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0 reviews for “Carrie Wild’s Frontier Tavern

  1. well said Jerry

    My sister sent me here when I started out promised me it was a fun

    place that everybody was cool LIES I got treated like crap cuz I was

    the youngest hottest dancer n the guys liked me more then the

    nasties there. Plus I never got paid for at least 20 dances!

  2. sleadheads

    well i guess were going to weazels unless thats not the same

    lexus from last year with the huge nose, feel sorry for me

    kinda girl let us now?

  3. Carl


  4. To dum ass dissing Luscious

    I don’t what the problem you have with Luscious, but is a beautiful, sexy young lady. And she is a great dancer. If you don’t like her, then just don’t tip her. She will make a lot of money even without your tips!!

  5. N/A

    I was in there this past week and It was my first time there and it will be my last. I dont know if the owner knows that first impressions are very important but we walked in the door and we were meet by a cow of a women. Not impressed right there then the DJ gets on the mic and I thought I was in history class BORING! then the girls fat,ugly,WAY to skinny and old!! not fun at all waste of money and time.

  6. Gerry

    I have been coming here for years we were just up there and there was only a couple of guys in the bar there was some dancer named angie and man did she smell BAD we left and I dont think that i will every come back the person who is running the show keeps getting rid of the good help and that use to make up for bad dancer and now its all bad.

  7. Disgusted

    The fried out owner needs to turn this place over to a


    owner, and all the worthless strippers rejected from the rest of

    publics eyes have officially run it into the ground! BEWARE

    GUYS$$$$ it aint cald reject island 4 nutn


    This place SERIOUSLY NEEDS to be shut down.THE OWNER (Carrie

    Wilde: drug addict, theif, whore, pimp, allows private parties AKA

    prostitution parties) ripped me off of $500+in lap dances. She didn’t call

    me back about it when I called numerous times to try & collect what was

    RIGHTFULLY mine. The bartender KATIE ripped me off of at least 2

    wknds of drink commission & sells WATER SHOTS for $6 to $7

  9. Ed

    Many of the girls are well above average and always friendly. Good place to go when in town. Always a few that will knock you over.

  10. Carrie Wild

    I own the club!! I have worked hard to make this a good time for everyone… obviously, there are angry dancers posting rude comments about everyone on here..HEY BRITTA!! YOU gave your lap dance tickets might as well have flushed $20 bills down the toilette!!! & to the drunk dancer who walked out on a thursday afternoon…you had no $$ cuz you were to drunk to work…If you don’t like my club,then you don’t have to work here,so quit calling me for bookings..& p.s. BRITTA.. you solicited an off duty police officer& my lawyer, BUT the good news is THIS is a FUN CLUB.. to bad alot of the young ones are so much DRAMA..I would love to have more cute young girls that can talk to the patrons,do thier jobs,& actually finnish a whole week of work… The ladies who still work here are fun,friendly,entertainers who do thier job well,& I have never ripped off any one..It is only $50 to stay for the week,for clean sheets,towels,& a shower. You do not have to stay at the club!! Hotels are down the road for $65 & up per night..& as far as tip out is concerned…I like to keep the girls who work here safe..& the customers too!! SO.. to the customers…I LOVE YOU GUYS…

  11. xxx
  12. Tim

    Carrie I see that you must be the new owner, this place was awesome about 5 or more years ago its not so much the dancers that have to change because everyone likes differant kinds of women its the bartenders that are crappy expectally the one with glass that looks 9 months pregnant get rid of her she is horrible on the eyes

  13. Low End Theory

    Gotta say, best bartender at any strip club I have ever been to. It’s like a dive bar with a dance stage, bbut a nice dive bar. For the most part the girls are great, attentive, and pretty good to look at.

  14. Go Bears!

    Crazy fun! We’ll be back soon.

  15. Rich

    Was there tonight and had a good time. The girls kept it entertaining. The bartender was a blast. Overall made for a well deserved stop on a long drive from Chi town.

  16. so sad 2 b gone

    my last week here was the ultimate blast, no drama or bithen just good clean DRUNK fun! katy, tony, WILD WOMAN and myles thanks for great week!!

  17. Jerry

    This is the worst club(yeah right)I’ve ever been to and will never come back the best thing about it was the DJ! Thats pretty SAD.

  18. Big Tony

    I was just in last week and had the time of my life with Devon. What a hottie with a personality to boot. I will go out of my way to come back whenever she is working.

  19. Appalled

    This establishment should NOT be referred to or described as a STRIP, GENTLEMENS or ADULT ENTERTAINMENT CLUB. It is the bar hidden in the woids to hide away the LITERALLY 60 OR 200 LB strippers. I kid you not, the ild man looking long hair had a stroke on stage and the pig bursting out the of her clothing lit her big fat flapper on fire… its the fat farm aka vietnam circus rejects.

  20. Brandon

    what a crock of shit saw the REAL pic of mea not AT ALL what she was on utube and a blonde hog makin out w some poor drunk dude bar stinks and service sucks dont wasre your $

  21. Bridget

    Hi, this is Bridget! I will be back Sept. 20-23, Oct. 4-7, and Oct 18-21. Can’t wait to be back. See you all very, very soon. 😉

  22. Denise

    Seen the new owner took over the place, has stepped it up a lot.

  23. Santa

    Maybe I can drop some good looking , not morbidly obese or old

    decrepid strippers down the chimney. Possably a new owner that

    isnt a worthless junkie whore too!

  24. Florida Wannabe

    Hey Pasia and Lisa…just wanted to say hello to you both and forget these loosers that post the shitty stuff on here. They must really hate themselves quite a bit and decide to take it out on others. I think The Frontier ROCKS and I am proud to say that Pasia and Lisa are among only a few select people that I am proud to actually call my friends!

  25. Dancer

    Had a great time working here. Made alot of money & had alot of fun. & to Brian, the bartender at Weasels is a guy so you must be GAY. You are suppose to be looking at the dancers..The Bartender is there to serve you drinks & she does her job very well. I bet you are no prom king your self!

  26. marty

    5 years ive been here and i will not go back. the hot blond said she would get our drinks i gave her a 100 bill and never got a drink or the change and she said tuff shit when i chased her down fuck her and fuck this bar. there were 23 blondes the bitch with the shorter hair looks hot but a thief then i was told talk to the owner and when i called the bar nobody ever answered for 2 days


    Its all in the name. Find new dancers, get rid of the senior citizens,

    fat cows and RUDE LAZY TELETUBBY bartender. Only 1 is pregnant

    the other is just rudde fat lazy and a thief n a dj that isnt a


  28. *Ashley*

    All other comments don’t trip they treat new dancers here thjat are

    younger and cuter shitty too! My girl & I were bullied and shorted

    on our tickets and drinks cuz we know what a gym is and use it this


  29. Happy Customer!

    If the last poster really does review strip clubs, why not post something more useful for readers? C’mon! We were just at The Frontier this week and I have to say we’ll all be back and sooner rather than later! Full nude on stage with a decent bar and a fun atmosphere. The girls aren’t Barbies but they are real. All ages. All sizes. And ALL FUN! The lap dancers vary from girl to girl. I was told absolutely no penetration of any kind, bottoms stay on and keep my hands to myself but the girls can do whatever THEY want and some there are fantastic teases! Great lap dances. Some of the girls seem more experienced than others on the stage but we were never bored. When it was slow earlier in the evening they did some cool girl on girl stage shows as long as we were tipping and we had a blast! “It’s amazing what grows with a little rain” on stage if you know what I mean. Later when it was busier they opened the back stage with the pole and even though it’s short (I asked why and it was explained the building dates back to 1840 something or earlier so the ceilings are very low and they can’t change it) most of the girls really knew how to work that back stage for optimum fun! We’ll be back for deer hunting and again in snowmobile season. Yeah!

  30. Louie

    Strong start with new management in April, but lately reverting to bad old ways: Generally one sorta hot dancer and 3-4 others ranging from mediocre to awful. But the place is much cleaner and there are actually paper towels in can. Still good value for the buck, save the 3 min., $25 lap dances.


    I had to research the Vietnam GREAT 60 yr old grandma ( I am quite confident that was a man ) who had a stroke on stage *Brandy* and the pig doing the circus trick setting her fat flapper on fire is *Destany* . Theres a SERIOUS medical condition if a female has to exterminate the unkown STD or bug on her vagina with FIRE…

  32. bobo

    the 2 blondes carrie and brandi were not only hot but very personable and sweet as well. had a great time will be back soon.

  33. Rob and Party

    Was at the club this last weekend with a few friends. We had a great time. Never been treated better the dancers were great and the service was just as great. We will be returning on our next trip. Not sure when that will be. However, We will be returning!!!!!!!!!

  34. Katelynplay

    This week there are seven girls. The line up is Flawless, Carrie Wild, Nonni, Lesslie, Taz, Brandi. For the opening of Wisconsin deer season starting November 19th – November 30th. The club opens at 3:00 p.m. An I must say to all of the customers who have been in since I have come back almost a year ago you have made it a blast. Thank you. I forgot how much fun it was to work at the Frontier.

  35. Allen

    If you care to understand my reason for the poor

    review, you can speak to me at MY businesses. I’m

    tired of being short shotted and ripped off in your

    business Carry

  36. Zoey

    Theres some stupid comments on here. The bar is wild and crazy and so are all the dancers! theres a hottie for every taste bud. AND its always a blast to be here,ONLY 50$ a week!!! DID I MENTION YOUR AN ADULT AN NOT ONN LOCKDOWN!!! Everyone LOVES this place AND the HOTTIES working in it.

  37. Michael

    Only had 4 girls on a Saturday night and only 3 were dancing until about 10 o’clock when the 4th one finally started. Too much time in between dancer sets too. Vargas was hot and fun too!

  38. uh oh no sisterly love

    brita, how many x have u been told if u lack brains AND boobs, DONT TRY TO MAKE IT UP WITH A BIG MOUTH DUMB ASS

  39. nobody

    nasty place when girls stick things up there stuff

  40. chuck

    this club has improved so much but theyre was two girls that dont need to return the tammy and nicole! get rid of the bitches

  41. BOB

    Hey, Pete you are right.That Zoe is a hot one. There is alot of hot gals here. Not a bad one in the whole bunch. I kinda am alittle sweet on the hot little mexican girl Scarlet I think was her name.Can”t wait to go back. I will be at this club whenever I am in the area! O.M.G. think they had like 7 or 8 sexy ladies every time I’ve been there. This place has realy stepped it up since the new owner took over.I wish she would get up on the stage!Hats off to The Frontier! Best times I have ever had in a club!

  42. JJ

    Dancers are either FAT OLD or UGLY not the place to be I am sure that you can get something just by walking in the door.

  43. Adam

    this place really made a turnover. glad to see the trashy bitches are gone tatts for the sne and pukey the poodle. did they finally make it to rehab?? nice girls now be back more often

  44. Don

    I was in the Frontier last night. I stop in every time I am in the area. I will say that the place has made major improvements. The entertainment this week is well selected. The service was great as always. Thank you for another great evening once again ladies.

  45. PJ

    The Frontier is where it’s at! Weasles has better looking woman, but this place is just more fun. Go find Connie and and have a good time! BRING WHISPER BACK PLEASE!!! Guy’s trip this weekend, see you soon!

  46. Wildman47

    Great time for everyone. No disappointments here; Mark the DJ is a hoot and the girls are very very attentive.

  47. Anthony

    First time here was sent by friends who had been here in the past! It was well worth the time spent. Lucious, Little bear, Zoey, bouncer, d.j and the bartender were great to hang out with all night. An I do mean all night. Not to mention the tits are great all the way from the dancers to the bartender! Will be returning in a couple of weeks to have a great time once again. See all of you soon. Thank you once again!

  48. Travis

    I was in the Frontier this evening and had a good time. It was laid back and down to earth. Carrie Wild and Nonni were great. Also a a great time with the other employees also. I will be returning on sled through out the winter. Thank you.

  49. recent customer

    what has happened to this place? sure it’s alot cleaner than it was, but DAMN the rest of it has just gone to the dogs. it’s sad to see, used to love coming to this bar, always had a good time. won’t be back anytime soon.

  50. shy sandy

    can’t wait to come back. this place rocks. it was great to fullfill one of my fantasies. awesome place

  51. Fisherman Joe and Jack

    We make an annual fishing trip to Eagle River every year. This is a mainstay of our trip.

    What the gals may lack in perfect looks they make up for in enthusiasm, hospitality and eagerness to make sure you have a good time.

    The Frontier is a FUN place. It’s far more relaxed than the other area club. We purposly chose The Frontier because of that.

    We always have a good time with the staff and dancers. (including a very strange experiance with an Eor costumed Lisa on stage one night…lol.)

  52. anonymos

    the owner really needs to step up her game because the girls suck.

  53. Jesse

    Is this place here to make some sort of an attempt to make a joke

    of strip clubs?? Based on what I saw, this place IS THE THE JOKE.

    There really isnt a lady in there that isnt 200lbs or 60yrs old, not

    even behind the bar… Errghh! I left with the hebejebeez!!!!

  54. jaxx

    in love with 2 of your girls kerey. zoey and ivey, when are we doing the bbQ? call me Jaxx

  55. C.W.

    This is agreat place to have a good time. Corner bar with adult entertainment.Great money making potential. In reply to the last few negative reviews,we know they were made by an angry ex-dancer & ex-D.J. So the real customers know it’s a bunch of B.S. Gee maybe you two should have the balls to put your name on your un-true comments. Oh, that’s right, niether of you has any balls!!!

  56. Ian

    I heard this place is slamin, NOT. Its not even ok just gross

  57. JD

    Ugly women with bad attitudes, crappy music played way too loud, a bunch of morons for employees and an owner with a shitty attitude to match. They used to have a blonde manager that was great – a couple of years back – I guess the owner could not handle a good looking broad that was under 200 punds. Stay away – save your money.

  58. dogg

    nursing homes have more excitement playing bingo

  59. Renee

    I worked for Carrie Wild. I have never seen drugs in the club and for you morons writing shitty reviews. Why don’t you take your old Sticky asses to another club so us Dancer don’t have to deal with you trying to take us home. Most Dancer have kids and family. We are human too. I understand you want younger girls. So Go To A Different Club That Offers Younger Girls. No one forces you to go in. Just Remember Karma is bitch and she does come back to bite you. Carrie Wild You do have a good club.

  60. pete

    zoie PLEASE CALL ME pete

  61. Doug

    This place is a freakin dive STAY FAR AWAY you are subjected to FAT or pregnant bartenders and old nasty dancers sounds like a great time NOT!!!!!!!!!! not worth the time or the money this place is far from the frontier back in the day! DO NOT EVEN CHANCE IT SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!






  63. not going to be a customer

    My brother was in there and ended up bring a hoe home with him and ended up getting a STD from there make sure to wash your self with bleach!! He would have been better off getting a girl off the corner! DONT GO HERE!!

  64. Luscious

    Alright I personally think its hilarious that someone thinks

    I have enough time to comment on here every time I’m home.

    Really?! To the person dissing me, get a life already. The

    only reason I’m commenting right now is that I dont comment

    on here unless I feel I should. And at least I post my name.

    I didnt make the AWESOME post about the bar before you but

    whoever did, glad to hear you and your friends had a great


  65. BYOB

    Outdated and smelly 4.50 warm beer crappy lighting and retarded help

  66. jim
  67. Ron

    This was one of my favorite places to go until they hired that loser Miles. What an idiot and a piece of shit. When he is gone I will return. Until then Carrie….. sorry but I won’t be there to spend a penny.

  68. Brian

    I was in there last night and was up getting ready for hunting and checking out the place I will not be bring my buddys here this is a HUGE hole in the wall I am going to weasels this hunting season you should do the same. And to the owner of the bar get a better looking bartender good god!

  69. sandy

    i was there last weekend and this place is awesome. the bartender is great and a great dancer. it is a great place to let your hair down n have fun. hope to go back again.l

  70. Craig
  71. ChiTown Guy

    Was in a few weeks ago and had a great time. Girls were hot, beers were cold and had a couple great dances with a sexy red haired girl (can’t remember her name) I’ll definitely be back!

  72. Mike

    I was there many times through out the Wisconsin deer season. It was a laid back down to earth setting. The employees were not all stuck up. They were down to earth and a blast to party with. I will be returning this winter with the sled. Even though I did not get a deer. I did see alot of does!!! Thanks for the great time.

  73. jon

    go alittle farther to weasles….these girls are fat niggas that need to quit “dating” what a joke…offering to suck my cock…they couldnt even pay me to let them

  74. Mr. A.

    Was in last night a few friends and I had a great time with violet and the bartender. Will be back again this week. You want a comfortable place to have a great time and relax. THIS IS THE PLACE. We will be back and hope to see violet again! See you next time Thank You Carrie!

  75. Aussie

    Went there with the guys from my football club, a bunch of Aussies. We had a great time! The Frontier is now a legend. We plan many return trips when we’re up that way again. Big ups to Honey!

  76. $$ DANCERS $$$$

    this place is a rip off, 50$ tipout,{A NIGHT} $50 to stay upstairs in a cramped rat hole w 7 girls, and you dont get your dance$$ until end of week IF you have all your tickets from ENTIRE week, and kiss bartenders ass or she steels them from you.

  77. Just a thank you

    This is just a quick note to say thank you to all who work at the Frontier! Way to pull things together and as an outsider things seem to be looking up. Was in the club last week and this week and had a blast. Thank you to all of the dancers and bartenders. Will be visiting more often. Way to make some changes Carrie Wild.

  78. notafanofthisplace

    Not worth your time, you should drive just a little further to another club

  79. CJ

    Nariah is the best girl here

  80. keith
  81. blake

    if i wanted a street walker i would go to milwaukee you dont need to go in the parking lot jus sit at the bar

  82. Second Time Here

    The girls were great. There was two girls who were pushy for drinks and table dances. Other then that the girls were great to hang out with and have a good time. Little Bear, Lucious and Mia were the greatest. Thanks for a good time. Once again thank you to the number one boobs in the place the bartender. Can’t wait to come back on the sleds. See you next time!

  83. Latitude
  84. C.J.

    Wow! Awesome dancers! I think 13. Went there several times. Had a great time every time! Great prices and Bartenders are new and improved. Sunny and Monica worked me over! Want to get lap dances with Destiny B Wild and Scarlet Rain next time. They also have a New D.J. too Ange and Ben are great bartenders. Door man seemed a little grumpy but oh well.

  85. Darnell

    My buds and I were in the club this past week and a great time. The ladies were great and was very laid back. Will return this winter on the sleds.

  86. steve

    the new girl is a great improvement

  87. passing through

    good times to be had here.

  88. A Fan

    Lisa ROCKS!!

  89. guy

    i have not been to this club since carrie bought it out of respect for her,we never got along very well. i have had some friend in there a few times and have told me how she has really cleaned up the place and its even better than when it was when i worked there. anyone who posts otherwise is a disgruntled dancer who either has a drug problem or someone who lives to make others miserable. go wild!

  90. bb

    Good time and great place to have a great time.

  91. 9 years

    in the 9 years i been here never was i treated like a husband kept hostage til now

  92. G-MAN

    so nice to see so many new faces and not the same over n over etc.. and the DJ is not a bad kid, sounds like its just his turn on thi smutty go round. miss a few girls i havent seen in a couple months but i know they’ll be back. as always great times

  93. ripped off customer

    paid 7$ for a shot of water what a rip off

  94. Josh

    Smoke infested and all fat ugly pigs ran by a he-she drag queen with

    fake tits

  95. butterfly

    the bartenders sux and they only have one good dancer named Irish and the DJ rocks

  96. mitch

    everyone is high or something

  97. Ryan
  98. Chicago Man

    My friend and I visited the club last night. Seven dancers were scheduled, However, only one could make it last night due to the weather that hit down south. Dancer Tori and Katie the bartender were the greatest they made our night worth while. Even if all seven girls would have been there I do think that we would have stuck with these two lovely ladies. Thank you for a great time and we will see you soon! Maybe tonight to meet the other ladies!

  99. BUD W I Z E r

    had a good time 1 bad seed out of 7 not bad odds. the saying age gracefully could be put to the test… she was insulting with her inuendos

  100. Ray

    Get rid of the drunken black bartender



  102. to luscious

    hmmm…. how spiratic, every time you work theres a comment about yourself, your such a joke you dumb ass.

  103. waldo

    pass it by

  104. joe
  105. tom
  106. bach party

    used to love this place we wer in friday but decided not to come back in on saturday,reason for that is tammy, if she wasnt such a bitch to everyone and trying to be tough bich we might of stayed and have fun like we used to do there!!!

  107. roger

    theres only a couple girls that are nice and always have fun the rest are money grunging blood suckers that beg for money ALL NIGHT LONG

  108. LMMFAA

    never have customers posted where

    girls can getillegal diet pills,

    nonpersciption std meds and pills to get

    a hard on!!! Says ALOT “FEAR THE


  109. Unknown

    This bar is a dive at best you are better to keep right on going!

  110. n.t

    good time girls were great only 2 nasty ones that should not be on a stage

  111. spokesman

    owner acts all innocent and clean but runs nothing but druggies and cheap whores to make a buck, UTTER FILTH

  112. cindy

    this club is a blast to work at. lots of Chi-town tourist who spend alot of money.dancers get great commissions on drinks & lap dances.Nice place for girls to stay at too.

  113. nick

    my brothers stag party had a riot!! the hollywood woman with the biggest rack ive ever seen stripped him naked! best night we ever had!! be back in october want to see her again!

  114. To Joe

    Does those clubs have websites with schedules so that I can know when she will be there? Thanks for the info.


    that would be YOU LUSCIOUS. really? you dont have time to comment or be on here yet here you are AGAIN. your so stupid and it seems everyone knows it EXCEPT YOU IDIOT

  116. john

    i waited for my call, no call zoe. not mad be cool see you in summer

  117. Where is Britta now?

    So I take it that Britta is not working at the Frontier anymore, where can she be seen?

  118. Bruce

    A few years ago this place had eye appeal everywhere from the waitresses,bartenders,and dancers now it has nothing I believe this is a retirement home for the FAT and Lazy holey shit man this place is a shit hole they need to do something differant and get rid of the fat no personality bartender she is in the wrong business at least if the dancers are gross we could look at something. keep driving not worth even the cover charge.

  119. TheOne
  120. Sam

    what a shithole!!!! stay away!!!!!!!

  121. gus

    seen the “talent” offered in dec, not that great. a few pretty decsent ladies, but a blond with a SERIOUS problem. im assuming it would have been this devon, she appeared to be a herion junkie, and i confirm the fact she is a thief.

  122. vick

    Keep goin

  123. the 'truck' guys!

    zoe and lushus made this our BEST road trip ever! irecomend ‘private’ chair time with both of them great ladies be back in august hope they are both there!!

  124. Another fan

    3/23/08 Lisa still ROCKS! Amazing she makes 40 look like the new 30 hot body on that woman.

  125. al

    Save your time and you cash.

  126. butch

    here all the time this week was hella sweet only 1 dancer was not so hot and annoying the rest were smokin and normal to talk to not pushy beggers

  127. Marlin

    I write reviews for U.S club list, and I must say, this BAR, in the northwoods or not, was by far 1 of the worst. I could smell weed on the girls, the girls were sloppy intoxicated along with the bartender and dj and the owner was no where to found. Very poor review.

  128. marv

    been in 4 times while at the cabin, always great your dancers are always a hoot, even when they dont dance!! seen it once in person, quite comical and pretty that 1 was!!! last night was a sure memory also thanks violet

  129. ty

    great club

  130. bill
  131. Dave

    This place is MUCH better than it was a few years ago. Considering it was a fairly dead Easter weekend with ice still on the lakes, the talent was pretty good. There is a new girl named Lais who is REALLY hot–so are Violet and Tori.

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