On the Border



10741 South 27th Street, Franklin, WI 53132


42.849682, -87.9531949




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “On the Border

  1. Shit box

    The plumbing must of backed up, the whole place smells like ROTTEN ASS!!

  2. Lee
  3. Victor R

    This USED to be nice! Where are all the hotties!!

  4. regular of lolly topps

    Ihere lolly switched clubs,Thank god for otb where she seems happier,saw her sat night and she was verry happy.Is there a possible i could get a schedual on her?dose anyone know when she works?as long as lolly’s happy so am I :P,NICE JOB OTB

  5. Calley TT

    Whats with the crowd here! I felt more comfortable at the my last root cannal!

  6. Ricky Hill

    Im never comming back here again. Total waste of time and money. Girls look rough and very desperate to make a buck. Who asks a customer “want to go back and get molested”??? Who talks like that????? sluts thats who. Anyways I was nagged to go to the VIP area 4 times in less than 15 minutes by 4 different girls. Never comming back!!!!

  7. Carlos

    Nigger club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sexy_one

    The dancers are great and very nice,but some of the staff members need to be nice to the girls and leave them alone.Also some of the girls need to stop being so FACK!!! She knows who I am talking about.

  9. 2fine4u

    “OTB”=Other Than Beautiful.

  10. Charlie

    Paige, I think I love you. Awesome time!

  11. Sammy T

    Shady here, very Shady.

  12. Brett

    Maybe you spoke to Amanda, she’s far from friendly-unless your over 50 she treats u shitty cuz she feels like a jack b n so old and fat and still dancing 30 years later! Not our problem chic, b nice!!

  13. Craig your comp

    I went there and got a hand job in a champagne room

  14. Tryce

    Nigger Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pete
  16. Rocco

    Club looks good inside, has one huge stage and a smaller second one. They had a few really good looking girls, but some of the other ones were a little nasty looking and need to go on diets. A few of the dancers begged me for lap dances which got annoying after awhile. Overall it’s not a bad place.

  17. Jasper11

    What happened to the 10s around here? Wheres Destiny?

  18. smitty

    Club has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Dances and rooms

    used to be a good value. New rules have changed that. Much

    more fun at other clubs in the area.

  19. Dr. mac

    I been to vegas, chicago, tampa, west coast cities and east coast cities. I have visited many gentleman’s clubs, and I rate this way better than average. Only in Tampa do I find a better club. I wish it was closer for me.

  20. Adam
  21. Phil
  22. Norm

    Nigger club

  23. Joe

    Highly recommend this club; great overall time

  24. Henry

    This club is full of ready made whores!

  25. Sammy

    Highly recommend

  26. 1st timer

    This was my last time. I felt very out of place here. The few people here were scary to sat the least.

  27. john
  28. Jack

    Nigger Club, go to silk

  29. curt

    man get rid of the hoe bag vanillla, money hungry bitch. asked me to take her out for dinner after the private dance. low class girls on day shift!

  30. Fred
  31. M

    My best friend, whom I only see once a year, was in town for the weekend and decided to show me a good time. Dropped in Saturday night and the place was busy… Obviously. Some of the girls were irritating on their methods of asking for tips. Some were unique and pleasant by asking to sit and taking the time to converse before pitching the sale – Big Plus in my book – and ‘Sunshine’ was the best. I enjoyed her company throughout the night. She made it a memorable experience. We came back again Sunday night and I spend most of the night with Peyton, who was totally awesome, and very memorable as well. In

    summary, the overall attraction of the establishment really depends on the experience and professionalism of the girls. If I had the funds I would be back often.

  32. Delilah Richardson

    Nobody smelled my infected snatch during the audition? Yay vanilla sugar! Herpes, yum… calling all dicks, come see me with cash.

  33. dawn

    there is one girl there that has me sprung! other wise all the other girls werent that good at all

  34. SemiReg

    If you go to clubs knowing that it is going to cost money, then you should enjoy the club. After all the ladys are trying to make the a living. Most of the dancers will treat you right if you are willing to spend on them. If you treat the ladys nicely, then they usually return the favor.

  35. Colin
  36. MilwGuy

    Hadn’t been in this club for awhile and thought I’d give it another shot. Got a hard-sell from Russian prostitutes on my visit. Private dances are also expensive at $35 each.

  37. Victor MIL

    Do the girls need to be sooo agressive about tiping? I hate that!

  38. moe

    one time i got the finger from a stripper cuz i didn tip her on the tip walk cuz i was in the back the whole time and didnt see her dance. other then that i have always had a good time. drink prices alittle high and the vip is too much $305. whats with the $5 i dont know. great service from the staff. i like, i go back, friendly girls and staff. some hotties some not. overall its good but can inprove.

  39. Steve
  40. anonymous

    This club is awesome. The BEST!!!!!!!!

  41. TJ

    On Friday got there during the shift change…7:00pm Stated rather slow…but picked up nicely. Good place to go.

  42. ELS

    $10 cover and $5 beers for some of the worst dancers I’ve seen. They play country music all night. I was there on a weekday. Hopefully their weekend dancers are better.

  43. Ken

    This club has so much more potential but they always seem to head backwards

  44. Tito

    Friday day shift has declined tremendously!

  45. michael

    Women are beautiful, club is the best in Wisconsin

  46. Bob

    Were is the place located Mexicali, too many fucking spics!

  47. Tim

    I think all the negative comments from the last two weeks are all coming from the same person daily. Please try this club one more time or just go elsewhere and bash that place to hell.

  48. Mike

    Well worth all the cash I spent – Awesome!!!!!!!

  49. Dave

    Great time this past weekend just hanging out with my friends.

  50. P Oed

    This used to be a nice club. What the hell happened!

  51. Patrick
  52. Greg
  53. Ricky

    this place was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Silk Employee

    This place sucks and so do u

  55. Dirty Dan

    I luv stopping by for some (cock)tails

  56. Harold
  57. Barry
  58. Dan
  59. Fan
  60. sadsack64
  61. Cracker Jack

    where are the dudes?

  62. j. stone

    Hey! What ever happen to Regina?Thank God Alexandria is back at the club.

  63. J-Dawg
  64. Sid
  65. Damien

    Are you guys looking for a loser bartender?

  66. coolio

    Be up in the hood full dis shit!

  67. Berrny BBB

    I used to love this place but lately it seems to attract the wrong element. You guys nned to start policeing your door better.

  68. Regular

    The day side girls can make any man happy.

  69. Markus

    This club is a mainstay bcuz its run right,the strippers are treated right and they dont play no games like some other clubs

  70. Donald

    will back again for sure

  71. Ken Kniff

    No one noticed my tiny itty bitty dick sneak in there???

  72. Jim

    Great overall time this past Friday to celebrate friends bday in OTB style

  73. Vince

    Niger club!!!

  74. Bruce M.

    My friend got stabbed here. Great girls, and good service. Discussed with my friend would return again if he’s promised he won’t get stabbed again.

  75. Chad
  76. Bill Bur.

    Your security and managers are the worst! I will never come back here with my friends or alone again! You cant be so blind as see how rude these people are.

  77. Fabreeze

    Do all the girls here need to smell like cigaretts, and pot?!

  78. kevin

    Overall great time with the guys from work over the holidays

  79. First Timer

    Was quite impressed with the overall variety of the ladies. I saw this one girl with beautiful blonde curls, I believe her name was Hiedi. What a little sexpot! She only looks sweet and innocent guys.

  80. Come on!!

    Too many Tacos here!!

  81. Sean
  82. Ryan
  83. Booooooooo

    I got thrown out by a dancers boyfriend because I didnt tip here a 5 on stage!! She was fat & drunk!

  84. David
  85. Me

    The cover is the best price in the joint. One dance is 35 bucks and private is 305 for a half hour. The dancers do a tip walk when they get off stage. I was no where near the stage and they still wanted a tip from me. I would say the best dancer is Lisa, but I’m young, dumb, and full of cum. So I have wasted plenty here.

  86. Hunan

    This club is as crappy as the roads out here!

  87. Ned Yost

    Keep cheering on the Brew Crew in the second half of the season; great place to relax during the All Star break with the coaches.

  88. customer

    This club is way over rated

  89. Not for hire

    Nigger club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Butt head

    Had a bachelor party here last week and he girls rocked the bacheors world. Thanks for a great time.

  91. ace
  92. Chester

    A sex addict would find himself playing solitaire in this place!

  93. Bella

    I hate whats happening here. I have been coming to OTB for years and have seen a steady decline in the quality of girls here.

  94. Rick

    This club is hot hot hot keep up the good work

  95. dirty std. otb

    Otb holds the crown for 18

    year old girls you dumbass

    lol. They cant even drink!

    They have no business

    worki.g there. Its a shit hole.

    Poor quality. Security is bs. I

    recorded 30 min worth of

    dances n not one complaint.

    They have trailer trash

    wemon that drink farrr

    beyond limmits. And its all

    nigger that hand out her. And

    the house mom kim is fuckin

    looks like a sea creature with

    all that shit on her face n a

    fuckup hair dew……. trash.

    Pire t

  96. made in the USA

    Damn dudes, its obvious the INS dosen’t drink at this bar! 90% of your crowd would be running out the back door!

  97. amy b

    nice combination of class and fun!

  98. Marcel


  99. Fuck Off

    This Club Sucks!

  100. JOEL
  101. Gary W

    This place sucks ass!

  102. Pissed As Hell!

    The manager Brian is a complete tool! He gos after your girlfriend< allows drugs, and makes everybody feel like they are doing him a favor for being there!

  103. Sal

    What happened to the quality of girls that OTB had???

  104. Titus
  105. Jeff
  106. spargur

    Interior is well done for this club. 1 in 7 strippers are decent. Many strippers long beyond their prime and they all hang out in a corner and smoke up a chimney when not on stage. Lap dances are by far the worst value I have seen to date. Lap dance is very expensive for something you get by sitting next to the stage. Most girls are rude and beg for dollars over and over again after the dance. Unless your going for convenience keep going.

  107. Harvey
  108. Tiffany

    Great place for couples

  109. The Guy

    Def not what it used to be, but still some quality girls from a few years ago.

  110. ?

    What was the give away… The low riders in the parking lot or the low riding pants in the club! I dont need to see some idiot’s underware when I go out!!

  111. Frank

    Had great bachelor party; highly recommend for large groups

  112. Jenna + Tony

    Couples night is great and the price for our private dance together was well worth it 🙂

  113. t
  114. Glen

    If your going for a drink and to relax it’s alright I suggest if your looking for hot women go during the evenings not the daytime –

  115. Sean

    Had alot of fun here last saturday. Sweet pretty girls and fun private dances

  116. Timbaland

    I’m smitten over Holly and Elizabeth two fine OTB dancers

  117. Frank L

    This place has lost its polish! this ship is sinking fast!

  118. Calley BO

    OTB is dead! This is the end game!

  119. Cock suckers

    This club sucks cock

  120. lala

    took my wife the other night. very dissapointed in quality of dancers. was expecting alot more. left early and drove back to the shack. always a good time there wife is in love with amber

  121. Rodger MIL


  122. otb hater

    what a rip off

  123. Paul

    Shawna should work some night shifts for those guys who can’t visit her on the day shift.

  124. X customer

    There not selling vip dances , there selling their asses and a blow job here and there!

  125. Carl

    My buddy got his ass kicked here acouple months ago. Problem is all he did was do nothing. he had his hands in his pockets when the ape there busted his face! Nice way to run a business!

  126. Todd Bertuzzi

    If you have ten bucks in this place you’re a high roller. Brutal. maybe 3 hot broads in the entire place.

  127. Keith
  128. Malory

    I will never come back here! This place is horrible as far as women and staff

  129. Zamboney

    This is not the club I remember from even a year ago! Clean House! Clean House!!

  130. Chris
  131. JON

    I hate u guys

  132. Jon F

    This place sucks monkey cock

  133. Derek

    This past Saturday nights line up of girls was awesome.

  134. Chuck D.

    Great time everytime in.

  135. Calvine

    I used to love this place, now its just another dive. You guys need to get a clue.

  136. WTF

    This sucked

  137. Ben

    Although OTB is one of the better strip clubs that does not say much. The cover charge is ridiculous, the drinks are outragous and they should be embarassed at the price of a lap dance. Prices are the worst on Fri and Sat and most of the girls do not justify the cost. Overall experience is disappointing and the visit is not worth the cost.

  138. Matt 1.

    Very beautiful girls best selection in Milwaukee bartenders are great bouncers are laid back and friendly this club is the best in Milwaukee don’t believe me go to a shit hole for the same price

  139. Tacos??

    They should call this South of the boarder. I guess Mexican IDs are handed out with your admission! lol

  140. Carlowski

    What is with the pants in this club? They need to have a belt night for all the retards who walk in there thinking the world needs to make no mistakes on recognizing a faggot!!

  141. George

    Excellent line-up of women

  142. Jake

    Best club ever

  143. LBJ

    I’m black and I didn’t even feel comfortable at this place!

  144. Paulie

    Seen a steady decline here in the last few years

  145. Randy

    Nigger club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Kenny

    But if me and my money just up and disappear, who’s gonna pop a rubber band on each of those cheesecake cheeks a month to pick up the slack? anyone? beuller? isupportsinglemoms, don’t you?

  147. G
  148. Thomas Rat

    This was a huge disappointment! I moved back here from LA and remember this as being the best club. No more! I cant believe how bad this club got in a short amount of time! Whats with leting all these degenerates in here!

  149. Don Keydick

    Never actually been there but it is the worst club I assume

  150. Pope

    Get some of these bottom feeders out of here!

  151. OTB


    2. Elizabeth

    3. Linda

    4. Savannah

    5. Sasha


    7. Million

    8. Marie

    9. Avery

    10. Ava

    11. Noel

    12. Stacy

    13. Kim

    14. Dallas

    15. Carrie

    16. Dae Lynn

    17. Amore

    18. Heather

    19. Mia

    20. Icis

    21. Champagne

  152. willkeel

    This club sucks go anywhere else unless you like being ripped off

  153. copper
  154. Rob

    I’ve just recently frequented OTB and the dancer Nicole really caught my interest so much so that I had to come back just for her private showing and I have to say I was floored! It was worth every penny and then some! I will be back for more and I almost hate to post this because I’d like to keep her all to myself but her talents should not go unnoticed! Thanks again Nicole & see you soon scrumptious!

  155. Disagree with Dr. Mac

    Have only been to clubs in Chicago, Twin Cities (Minnesota), Saint Louis, and throughout Wisconsin. While I would say OTB is above average it is in no way worthy to be mentonied as an elite club. Too few knockouts, too many average and even below average girls; and really not quite the right atmosphere. Also, really too expensive even for a guy making decent money.

  156. johnny wad

    i am very sad that this place has changed

  157. djb
  158. Nick
  159. Ryno

    Had private dance with Pharaoh. It was the most amazing, erotic dance ever. She was phenomenal. She wanted me to touch her all over and to lick her nipples. I came in the first 30 seconds because she was so incredible and she still turned me on the rest of the dance. I felt like she was close to having an orgasm. It was pricey at $35, but it was the best dance ever by far. I can’t stop thinking about Pharaoh.

  160. JANAYA

    Was “forced to go to on a strip clup pub crawl w/friends for “research” otb hands down was the blow away best.I was very disappointed at silk,(rude girls} airport was dead,heartbreakers was friendly but not alot of girls,so otb was JUST RIGHT For all the hype,silk had really poor quality! otb girls were sooooo much fun and nice to me and my boyfriend! Nico.Noel,Sandra brook were really beautiful and friendly.We’ll be back!!! and will pass the word on !glad we found this site!!

  161. chief
  162. Goose

    hey I know that dude! He’s the same one who operated out of Teaser’s in Stratford up until they went out of business a couple of days ago. That guy had a “good” thing going with that club’s owner Marshall for awhile. I am gonna stick to here!

  163. Nightly Lineup Posting

    They were posting the Nightly Lineups consistently but now only post it once and awhile, wish they would start posting nightly

  164. HATERZ

    OTB has a lot of haters-all that means is that they’re doin’ something right. HATE ON!!!!!!

  165. Bill

    Highly recommend

  166. Karl

    The quality of the girls is much better in the evenings than during the day

  167. Sam
  168. Marv

    Best Club this side of Lake Michigan

  169. Just Jeff

    Pushy women. Wanted $300 for private dances in private area…. Kept wanting me to do shots. I would pay for them but was not interested in getting drunk….. Talked about sex in private area…

    Not coming back

  170. Janet

    You have the hottest dancers in town.

  171. Dick and Kendra

    Had a great time on Sunday night after the packer game and enjoyed staying warm with Elizabeth and Holly. Great line up of ladies for a sunday night and overall great club!

  172. MITCH
  173. Big Pauly

    Your a real fucking jerk Henry, You talked me into wasting 3 bucks in this place. Some ones gotta tuffin you up!!!

  174. Happy Camper

    This club was absolutely amazing.Came For a Bachelor Party and the girls really gave to him on stage.Thanks Icis,Amore,Mina,and Sara, you guys were great. Came back for more fun and had a vip with Icis, what a beautiful and amazing girl..always bubbly and and in a good mood.And I most the say her v.i.p’s will have you coming back for more..I reccommended this club and will be back.Keep Up The Good Work

  175. Geoff

    This place sucks!

  176. Dix

    This Place Sucks!!!

  177. Jimmy

    Persia ain’t cheap but well worth a trip into a Vip room!

  178. Big Bob

    This place was way too expensive.

  179. hubert

    One of the Worst club I have been to. I do a baseball trip every year

    with a group of guys … checking out different stadiums and

    different strip clubs. This was a horrible experience. The staff was

    pushy and annoying. They do this stupid thing call a tip walk. Where

    random girls that are not even on stage ask u for a tip… when we

    tell them we will wait until they get on stage they get mad. Cover

    and drinks were way too much for a Wednesday night. Yes thhe

    ladies were very good looking but the atmosphere and attitudes for


  180. Justin

    This place is lame!

  181. Sarge
  182. one who knows better

    amazing the dancers only rave about themselves. this place sucks and i mean that way too.

  183. o.O

    This club is amazing. Though not full nude, if you know how to talk to a lady, you can get your way. Would definitely suggest this club over most local places.

  184. iSAC

    This was a trash club by the girl meter!

  185. Kara

    Love this club, went there with my BF and the dancers were so hot andg nice! Hope to work there some day!

  186. fab bar

    Thanks ladies!

  187. Mitch

    Lots of cute girls here last Friday,
    Worked a deal for a $100 hj,

  188. Remy

    This club remains a local favorite. They’ve got the widest variety of girls I’ve seen in the Milwaukee area and a bunch of very beautiful ones at that. They know my buddy by name at the door even though he only comes in every few weeks or so and the rest of the service is top notch. Lap dances are pretty tame, girls hardly touch and it sucks that they are in a big room instead of booths but at least they are only $20 still.

  189. fuck otb

    this place sucks, what a rip off

  190. Hater

    What a shit hole, why are the cops always waiting in the parking lot at bar close?

  191. alex

    nice nice nice

  192. Former Customer

    I guess this is the place all the spics are hanging out at now!

  193. Gary
  194. Teddy

    Recommend IL. guys to head north of the border

  195. Larry

    Smart idea to expand the VIP area and suites; can’t wait until it is finished

  196. Billy B

    This club is nothing like it used to be! What happened here? Your club needs police in the lot!!

  197. Jimbo
  198. Jay

    Nice fun place

  199. adamrod

    Club was slow at 10:00 on a Friday night. Picked up a little bit. Some of the girls seem a little lazy in their dances, others are amazing. There’s also a good variety of demographics. Cover was $10 per person and didn’t get a break for being there as a couple. Found that to be odd. Drinks were poured well. Girls automatically walked around openly asking for tips for their stage dances. Said no to a few and it was fine. Some were really creative in working for their tips, others not so much. Overall a very good experience. Will definitely go back.

  200. manny1

    Hey Dave how bout next time I decide to humiliate my self by

    showing my face their Im bringing cameras to share with the public

    . Like your private rooms . Ur gonna be raided

  201. Wes
  202. (z)

    nigger club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Scott
  204. Mark

    Consistent quality of dancers on every visit

  205. I'll be back!

    Had amazing time last wednesday. Quality of the girls is getting better. They hired this russian/ukranian dancer and she is stunning. Way to go, OTB!

  206. Stale

    This club needs some real constructive changes!

  207. plastic wrap

    Club is good. Have to get reid of the black drug dealer, Or danny r u kool with that??

  208. Johnnyboy123

    good club expensive but worth it 3 for 90 lap dances girls give u good mileage on dances too had agood time lunch buffet too

  209. gary d
  210. Bullshit

    this place sucks

  211. J

    The girls are not very friendly or personable like other clubs. I would not recommend it.

  212. Peter

    Hot girls but the bartenders mostly suck and Silk is better for couch dances for sure. I think the guy at the front door was sleeping when I arrived…

  213. Re: OTB

    1. your a idiot 2. your a nigger 3. I’m impressed you can count

  214. Aaron S.

    VIP party was excellent!

  215. Wally
  216. rocky

    heidi is very good. i really enjoy her.

  217. Bachelor

    I wasted my bachelor party here!

  218. polk

    I agree with star white trash tell it lije it is

  219. lil miss

    stripperfest was a joke…. alot of girls…. lol, none of them actually represent OTB guys don’t be fooled. And the staff sucks. The bartenders and waitresses are soooo rude. The bouncers are cool tho

  220. Dissapointed

    My wife and I went to this club because she is Bi-Curious. She doesnt want to go back because the dancers were cold as Ice. She asked why guys waste their money on these girls. I have been to OTB in the past and the girls were much more friendly, the ONLY interaction we got was the 2 seconds it took for them to get their dollar during the tip walk. What a waste-

  221. Pablo

    Is true, to manny of my illegal hombres be in here. What u do abot it?!

  222. Loser Dave

    Go to SILK

  223. Sean

    lots of beautiful and sensual women here could give them by name but wont. have fun.

  224. Todd
  225. Supporter

    Hands down, the best in SE Wisconsin

  226. Howie

    not what it used to be

  227. Max

    Stripperfest was better last year

  228. HHH and HBK

    I have two words for this club…….. loved it

  229. JoeBlowMe

    Stripperfest was a good show but couldnt get close enough to the stage to tip the girls. all of the seats were reserved. whats up with that?

  230. Matt

    The best club i have been to.

  231. Jenkins

    Nice Saturday night line-up of dancers

  232. neo

    Good place for drugs dog!

  233. Zack

    I just got fired please take me back!

  234. Shawn

    So much fun – great staff all the way around

  235. Byron
  236. Tim Dog

    I think the spotlite has more to offer!

  237. informant

    the owner here and everystaff member here support marijuana

    use, and so much more. go into the back dressing room and

    you will find more than 75 percent drug use. staff also. i

    see it with my own eyes, how do i kno? cause i work here and

    cant wait for the raid!!!! this is a whore house, girls

    suck, fuck, and go home with customers everynight here! this

    place should be shut down!

  238. 1 guy
  239. Jerry
  240. Awfull!

    Never have I been so offended in my life!

  241. Kurt
  242. WTF!!

    THis club used to be worth the drive, now.. its fallen to a new low! What happened to all the cool regular girls? All you have now is angry old jaded drunks!

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