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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Art’s Performing Center

  1. The Corporate Boss

    The club is small the best dancer there is mary jane but she no longer works there so the club sucks now

  2. Dr.Poon

    Visited from Chicago, went to Bucks game to see Lebron, went to bars, then found this place. It was awesome, a nice small intimate experience, gorgeous bionic women who are friendly and fun, and great performers as well. I’d return for sure.

  3. richard95

    If you’re in Milwaukee and looking for a fun time out for the guys, just go to Art’s. Is it classy? No. Is it respectable? No. Is it clean? Of course not! It’s a strip club, but it certainly isnt a petri dish breeding ground for bioterrorism like a previous review said (though admittedly that was part of the reason we decided to go).First, it’s a $5 cover and the entertainment factor is well worth it (that’s the only thing that drove my review). As we entered we saw the bouncer get into it with a lanky crack head who after it all ended, made a gun with his fingers and went “pop pop,” which made it even more exciting to go in. side note, the area is swarming with cops and they promptly tossed him into a wall, cuffed him and arrested him.It’s a small, quaint establishment with only one stage and a small not so private area for dances, though I opted out of that one. The dancers are bad. Skinny, but not attractive. Tattoos covered one dancer almost over 75% of her body, and not quality ink… Good old fashioned prison tats. One had a lovely tattoo of a moon smoking a joint. Now that’s class! C-scars? You betcha! They’re aplenty and might possibly be a prerequisite for employment here, but as a parent, I think it’s important to support single mothers.Other reviews mentioned the girls trolling for tips after their shows and I didn’t see any of that though if it does happen, remember it is ok to say no.But what made me really love this place, what made it worth the short walk from our hotel and certainly the cover charge was the pregnant bartender behind the bar. You heard me right boys and girls, a pregnant bartender.For all these reasons, the short time we spent here made our night a success and I felt compelled to suggest to anybody they come here for a laugh!

  4. fuckery12

    Stay away… Seriously, you’re liable to catch something just by walking in.

  5. joseph1k

    At least you won’t ruin your boxers at this club! Of course, if you’ve got a fetish for 6’s telling you about their boyfriend and smoking Newports,

  6. what a joke

    charlotte is an ugly, go-nowhere hag. she’s done absolutely NOTHING with that place. what a waste.

  7. tvk

    the place is a dump but it is amusing. the asian girl is worth the price of admission.

  8. Rocco

    Cover and drink prices are cheaper that most other places. They don’t have a lot of dancers though, usually 5 or 6 a night. Girls are friendly and don’t seem to mind being touched that much. I usually only go here because there is nothing else nearby in the Milwaukee area.

  9. fritter17

    This is quite possibly the best-named gentleman’s club, ever.The girls are really nasty looking. They have fat where there shouldn’t be fat and jiggle in unexpected places. There wasn’t one even remotely attractive girl there. The bartenders are also very gross.The bar is awful, but beers and shots were cheap.The patrons of this bar are trash, and very creepy, even for a strip club. Most of them didn’t have money for a lap dance, so when my friend bought one, they all hovered over him to watch, sick.Sit next to the stage. For only a dollar or two, the girls here will get right on top of you. My friends were very impressed with this aspect of Art’s.I only go to these places for bachelor parties. This one tops them all as the dirtiest and ugliest girls.

  10. Ken Kniff

    Can an itty bitty brother get some luv?

  11. Paris

    I hate this place.

  12. Winnie the Pooh

    Charlotte is a positive role model for women in the industry who want to move up the ladder and operate their own club.

  13. hey jealousy

    when you get your club you can run it your way

  14. Franklyn

    OMG. Gross.The floor is the petri dish. The contents are the active culture. Yes. Bioterrorism smells like that.

  15. the Greatest

    The comment about Charlotte is way off base. She is a great role model for women in the industry. Not many women become club owners. I assume she climbed her way to the top after being a dancer or industry worker decades ago. She’s been running Art’s as long as I can remember.

  16. HOT GUY


  17. DJ Dan

    you girls are wasting your time there

  18. dan
  19. Jacob J.

    Downtown area Gentleman’s club, not really gentlemanly, more of a hole in the wall with dancers. Cover was $5 (I think) and posted at the door it says there is a 2 drink minimum. I got a draft of Lienenkugel which was pricey and only gave me an 8 oz mug of it. WTF? Not 12oz? Bottles is the better option for your money. We walked in and had ourselves a drink each, within the first five minutes we knew we wanted to get the fuck out of there. We had options and this wasn’t the best for us. There were less than five customers there and most tipped only their favorite. I think we saw four girls out of seven they had working this night and two had c-section scars with muffin tops. Women were of different nationalities including South American, African-American, two white chicks and didn’t see the others. There was a drunken waitress who was useless to us, mumbling and eating in a corner. Small place; walking to the bar for a drink is not a hassle. Lighting is composed of neon and black light, so things like scars, puppy fat and spillage aren’t apparent unless you are up close. No clue if dances are offered, like I said the place is small and it didn’t look like there are any private areas for personal dances. In Wisconsin performers do this obnoxious routine of hitting up everyone seated anywhere requiring a tip for their performance. I’m told that it’s up to you whether or not to tip, but place after place the women come down on you with a plethora of commenting to tip them. I loathe tipping people for no reason, WTF for? Especially if I don’t want to, leave me alone! At the bar 95% of the area is smoking and to one side in a crappy corner of the room it’s labeled non-smoking. Street parking only.

  20. Joe

    Went here a while back and spent about $70 in one hour, then I got yelled at by some loser fat ass waitress that said I wasn’t spending enough money on drinks and tips. So I won’t be back here any time soon unless I fell the need to be insulted by a low life crack ho. The dancers are nice though.

  21. Paul M.

    This club is the perfect size. Not too big and intimidating and not a hole in the wall. The girls are friendly and make me feel welcome. The prices for all services are more reasonable than any other club in the city and I always have a fantastic time. I bring my friends and they feel the same way. Oh, and the girls are knockouts and seem to enjoy their job immensely.

  22. Bill

    This place should not be open. It’s not a club, it’s a hole in a wall. Do us all a favor and shut the fu##ing place down. It would probably help if the dancers looked like girls. Most men would look better with wigs and high heals than your dancers.

    Guys save your selves, dont go in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. rogerrab2

    Giving Art’s Performing Center anything less than five stars seems denigratory to pregnancy and prison ink; the homeless and the soon-to-be Marquette graduates. Not individually of course, but collectively, as they are often found in this gem of gentleman’s entertainment. The clamor of homeless individuals lining the walk from the outdoor ATM (a requirement given the cash cover) to the front door has the feel of paparazzi beside a red-carpet — albeit with far fewer cameras and much more colorful language. (If you were thinking of bringing your lady-friend here 1) you probably don’t need to read anymore 2) that’s a bold strategy and I wish y’all the best)Enter APC and make your way past a bouncer who grins as he takes your five-spot but belies happiness with his eyes — eyes that too often have gazed inside the performing center when lines are short and colleges are on vacation — and immediately you know you will not soon forget the experience. Anytime you visit APC you are guaranteed to see something you never have before. Earlier reviews mentioned a man pretending to gun down a bouncer and potential links to bio-terrorism, and I believe every word. Do not, however, dismiss Art’s as non-thought provoking….Why do you think they picked such a clever name?? Midway through my last visit, my mind wandered from the c-scarred dancers to the music, where I heard the words “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” rendered over the speakers. The lyric seemed to make the pregnant bartender very very sad, but at the same time proved cathartic for our dancer Trixxxxie (four “x’s” because, as she informed us, she is double the trouble). In this man’s opinion, anywhere prison ink mixes with philosophy AND no hard time involved is a win-win. The women here are like cats — you’re probably allergic, and if you stare them down they’ll think you’re about to attack — but this is Milwaukee, so that’s not exclusive to Art’s. Yes, they’re more likely to run you off the road while you’re on a bridge than make you rice pudding, but don’t let that discourage you….support this local business and the folks that run it. And while the old expression about the quickest way into a strippers panties is to pick them up off of the floor holds true…..maybe hold off on that until this bio-terrorism allegation is settled.

  24. nick monreal

    sell the place to someone worth owning it. charlotte is a cunt

  25. Sodaboy

    The new DJ/sound system ROCKS! The gilrs are friendly, and they all bring something different to the stage. By far the best body is Sophie….WOW!! Paris makes me wish I was the pole!! The private dances are great

  26. shaq9999

    had a couple of hott black girls but club is a dump most of girls are waste of money

  27. ryan123

    I give this two stars: 1 for raunch factor, the other for a few (and only a few) very attractive African-American dancers. For lap dances, Milwaukee County sucks. No contact, minimal at best and this place is no exception. Squalid 80’s glam would be the best definition of the interior. Unless a less expensive door fee is a selling point for you, stick to Club OTB.

  28. AssnTits5

    So, I’m not the type that frequents places like this. I missed my buddy’s bachelor party a couple weeks ago, and as we were walking by this place after the Arena Football game, he wanted to go in. Being a good friend, how could I say no?Strip clubs are dark and dirty and filled with mostly terrible people. This place wasn’t an exception. Now, to the point I’m sure everyone is dying to know:Yes, the bar has three (count em, THREE) types of beef jerky. They also have Fritos.Long story short, we paid our $5 cover, had our two drinks, and left.

  29. observer

    this place has definitely gotten better in time. the new soundsystem they have is a definite improvement.

  30. BoxLunch

    Ho Hum.

  31. lies

    why fucking lie? Charlotte is and always has been a fucking bitch. she never smiles and she rips off the dancers. no class

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