Phipps Tavern



11905 North Phipps Road, Hayward, WI 54843


46.0661044, -91.4097531




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Phipps Tavern

  1. To Mark

    Dilly Dally and her friend Sabrina will be at phipps april 9 10 and 11th. That dive bar teaser’s is finally revamping the place, but there’s no place like phipps!

  2. Freedom Rocks
  3. Dennis
  4. Jerry

    Nice place and friendly staff and dancers.

  5. Ben Here

    Love this place 🙂 Starr is an AMAZING dancer, entertainer, & person!

    && Cherish is *crazy* good on the pole..just saying. Great owners, staff,

    bartenders, & girls!

  6. C.P.

    For a small club out in the middle of nowhere, Phipps Tavern manages to bring in some very fine ladies from all over. Two of the dancers I talked to were flown in from Vegas. Big city vaule in a small town club.

  7. joseph1k

    Perhaps the greatest place in the history of mankind.

  8. bob
  9. mkeboyz
  10. Hunter

    The club rocks, thats all I can say. we’ll be back for deer season!

  11. jimboze

    Beautiful girls, good value, will be back soon. My wife loves the place.

  12. bill
  13. Pat

    I saw grandma get on the stage with her nighty on and wanted my money back. I have been there before and had fun but the talent was worse than I could of ever imagined for a strip club.

  14. Roger

    Best in the northwoods

  15. Carrie Wild

    This was one of my favorite places to work! Good times!

  16. chad
  17. looker

    Good club if you want to touch the girls during a lap dance. not many or much quality to choose from, but it’s a decent place overall.

  18. joe

    lap dances are awesome here, though not very private. Too bad its so far away from civilization.

  19. phil
  20. guy
  21. kyle
  22. Hey

    Cool club, touching allowed, stage shows get wilder the more the crowd tips. The girls are there to party and it shows.

  23. Yep

    Can’t believe what they get away with at Phipps! Touching tits and ass on lapdances, some girls WILL grind when you spend more, and very up-close full nudity onstage.

  24. Jen

    My husband and i enjoyed ourselves…we will definitly be back again SOON!!

  25. steve

    stopped in for the first time a few weeks ago and for a small town club in the middle of the woods had beautiful women spent most of my time with angi and deja and had a few dances with amber great place overall

  26. Mark

    Does anyone know when dilly dally will be workinhg next? wanna see her but she usually dances at that dive bar Teasers in stratford too. Would love to see her here because that place is so nasty and the owner paws all the girls and hires 15 year olds! I don’t want to take any chances on jail time!

  27. Scott Boxx

    Without a doubt, the best club that i have gone to in Wisconsin.

  28. musky boy


  29. carl
  30. Azrael
  31. todd
  32. Domi

    It was ok

  33. pete
  34. jd

    Small place in the backwoods, 6 girls dancing, 20 minute sets, allow more contact than MN bars so it was a good time.

  35. Brett
  36. Out of Towner
  37. chase
  38. tom
  39. shovelhead

    Had a great time there with diamond and jenny, love the atmosphere.

  40. Ruddy

    Teasers is revamping? are they finally tearing that shit hole down? The place is disgusting except for when Sabrina & Dilly are there otherwise I will NOT go there! also wont risk going there cause rumors – truth? floating by lately that the owner of teasers is going around slashing other strip clubs customers tires to bring more business his way. BEWARE! This club rocks so no desire to go there now that sabrina and dilly are here!

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