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0 reviews for “Gold Club Centerfolds

  1. M C.

    Came here on a Saturday with friends whom are regularly here on Sundays and Mondays. The cover was $20 while only $10 during the rest of the week. The dances were also doubled on the weekend. The inside was divided into 2 stages. One main stage and another back-up stage directly in front of it. One really didn’t know where to sit when coming here. The tables were fairly small so really couldn’t hold more than a couple drinks, with their menus and candles. The girls didn’t all take it all off. And not all the girls were full-chested. Most of the girls didn’t really bother walking around asking for dances. Most just walked around the main stage, and when they couldn’t find anyone the 3rd time around would head to the second stage. Their dances does include a free porno DVD. It is cheaper and better to come on a weekday or during the afternoon. The place is much better than City Limits over in Sacramento. The girls here don’t walk around asking people to buy them drinks. Not as high class as 4Play Gentleman’s Club in LA. Girls there are very attractive and very nice. And not as willing as Crazy Horse in San Francisco, where girls would take your hands and put it on their breast.

  2. Carlos G.

    I would recommend this club over some others, only because whenever me and my friends come, we always have a blast. The girls are pretty decent looking, as what you would expect from most strip clubs. Lap dances are always fun, especially when you get a girl who enjoys her job. The lap dance I got was alright. I got exactly what I expected. But I guess my friends got better girls because they couldn’t stop talking about how hard things got when you could see but you couldn’t touch, or so they say. We were there when Riley Evans, a porn star, was giving a good show. It was a blast, all drinks were non-alcoholic. Entrance fee for a Saturday night is 20 bucks, and for a lap dance you usually need to get the VIP wrist band which was an extra 5 bucks and each dance was around 20-40 bucks, depending on how long you want it or if you decided to bring two girls in instead of one. There was an offer for 100 bucks, where she would get really freaky, but my friend told me it wasn’t that much different than the original one. All in all it was great smelling like cherry after leaving the place.

  3. maxxy1

    I have to assume that anyone who gave this place a good review has never been to a good strip club. I was there on a friday night at midnight and out of all the girls in the room (& there were MANY) I counted maybe 3 who were sufficiently attractive to be working at a strip club. The rest of the women ranged from so-so to downright unattractive. We’re talking beer guts, stretch marks, bored, vacant faces and some of the worst fake boobs I’ve ever seen in my life. At one point they called two guys up on stage and basically pulled their clothes off and harassed and taunted them for 20 minutes. The guys didn’t look like they were having any fun & I realized I had paid 20 bucks to watch some dude get his stained tighty whiteys pulled off his pale, hairy ass.This is NOT entertainment, folks. I’ve been to lots of strip clubs and this place is the bottom of the barrel.

  4. joseph1k

    Last night I came with my buddy for the first time to any gentlemens club. I will admit, even after some altercations I had, this club is elite and has alot of good looking girls.I wish I remembered her name, I don’t how she managed to remember mine. I asked her for a dance and made sure we were on the same page 3-4 times on what she was charging. Well forget that idea, the original cost was $30, but when it was time to pay up it magically became $50. Now most would say $20 extra, suck it up, but that isn’t the point. Trust me I got $50 worth of a dance, and would of happily gave her some extra money….IF she would of asked, instead of insisting we agreed on the $50.I got scammed, but hey, lesson learnt, and not here to write a bad review.I would be more than happy and willing to attend the club again, but hahaa, I got 86d.And Jade is a great girl, she gave me my first dance, easily recommendable.5 stars if the scam didn’t happen

  5. Dave

    was disapointed in the girls were a little pushy and the waitreses were a little snobish and evan a little rude..

  6. Nc R.

    This is the best strip club in Sacramento. Period. Honestly one of the better strip clubs I have visited in the US. It is nice to see that there is a place that isn’t to expensive, has girls that are very pretty, and is upscale. Im going to break down those three aspects because in my mind, that is what makes a good strip club.Money- For a lack of a better phrase…. How much Bang do you get for your Buck. The entry fee can be anywhere from $10 (in the morning and early afternoon) all the way to $20. If you want to save some money you can always pick up a Sacramento News and Review (they are free) and there is usually a coupon in the back for at least 5 bucks off. Weeknights are good because they have the red light dances (or whatever they call them) for 5 bucks. Lap dances will usually run you 20 bucks a song. Girls- Sacramento has beautiful girls and they seem to work here. Not only are they hot but for the most part they seem to enjoy their job. To many times you go to a major city strip club and they are just there to get paid and it shows. Centerfolds girls seem to really like it. I have had the best lap dances here by far by several different ladies. Another great things about these girls is the wide verity of women they have here. All races, all shapes and all different types of personalities. Establishment- The place is cool. It is one of the biggest I have seen with two stages (which usually only get used on the weekends). Plenty of seating (and pretty comfy at that). The two different VIP rooms are pretty cool and well kept. Overall it is a really nice space. They also bring some headlining classically trained adult movie stars (Porn stars). That is always cool to see and it brings in a lot of people. Lot of people= more girls. I will be back over and over and over again. When the guys want to go out this place is great. When the wife wants to come with, this places is great. If I need to kill an hour, this places is great. Bottom line… This place is great. The best in Sacramento

  7. larry1

    first off, the girls here are so much more attractive then de ja vu’s girls. lot more Caucasian girls who look like straight porn stars! and i always say if it aint white it aint right! lol jk black dancers be working hard,so dont sleep on them either! no but really on a saturday night some of these women will have you lost for words. go after 11 pm when it gets really busy and the finest girls come out. if you go early you just gonna get mediocre looking girls who will go table to table , tapping shoulder to shoulder asking to give you a dance.. seriously nothing worse then being asked to buy dances when my buddy sittin right next to me just declined your offer. honestly, some of these girls need to improvise their approach, cause im the type who wants my money going to something special, and if you can reel me in the right way, you’ll find yourself a loyal client! IF you dont got a floyd mayweather type of a budget then you’ll understand the experience is memorable when you get a dance from the girl you truly want, kind of like the hottest popular girl in highschool going to prom with you! lol dont settle for the rookie whose persistent yet annoying, cause then youll just find yourself hiding from her in the bathroom lol while u wait for your buddies to be done. all in all though its a good club especially for that area with squat to do some nights. oh yea the gift shop is cool , they didnt ID me, though i was old enough lol. hope no one gets in trouble for me mentioning that

  8. Emelita E.

    I’ve am very pleased with the atmosphere, it’s nice to have some breathing room as Gold Club Centerfolds has an ample stage, seating area, and VIP room. Decor is nice, lighting, perfect. I’m a new dancer here, but this is the 15th club I’ve been to so I like to review them from a customer standpoint. Only got fried chicken and fries from their menu, but everything else that I’ve seen come out looks good. Drinks are unlimited! That’s neat. Most of my fellow dancers have the tattooed nor cal hot white bad girl look but there are some foreign girls, some girl next door bunny types, some seem barely 18 and some are a little older, but very in shape and on top of their pole work. Not too many fake tits, but enough to know you’re in a strip club. They don’t seem to have a problem with people discreetly drinking, or acting drunk, you know, having a good time. I can take breaks for 30 min at a time during my shift.Dances are a very good deal, it stays busy back there but the cubicles/armchairs are very private/quiet like the music isn’t pumped in too loud. They do however come by and remind dancers not to be 2-feet-off-the-floor grinding, and customers hands to stay on the couch. That seems to be their only complaints though as I have seen them walk right by me doing much more raunchy stuff just with both feet on the floor and no customer interaction. lol. Oh and when you’re nude you can’t be sitting on the guy. SO it’s full contact topless in the vip with nude dancing from afar.

  9. Wisam A.

    I’m 18 and this was my first time at a strip club. I wasn’t phased by the $20 entry since I heard that is pretty average. I liked how big the main room was and that they had 2 stages. I saw that everybody was crowding around the main stage so I was smart and sat at the back stage and had a beautiful naked woman all to myself. Without even getting my wallet out she insisted on rubbing her soft titties in my face. Within 1 minute I already felt welcome haha.The next girl that came onto the back stage (again I had her to myself) was a beautiful bodacious blonde (name was Amber). I threw her some bills and she gave me a show. I wasn’t hunched over the table lookin creepy or anything, and after her dance she threw on a bra and took me to the VIP room. It’s $20 for a regular dance or $40 to touch. Since this girl had amazing curves it wasn’t even a question. The dance was great and she was talking dirty to me the whole time. I also have to mention the DJ is great. I’m a huge Hip Hop fan and he knows how to select his music. I received my dance to “All the Time” by Jeremih. Which was appropriate haha.After Amber came Sophia. Another knockout babe. This one more my taste as I prefer brunettes. Sophia is very naughty haha and I think she liked me more because I am young and relatively fit. She lifted up my shirt and starting licking/tickling me before the song even started. Both girls made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I enjoyed the shows and the dances and will definitely be back for Sophia haha.Overall I rate the place 4 stars because I am partial to give it 5 stars without seeing other places to compare it to. Girls average 7/10. I got lucky with the ones I chose, but I would have liked any of them.As for the bouncers, they were very low key and you don’t even notice they’re there so you don’t feel intimidated.

  10. Blackjack
  11. curtis17

    This place sucks. No Alcohol!!! Fuck this place. Girls don’t come up to you & I wasn’t drunk. Waste of time & I couldn’t get freaking drunk!

  12. David G

    The club was nice looking but nothing special. The dancers I talked to were for the most part rude and straight to the point.

  13. tonycluber

    Six dollars to use the ATM? Six dollars? Really?? Don’t the dancers realize that this six-buck-ripoff is a deterrent to customers accessing cash — to distribute to them, the entertainment? Any patron who needs the use of an ATM for money is doing it for the dancers, not to order the tuna melt on sour dough. Imagine how much more cash would be out on the floor for the dancers if the ATM was free. Also, keep in mind that every six bucks that goes to club management is six dollars less that goes to the girls. Yes, six dollars is nothing to all those fuddy-duddy millionaires in the audience, but it is a blatant abuse of capitalism to the college-aged kids and working class males that patronize the club. I always thought that the predatory pricing at airport snack shops and in the mini-refrigerators at snazzy hotels was borderline immoral, but the six dollar ATM charge puts Gold Club Centerfolds at a championship level of greed.

  14. Brandon T.

    I don’t know if i am supposed to write a review here because i dance every Saturday night as a side job… but i think this place sells the best chicken bests ( minus the chicken) in all of Sacramento!

  15. Johnnyboy123

    ROAD TRIP! Why stop at In-N-Out for lunch when you can have lunch and entertainment for under $20/person at an 18+ gentleman’s club?Ok, so my BFF and I didn’t realize it was an 18+ strip joint, so when we sat down, we were greeted by completely nekkid chicks and could only order non-alcoholic drinks. Let’s just say, being completely stone cold sober when poontang is up in your face is just *a little* uncomfortable. I mean, for a girl. Quite a few creepy dudes were there at the same time, which was to be expected.For lunch hour, the strippers were decent. So, I can’t speak for the quality of the night strippers. There were a handful of girls who had smokin’ bodies to be envious of. But the pole was hardly worked. You know, I’m there to get some tips, so the experience was a little disappointing. The food was really tasty though. The sign outside that reads “GREAT FOOD SEXY DANCERS” was pretty accurate. The BFF had a huge turkey sandwich and we split an order of chicken strips. I also had a yummy and large plate of chicken teriyaki over rice with a side of perfectly cooked fries. All you can drink lemonade and fruit punch made do. Everything on the menu was under $10, so lunch here is rather cheap.After we were finished with lunch, we stopped into their adult novelty shop. I picked up some $3.95 stockings which went perfectly with my NYE dress. They seemed to have an extensive collection of videos, toys, lingerie and costumes as well.While a double-double and neopolitan shake from In-N-Out is always going to be tasty, why not go for something you can’t get everyday? Strippers and chicken strips actually go hand in hand!

  16. medicman

    went to this club the other night and what a huge disapointment.months ago they had a good variety of ladies now all they have are skinny girls with overly large fake tits and no body shapes to them what so ever and who are ok with the got rid of quite a few long time talents and this is to bad as they have nothing special to offer anymore.think i will take my business over to the Body Shop where the girls are real and not plastic..

  17. XhXeXy

    A refreshing alternative to my usual San Francisco club runs. I’m not exactly open to idea of driving 85 miles to a strip club, but Kristina Rose was doing a rare appearance and signing and I was game. The club is advertised as being in Sacramento, but come to find out, the club is located in Rancho Cordova – a town after Sacramento.The club is located in an industrial area and was hard to find even with my navigation unit. The club’s only street signage is extremely small and was easy to miss. I found myself driving up and down the street for a few minutes until I saw the small Gold Club sign. The signing was being hosted in the adjoining adult store, which has a separate entrance from the club with no cover charge. The adult store is not a boutique in anyway and more of your standard porn shop. However, given the large industrial building, the store has tons of room and has a enormous lingerie section, as well as a generous DVD selection. The store needs some work, but does well in stocking all the standard novelties, bachelor gifts, lube, books, magazines, etc. The DVD selection is large and plentiful and is nicely displayed on large racks. DVD prices were standard retail sticker price with a little sticker shock here and there.The purchase of any item in the store gives you a discount off the cover charge to the club. I paid a cool $14, which is incredibly reasonable given the feature performer (Kristina Rose). Feature performances in San Francisco typically run $20-25. The cover charge entitles you to bottomless drinks (non-alcoholic), which I found to be incredibly generous. The club itself is huge and makes use of its large industrial building. The tables and plush seating are spread throughout the club. The open floor houses two large stages and more than likely open up when the club gets busy.I thought I had seen everything that the Gold Club had to offer, but was eventually taken to VIP and the club just kept going and going. I was in shock in how enormous the club really was. As for the girls, the talent was okay, but drastically improved as the night progressed. The girls were mostly white, but I did see a few Latinas as the night went by. I, unfortunately, had to leave somewhat early, but can tell the club has a great vibe and hosts great girls, talent, and value.Lastly, pricing was especially reasonable for dances.Lap Dances:Topless Dance: $15 or 2/$25VIP: $20-60+ (Depending on specials)If you’re in the area and have experienced the San Francisco Broadway scene, I highly suggest trying this club and seeing the dramatic difference it has to offer.

  18. fritter17

    Ok, I’m biased. This was my first club and I came here for a bachelor party. We had a good time, gals were friendly, no idea how much we spent. At the time there was a shower stage. Hopefully they still have it. A little off the beaten path in my opinion, though.

  19. Ernesto D.

    Came here for a friends bachelor party we pit together. I’m single! A man has needs and would like to see a beautiful girl nude every once in a while. A gentleman does have needs and a bad side hahaIt is nice to see girls that are in shape! Plenty of eye candy! 2 stages available. Your typical prices for a dance or dances but there are some “specials” when as the night comes to an end. Dropped about $300 here. Just $120 on myself. Best dance ever! There was a porn star the night we went so she was selling videos, magazines, private dances, you name it! Typical $20 cover charge. It is in the “cuts” as they say. No alcohol served here since it is a fully nude club but they do serve food. Take your pick because there is plenty of great looking ladies here! DJ played some awesome songs! Songs just sound waaaay better in these type of clubs hehe. Private rooms are clean. Girls are not raunchy. The most ladies I’ve seen in shape compared to the ones here in the city of San Francisco. Give this place a try. I wasn’t disappointed at all! Wait who’s up next to the stage?! Gotta go! I’m just like my bills…. Single!!!!

  20. Andrew R.

    This club is a nice place to relax and unwind. Its always clean and orderly. The security guards are excellent and always polite. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Beverages are included in the cover and they never let your glass go empty.I’m a regular at centerfolds, its the best club in town. They have alot of attractive girls there. I’ve had mixed experiences until I met Jade. She has the body of a godess and is by far the most attractive woman I have ever seen. Her stage work is always sexy and exciting. Jade’s private dances are to die for she has several tricks up her sleeve that will leave you speechless. She is always fair and sets clear rules but will never leave you disappointed. I would recommend getting a dance from her to see how its supposed to be done and then check out another girl if they spark your interest. Overall just be polite and open minded and you will be treated well. There is someone for everone at centerfolds. The place is great for any occasion and if you have ever been to any other club in California you will learn that Gold Club Centerfolds stands out as one of the greats.

  21. richard95

    Could been better. Leave partners at home.

  22. Jimmy

    The girls were stuck up and smelly. This place sux! Never go back to waste my money again.

  23. Mark

    Was there on Friday with two friends — TERRIBLE!! Nothing but tweakers with fake titties trying to scam money out of us like we were born yesterday. All the clubs in Sac are horrible, but GCC is the most pretentious and the biggest waste of time and money. Go to Reno if you want to see the hot girls and get real MILEAGE on the dances, without all the bullshit.

  24. I lien

    I have a good time everytime. Know a couple of the girls and we always have a “good time”. Had a fun with some the other girls that I didn’t know very well. Girls a good looking and come in all flavors. Have good deals on dances, and Porn Stars every other week. Check website to see who’s in town.

  25. Mistercap12

    3 stars for the “adult store” they have tons of used and new stripper shoes and tones of toys and dvds (porn) .. I’ve been to the strip club side once before … it was in the evening there was some white girl working she was very attractive until she started talking . You could tell she was all drugged out and probably was “managed” . she said she’s been fired from every club in Sacramento … I ended up leaving after our brief conversation … -_- drugged out chucks arnt my thing.

  26. Bo Bob r Ran

    The over quality of the club is good, it is clean and well

    maintained. The Girls are much better than the last time I

    was there a few years ago. I had 4 dances and the 4 girls

    were very nice, treated me well, made me feel welcome, not

    just my money. I was there from 7 pm to 10 pm. I will go

    there again to see if it was just a fluke.

  27. DexterRexter

    Once upon a time, when this guy was in college, he made a little stop here on the way to Sac-Town. Let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations. The caliber of women here were much better than I expected; the type you could take home to mom. It was mid afternoon so it was a slow yet perfect time to be a patron here; getting all the attention and having to turn them down left and right, just like in high school, college and present day. I liked how the women weren’t too pushy and had some class about it as well that a gentleman could appreciate.Fast forward to present day; oh my oh my.The entourage decided to go on a Saturday Night, the worst time to go.Place was packed full of johns. Hard to find a seat at all. But they definitely had the A team there and by that, I mean there was no need to dim the lights to hide the ugly truth. Sorry lost my train of thought thinking back to the girls who were there that night. Honestly I think the compilation of girls there were better than some of the G Clubs in LV. There were two types of flavors there that night: caramel and vanilla. Some of them had the video vixen look which I was really feeling and some had the wholesome look minus the clothes.What’s good about Centerfolds is that there’s something for everyone and I would say 1/4th of the girls could take home the Ms. American crown, IMHO. Now here are some of the knocks. Due to the club being FN, there wasn’t much of a non-alcoholic drink selection. I think they miss out on a chance to be creative and more lucrative in this dept. I could work with some of the performers there and create a menu that could be straight cash money.More of a private area. There really wasn’t a champagne room area or anything private enough. Then again I could be making a mistake with that. Feel like the interior of the venue could use an update. Attribute it to being busy or the area where we were standing but this time around, it was more of an approach them vs. they approach you sorta deal. Nit-picking here but there was a lot of ink on these girls; they fine as hell but a bit too much ink for my taste. Perhaps more of a balance in regards to this. Anyhow, I had such a favorable impression of this place the last time that I thought about returning the following day and finding my future wifey. But that’s another story for another day

  28. Johnson12

    This is one of the best strip clubs I’ve ever been to, the girls are nice and good looking, and prices are reasonable, definitely my favorite strip club in the Sacramento area.

  29. mike

    best club in the Sacramento area. georgeous girls, professional and friendly staff. club itself is kinda run down, but who cares about the decor when you can look at girls who’ve been in Hustler and Playboy?

  30. ILander

    My main complaint is that the VIP dances are cut short. One mgr said 2.15 min. Should be 4 min to make it fun. Other clubs now offer 5 min. There are some “10s,” who will give you great dances but you have to try them all to find the good ones. I repeat because I have found them!

  31. Jason O.

    Okay only been to this gentle mens club once for a friends bachelor party, while certainly a high class establishment. I still have to knock it down a star. A couple of the dancers got really pissed if I didn’t tip the standard $1 a song. Sorry I am not going to tip crappy dancing. Also some of the girls did look a little skanky looking, not many though just a couple. Nice perks of the place: a guy in the bathroom that turns on the faucet for you and hands you a paper towel. Loved that. Also had a ton of amenities in the bathroom such as breath mints. Another thing when you needed change, they already had a stack of twenty ones rubberbanded together in their registers so you never had to wait long for change.

  32. fdfd
  33. XXXbeast

    Comparing this to clubs in Vegas, I was surprised. This place actually had a lot of good talent. I went on a Saturday night and as expected, there were a lot of people there. I’d say there were around 20-25 girls working that night (which is not a lot compared to Vegas I know but hey, it’s Vegas) and out of these girls, at least half of them were worth getting a dance from.I only had two issues:1. No alcohol. Boring. But hey. I guess it’s a law here for full nude clubs like this.2. Lap dances. So there’s a sign that says $20 for all lap dances. You go in there, and it turns out it’s $20 for a lap dance with your hands to the side. Boring. It’s actually $30 to get your hand game on in the vip room. Plus the songs are like 1-2 minutes long. Supposedly the DJ cuts it short because the girls run out of moves onstage and the guys get bored after about 1 to 2 minutes so in order to keep it fresh, they rotate them every so often which is complete b.s. I salsa dance and songs go for upwards of 6 minutes and I still surprise myself with new moves when I dance with girls so if a guy complains that they’re bored of a hot girl dancing naked onstage after 1 minute, then buddy, you just set off my gaydar. I had one experience where the girl brought me in the back, started doing her thing, and a minute later told me she was done. Super hot girl. Super short song. Remind me to request Beethoven’s 9th symphony the next time I get a lapdance.So increase the length of the lapdance and pregame before you get here guys and you should be good.

  34. fcedyuz


  35. Shawn T.

    I went here on a Sunday night. When I arrived the bouncer outside asked if I was there for the club, I said I was. He proceeded to give directions how to get into the club through their store, the main access to the club is under construction. The directions were a bit confusing but luckily they had plenty of signs taped to the floor pointing directions to the club. Also note that the only available bathroom was in the store and only for one person, signs were on the floor for that as well. Due to the construction at the main entrance showing your id to the bouncer then walking to the other side of the club to pay the bartender the entry fee was a bit unusual. I sat down and was greeted within a few minutes by the server, she continuously made rounds throughout the club during the night. Private dances were $20 a song, though some charged $30 for more grinding and groping of their body. Some of the girls were generous enough to ask if they could keep dancing. My advice, if you’re not looking to spend a lot on one girl, let her know your budget up front, they are respectful to the customer. The girls looked great and gave good lap dances. My only complaint was when I asked a girl for a certain stripper by name, after 5-10 min I never saw her. They also had a few lap dance specials where for $20 you could get 2 songs and a free porno. The girls weren’t pushy for money by explaining fees that they have to pay for the booths. However, the ATM in the club was not reliable and couldn’t always connect when I wanted to pull money out, try the ATM in the store first. At the end of the night, I had reached my withdrawal limit and went to the bartender to get an advance to pay a girl and maybe because they had locked up the money, she was rude asking if I had tried the ATM first. Oh and on cash advances, they charge $5 for every $50 you withdraw. Overall I had a great time, good conversation with some of the girls and I will be coming back.

  36. AssnTits5

    This is a pretty darn fun place. I’ve been here a few times already and I’ve been quite pleased with my experiences here. There are two stages and on the busier nights, they’ll have dancers on both. As far as skills and physical appearance, I was very satisfied with the quality of dancers here. If I remember correctly, I think the dances are usually like $20 but on certain nights, they’re like 2 for $25. Grab some cash, a group of friends, pregame in the parking lot, and you’re bound to have a great time.

  37. igor34

    Allison Moore is feature dancing here this weekend sept. 10-13!! She’s doing 11 shows!!

  38. Anthony

    The girls are total rip off. After they take you to the back they ask for more money, and you refuse, the dance will be a disaster.

  39. slick
  40. CUCUY

    the only club to go to near the sacramento area if you have time your better off going into the San francisco or Neveda (Carson city)

  41. NOboDYnoWHerE

    I like this club a lot, and I go there often. The girls are nice, and usually not too pushy. I wish there were more girls to patrons; sometimes you have to wait many a minute before a dancer offers her services. But the girls are pretty, and very nice. I like this club a lot.

  42. The Connoisseur

    I dropped in on a Wed. night to experience a little nostalgia… The place has not changed which is good… I did not intend to get any private dances, just was not in the mood… But there were plenty of gals of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to choose from… One caught me at a moment of weakness, and she was delightful… Yes, that is a strange word to describe a dancer but she was… Very sweet, very cute face, great tush, just flat out sexy… Though stage shows are full nude, private dances are topless with prices $20 no touch, $30 touch per song… I went for 2 for $30 deal followed by a couple $5 half-songs then 1 more full song = 4 songs full touch for $70 $10 tip… By far, the best deal I have enjoyed in forever… Bottom Line: Great value

  43. Walter P.

    Pole dancing should be an Olympic sport. Seriously!…Four stars strong for the courtesy VIP service.

  44. Big Honker

    I agree with the “warehouse” statement. Some of the girls are SMOKIN’ HOT! A bit on the snobby side if you don’t mind your manners. So be a gentleman and have some fun. Don’t forget to bring your wallet.

  45. Michael M.

    You walk right in and BAMN! Booty to your left, Booty to your right.You got beezies throwin you free dvd’s to entice you to buy a lap dance. *Them beezies charge you by the song, unless u a pimp, so don’t get too carried away because they chopp their songs 1/2 in normal playing time to get ya!Cute snow bunnies and black booty. Cleaner than SF.

  46. Dippy

    I liked this club a lot. I went in on a Tuesday and got the VIP access. VIP dances were 2 for 1. Plenty of hot dancers. I recommend Madison and Lindsay. They were very nice and HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  47. harryharry

    The women here are so beautiful !! The food is amazing. They don’t serve alcohol but it’s like that all over sac. Drink before you go!! On the weekend it’s packed and a really live atmosphere, on the weekdays it’s really relaxed and the dancers have time to talk a little before a dance. Vixen is the sexiest but that’s just my opinion! Super fun place !

  48. james1412

    I took my son here for his 18th birthday. I gotta say, we were treated awesome by everyone there. Once we told the doorman it was my sons bday, he took great care of him with the VIP wristband, and letting all the girls know it was his bday. We were there last Wednesday in the afternoon. The girls were very attractive and interacted with us. Crowd was very small which actually was better for us. My sons VIP dance with Jessie is something he will remember forever. This place is great, looking forward to going back.

  49. Keith Lowell J.

    I went there for my buddy’s bachelor party. We got talked into a “Silver” bachelor party package for $200. This would include three dances for said buddy, in private, and a “shower show” for our group.Fast talk, and one dude who sort of crashed our party giving it the hard sale, and us idiots bought it, BUT we still had to pay $15 each to get in beside. And the ATM machine, provided for our convenience had a service fee. A SIX DOLLAR SERVICE FEE! What the hell?So buddy gets his private dance. He’s pretty pleased with that, but we’ve also been feeding him booze all night. He had fun, cool, all is happy. The shower show, which we paid pretty big money for is two girls in a shower, haranguing us for cash. Everything they did they required more money for. And they’d really hard sell it.The shower show was also given while the feature was on stage, so you get one or the other. We chose wrong. The shower show was stupid. We paid to be panhandled by naked chicks.So that’s where we got hosed. Now lets talk about where we got outright stolen from.It turns out one of the guys in our group paid with a hundred dollar bill.He watches the cashier put his hundred dollar bill under the $20 in the register. She then gives him change for a twenty. He says “Hey, I gave you a hundred.” She says, “No, you gave me a twenty. Guys try to do this to me all the time.” Like many guys in that environment he was feeling like he couldn’t speak up and say he’d been had. I hope he changes his mind and calls them tomorrow.Some of the dancers were extremely attractive and put on a good sexy show. The only thing the cheap, cheesy dive has going for it.The dude that sold us the “Silver Package” is outside when we come out, waiting for the next suckers. He sees us. Does he ask how we like everything? Does he check in to see if we were pleased with our purchase, proud to have given us such a good time? No. He avoids eye contact. he knows he scammed us. And he knows we know.To hell with that place. I’m no stranger to strip clubs. This was the sleaziest, tackiest crap I’ve seen. If you’re having a bachelor party and you want a strip club, go elsewhere. Why doesn’t someone open up a cool burlesque room in Sacramento? Hell, why don’t I?

  50. winston12

    Bored with life so I thought I’d hit up a strip club for my first time since I’m old enough now. I LOVE the exotic night life. I always passed this spot on my way to work so that’s the only way I found out about it.Anyway I went for the first time about 2 days ago. Right when I walked in I was like “oh my effin’ God”. Amazingly beautiful girls everywhere and the atmosphere is just outstanding. The music and ambience just fits very well. I bop my head to the music while watching a beautiful stripper show off her moves on that pole. Right on my first day a very cute and sexy girl approached me and she sure gave me a good time and she was very nice. I kind of got attached so I went again the next day but she wasn’t there! Oh well, another girl approached me on the next day and gave me a good time then I chilled for a bit and got another good time for a long while. She was amazing and I spent a lot on her haha. After that I chilled again and this girl I didn’t even see just approached me and began talking to me as if I already knew her. 🙂 That was nice. She didn’t even sit on me like the other girls. We simply had a good conversation for a while and then a fabulous time! Even during the lap dance we had such a great convo. She’s awesome. I know some girls are deceiving and are only nice for money but I can tell which fake it like that girl I spent a lot on. Idk why I kept going to be honest LOL. On the other hand some are real sweethearts. On top of that everyone minds their own business as long as you keep it cool. No harassment whatsoever. Overall I love this night life. LOOOVE IT!

  51. Mari S.

    I love there sex store.I love there underwear n outfits really cute n cheap I don’t care for the strip

  52. Yung 1
  53. Joanne L.

    Not bad!I have to say that the ladie’s bathroom is very clean here and they put a sign up that says the entertainers are not supposed to use these customer’s restrooms.Now that I have finished my potty review, on to the club review.Lots of chairs and they swivel so you can look at both stages.There is a “RUNWAY” stage and the other stage.I am happy to say that they feature ladies of many sizes and and flavors so there is a good variety here for everyone’s enjoyment.They have many cute girls here on a Saturday evening. It’s a very friendly place. I don’t like the drinks though. I am on a NON-HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) diet and would really like a little variety other than water. Maybe Odwalla orange juice or some San Pellegrino sparkling water. They have TONs of sweet sodas here for the rest of you who crave it.The girls are fun here and they are friendly. Well they have to be friendly, right, otherwise how would they make any money? So I give the ladies 5 stars on friendliness and customer service. Sadly I was not approached nor offered a private dance.For those of you that need to drink alcohol before you head over to Centerfolds, I recommend making a spot at the Marriott first. Grab some drinks, maybe even go gambling down the street for a bit. After getting some alcohol in you, then head over the Centerfolds for the adult entertainment.Also bring lots of cash, these girls work hard for their money so don’t under-tip!!!

  54. Emily R.

    2 stars is for “Meh. I’ve experienced better.” And that’s just about right. The ladies here are nice. I’ve been here a handful of times and the ladies have always been friendly and sweet. But they aren’t all that great on the pole (except one or two). Some of them don’t even touch it when they get on stage. (Perhaps motorboating is less strenuous and elicits better/bigger tips.) The food is not bad. (I know- my god I ate food at a strip club! What’s wrong with me?!) I had chicken and fries. Not too shabby but not great. Better than what I would expect from a strip club- though my expectations for strip club food is pretty low. The music… is not very good. I especially do not enjoy when the angry metal music plays. And as a lady myself, the price of admission feels rather steep. But then again, I realize I’m not quite the demographic they’re aiming for.

  55. Jazz

    Have to comment after reading the review given by “Dave”. I’ve been a regular there awhile, and these girls kick ass and have a great attitude for the amount of crap they put up with on a nightly basis. If the girls were rude to you, it’s because you were being a jerk or being cheap. I come in with money to spend, I tip the waitresses and buy dances, and have never had anything but a great time. Last time I tipped the waitress $10, she paid for my dinner (out of her own pocket) and went and got my favorite dancer out of the dressing room for me. Sorry pal, but you obviously deserved the treatment you got, as most of the other customers I talk to have nothing but rave reviews for these girls.

  56. bill

    great club for the sacramento area, as far as the comment below me, if you’re into ugly fat chicks, go to the embers. When I go to clubs to see strippers, I want them to be beautiful with hot bodies. If I wanted to be around fat women, I would go home to my wife.

  57. billtheguy12

    One of the good clubs in this area. Had been there once in a Saturday night and had a good time. The cover charge seems a little steep $25!!! Nice friendly dancers. Mila was my favorite. Would like to go back again someday.


    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! Best club overall in the Sacramento area. Beautiful girls, Great service and Great prices. I was there on tuesday 7-10-07 from 6:30 to 9:00 and I fell in love with STACY.

    I recomend this club 100% Will be there next week again.

  59. L H.

    On Saturdays sometime after midnight they have special $20 lapdances for 2 songs. So this stripper approaches me, says, “I’m not one of girls who tells you a bullshit story about how they’re dancing to save money for school. Me? I like to strip.”OK. I’m in. Typically, the girls are no-touch, however….”For an extra $10, you can touch whatever you like…”Awesome. I’ll go with it. Then, after 2 songs….”For an extra $5, I’ll dance for another song.”How could I refuse??? 3 songs and I get to utilize the sensation feeling apparatus otherwise known as my hands??? $100 value for $35! Were they running a Groupon deal?!!

  60. nickstrip

    This strip club sucks. There are too many rude dancers in here. The atmosphere is of a stuck up environment. It’s like they are trying too hard. I’ve never been to a strip club where I wanted to leave so bad because of all the rude employees. Do not come to this strip club, it sucks, hands down, stay home and watch a porno lol.

  61. JB

    GCC is hot or cold. There are some really hot dancers and some total skanks. They need better quality control in terms of dancers. Overall it is the nicest club in Sac and the level of eye candy is pretty high… but the value is poor. The DJ cuts songs way short so during the day your 3 songs/$100 in the VIP room lasts about 5 minutes. Most girls provide good mileage back there but the clock is running way too fast. $12 cover + tipping $1/2 per drink gets a little expensive and the $6 ATM charge is pretty steep. Overall… good eye candy but the value isn’t very good IMO.

  62. james

    like being stuck in a costco warehouse

  63. dopeboy19

    Girls were super nice really talkative the music was good to and for what it was I had an amazing time and money well spent

  64. jimmy j
  65. int
  66. Diamond Dave

    What happened to that kick ass D.J. John?

  67. StripClub431

    Because I am so sick of hearing, “WHAT?! YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO A STRIP CLUB?”My friend tells me he wants to celebrate getting a raise at work, but isn’t sure how. My first thought is to suggest steak, because I love steak, but then I remembered that this wasn’t about me (damn). My second thought was to suggest dancing, which was met with sort of an indifferent acceptance. So, we go out dancing, he puts a couple of AMF’s into my blood, and I say, “Would going to Centerfolds be a good way to celebrate?”I was met with a response which tells me that going to Centerfolds is probably always an acceptable method of celebration. Like I said, I had never been to a strip club before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was kind of picturing women in busy outfits twirling around poles and throwing lingerie into everyone’s faces, or maybe dirty hookers with visible fleas trying to shove their lady-parts into my nose.There was a $20 cover which included unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. We thought we were slick by leaving our can of 4Loko on the side of the building, but we totally got caught, and it got confiscated. Ugh. Whatever.There are two large stages in the main room, with lots of seats with dirty fabric lined up along the stage and in random parts of the room. We started out in the center between the stages, but after being asked about fifteen times if I wanted to go sit at the rail, I decided to comply. Anyone who complains about the girls here supposedly not being pretty enough needs to invest in a fast computer and giant bottle of lube, because if you’re not completely happy with these girls, I don’t see how you could ever be even mildly satisfied by anyone else. There were some walking around who were, in my opinion, much too skinny, but the ones dancing on the stage were all perfect in pretty much every way. I don’t really like the idea of judging appearances, though, so I’ll just leave it at that.Only one girl really got in my face, rubbing her breasts all over me and asking my guy to buy me a dance. Sadly for both of them, I refused, but I will say that the girl smelled better than any girl I’ve ever smelled. That was kind of unexpected. She then said, “Quick one for the hubby,” and gave a little 2-3 second shake in the guy’s face, no big deal– but if that would piss you off, you may want to insist on sitting in the center, or maybe even in your guy’s lap. Yeah, that would probably be a safe bet for even the most green-eyed chick…So much for my cute lingerie expectations. Most of the chicks were completely nude the entire night, except for this one who played with her front-clasping bra so much that I spent the next fifteen minutes wondering whether it had come from Fredrick’s or Vicky’s Secret. So now you know what women think about when we watch these types of things.To update previous reviews, I noticed that the club is open until 4am, and lap dances are now priced at $20. Also, you don’t need to bring ones, because the cashier has rolls of them pre-made.I’m just saying, I used to work as a checker at a grocery store on Friday and Saturday nights, and I really wish more guys knew that they didn’t have to come get their ones from me…

  68. Marlo V.

    This is the FIRST stripclub I even been to when I was about 20 years old..a friend introduced me, along with a couple other friends, to it and always said Wednesdays and Sundays would be half off. It was like summer of 2000 I think that we went, me and a couple of people. I only spent a bitch $60…its better you spend at least like $140, but it was a cool first experience and afterwards your clothes would be smelling like sweet fruity STRIPPER LOTION, which rubbed off stripper’s lotioned up body (the T and A).. leaves a good remembrance that when you leave, you then tear up…. :-***(and of course we’re always going, on and off and off period would’ve been like a year then we go again.. you have some good Asian girls there but often always busy getting a lapdance from the rich bling people professional people.. which is.. kinda sad.. waiting a while for some asian persuasion.. sometimes (and not to offend anyone) when I just go get a lapdance from like a white girl in the VIP room and I see an asian goddess giving a guy a lapdance, say across from me, I’m wanting to get the lapdance from the asian girl instead so, I’m stuck…Anyhow, I remember this one half Asian half German girl (or half American girl), Ann Marie, (if she sees this, I’m not meaning to stalk you.. just miss you..) and…DAMN she was petite and normally this stripclub has just topless lapdances… well when when I first started going (think you’d have to pay a bit extra for all nude).. anyhow so when I got a lap dance from her she went top AND bottomless… I was happy and afterwards I complimented her saying that was the most professional soothing lapdance I have ever experience from a cute petite professional stripper like you, and she was like AWWWW come here!! and she gave me a hug, with her absolute NAKEDNESS!!!! and all I can do is just hug back and that’s it, nothing else…Alas.. I haven’t been seeing her lately……… sniff sniff…. Ann Marie WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?Even though there’s plenty of stripper fish in the stripper sea, dunno if any stripper will compare to here………… sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  69. Marco M.

    1st time here

  70. yanard12

    Liked Harley. I’ve been to clubs before, they were usually dead with no girls. There were a lot of girls, a ton of people, actually a lot of girl customers. It was fun.

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