Airport Lounge



5881 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207


42.9376089, -87.9103595




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Airport Lounge

  1. rogerrab2

    When the people I was with said we were going to see Male strippers I was kind of leary. Im a bit older and not really into this type of thing but OMG was I ever wrong! The exotic male dancers at this place were AMAZING! It wasnt sleezy it was entertaining! The dancers were nice especially to the bride in our party. They were built, great looking and very social. I would reccomend this place to any group of women that are looking to have a great time!

  2. FogellMcLovin

    This place is low key and is pretty cool.Females are all over the board.Some premium hotties all the way down to not too great.But the hot outweighs the cold.If you dont like this place then you were here on the wrong night or you are a dunce or of course you may be into dudes.

  3. $ man

    Need to get better looking girls

  4. Deppy

    By far the best of the best to hang out at in the area.

  5. JJ

    Nigger club!!!!!!

  6. dumb bitch

    keep it up and we will show them where to look

  7. whre is eva

    great club. some sexy and very friendly girls. expensive drinks. so-so private dances. probably my favorite club.

  8. give it up
  9. orestes

    this place blows

  10. na
  11. andrew
  12. $$$$$$$


  13. jasen
  14. nick t
  15. joseph1k

    I went last night, and I had tons of fun. The girls were definitely cute, both strippers and waitresses were nice and didnt bug us to tip all the time. There is ample seating, nice selection at the bar. It was a tad expensive for the drinks, but all in all was worth it. These girls looked decent, not like some strip clubs were you question the smell as well as why are they a stripper? I would defiantly go there again.

  16. pe te
  17. Chi's Friend

    We always have a great time, will always come back.

  18. Tawny
  19. Biff

    Any regulars here? WHo is the top 3 table dancers, heard some good things about the Airport! Thanks

  20. Aaron

    Nice Girls. Friendly staff compared to most. Had a good time.

  21. jk
  22. DJ Dan

    I am a loser I know

  23. john

    jenna rocks

  24. brad
  25. rich
  26. Out of towner

    I recently visited and thought the club was very nice for a smaller club. The girls were attractive and there certainly was a variety. The girls need to spend more time with the customers. Drinks were reasonable. I will definitely visit again when back in MKE.

  27. Surprised

    Had a great time, great lap dance, I always went to a different club, this was my first time here and felt right at home. I will be back to Airport Lounge ageain and again.

  28. Charles
  29. fred
  30. peter
  31. Cris H
  32. joe x
  33. Homeslice

    One of my favorite small wisconsin clubs. Some very high quality girls and some average.

  34. ryan123

    They have a website and its daily specials are listed. That night they had Bud for $3 bottles and 2 for 1 admission, cover is typically $5. We had some miscommunication with the door man, he insisted that when viewing their website you need to “refresh” the screen to get updated pricing. Dude, that doesn’t make any sense. After some stiff talking, he finally agreed to allow us the discounted rate. This place is actually next door to runways of the airport, that’s how close it is. You can watch dancers perform on a stage which is an area of the floor encompassed with a 6″ barrier, seats around two poles and the stage is about 12′ in length with 2 dancing on either side. Doesn’t matter where you sit, you will get hit for tips. In Wisconsin performers do this obnoxious routine of hitting up everyone seated anywhere requiring a tip for their performance. I’m told that it’s up to you whether or not to tip, but place after place the women come down on you with a plethora of commenting to tip them. I loathe tipping people for no reason, WTF for? Especially if I don’t want to or your performance was terrible, leave me alone! Towards the end of the bar they have three gambling machines. It grosses me out that performers will sit back with their customers’ chain smoking. (Chicago is smoke free and I’m not used to it any longer) 75% of the women are attractive and there are all kinds. Choices are limited to hot bodies and those with a bit of puppy fat. I only mention the content of women, because it seems there are quite a number of clubs in and around Milwaukee with bad selections. Milwaukee city has strict touching laws, you can face a $10,000 dollar fine and handcuffs. Women can touch you, if they say anything else happens, it’s probably bullshit to lure you in for a private lap dance. 1 song = $20 if memory serves me correctly. They have a decent beer and alcohol selection but prices are too high. Even $3 for a Bud light? As if. We gave this place a solid twelve minutes before we couldn’t stay any longer. The tipping nonsense is annoying. Couple girls in a row had lousy routines and just turned your attention away, yet time and again they come beckoning you for a tip.This lounge has its own parking lot out front and it’s fairly secure since its on the common thoroughfare of the airport.

  35. Joe M
  36. tony

    i like

  37. bud
  38. matt
  39. Michael
  40. out-of- towner
  41. not cool
  42. tim
  43. cool kat

    best bang for your $$$$$$$$$$$

  44. nick
  45. philly

    this place sucked

  46. jo jo

    i will never go back there

  47. joe

    great place

  48. Stewy

    This Place is Great!!!!!

  49. kelly
  50. df
  51. maverick

    Club is ok but private dances suck. The girls would not let me touch. Coming from Oklahoma where you get to touch anywhere you want for the same price, I give this club a big thumb down

  52. sucks


  53. Fuck Borat

    Nick Anton looks like Borat

  54. dog man
  55. Harrison69

    It’s a STRAIGHT UP strip club y’all! Literally walking distance from one of the runways at Mitchell Field. Me and my entourage (hot cousin, and her BF) rolled in here one night. Oh wait, what’s that – cousin’s wonderful BF used to work there? We in, no queues, no covers!So, first – we went down (no pun intended) to the Cockpit. The hilariously and creatively named area where the male dancers shake it, on the lower level. It wasn’t that crowded, on a Saturday night? And . . . the dancers were HOT HOT HOT, could not have been cuter and more buff. But, fellas . . . the footwear. Running shoes? Not sexy. Butch it up and wear some construction boots or something a little more manly. A couple guys had boots, and were doing sort of a military theme. If by “military theme” you mean “miniscule olive drab Speedo and black combat boots”. Which, in this context . . . works. And works well. Not sure those boots were Army issue, but are we going to get picky here?! No!!After awhile, the downstairs got the tiniest bit seedy. The dancers were busy jamming their crotches into the faces of a few of the female patrons sitting around their dance area, rather than dancing for the general enjoyment of all present. And it was sorta deserted otherwise. Upstairs! To the chicks! A larger room, and a little more going on. The female dancers were gorgeous, and lithe and mesmerizing to watch while they worked the pole. I gave away many singles. It didn’t feel sketchy at all, or maybe I am just in touch with my sordid side. The interaction between the female dancers and the male patrons was much different – a lot of talking rather than crotch/face shoving. Could it be Milwaukee’s strict NO TOUCH laws? Probably!I don’t know about you, but I found it relaxing to be served drinks by virtually naked women, but then I oftentimes like to combine my vices. And I have that “No Shots” rule, but I broke it here for some sugary/watermelony thing called Nipple something. Okay, I can drink that *tips more $1 bills*. Not a lot of tip bugging, but I was happy to tip the dancers, those women are working harder for their money than I ever did at most jobs I’ve had. i actually found myself thinking “I want to do that!”A great, fun, sexy place to visit for a few hours. Oh, and the bathrooms were very clean. Cheers, Airport Lounge! It’s BUSINESS TIME!

  56. bo bo
  57. harryharry

    Got off to a great start (no cover charge for military or a bachelor party) but went down hill from there. There’s a small stage in the middle where the girls perform which is nothing out of the norm, but then things take a weird/sad turn from there. After the girls “perform” they walk around the room asking everyone if they saw their performance, were impressed by their performance and if you’d like to tip them for their performance. It’s as if the girls are BEGGING for your $. If you don’t tip them they get upset (even if in reality their “performance” was crap). Out of the ten or so girls we saw there were maybe 2 who you actually wanted to tip for their stage show, and those two didn’t even come around begging for tips. Drink prices weren’t too crazy, staff was friendly and the place was actually clean and didn’t smell.. The place was ok but the girls going around begging totally ruins the experience. At one point a blind guy walked in and sure enough the girls approached him asking “did you see my performance, care to tip for my performance…”

  58. jamesisgay

    james blows goats

  59. gene
  60. vip man

    hot hot hot hot hot

  61. rickywho2

    Airport is a joke there is no girls there your better off going to on the border there’s 40 girls at Otb and 7 at airport same price to get in at either club airport is full of stretch marks and girls who got fired from other clubs liquor is the same price as any other club I’m a vip at both clubs I choose on the border I go to airport once every 3 months to get a good laugh i mean it’s on you guys stretch marks or beautiful girls at Otb you pick I’m just trying to help you Guys don’t believe me waste you money at a garbage club And nasty girls

  62. josh
  63. mojo

    great club

  64. shane
  65. fun times

    nice place to hang for a good fun time

  66. WindyCityTraveler

    Right by the airport, I love this place, great for flight delays. I am her at least once a month. Samantha is HOT!!!!!

  67. Hetz


  68. Ryan
  69. dr j
  70. Mike

    I love it here. Its great every time I visit.

  71. Jimmy

    I did not know pussy flashing was allowed in Milwaukee

  72. Justin

    I was really surprised, small club but we had alot of fun!!!

  73. ed
  74. Paul
  75. rick
  76. larry

    I think you’re mistaken, we now have all the heartbreakers hotties.

  77. pete
  78. J

    Don’t know why this place isn’t rated higher. Check out Carolina, she won’t disappoint with a private dance!

    Nothin’ could be fina……

  79. mpd
  80. sponge bob

    hey its cheap im sold girls are girls ,cat is cat long as it dont smell funny n the girls arent 200 pounds.n dont act like bitches well ya cant really complain im for them.will be back tonught as a matter of fact

  81. bobby joe
  82. DRB

    Been coming here for years, Love it!

  83. Re:Maverick

    to the last poster. Thats because you are probably ugly, your probably a dork, and because they dont know you, and I am sure you need to spend a lot more than the 20 bucks or whatever is you spent. Now go back to oklahoma and jerk off and keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

  84. adam

    Wow, have never seen that, but a straight man wouldn’t complain!!!

  85. Sheryl
  86. ken
  87. ron
  88. dave boehler

    there r 2 wonderful women workin there that arent even dancers jackie and kassie i think its spelled loke that they r both beautiful and have awesome personalities

  89. Gary Hammond

    Up from Florida, had a fun night, doesn’t compare to Tampa, but for Milw, this pace is nice.

  90. gt
  91. Ken Kniff

    Can you drive me home my broke ass home my “2 seat turbo t-top”s in da shop baby

  92. joke
  93. bill
  94. ray ray
  95. john m
  96. x silk man


  97. maxxy1

    Visited The Cockpit as part of a bachelorette party. The bride had a blast which was awesome but myself and another bridesmaid were seriously creeped out. Maybe we just hit it on a bad night..? Watch out for this ‘Urban Cowboy’ character. Like it or not he will invade your personal space and after that god only knows what…..

  98. larryj

    I attend every 6 months when in town, and will be there the 19th , but there seems to be a lack of asianand black dancers which I preferr.

  99. vic
  100. TittyBarProwler

    Always been one of my favorite Milw Clubs. Better than most in town except for the big ones to the north and south.

  101. Jeff
  102. Bobby


  103. steven

    see you have all the heartbreakers rejects.

  104. first-timer

    This place was great!

  105. ralph

    i love the place,it’s staff////10 in my book

  106. b2b

    on any given night 1 – 2 nice dancers the rest yuk!

  107. Jo

    By far the best in Milwaukee

  108. Brett

    you guys stop your bitchin’ you haven’t seen nasty until you’ve been to Teaser’s in Stratford! Actually you’ve been spared because it closed down recently, but this place is nothing compared to what that place was. If you like titty bars head to Hurley, WI

  109. opie
  110. irish

    the best dancers period are; paige, carmen and jassmine

  111. jml

    Great place to be at and work

  112. Business In-Town

    This place is great! The girls are great looking and there is a variety. Drinks are reasonable and the cover is great! I’ll be back!!!

  113. Steve

    Hot girls, drink specials, Im definetly comming back!!!!!!

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Nick looks like Borat

    This club sucks

  115. harry

    not so great… boring boring boring

  116. hank
  117. ralf
  118. vick
  119. big j
  120. JAY
  121. johnny

    the DJ sux

  122. OMG!

    This place is the best! Keep up the good work!

  123. Yuck

    Place is a dive unless you are into biker skanks with tattoos all over their back and body. Go anywhere else. Thankfully the music was good.

  124. William

    Best in Milwaukee. Hot girls, friendly staff, I’ll be coming back. A+++

  125. James

    A girl aske me for coke two minutes after talking to her. Gross.

  126. BirthdayBoy

    Celebrated My 21st here, Had a great time.

  127. Drunk N Stoned

    Thank you Angela for makin my VIP experience rock!

  128. tom
  129. HoHumBoredom

    Need to get better looking girls and also different girls than the ones that have been there for almost half a decade. The place is a dump and the girls are all the same old boring hags.

  130. p
  131. Junk

    I saw Borat giving Andy Mikanokis a hand job in the corner

  132. rocky
  133. hector
  134. Thomnas

    Great Club, nice atmosphere and Friendly, attractive women…

  135. ricky

    i recognize that girl in the mug shot photo. her name is PJ

  136. good-guy
  137. customer

    I miss Dina and Maria I think they were the best!

  138. david
  139. Chi Town

    More fun than the hustle in Chi Town. Good selection of attractive ladies.

  140. paulie


  141. Bob

    I love this club, hot girls, never had that much fun in my life, I’m definetely coming back

  142. Cubby Dude

    I love this place, when my cubby’s are in town I party at Airport Lounge.

  143. ben
  144. outoftowner

    Nice place. Stopped into town on business and will definately return to Airport Lounge. Reasonable cover and drinks. Great girls!

  145. Jack

    I love this place! The girls are probably the most gorgeous of all the clubs in Milwaukee. I will always keep coming back!

  146. jake

    Had a great time Friday with Paige,Trinity and CJ. Paige I will definitely come back and see you. Great club and atmosphere.

  147. lissa
  148. criminal

    is it true you hire convicted prostitutes?

  149. Teddy

    Hags at this place.

  150. Kazakistan Press

    Borat went missing yesterday, he was last seen leaving potawanami heading to APL

  151. jhon
  152. M
  153. mjh
  154. Nicks ex

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