Bouzouki Greektown



432 East Lafayette Street, Detroit, MI 48226


42.3336696, -83.0423978




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bouzouki Greektown

  1. igor34

    This is topless bar & lounge. This is my first time be in a strip club. They allow you to touch them. They have girls show too. This club allow women.

  2. dave

    Best Club in Detroit

  3. Barry

    Been to this bar a few times during the dayshift they need to knock a couple of dollars off the price of drinks during the day.

  4. Don

    Nice club. Hot dancers. Good private dances. Cover is cheap. Drinks are a rip off.

  5. Jolie

    HMMM..what can I say…I tried it and didn’t like it…like Clinton smoking boo!

  6. olmie

    Tons of hot girls, A+ lap dances (if you get the right girl) … best club in detroit

  7. Mike

    By far the best entertainment in the D!

  8. Todd

    I heard Melissa is back here, is this true?

  9. Cammy

    Is a hottie!

  10. Mo

    My favorite club in the Detroit area.

  11. AssnTits5

    Boobs pressed against your face. You pumped yet? So me and some folks stroll in. Everyone’s cool. The place is clean. The pisser is on point with both soap and paper towel. And guess what, the girls are all about kickin back and slapping your homie for $10 or just telling you about how their tattoo is two dragons fighting over the pussy. Also, I lost my credit card at some other place and everyone jumped to it trying to track it down. I been to many a titty bar and these dudes are cool as shit. Down home, dirty neon strip club. And this was 7pm on a mother fucking Sunday.

  12. Heather

    No drama just SEXY!!

  13. Sam

    Does this club still have Greek Food?

  14. sarah


  15. Mistercap12

    Dancer told me it was 20 dollars for a dance so when went up and had a good time. After my 20 dollar dance she tells me it’s 200. Calls the bouncer over and he tells me I owe 500 now. I tell him that’s not was agreed upon and he then try’s to get to go to a atm across the street to pay up. My buddy and I then go over so we can get out of the place and then we tell him were not giving him anymore money because I already gave the dancer 20 like I was told. We leave walk down the street and some cop I’m sure this place is paying shows up. Tells me I’m going to get a ticket. I tell him to piss off because I’m getting hustled right now. He takes my id and then we walk back. He goes in and then comes back out and tells me to have a good night and gives me my id. Wouldn’t give me his badge number or anything. After seeing how corrupt this place is along with the police who are supposedly here to serve the people I advise everyone to stay away unless you want to get taken advantage of. Shady and scum management.

  16. JAY J

    Went two nights in a row. Hot girls, pricey beers. I waited all night for a girl to ask if i wanted a dance but no one came around. I waited a while for beers too, but when i got my dance it totally made up for all the BS. HOT “Nicki”.

  17. Keep It Real

    Went here on 8/25/07 and had a great time. There were LOTS of girls and the ones I spent time with were very approachable, friendly and fun to be with. Private dances were great as well, and the DJ keeps the songs at a good length. I’ll be back!

  18. Lorraine Fan

    You is HOT!!!

  19. Dino

    Good Times and beautiful women!

  20. Lucas

    My friends and I were here for a Bachelor Party on saturday, everyone had a great time.

  21. Alex

    Not too shabby…

  22. John Boy

    My favorite place to be after Red Wing Games!

  23. Abdul

    It’s the same. Boring and dull

  24. jimmcman9

    PLAHOUSE OPENING DAY 734-941-3144

  25. Dayton

    Have been there several times when up there on business, from Dayton, Ohio, great place. Had a good time with Laura & Kim. Laura you told me you was coming down here to Cheeks in Dayton sometime. Please let me know when you will be coming so my business partner and I will see you??? Missed you both at breakfast the other morning

  26. Mr Man

    I used to come in here quite a bit back between 2004 and 2011. They used to be a girl named Lotus that works here that was one of my regulars to see. Beautiful half Vietnamese. Crazy light brown eyes, long dark hair down to the middle of her back. Very sexy and erotic. Very toned and muscular legs. Used to come here a lot after the football and baseball games. Staff and management was always friendly. Girls were always friendly. Dances were always great. Lotus was a great dancer and great conversation. Now I live out of state and don’t get a chance to come back here very often but when I am in town I always make it a point to come once or twice. Last time I was there was about 5 months ago. Club is still one of the best in Detroit but a few things have changed since the good old days when I used to go all the time. Management is still friendly and the girls are so friendly but I’ve noticed that a lot more like to pay more attention to their phones than they do the guys. But I guess that’s what you get when you combine a 23 year old and a smartphone. Overall, Club is still one of the classiest places in Detroit.

  27. Lou

    Is Tabitha still here and what days?

  28. AL

    Some dancers went here from Playhouse, but I noticed that most

    returned to THE PLAYHOUSE! The place was jam packed on

    Wednesday Night. It’s a GREAT club! If you haven’t stopped in

    there lately, DO yourself a favor and CHECK PLAYHOUSE OUT!!!

  29. Booty Bus

    What’s the story with the Bus?

  30. ryancn77

    ok exteamly beautful girls and good number of them ,,,,4 girls on stage at all times,new girl on every song,but now the bad i tiped a girl 25 dollers when she was on stage and told her i wanted a dance twice ,she never came back,i got asked bye only one girl for a dance i finally had to go find a new girl and had to go get her most of the girls wont move around at all ,,,,vip gets packed and you will be getting a dance with a guy less than 2and a half feet away.

  31. timmykilla

    I am a fan!!!What more can I say. It’s a place of joy, cleaner than some of the other joints in the area. Get yo 1’s sons, BZK’s is the Bomb.Com Kaboom!

  32. fuckery12

    Low key strip club that is friendly to women and couples. I’ve come here a few times with a date on a slow weeknight. The ladies are eager to come over and introduce themselves. It’s smart to make the woman feel comfortable and these ladies know how to do that. The drinks are overpriced but at a strip club they always are. A Cosmopolitan and Belvedere on the rocks came to $22. Oh well you don’t go there for cheap drinks. I like boobies and women who smell good so I’ll be back.

  33. Jimmy

    What you gonna do when they come for you?

  34. Tom

    I stopped in on Monday and they are starting to remodel the place.

  35. rogerrab2

    Nice place. Good atmosphere. I will return. I found it very entertaining and very nice looking people.

  36. Lions Home Games

    This is the only place to be after any game!

  37. fernando

    i love it!

  38. mike jones

    the club is a dump bottom line, food i wouldnt serve the bum that stand out side and rob people. cock roaches rats in the building a dildo owner that stares at everyonethey dont wash any dishes fat ass strippers a disgrace to the city of detroit right up there with kilpatrick

  39. Dakota

    Hey Bailey we miss you too!!!

  40. Melissa

    Yes Melissa is back, most of the hot girls have left Penthouse because the money there has gottin bad.

  41. Bailey

    I use to work here, now I work at the Penthouse. I miss all the girls!! xoxoxo

  42. TONY

    This club is beginning to smell bad.

  43. jr

    I was in Detroit for business and went to Greektown. I happened across a nice club. The $20 dances are worth it!!!! This girl “Raven” was unbelieveable!!!

  44. Mira

    Pussy tastes good!

  45. Matt

    Still the best looking girls in Detroit.

  46. Jim

    Went last night with a couple buddies and had a blast. The only bad thing about this club is that the drink prices are outrageous. $7 for a beer? C’mon…

    Girls were very attractive, and the private dances were well worth the money.

  47. Matthew W

    This club is probably one of the best i’ve been too. Lots of girls dancing on stage and great music.

  48. To Dan

    Tabitha was there last night, she doesn’t work at the Penthouse anymore.

  49. Joe

    Have to disagree with last review. This place is average in every way. Girls are better elsewhere – many girls wouldn’t make it at top clubs, dances are better elsewhere, facilities could be much better (get some new VIP couches), drinks are average. Only thing it is convenient to the casino, so I go from time to time. Place could be a goldmine with the location.

  50. Monday

    The place was closed for the day shift for remodeling.



  52. XhXeXy

    I’ve never been that into topless clubs. When I was young and more “eager”, I really couldn’t afford them.. and now that I can, I am not that interested, and the money just goes too fast in the wrong direction. Sigh.. such is life, I suppose.That being said, I have been in enough of them to know what I like, and of all the strip clubs I’ve been too, I actually do like Bouzouki the best for a few reasons.1- Price. Obviously, you go to these places to spend money, but I’ve found everything pretty reasonable considering how notoriously expensive these establishments can get. It’s really not much more than prices at a Royal Oak bar (don’t quote me on that, but I wanna say a beer was maybe 6 dollars where in RO I would pay 4.50 or 5).2- Location. Because there are so many reasons to be in Greek Town, it seems on those occasions when we do go to BL, we just “end up” here. I’m not a fan of strip clubs as a “destination” place where you stay for hours or coordinate transportation, etc… I just don’t care enough to all that for a titty bar. But because of it’s proximity to everything, you don’t feel like you’re making a special trip or going out of your way… nor do you feel like you have to stay for any specific length of time. If you’re down there for something else and you just stop in for an hour, it’s easy and low maintenance. 3- I have to say that of all the places I’ve been to, Bouzouki has one of the most relaxed approaches to running a topless bar. I’ve places with a LONG list of rules, not just when getting dances, but where you can stand, where you can sit, and which direction your chair has to be facing (I’m not kidding.. I was at a place in Toronto having a conversation with a hockey buddy who was turned and facing me, and the bouncer actually came over and told him he had to face the stage? Seriously? Fuck you, buddy). I’m not that desperate to see boobies that I want to list follow a bunch of rules.. these are strippers, not artifacts in the Smithsonian. The girls vary from meh to cute… I’m not gonna say they are all hot, they aren’t, but they entertainment is adequate.Couple of random caveats:-There is a mandatory coat check, and I think they charge for it, so consider leaving your jacket in your car.-With a game stub, there is no, price for admission… which is only like $5 or 6 here… but keep that on ya if you think you might be heading over.-The ATM is a bit of SCAM there. If the $10 fee isn’t enough, they try to limit the withdrawl to $40. I’m not sure how that’s even legal, but bring cash, or walk across the street to the Casino and get cash, it’s a 4 minute walk. The bar does take CC, but as I recall, the dancers don’t. -Like any other establishment in this area, it can get too crowded to have a decent experience when something is going on downtown. Absolutely stay away during Football games… baseball games can get pretty crowded too, and hockey less so.. but any event in the area can have an impact, and honestly, it’s not a huge place. At about 1/2 of what’s it’s legal capacity is, it starts to feel a little claustrophobic.

  53. The Landing Strip

    The Landing Strip is being completely remodeled!!

    We are now hiring new beautiful girls to work at our new club!!!

    Come in and audition today!!!

  54. KD

    Went here for my bachelor party. Had a great time!

  55. Teddy

    The happiest place in the world!!!

  56. Dan the Man

    There was a chick named Tabitha, tall, beautiful blonde, also worked at Penthouse, is she still here? I would love to see her again.

  57. To Charlie

    Was that you on the news? The Booty Bus??

  58. Gregg

    Will be back!!

  59. Mark

    Looking for Angie is she still here?

  60. MalibuFan
  61. Fred

    Mira is SOO BEAUTIFUL. She makes visiting this club special.

  62. Canada Boys

    See all you hotties after the game wednesday.

  63. PDiddy

    I had an awesome time after the Tigers game on a Saturday night. It was jam packed, couple of bachelor parties going on, but there was always plenty of attention coming from the dancers.

  64. John W.

    Sexy time! Be advised first and foremost this “restaurant and lounge” is actually a topless bar. There may be food served here but I’ve yet to see any. There’s a large selection of bottled beers which are priced higher than most bars but typical of similar establishments. Bouzouki is a short walk from the Greektown Casino. A good cold-weather strategy to save a few bucks on the mandatory (and pricey) coat check is to just drop your coat at Greektown then head over to Bouzouki.The stage here is rather small and can accommodate 2 or 3 performers at the most. As for talent it’s not much to shake a stick at. Everybody has their favorites but my guess is the majority of these women are just there to pay their way through law school.

  65. Lance

    Does Trish still work days?

  66. Tim

    Great Club. Lovely and Friendly Ladies !!! I had a great time at this club. The girls kept coming around, and the private dances were outstanding. I will be back.

  67. Harrison69

    I probably shouldn’t even write this, because I’m sure our situation was bizarre, but just FYI…Saturday afternoon – 2:30ish.Some friends were in from out of town and they wanted to check out some strip club downtown. Parking at this time was dead, we had street parking right out front. Unfortunately, it was dead inside too. It was technically open, I suppose. Some shady businessmen-looking types in the corner, but no other patrons. There was one bartender/waitress and NO dancer to be found. The waitress said it was a two-drink minimum, which is fine if there was some entertainment. We ordered one drink and just waited around talking.HOWEVER, when the sole dancer DID decide to join us, it was pretty damn spectacular. She looks EXACTLY like Jessa from the HBO show Girls, not much in the way of boobs or butt. BUT, when she started dancing, she was literally the best I’ve ever seen. She obviously does yoga and did all sorts of handstands, splits, and then some tricks on the pole. She was amazing. The two guys we were with decided to get private dances, and reported nothing but great things. As we were leaving, it started to fill up with couples (so it’s obviously female-friendly. We weren’t sure if maybe that’s why our experience wasn’t good at first). Maybe it’s better at a better hour. But I know there’s at least ONE gem of a dancer there.

  68. Star

    I hear that the Playhouse has new management and is remodeling…and that they are hiring dancers…I’m going back to work there. I banked more there than anywhere else I worked

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