The Den Gentlemen’s Club



8 U.S. 85, Cheyenne, CO 82007


41.1187533, -104.8048944




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Den Gentlemen’s Club

  1. tonycluber

    SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!! I’ve never walked out of a strip club with un-used singles until the other night. 5 girls on a Saturday?? I don’t expect much from the den but when the biggest boobs look like a botched boob job on a 40+year old dancer its time to give it a rest. And the other girls were fugly with little flapjacks. Sad sad sad.

  2. just there

    I was at the club a while ago …man what an improvement! everyone is friendly and loves to have fun. Don makes great crown and cokes ! the music is great too ! a must stop in WY.

  3. Sam

    This place rocks. The girls are awesome and friendly.

  4. Dustin
  5. Ryan

    Drinks way over priced way over priced

  6. Phil

    If its your birthday, LET THEM KNOW!!!!!

  7. Kazee

    i like the den ALOT Petes awesome and so are the girls!

  8. Bob

    One hot dancer. She talked with the bartender the whole time and ignored customers. Not worth the drive.

  9. josiah dorton

    this club sucks go airforce

  10. Lanier

    The private dance from Niki was awesome. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  11. good girl

    club ok not enough money and to much drama that gets around to customers

  12. me
  13. Bill

    The women are attractive enough but this is not a club to go to if you want interaction. Most of the women do not even glance at the men that have tipped them when they leave the stage and just go back to hang out with their friends. The lap dances are reasonably priced but it seems like most of the women don’t really like doing it. This is really more like a bar that has women dancing topless than a real strip club (think Deja Vu, Hustler’s etc.). But if your expectations are low enough you can enjoy a few drinks, some music, and looking at the women. Just don’t expect them to be real friendly.

  14. jimmy
  15. Arimaris

    Lap dance from Baby Doll is a must. If you like women who have some meat on their bones then Pandora is excellent as well.

  16. Mike

    It is rare when I go to a strip club and actually feel worse than when I went in. First off, the positives. I was greeted at the door by the bartender, nice guy, very helpful. Atmosphere of the place is like everyone says, small, but I like the more intimate places. The dancers were nice to look at. When I go to a strip club, I’m ready to spend money. When I go to Vegas, I know what I want to spend for a good time. When I go to a strip club, I know what I want to spend for a good time. Tonight I took nearly $150.00, ready to leave it if the entertainment was good. Other reviews have said how the drinks are overpriced. As strip clubs go, they were about in the middle. Now the negatives. I went in with $150.00 ready to spend, I left with close to $130.00. Other reviews say how relaxed the atosphere is, that’s a plus in my book, but this place is a little too relaxed. The dancers would do their set, then hang out with the same people after each set. I don’t know if they were going to get laid by these guys, or if they were their sugar daddies, more power to them, but for guys like me it was a real turn off. When they were on stage it didn’t matter if you tipped $1.00, $2.00, or $5.00, you got the same personal performance. I didn’t bother trying to tip $10.00, it would probably be more of the same. The dancers took their time with each person tipping them, that should be a plus. I was infatuated with dancer “Vanessa” Great tits and a tatoo on her back, and friendly on stage. Sure she was a little chubby, but she was sexy that way. I tipped her $1.00 the first time and had a great time while she waved her tits in my face. Later they opened up a 2nd stage and she was there. I was on one side, 4 other guys were on the other, they tipped her $1.00. I had $5.00 laid out. She went through 2 songs and still hadn’t gotten to me. I picked up my tip and left. I didn’t bother with a lap dance or anything else. I may try them one more time, but probably not. If you go, tip the minimum and save some money. But I would almost say, don’t even bother with the place.

  17. Matt

    This was one of the better strip clubs I have ever been to and is totally worth the drive from Denver. The girls are hot and give you plenty of bang for your buck! I cant wait to go back

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