Vegas Gentlemen’s Club



W9031 U.S. 14, Darien, WI 53114


42.5878168, -88.6914714




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Vegas Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Sexy Female Customer

    Visited this club and I cannot say enough good things about this place! Laid back, cozy, fun fun variety of girls-sexy sexy, friendly door men, sexy and sweet bar tenders, tasty hot fresh foods-many types of wings! DJ that will play music you ask for, Day manager gave free passes to the guys that came in….just a great experience!!! I just love this place and the friends and I will be going back! The day or night shift dancers and staff were all equally great so anytime day or night to stop in you should, it’s definitely worth the trip out!

  2. t


  3. Harleychick

    there was only one really friendly dancer. there was one very fat dancer (ick) the girls didn’t even dance or use the pole, overall we were disappointed. the once nice thing was that women get in free.

  4. Visitor

    Brooke is highly recommended. Fantastic boobs and a playful attitude.

  5. gititttt
  6. Titty Luvr

    Went to this club for the first time. Started out a little slow when this dancer came and asked if I was ready to “wiggle”. She had a beautiful face and tits to die for. Excellent dance. Was hit on a few times to buy dances and drinks but they gave up after my lackluster enthusiasm. Finally, I was wandering around the club getting ready to head out and Tara got done with her set. She came right up to me and asked for a dance. She was astounding!!!! Pretty blonde, a few tats, a little belly and some hips (evidence of a baby or two…but hey, I like that look…makes women look realistic), nice C cup tits. Shit! can she dance! When I go back, I’ll definitely be looking for her!

  7. Canny
  8. Monger

    I visited this place once and never again will I ever come back! I was treated very poorly by the bartender! Went there with a friend we sat at the bar for more than 30 minutes and she totally ignored us! The only reason I could think of is she’s racist and must of thought we were Hispanics because of our dark hair and eyes. Stupid broad can’t tell Italians from Mexicans smdh. Finally after a half hour of being ignored at the bar just feet like 10 feet away from that dumb ass bitch the other employee at the bar finally took our drink orders. We finished our drinks and left. We went there looking for a good time and were there to spend money on drinks and dances dumb bitch ruined our evening. Never again am I going there.

  9. Jim

    Their is a lot of young dancers their. Must have been the nite you went, most of these girls are very talented and very hott. I’ll keep on going back.

  10. dde
  11. michael

    luv this place!!

  12. flashhy
  13. Captain

    Helluva nice bunch of people…always a great time

  14. yohniZ


  15. Hona

    I must say i have never been on here but i love my club and my girls! We are the best around! Trust me i have been to all the area strip clubs! LOL! we are hott no matter who says what!

  16. "Traveling" Tim

    was there last week met a dancer named ash very nice& unique

    girl works hard but politely recommend that one gives great

    dances. i got annoyed with some dancers.

    one(melissa/mariza?)was so drunk she fell on stage trying to

    do some pole tricks she said she was the best pole dancer

    around BAD drunkwhore great drinks bartenders were nice

    music was different not overplayed very nice i travel for

    work&will be back unless drunk trailer trash is there

  17. kelnlaur

    The dancers are friendly and attentive. Good music variety. Overall very good time. Friendly to female guests.

  18. Jimmy

    Great place to spend a couple hours. Hot girls and excellent service. Definitely a must when you’re in the area.

  19. karen

    tim kuehl and his mom were here last night, why don’t they stay in Lebanon where they belong….stop calling us sluts, and whores.

  20. Big

    Lots of fun. Was in their saturday during the day had a blast with a red head with a sweet ass

  21. kenny
  22. Juice

    Went on a moday nite was not very busy, was kinda dissapointed in the hospitality i received,i did come with money to burn, but the girls were hot.

  23. Taylor P.

    At a country intersection four miles west of Delavan a former steakhouse has turned into an interesting nightclub.Sitting kitty corner across from a motel and a bar, this place packs ’em in. The parking lot is nearly always filled on weekends. For a cover of five bucks, you can get into this place and see two different stages. Oh, stages. I forgot to mention this is a topless bar — one of three clubs total in Walworth County. This one didn’t get grandfathered in time — the Sugar Shack outside Lake Geneva serves liquor and is all nude. I am pretty sure most clubs in the state and elsewhere do not operate like this.Girls here are off and on. I have had one night with a bunch of guy friends here that was just crazy. They had a hostess girl who was quite attractive, but apparently she thought it was fun to come around the table and hop in your lap and fondle you. It was fun — until she gave me a hickey. Try explaining that one.On another memorable occasion I was there and spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a former middle school guidance counselor. He also taught some classes, but I bet he couldn’t help but notice three of his former students taking in the sights. He was happily engaged in talking to one stripper. I wont soon forget that “sighting.”

  24. sam
  25. heaven

    horrible place to work.

  26. ad


  27. never again

    my first time here-this place was a twightlite zone-never again-i felt like i was in a bad foreign filming of some turkish mob movie. the girls and staff seemed to be all geeked out on coke or who know’s what. there was a greasy greek-albanian lookin man who was so piss drunk i cant believe he wasnt kicked out, some girl said he was the owner- cant believe it. the good lookin girls-few of- were pushy and drugged out. had a good time with jillian and ginger- but cost too much. a huge drugged out looking bouncer pacing around shaking his head at the albanian. very scary place- seemed like a drunk and druggie’s hangout. not a place to have a good time. saw a very drunk guy gettin ripped off, went to the atm three times in a hour. stay away

  28. Sicily

    I think there is a new girl in town!!!!!!

    I have 3 words! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. david rucker

    this is the best club ever the ladies are sweet and are never bitches. this club is great, keep it up girls.

  30. Bob

    I love this place!

  31. joe
  32. pee
  33. double d
  34. Happy customer

    I went to this club on a Saturday night and Had a great time it was some what busy not very. Deja Vu was one dancers name she was smokin hot. Tyler was another dancers name she was very cute and super nice talked to her a good share of the night and she didnt try to husstle me. The Bartenders are hot too. I will return and do recomend.

  35. jose

    mucha bad

  36. shay
  37. Tiny
  38. cc

    wonderful atmosphere beautiful girls

  39. gene


  40. Buzzman

    I drive up from Il and I have never had a problem here yet. I always have a great time here.

  41. bookie

    love the day time girls always have a great time when tj is bartending thanks

  42. Tom

    I had a wonderful time and will return!

  43. dancers
  44. harvey

    the blondes at this club rule!!!!!!!

  45. sean
  46. carl

    i really enjoy the girls during the day they’re always having alot of fun and help you to have a great time love going there and will keep coming back

  47. kara
  48. happy camper

    stopped by on a sat afternoon.had a great time with the very

    “friendly girls”

  49. iggy

    had a great time girls treated me nice.

  50. SADIE

    Whatever anyone says I love my club! And the girls!

  51. Big G

    I have lots of fun at this club. Too bad its in the stix.

  52. Cheese Factory
  53. Ben

    Much better than the competitor, show palace. smaller but the music, girl, food, and atmospehere is a lot better. on a scale 1 to 10 i would give an 8. for sure will be returning!!!

  54. Dave


  55. Brian

    I had a great time here. Will return for more fun. The dancers are all great.

  56. CookieMonster

    Girls are a lot of fun and easy to talk to. Excellent food and dive bar atmosphere. Not pretentious in the least.

  57. jack
  58. lol

    funny club

  59. love

    wonderful club although some of these bitches think there shit dont stink and they need to get over it come on now u get naked for a fuckin dollar

  60. Hayden

    This club is fucking amazing! All the girls are very sweet and lots of fun!


  61. adid
  62. Joker
  63. trash
  64. J

    There are many talented and beautiful woman in this club. I love this place and will keep coming back.

  65. mike
  66. enzo

    some girls are rude but others are great so it evens out

  67. BigB

    All around wonderful club. Only a couple women that shouldn’t have been there. The rest were from just pretty to drop dead gorgeous. The food was great.

  68. Tweak

    I have fallen in love with this club. I can’tg help but think about the good times I’ve had and the quality of private dances I have received. The girls offer a little something for everything. While there are a few broads I rather not see here the few that I’ve been interested in bring me to my knees. I compare every other club to this one now. There are hotter woman and nicer clubs but none have put a smile on my face like this one lately. I’m overdue… Thursday night looks like a fine option!!! I only wish I lived closer.

  69. garfield
  70. danny

    no thanks.

  71. jeff

    nasty bitches took my money, and then wanted me to buy them drinks…i ask for a bj, they said 50 bucks…i offered a buck, cmon!! suck me sluts

  72. pually

    just dont like it much…

  73. Gary

    The day shift is the best, great stop for lunch or dinner! Had a super VIP with Stephanie, hot blonde with a great ass. I’ll be back…

  74. Brain

    Have been going here for years. Has usually been a great time while hanging with the ladies..

  75. Nautica
  76. steve

    it was ok, i would have had a much better time if the dancers didn’t keep telling me about all their problems and about all the drama behind the scenes.

  77. HOTT

    I love this club, most of the girls are very attractive…nice bodies on most of them. Ill keep coming back!

  78. halo

    garbagge. girls are trashy

  79. st

    Love it there. Hope gemini waits for me to get back, miss her bad. See ya soon. Friendly corteous employee’s

  80. joeblow

    Long legged lovely Vanessa was the best girl this club ever had. I wish she still danced here.

  81. no

    hated it

  82. BadgerBill3rd

    Wonderful place to relax and unwind!

  83. EX

    I used to be a dancer here and it was bullshit!Stuck up bitches and this club is unsafe.I did a VIP and the guy held me down tried ripping my bottoms off I screamed and yelled stop no one came to help me!I quit right after so ladies be safe and think twice before going here!

  84. rockett
  85. T.J.

    Our club and all the girls are great keep on coming to hang out with us stay cool! love ya

  86. Derick

    Worst club I have ever been to in my life

  87. Cookie Monster
  88. Billy

    went for lunch last week…have a few nice girls. Bought a vip with a blonde named stephani….was okay, lighting hides a lot of flaws and should have gone with one of the younger girls. The place just has an over-all creepy feel to it and definately needs some updating.

  89. mark

    keep tim kuehl and kurt schutte outa here, get some good looking girls, clean the place with lysol, tell the girls stop turning tricks for money, the place may have a chance

  90. darek

    Will never return. dirty, unfriendly staff

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