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N3447 County Highway H, Lake Geneva, WI 53147


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sugar Shack

  1. joseph1k

    A group of us came out last night, and we all had a good time. Never having been to a strip club before, I am not really sure how this place compares to others.I thought the $25 cover charge was kind of steep, but because it was a special occasion, it was okay; this is not the place many of us would come on a regular basis. One drink is included in the cover charge, and I cannot comment on drink prices beyond that because I had only one (strong) drink. The downstairs features female strippers on a couple different stages, and the upstairs has male strippers at 8PM and 10PM every Friday and Saturday night (their website has discount coupons for Friday nights). We headed upstairs, and while waiting for the men to come out, watched the women downstairs from a window. A number of the girls in our group commented that seeing the female strippers downstairs made them feel better about their own bodies. The show upstairs started about 45 minutes after they say it does, and was entertaining, for sure. The guys were easy on the eyes, especially if you like toned, tanned bodies with minimal body hair. They were friendly too, and they not only allow pictures to be taken, but they take time to pose with you. I would come back for another birthday or bachelorette party, but definitely would not make this part of my entertainment routine.

  2. ryan123

    This is a review for the female level of sugar shack.If you are a dancer and you’ve worked at real clubs before I doubt you will be satisified with this one.The dancers are stuck up and think there better than everyone else.There are waaay to many rules.It’s like they want all the girls to look, act and dance the exact same way.If you dance on the weekend the house mom collects all the cell phones like you are preteens.Also we all have to wear the same lame black clip on panties which you are forced to buy for $15 whether they fit or not.You also have to wear a long evening gown.I didn’t realize guys wanted dancers to look like we are at prom.Management teaches you a whole new kind of private dance.No straddling,breasts no where near there face, and you put your knee in there balls and hump there leg.How sexy (sarcasm)!However this is a very beautiful club in a nice area.The first night I worked I made alot of money because I gave real lap dances before I was informed of all there strict rules.Ridiculous…

  3. Scarface

    Fuck you sugar shack ripp off

  4. Ben

    I would have to rate this the overall best strip club in Wisconsin. If you combined the girls at Beansnappers with the atmosphere and surroundings of Scores you have one hell of an awesome joint. Scores is great but the girls could be a little bit friendlier and the prices could be a little more reasonable. I guess its hard to find a good strip club in Wisconsin and Score’s realizes this so they tax you.

  5. james1412

    Wicked Wildness of Chicago sits right across the Illinois Border in Wisconsin. I wrote a paper on the history of Exotic dance in America, and YES, it all started in Chicago’s world Columbian Exposition, 1893. The Big Bad Windy City was America’s first Importer of Exotic dancers, originally from Egypt and the Mediterranean. (Is this a good or bad thing…? I don’t know! Is anti-prohibition a good or bad thing?Wasn’t Al Capone really just doing America a courageous favor? Wasn’t John Dillinger really doing a good thing robbing the greedy banks during the great depression and giving back to the poor?)The Sugar Shack has a “good” history. As Playboy started in Chicago, one of Playboy’s original cocktail waitress’s went on to start her own club, with both male and female strippers. She coincidentally started the first male-strip club in America, and possibly the world. Unfortunately, I can only write about the women. Bottom floor is for women, top floor is for the male dancers, and I feel like I need to wear a wig in order to go up there. I’ve only watched the women dance downstairs and they do have style. Dirty Wicked style. Nice show…a little shabby so I am removing a star, but it is called the “Sugar SHACK” so definitely not misleading by name. Also, talking to the men I’ve seen walking upstairs:Kind of cute, even hot, (so are most of the women.) Don’t get carried away loving villainous heroes here…(this is more of a note to myself) I personally love John Dillinger- I mean, Robinhood and think about him when I …fall asleep

  6. Scott

    This is one of the top ten clubs I have visited in my 38 years of clubbing, and I enjoyed my stay very much.

  7. Justin
  8. Chicago Guy


  9. Doc

    I don’t know where other guys are coming from. I have visited all three in the area, and this is by far the tops.Girls are nice, good looking. Staff is always very friendly. Atmosphere is good but a little stiff as to where you can tip girls. However if with a group it is nice to have a nude table side dance for your group. Kind of gets people going. Vip services too expensive, but really is the best of the 3. Don’t know where others are coming from unless they really like to get too touchy with the girls. Best value in my opinion..

  10. Dan

    Club is great. Good service. Girls always nice. They always treat u like a valued customer.

  11. FatCat

    Never saw so many pretty ladies but sadly enough they were all way out of shape! Need to go back to the old shack ways

  12. cross over man

    Get your shit together,This place is a rip off for any customers and for dancers too

  13. robert
  14. Mike

    Was there on a Wenseday night, kinda slow, but very friendly girls. Excellent lap dance. Friendly and helpfull staff.

  15. Stash Polish Porn Star
  16. melina

    MGD this is for you, whoever you may be! There have been alot of naughty girls this year so I hope you’re ready to dish out ALOT of spankings! I’ll be on the lookout for you “mystery man!”

  17. :):):):):):)
  18. jim

    it sucked. and it was empty

  19. hardingeneva

    nice girls…especially a petite little blond…think her name was michelle

  20. richard95

    Is this place still open? I was there many years ago, and was just wondering.

  21. DD

    I’ll be back.

  22. money spender

    There are lots of fat girls and the club is a dump i wont be back anytime soon until the carpet is not all riped up or the floor host can be nice to the dancers AND CUSTOMERS!!! will be taking my money elsewhere!!!

  23. Freddy

    sucks big time

  24. Yahoo

    Stay away from this shit hole

  25. Roddy

    This place is a super dump

  26. real Bellicose

    The best club in the area.I did not write the comment below.

  27. MilwaukeeT

    Vinnie keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. nickstrip

    I went out with a group of 4 ladies to see the male dancers, and it was a great time. They guys were great at loosening up even the most shy in the group. Side note the women aren’t allowed to go down stairs to see the ladies Dance but you can see them from upstairs.

  29. Bellicose

    This place sucks Dick!

  30. Ass Man

    Great piace staff and Girls are fantastic

  31. curtis17

    perfect for a bachelorette party!! absolutely a blast – took a little bit getting used to the idea but by the end of it all of us got up on that stage at some point! Really fun but must be slightly if not fully intoxicated!

  32. Chi town cluber

    Great bar and wait staff.the females run from 5 to< a couple 10's. Ages from 18 to ancient (late 30's)

  33. The guy from Austria

    Cool music! Mix between Rock and Charts. Nice girls, some are very cute, some are not. Good atmosphere!

    PS: I know how to speak english! Emma was really nice!!!!

  34. Happyfeet

    So many beautiful girls. Great Staff, I always have fun, Great dances.

  35. Jay and Angela Smith

    We have a grt time every time we come there, we come as often as we can & even when we haven’t been in a while, the girl’s still remember us:) Can’t wait to go back:)

  36. AssnTits5

    Not great.

  37. Anon Patron

    Good Show

  38. Nick

    Had an awesome time at this club. I always look foward to seeing this florida girl there, Holly is a must see event!!

  39. Rocky
  40. Vick

    Nasty girls and very rude staff a nightmare to be at the shack

  41. Guess MF

    This is f*(&in Z00

  42. phil
  43. Newby

    Not a bad place if you have no where else to go. Manager Rob is very rude but the girls make up for his apparent lack of knowhow.

  44. psychoch

    The girls are hot looking, but they’re not outgoing, unless you’re a regular. I Went in intending to spend on lap dances. In 2 and a half hours, I wasn’t approached by a single girl. At least it was a cheap evening!

  45. williamr

    Worst experience of my life…complete discriminatory behavior. We came from the city of Chicago for my bachelorette party…we wanted to see girls. They wouldn’t allow us. Destroyed the vibe if what was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. Seriously fuck this place. Blatant descrimination.

  46. Sean

    Very Beautiful and sweet girls!!

  47. Satisfied

    Smokin girls, great attitudes, and naughty lapdances…need I say more?

  48. XXXbeast

    Awesome bar tenders and stripers to. It was my first time and it was so fun. The bar tenders their are so nice and helpful. Nick and Randy were the nicest bartenders ever. The Boxer Russell is so hot and nice and pays attention to women and Dylan is hot and nice to. I got their autographs for free. Their all nice guys.

  49. anthony

    i stoped in tonight and got a couple dances from jenna!!! she is sopha-king hottt!!!

    and friendly!!!

    def going back to see her!!!

  50. cant tell you that


  51. Greg

    Drove up from Chicago and was hoping to see Holly from Florida is she still working at the Sugar Shack in the summer months? I would love to know her schedule…so I don’t waste my drive and end up with a girl that cant even walk in Stilettos. This girl has it going on and really knows how to give a fantastic performance. The other girls should take lessons and not downtalk her and gossip…also, on a few occasions the floor hosts wouldn’t even find her when I tipped them and said I can find you another girl.. I don’t inderstand that. Holly is hands down the best performer and has a rockn’ body to boot!! I can’t wait to see her… if anybody knows when she works let me know!!

  52. RE: Doc

    It won’t let me reply to you on the other page! I just wanted to know if you’re name started with an “L” by chance??!

  53. Jimmy

    Not the best out there.

  54. Taylor P.

    After driving through the darkness on a quiet Highway between Elkhorn and the resort community of Lake Geneva, you will see a glimmering light in the distance. As you get closer, you realize what you see in front of you is an oasis of booze and the art of pole dancing, mostly by young naked girls. This is the Sugar Shack — the place that is famed for becoming a destination for most 21 year old Walworth County youth to celebrate the passing of their most awaited birthday behind the one that awards your ability to drive. The inside is built on three levels and affords multiple viewing angles for the nudity that transpires on the stage. Be forewarned, the price for admission is ten dollars and that includes one drink, after that budget for tipping and additional, extremeley overpriced drinks. If you have saved up for a long time, the beautiful girls at the Sugar Shack will surely not disappoint.

  55. Ryan

    From Chicago Stopped in on weekend place was rockin! Their Dj was rockin

    out some heavy club hits and throwing out some old school songs i havent

    heard in ages…. with god damn video’s too! bringing back some good ol

    memories… did i hear some motown in there too???? Who is this guy!!!! And

    fuckin Melina and Trisha HOTTTT! Next time Ill do both… call me an

    ambulance now!!!!!!! Great great time!!!!!!!!

  56. igor34

    I saw things here….things my mind can never erase….things forever etched into my brain. Most of these things I saw that horrified me were in the female strippers area. At Sugar Shack, the main area caters to those interested in seeing ladies strip to their skeevies. Twice a night though, they do a male revue type of show upstairs on the weekends.It’s kind of funny that all the reviews for Sugar Shack are from ladies. The ladies like their skin and don’t mind chatting about it, apparently. I went once a few years ago and when we were back in Lake Geneva this past weekend, I had one friend who would not stop insisting we go back! We did not but it reminded me I never wrote a review.So downstairs in the female dancers area, I honestly saw things I’ve never seen at strip clubs. I’m sure these things happen but usually not on the main floor for all to see. I saw a man with two girls on him, both completely nekkid…and he was touching one…in….a naughty place…. When we went, they sat us in a back corner booth that was mostly covered because they said the female strippers hate groups of women that come in because it takes attention off of them. However, most of the ladies were very pretty. I remember one in particular all of my friends and I thought was drop dead gorgeous – a rarity at the strip club. So even though the female strippers don’t like you in their area, you have to hang out there until it’s time to go upstairs to to the male strip show. When the male show is set to start, they come grab you & take you up.Unlike most other patrons, I was not wasted and had maybe just a drink or two. You get one drink with your $25 admission fee. So basically what the male stripping is upstairs, is each guy has a theme – cowboy, firefighter, Zorro and they keep to this theme in their act. They strip all the way down yet keep a towel over their pillypocket at ALL times. I was completely fine with this but seems kind of funny to me to use a towel. Why not just keep on your man thong?I had never been to a male strip club before and never after, some girls felt mega uncomfortable but it’s a strip club. You know what you’re getting yourself into when you go! I had an enjoyable time sitting back, watching some of my girlfriends really get into it! It was hilarious more than anything else. I’d definitely go back!

  57. Valuable Customer

    I go to this club very often and have no complaints all the ladies are nice and very pleasent to be around. If your in the area stopping here is a must

  58. george

    If you want to get ripped off go to the sugar shack

  59. candace

    Wish they had more colored women. U know hispanic, asian, or even black. Pretty plane line up, dancers looked physically the same. Its 2010 dont be afraid to expand!

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