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0 reviews for “McDoogals

  1. todd

    Crap hole of a place. high cover, no drinks, no hot water, girls were pretty hot, but the dances are in the open and very strict on touching.

  2. Alex

    The worst time I have ever had in a club. The problem was not the women on the stage it was the staff. First we will start with the very overweight lady behind the bar. WOW. I have never seen such a display of a bad attitude or lack of concern for the customers needs. She will text and eat at the corner of the bar until she has to move. When she has to move watch out, she is pissed that you had the nerve to ask for something! She is on her cell phone all of the time texting someone, and is even shitty with some of the girls when they ask her anything. The bouncers are just plain rude to everyone, we do not need this. Go elsewhere if you intend on enjoying yourself, go there to see a fat, bitchy, unhappy lady tend bar; and be treated like shit by the staff.

  3. MK
  4. Steve

    Great Club.. by far the best looking women in Baltimore well worth the trip and the nude lap dances…

  5. JR

    This is not the fanciest place to go and it is BYOB, but the girls are friendly and the all nude lap dances can be as hot as anywhere. Chat with the girls, pick out your favorite and treat her well. Then sit back and enjoy the ride.

  6. greg

    lol!!!! it’s true about the giant woman!!lol!! i have never seen someone talk, text and EAT so much! IF you go you are guaranteed a LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wayne

    Saw some HOT women last night. Missy and Natalie are the hottest.

  8. WTF?

    I have never seen such miserable management in a strip club

  9. camden

    Cover is too high for this dump it’s hos.

  10. gil

    Go across the bridge to the point. At least they don’t pretend they are upscale

  11. frank

    The girls are hot, the place is a hole. Better if you are drunk when you get there

  12. arnold

    my vote for shittiest strip club in the area

  13. Mel

    The Best Club I have been too.

  14. Shy Guy

    The girls are always nice to me. The bring your own drinks is a hassle, but I understand selling booze would mean an end to the naked ladies. This is a nice place.

  15. ds
  16. rod

    place is a fuckin joke bring ur own beer this place has no class

  17. Danni

    Love that the girls walk around naked on the floor!

  18. jay

    its nasty

  19. C B.

    I’ve been to a lot of places and a lot of places in the Baltimore area. If this club is close and convenient to you then it would be a great place. If you have to travel to get here, there may be better alternatives. I was lucky to be passing by on the way home from dropping off some papers to client.$16 admission and BYOB BUT only up to a 6-pack or a 1/2 pint of liquor is what I was told. I got there at 7pm on a Friday night.The club inside was a bit outdated and old feeling. However, it seems they did their best to spruce it up with xmas lights and they keep it pretty clean. The dressing rooms are open and you can see the girls get dressed (which was a first for me and a little weird). You can tell a lot by a place (whether it be a strip club or restaurant) by its bathroom. The bathroom here had an old condom dispensing machine and stalls were partitioned with old painted plywood.The girls dance in the middle of a racetrack “bar” which is a similar set up to Fantasies and Christina’s. This makes for a hard time to see the girls’ finer features since they are a bit far away. It also makes it hard to “Make it Rain”.The lap dances are $30 a song but the house doesn’t take a percentage. The girls pay the house a set payout plus they are obligated to sell sodas and water.The girls I saw that Friday were above average and IMO very attractive for the average stripclub. Most were fit and nice figures.In the end, I stayed only 2 hrs not because I didn’t enjoy myself or wanted to go. I was meeting my friend at my favorite stripclub later that night. I was very reluctant to leave. So that should you tell you something. Click on my other reviews and read with confidence that I know what I am talking about. 3 Stars – Loses points for not being able to get drunk there, ambiance, and remote location–but a very solid club.

  20. L McNichol

    Had a bachelor party this past Sat night. Great stage dance for our bachelor, bar staff was cool with letting us bring in some extra beer. Overall we had a great time even though the lighting / interior was kind of old.

  21. aa
  22. Club Man

    This place is awesome. I had a great time there Friday night.

    Not many customers there before 12 tho. The owner should offer specials or advertise.

  23. :)

    Thanks frog!!!;)

  24. max

    biggest shithole in bmore

  25. Happy Man

    Excellent up close and personal lap dances from naked women, I just love this place.

  26. Rob

    Every time I’ve been in, Woody has been behind the bar shooting the breeze and taking care of his customers. Service is excellent. But the reason to go is the ladies. Naked lap dances with hotties. MMM good! Mia, Missy and Michelle; sweethearts and great looking.

  27. damon


  28. Eyes

    Club is ok, but girls either pushy of stand offish.

  29. mike

    kind of a shithole. good looking dancers, but kind of fake

  30. fantasies

    fantasies rules

  31. Roadster

    had a decent time here with some friends the other night. sometimes the music a bit too loud, prefer clubs with a dj but not bad. will try this place again soon

  32. Terence

    not a bad little club, standouts are mia, leann, and missy

  33. tbone

    This place is whack. Stuck up girls that aint all that to begin with, and no alcohol? I will stick with the other place down the road. Only thing there is no nude laps. I don’t want some girls smelly stuff rubbing on my clothes anyway and at least I can get a drink.

  34. Brian

    Good crowd early Saturday night. Lucky guy on stage with beautiful girls, Summer and Paige for his bachelor party or something…wonder if they do the same for divorce parties! lol

  35. rj
  36. Short Dance

    I did not know the box was filled with burned CDs. That explains why my lap dances are always so damn short. If they are gonna play clipped songs they should clip the damn price.

    Clipped songs, steep cover charge, BYOB, no food, and $4 for a GD soda. Oh yeah! If you buy a Dancer a ‘drink’ that uses her own liquor you get charged $4 for HALF a soda. It is no wonder why the place is nearly empty even on a Friday or Saturday night.

  37. marcel

    Heard this was a good club. They were dead wrong. This place blows chunks.

  38. John

    I agree the overweight woman has to go, she is a total bitch who does not belong behind the bar. Most women who bartend at strip clubs are pretty, she is not even close and needs an attitude adjustment. When I needed a drink I had to wait too long for her and her bad attitude. When she is not eating she is on the phone, I would fire any employee that made customers wait for money or drinks while they text on thier cell phone. I could see her mouth to other employees “fucking asshole” and “Dickhead” about people at the bar. Thats great customer service. Why is there a dog on the stage with the girls? I paid to see woman dance naked, not to see a black flea ridden mutt on the stage. You can tell the girls did not like it, one of them told me that they have complained but were told by her that the dog has been there longer. The dog when not on stage lays in the middle of the floor and barks at people who pass by. I would say that there is a lawsuit in the making here, all it would take is one nip from the dog before they are sued.

    I hate to see a club that was once on top fall so far.

    Well, go pay to see a fat lady with a grim personality and her dog on the center stage if you want – I will not spend my money in a dump like this ever again!!! Years ago this place was tops, now it is a shadow of its former self. You can thank the fat chick with the bad disposition!

  39. ff
  40. cal

    this club sucks fantasies is the best

  41. humm
  42. snowblind

    By far the best stripclub around. Really cool staff, lots of lovely ladies to enjoy. That one Irish dancer they’ve got there is just gorgeous.

    I’ll definitely be a regular at this place!

  43. Joe

    Nude laps are ok but too well lit and open. Cant drink or smoke. Girls are not friendly

  44. brad

    trashiest club i’ve ever seen. really sucks

  45. Matt

    Cool place to hang out; lots of talent on the nights I’ve been there. Not the finest looking place but I’m not there to look at the lights or rate the chairs either! Can’t beat the BYOB policy. I’m in the door with a 6-pack for the night and I’m spending less than $25, including cover and beer.

  46. ryan

    sexy girls!

  47. Tony

    Although some may consider it a “dive” or a “dump” the club is actually comfortable, clean, and not too bad. Cover price is very fair. Tip for sitting at the bar is also very fair, and can sit at the bar for $20 for the night. Nice local girls, Lacey is one of the most attractive and most talented dancer’s I’ve found yet.

  48. Jeff

    The girls are beautiful and the bouncers are really friendly. The fully nude lap dances keep me coming back.

  49. c.m.

    They don’t need to hire any new girls; the ones they have now are very lovely and lots of fun, especially one girl in particular who is simply stunning..

  50. Richard

    Small, dark, and a fat chick at the front door eating food. We had fun with the bar staff and our stage dance was great.

  51. Miguel

    Great club. Look beyond the decor and you’ll have a great time.

  52. tyrone

    Why does this club open so late even on Saturday. Not good enough to come back out after I am home

  53. der
  54. the_amused
  55. WHY
  56. will

    Girls were fake but attractive, club was low budget. cover too high for this

  57. med4ladies
  58. Petey

    Awesome club. Gorgeous girls, and a lot of them. Also, great lap dances – well worth the money!!!

  59. allan

    hands down worst strip club in baltimore. dont waste your time or money here. you’ll be disappointed

  60. Wondering

    I havent been here in over 5 years and I know its a long shot but was wondering if anyone remembers a girl by the name of tatiana and if you know where she might have gone to. thanks in advance

  61. bobby b

    real shit hole. no reason to go

  62. poot

    bar too dark, dances too light

  63. Adam

    The girls were beautiful, especially Leanne

  64. fly

    This place could do with a makeover. but with nothing else around i guess they dont need to actually put any money in this place

  65. lil rod

    it was ok, place needs work and not that many hot chicks

  66. maxxy1

    I haven’t been to this club in almost 20 years so I thought that it would be different.Same Club. Different attitude.The only thing I disliked about it was the 13 dollar cover.I walked in on a weeknight thinking that it was going to be awful.I sat at the bar and not even 30 seconds later I look to my left and there is a beautiful fully naked girl standing next to me.I got a lap dance from her and it was worth every penny of the 30 dollars she charged because basically I told her what I liked and she didn’t disappoint.I’ll be back.

  67. bob
  68. wtf

    what in the hell is the fat ass door woman doin behind the bar?!?! not try’ing 2 be mean but she’s 2 big 2 be back there'(guy’s she dosnt fit)its like theres a BIG clown back there. its kinda funny but also very nauseateing!! THATS NOT WHAT I WANT 2 SEE AT A CLUB LETALONE A STRIP CLUB!!!!!!!!

  69. Aregular

    Tia, if you ever read these comments, Start doing something the get customers in the door. Revamp the web site to include a up-to-date weekly dancer schedules and current photos. Post cover charge discount coupons on SCL or the MD’s web site. Advertise on radio stations like 98 Rock. Get a couple Dancers to visit 98 Rock, 105.9, etc. Do something the club is die’n

  70. sam

    nice club

  71. Nick

    Nice place, fantastic girls!

  72. oscar

    disgusting dirty place. Good thing I was already drunk and just wanted to get my feel on.

  73. fuckery12

    Buddies of mine and I went their for my little brother’s 18th birthday and overall we had a good time. Girls were sexy of course there were couple bleguhhh ones but most of them were gorgeous and unlike some strip clubs they actually looked like they were enjoying themselves on the poles!I never been to one but my friends told me there were some strip clubs where girls look bored and drugged up!But not at mcdoogals! :)Lapdance was expensive at 30 dollars and they don’t serve alcohol which is why I took a star away. But you can bring your own alcohol and drink if you are 21 and up which isn’t too bad actually. But overall it was a good experience

  74. Baltguy5
  75. Chauncey

    The girls are clapped out, and the stage/ bar is old.

  76. martillo

    Not worth the price of admission. Lacking variety and talent.

  77. randy

    I went there Friday. You cant drink here? Whats the use?

  78. Xo
  79. joeblow
  80. Lester Long

    This place is a dump. Girls were average.

  81. Knatster
  82. Justacustomer

    Nothing new to add from previous posts.

    More Summer hate’n being posted on the comments forum, so nut’n new.

    The girls are great as always. I do hope Trinity and Bella come back soon. For that matter, I’m sure I am not the only one that would like to see Paige, Eve, Codi, and you can fill in a name or two that we would like to see return.

    Remember guys, the girls are working for tips, so let the cask and the good times roll (.)(.)

  83. skip

    to:martillo you must be from another club i love this place lots of ladies

  84. hal
  85. Brian J

    This is a long shot…there was this girl Gia from Boston

    that used to work here. anyone remember her???

  86. cracka
  87. Club Go'r

    This is my fav-o-rite Club ! A dancer named Trinity was really nice to me and we had a great time lap dancing. A couple of other ladies sat with me naked, it was heavenly.

    I saw they hired back the blond with guns tattoo on he back, bad move. She is very cold, unfriendly, and sits with a customer wearing a hooded jacket.

  88. daddy

    Mia Haze rocks!

  89. knat

    dara call me tape mea sure i cant believmue ur awesum

  90. Tim

    Great club, chicks are hot, lap dances are great…a little too expensive tho. Plently of girls on any given nite. Cheyenne is HOTT!!

  91. nicky

    had a decent time, but with no drinks and no private dance area, it was tame

  92. MG

    This is a fun club. It isn’t fancy, more like a neighborhood bar with a pool table, bright interior and a dozen or two dozen strippers added to the mix.

    Almost all of the dancers are white, but within that gamut there is a range from silicon barbies to natural MILFs. They might not all be 9s or 10s, but you’ll find something to strike your fancy.

    The selling point of this club is naked lap dances. 2 for $50. You can pretty much only touch their hips and legs (unlike the Wagon Wheel grope club), but the boobs in your face and the grindage is good I usually leave fully satisfied after just 2 dances.

    It’s BYOB so it’s relatively cheap. With cover, a six pack, 2 dances, and stage tips I usually drop less than $100 and have a very pleasant evening.

  93. BcluBBin

    I have been to a lot of clubs in my life and this had to be one of the best. I am originally from SoCal out here on business and this place ranks right with the best I have ever been to. The fat bartender was fine for me, just tip her you cheap fucks, she would bring me my next drink when she saw mine was getting low. The girls, Missy was smokin hot, were all hot and even the ok one’s were better than what you would fine somewhere else. I would recommend anyone to this place and I will be back for sure!!

  94. sk

    the club is a shithole. the girls are nasty and the bar smells like rotten ass

  95. lee

    IF you think this is a dump more people in here than any two clubs in balt.Iwished IT was mine

  96. tyler

    Low budget place. Kind of dirty, cold water in restroom. prety girls though.

  97. Clyde

    Needs an infusion of younger talent.

  98. chris

    hands down biggest shitbox in maryland

  99. George

    Went to the club Friday and had a great time. Beautiful dancers. Missy was my favorite!!

  100. jen

    low class place. kind of grubby. i wouldn’t work here.

  101. Franklyn

    The place was not great…we went on a wednesday night, so we didnt expect much! there were 4 ladies working 1 was a 7. one was a 6 and the other 2 was below 5 ( a 1 or 2). this is a good place for a hangout. there is no privacy in the dances(creepy old guys starring). i gave this place a 3 star because i have been to multiple strip clubs and this might be one of the worse (but still a good place for this area)!

  102. karen
  103. hunt

    felt like a walking ATM. I know thats the game but they dont have to e so obvious about it.

  104. Skylighter

    While the place looks run down, the girls are friendly. It is my favorite club in the area. They need some younger dancers

  105. s.

    awesome time! naked girls and byob!

  106. JD

    largest variety of female dancer I ever seen all were top quality plus very safe club

  107. Ron
  108. Another Fan

    i must agree with several of the prior comments. I always have a good time here. the girls are very attractive. However, i also agree with the statement about the dancers hiding out in the dressing room. every time i am there if there are 8 or so dancers on hand, only one will be sitting with a customer, the rest are in the dressing room

  109. bobby

    This is the best lap dance place i have seen in Baltimore. Bar is a shit hole though.

  110. hunter

    Was at BWI so I checked the place out. No near as bad as some have made it out to be. ALL the girls were very friendly to me and offered private dances but they were not pushy. The club does have sort of a strange set up but it is what it is. The girls do show it all off. I was short on cash so I skipped the VIP but I will try it next time for sure. The building does leave something to be desired but that does not bother me.

  111. Bugsy

    Bliss is hot as any woman gets!

  112. yari

    Pretty run down. Kind of a dump. Safe neighborhood. Sexy girls though

  113. frog

    Club has 30+very hot girls on the weekends. Lap dances are fully nude and very high contact. Lots to 2-way interaction and grinding. Recommend India Mona’e and Paige and Sateen and Shantay especially. BYOB which I love and a homey atmosphere.

  114. Dump

    This place is a real dump. Dancers were on the chunky side and the atmosphere sucks. Save your money for another place!

  115. MD Lover

    I really like this club, the girls are always great and a few can even pole dance like Krista, Jenna, and Roxy. What more can I say about Paige, she is a human Barbie Doll. It is awesome that many of the girls just run around naked all night.

  116. quagmire

    giggity giggity giggity goooooo

    love the place

  117. Tom

    This is a scummy place. Filthy and low budget. The girls were beautiful, but bring your own toilet paper!

  118. big

    no drinks? how do spend money on strippers sober?

  119. yuri

    We have better than this in igloos in Siberia. and heat too.

  120. bb
  121. ted

    one of best clubs in md.

  122. xx
  123. CARL

    I think this is one of best nude lap I had got very safe club very well run

  124. Dollar Dave

    Overall this is a dive. Maybe some extras available but for the most part you wouldnt want them.

  125. Re

    Is Darla working here? From Crazy Russian and Fantasies?

  126. stripclub lover
  127. Grant

    Stopped in a few nights ago and even though two of my favorite girls are on vacation I still had a great time. I spent all of my money on the two new HOT Russian girls.

  128. CharmCity

    I like the club and I love the girls

  129. plowboy

    Some damn fine lookin’ babes in this joint! Lapdances are a bargain too. Had fun talking to some of the ladies.

  130. christopher m.

    This club gets a 10/10 just for having the gorgeous and funny Dara there.

  131. Nuna

    Change your website Bill. False advertisment is no longer cool man.

  132. R

    I love this club. The girls are very pretty and the lap dances are great. There are so many fun girls there it is hard to choose when it comes time for a lap dance. I am very picky about strip clubs and the sort of girls I like to watch dance naked. This club is essentially the only club I will ever go to because no other club can compare to it in the Baltimore area.

  133. billy

    definitely the worst club in baltimore

  134. worried

    A couple weeks ago I was in the Club and was told to watch out for one of the dancers cause she was a pre-op tranny that liked to cross swords when she lap danced. Is this true or was i be’n put on ? ? ?

  135. usualMcDoogals

    The best Club i have ever been to. The dancers are the hottest, and i recommend going during a weekday, it is less crowded so dancers spend more time with you.

  136. SoCo Guy

    I took my gf to this club when we were dating. The girls working at the club were totally into her and it made her night. We had a blast there as a couple. I’ve been there before just by myself, but had way more fun when I had a girl with me.

    I can’t get over how down to earth and fun this club is. The girls are the most unpretentious dancers you will ever meet. Yeah, so the club isn’t fancy. So what you have to BYOB? But all the staff are friendly, and the girls are hot. Not fake hot. Not “just got a nasty tit job and collagen injection hot”. These are real and natural. Not just with their looks but with their personalities as well. I think I only saw a couple of sets of fake tits the whole night. Natural beauty is the way to go and this club has lots of it.

  137. Norris
  138. Jared

    Awesome club.. Want to spend alot of money, Krystyn & Dahlia are the most recommended. Give them all your money. They are goddesses.

  139. haley

    Went to see if I wanted to work there. Just not a fun place. girls were zombies, no energy.

  140. dj
  141. ME


  142. Dirk

    Any girls with really fat pussies here? You know, the kind that spill out.

  143. fritter17

    We were there tonight for a friend’s bachelor party. All the staff were courteous and all the dancers that we met were very friendly. All the dancers were cute, hott and/or sexy, but in my opinion, Maria was the cutest dancer there 🙂 Don’t forget to BYOB.

  144. Bunny

    Defiantly worth a visit. Some of the prettiest girls in the area with a

    number of varied different types of personality (which is refreshing),

    dancing abilities, conversational skills, lap dancing styles etc,.

    Rate this club 10/10 stars but the slider wonts move past 0!

  145. marty

    worst club i’ve ever been to in baltimore. i cant believe that the owner of this dump won’t invest some $$$ to make the dump at least a little respectable. it’s a flat out dive. not to mention you cant even buy a drink which means it really doesn’t even qualify as a bar.

  146. McD Fan

    I always have a good time here.

    Manager needs to chase the girls out of the dressing room.

    Bring back Sarah and Sierra

    Do promotions to bring in customers

  147. dell

    best deal around

  148. we
  149. big john

    TO Bill please keep the club like it is now I see no false statements

  150. Awful

    This place is a ripoff. Letthe skanks keep their nasty panties on

  151. Pode

    Best I’ve found anywhere near DC. Does one thing and does it well: hot friendly naked women. Don’t go for anything else.

  152. big c

    Went to this club for the first time. Girls are very very very hot. There was only one girl that i didnt find attractive and it was just her face, body was very nice. Girls are very sexy, over half have fake chest, but nothing to complain about there. They girls are very firendly and acctually enjoyable to talk to. They are money grobbers though as they only talk to you to ask your for a private dance, But its nice that the first words out of there mouths isnt to ask if you want a dance. The stage is in the middle of the bar and the girls cant dance for you while on stage, and if you sit at the bar you have to tip each girl when she gets off. so if you dont want to tip every girl dont sit at the bar, though you wont mind tiping most of the girls. there are a couple of pool tables and the vips is just an open couch area. This club is good becuase of how damn beautiful the girls are. I have never seen so many top self girls in a club unless your at one of the big clubs in veags or ny or some place like that. It defintly has the best looking girls in baltimore. They grils do walk around fully nude most of the time too. They are beautiful. it is byob and you have to give your beer to the bartender and ask for them which isnt that bad. dances are far prices. This is a pretty good club, I know ill go back for sure cause of how hot the girls are. defintly worth a trip.

  153. paying customer

    I have to say i have been to this club in the past and the

    overall quality of the dancers needed a lot of work but went

    there Saturday and there where a bunch of new girls very

    beautiful girls I will be back

  154. XPo


  155. Sctripper

    This is one of the best clubs I have even visited. The place is one of the best with some of the best lap dances on the east coast. The women here are very kind (with a couple exceptions)and sweet. I have now been coming here for 4 years.

  156. A Fan

    Management need to do something to bring in business.

    The only way to keep top girls is if they make money.

    They only make money if the men come into the club.

    There is no advertising, and the wed page sucks.

    i like the club, i like a couple girls like the new Sarah.

  157. Nan

    Like the place !

  158. MD Man

    If your are looking for great lap dances, get together with Sarah, Lexi, Sierra , and Hayden.

    I must agree with Bunny, I really like McDoogal’s

    A Club full of naked girls, what’s not to like !

  159. Nippy

    Shithole club with a gay guy with a long beard taking money at the front door. Don’t waste your time.

  160. oo
  161. socoguy

    I just keep coming back to this club, and never walk away disappointed. The women here are attentive, beautiful, good dancers, and know how to show a guy a good time. If you are looking for strippers who are fake, with fake bodies and fake attitudes, do not come here. If you are looking for real women who know how to treat a guy right, then this is the place for you.

  162. uo
  163. Brandon

    Seemed to be a slow night the girls where not mingling.

  164. lol
  165. customer
  166. dan

    Place is a joke. These girls r nasty puss hoes

  167. kim


  168. Cluber

    The Dancers are great.

    The lap dances to short. The jute box plays CDs burned by the employees so the songs are all cut short to be 3 mins or less.

    The Club is a dump. You can’t even dry yer hands in the r/r.

    Did I mention that the Dancers are great! With it being BYOB the girls are free to be naked full time, and many are. About 90% are friendly with a few bitchy hustlers.

    IMHO: Kendra, Michelle, Codi, Roxy, Stacy for hot lap dances.

  169. fff
  170. tt
  171. darla

    this club is so much better than fantasies!

  172. miles

    a freakin joke. this is baltimore’s worst club period

  173. Jimbo

    More hot women are needed!

  174. jermaine

    this club has nothing going for it. steer clear of it

  175. Jrzsurf79

    When i visited baltimore we didnt believe mcdoogals was going to be the greatest strip club there but we took a chance and it ended out very well. The cover charge is fairly expensive its about $13 all week and fridays and weekends its around $16.Saying most of the girls are gorgeous is an under statement, turns out theyre all drop dead sexy and are very hospitible and definitely make up for anything missing. The bar is mainly setup around the stage which is somewhat small but theyre are also private tables/stages as well. Lap dances cost roughly around $30 and are roughly around 5 minutes. but are definitely worth it and are done in an open area in the back of the club on very comfortable leather couches. Overall this club was a great place to end an awesome trip and I would have to say that i would go to McDoogals again.

  176. mm
  177. qw
  178. James NEW GIRL!! (MEYA)

    I went for a night out on Thursday just got my paycheck!! so I figured hey I’ll go and hang out at the show bar The Famous McDougal’s so I pay for the cover and I go in, 20 minutes into my drink I believe it was a new girl that I seen get on stage, She is really pretty, slim body boy did she look good in those pink shorts so I decided to get up out of my seat to give her a tip when she got down she happened to come over to talk to me she had a really nice smile and a very nice attitude She told me her name! it was MEYA. I ended up getting a few lap dances with her it was REALLY good!!!. So if anyone ends up going in there please don’t take my girlfriend I found her first but if you happen to get one dance with her I promise You won’t be disappointed MEYA I will be back for you I promise

  179. jimmy

    all in all this was a decent club.all of the ladies were easy on the eyes.this is a b.y.o.b club and once you bring your drinks inside you can NOT take them with you when you leave unless you are in a limo.its not the clubs fault,its the county LAW.

  180. PC

    I have a great time every time I go.

  181. Frat house

    This place is a real dump. Dancers were on the chunky side and the atmosphere sucks. Save your money for another place!

  182. Noworries

    Re: worried – Someone was just pulling your leg. All the girls here are real girls, and real nice to the customers.

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