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10 Custom House Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202


39.2894401, -76.6098768




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Norma Jean’s Club

  1. JJ Walker

    This club was not Dynomite

  2. cookdaddy

    Phat chicks,need to calm down on the buying drinks harassment from the girls

  3. Tony D.

    Finally checked out Norma’s last weekend and all I can say is WOW- what an unforgettable experience! If you’re into huge booties then this is def where you wanna be. The girls were hot and the bartenders… if they only danced! Staff and security were on point and they are def pushin a great party atmosphere. I will def be frequenting this club more!

  5. Lakiya P.

    1st time there sometime last yr with my bf. Never been to a strip club it was something to do (especially at that time of night) was kinda uncomfortable walking in even though females are a beautiful creation from God hint hint. I saw 1 girl that stood out among all the rest so I told my bf that’s the 1 I like. .. pretty face and nice body hmmm u already know what time it was… not knowing as I turned my head he had her come over to give me the best lap dance ever. … needs to say I left with a smile on my face and turned on for him. Overall I had a good time with my other half. It’s nice when u can go as a couple and have a good time and enjoy urself. I would go back

  6. fantasies

    this place sucks come to fantasies

  7. Kimberly C.

    I went with my boyfriend on labor day weekend last year and had a really great time. I love the set up. It had the stage in the middle of the bar and seating off to the sides and at the bar. No cover!! Maybe it was a holiday thing but im not sure. It had a grown and sexy but not too complicated vibe. The DJ was playing nice strip songs.The Bartender was nice and pretty and the drinks were reasonably priced and strong. The girls on stage transition every 20 minutes or so and were very sexy, cute and a little in between. The girls who were okay looking were nice and friendly without being pushy so I tipped them SOMETHING. The women I received dances from were pretty and soft and gave a hell of a show. They earned it.They have a $20 VIP area for private dances. Next time I’m in Baltimore I will be back. best strip club that I’ve experienced so far.Would of gave 5 stars but the area looks a little sketchy but once you get inside its all good.

  8. RT

    The best looking dancers in baltimore by far. Only problem is that they pay more attention to high rollers then regular guys but i dont blame them. The bartneders are sexy ass well. Nice club to go to.

  9. john

    B warned white guys its a all black club. I did”nt know. Its fuckin crazy in there. Would not recamend 4 white guys.

  10. maxxy1

    My favorite spot in college. Had plenty of drunken nights. lol Shots out to Kianna Jade.

  11. LaToya B.

    I have come to Norma Jeans a couple of times with my male and female friends. But my most recent visit was by far the best! They have changed the decor and seating in the VIP tables. The dancers were beautiful and very friendly. They definitely took great care of us. The bouncer in our section seemed to be overly aggressive when it came to what he would allow the girls at our table to do. He was so concerned with our table he didn’t once leave out area until he made the two dancer we had first switch with two other dancers(which weren’t all that) but none the less we enjoyed our night. I found it a little odd when my friends and I went to the restroom we shared the bathroom with the dancers

  12. eddyL

    Had an awesome night for my Bachelor Party. The prices for drinks are a bit much but, still fair. The bartenders were awesome an able to handle a party of 12 on a busy Friday Night.

  13. Joe

    The girls in here look pretty good.

    But some are very stuck up.And some of them lied and tried to hustle me out of my money.They are very greedy here.

    There is a ten dollar cover charge some nights now.After 9 pm.

    And the ladies drinks,are Thirty dollars now.

    I do not think men should support this rip-OFF place .

    I am one of them.

  14. jay rock

    its ok if u like black girls / but no class / n its pretty ghetto

  15. Johnnyboy123

    Overall, this place is it–good music, good vibes, and beautiful women who genuinely look like they’re enjoying themselves. Cons: 1) little to no privacy in the bathrooms (only one stall with a door), but the guard was nice enough to block-off the men’s for a bit to let us use it and; 2) the bar only accepts cash–no cards. (They have an ATM, though.)

  16. Vanessa

    this club should be shut down. yes, its that bad

  17. winston12

    Good environment… Very good dancers and overall fun just to hangout and get away.. door coverage price was very reasonable.

  18. timmykilla

    Great dancers, a mix of old and new, they get pretty into the dancing so that’s nice, good mix of races Got laid out if this place, stayed til closing and a dancer went home with me, not saying you can do the same it was just a combination of lucky occurrences

  19. Mamicita

    I wish the bartenders were dancing. They were the only good looking ones in there. Dancers had pancake titties.

  20. Kareem J.

    My 4th of July experience at Norma’s was meh. My lady and I got there a bit early, so there weren’t any strippers on the floor. We paid a $20 cover. The bartenders were innatentive even though the place was empty. Not the Norma Jean’s I knew when it first opened. I brag about the place all the time. Embarrassed bringing a first-time guest.

  21. sean

    hot asses

  22. Kel

    I visit this club on a pretty regular basis. The girls are hot but some of them are stuck up. Most of them are pretty friendly though. I enjoy the fact that the dancers don’t have a problem interacting with woman. Hey I guess money is money.

  23. Kennard

    I live about 5 minutes from the block, and usually when me n my ppls get bored and go downtown, we’ll end up down there… It’s a kool atmosphere, especially since they took over that hole in the wall formely known as Foxy Ladies. They knocked the wall separating the two clubs down, and now Norma’s is bigger n better than ever.. Two stages, two bars.. If you haven’t been in a while, check ’em out.. ; )

  24. Leon

    You’ll never see me here again. Terrible

  25. scott

    shit hole no class

  26. Rick

    Some of the best looking dancers on the strip in Baltimore. Lots of pretty black girls. The barmaids are hot, but somewhat inattentive. The layout is nice. Pool tables on elevated level. Lots of TV with mostly sports programming. Domestic beers sold in cans. Dancers tend to huddle together at end of stage when they are not dancing. They are not as engaging as they were in times past. The club is not hurting for clientele, so I guess everyone is making plenty of money. No need to hustle. Seems like the girls sit with their regular clients. The club is clean and modern.

  27. Stan

    Been there twice in past month, on a weeknight and a Friday night. Both times found a variety of quality of dancers, enough really hot ones to make it interesting. If you like well-built black women, you’ll be happy here. YMMV as far as quality of laps go, depending on the dancer. If you pick the right one you’ll have fun. Some of the really hot looking dancers seem disinterested in doing laps. Maybe theyre making enough tips on the stage that they dont need laps. Its still a great place to hang out have a few drinks while soaking up the scenery on and off stage.

  28. larry1

    Checked this spot out on a Monday night after going through the other clubs on the block. I had rub my eyes because I saw the most strippers I’ve EVER seen in a strip club. I didn’t know if it was a promotion or someones birthday. There was no cover charge or any mandatory drink buy. Only spent $10 in this club that night and had plenty of lap dances from different strippers. Will definitely be back next Monday night.

  29. Allen W.

    Outstanding!!! The girls have the best attitudes and they can dance well! Touch all you want, drink some beers and have an amazing time. I’ll definitely be back when I’m in town. Drink prices are kind of high. Not too, but higher than usual. Probably because table dances are free. The women are absolutely gorgeous. Go there and have fun!!!

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