at home.

  42. travel

    All the girls were pigs. :0 :0 :0

  43. JJ
  44. Peter

    Better than Teasers in Stratford! I didn’t happen upon any 15 year olds in here! lol Heard the law is shutting that club down soon and they are only open now a couple of days a week because Marshal can’t afford to pay his bills or employees. Have faith in this club- it’s no where as bad as Teasers! The owners here haven’t drank the club to death yet!

  45. Smitty

    This place needs help!

  46. Dave

    yeah by far better than teasers. that place is nasty and the owners don’t give a shit. the girls here are hotter too. I won’t ever go back to that place or grand daddy’s shitty stuck up owners there too!

  47. Jerry

    Had a great time here on Saturday night! I drove all the way out to teaser’s in stratford and it sucked ass so I came here! So glad I did the girls were so sexy!

  48. scott

    Savage fun as usual. Chyna and lexi are hot.

  49. The Joker

    This place sucks go to New Yorker

  50. Chuck

    As long as if been coming here it will always need improvements!

  51. Jeff

    not impressed, average girls, no one really got my ying yang up, Tim Kuehl from Lebanon was in here, said girls love him showing his little dick to the girls, why do they like that fat, lazy, mama loving thing??

  52. Duece Duece

    i have been in there a few times, alot of local girls but thats what makes it nice.

  53. dancer

    it’s a great club to work at and even though it has had a bad past, bubba and brandie sue are trying to clean it up! so give them the benefit of the doubt!!

  54. Goldie

    Poor quality of a few so called dancers

  55. Captain Yuk

    Yukky Yuk Yuk

  56. G


  57. rat
  58. satisfied
  59. Dean

    I was there for about 6 hours. Spent alot of money and enjoyed all od the girls but I enjoyed Paradise the most. She is great. I wish she was there all the time. This is the first time in 4 years that I went to the club abd I liked it

  60. 2 Guys Visiting

    Had plenty of money to spend and most of the girls only payed attaention to the locals that were only giving them $ 1.00 tips .. We had $ 100 bills… Had to beg to get one to do a private dance.. My buddy also hired one for a private dance and all she did was sit on his lap and talk… HERES S HINT GIRLS…All you have to do is ask…….

  61. davey
  62. mrmojo

    Saw alot of talent on my brief stop, will be back.

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