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520 Swannanoa River Road, Asheville, NC 28805


35.575825, -82.508432




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Treasure Club Asheville

  1. Louis
  2. southerncouple

    This was my wife’s first trip to a strip club. We had a blast!! The girls were great. There were some for every taste. The lady at the door told us the girls were not pushy and she was true to her word. Overall, it’s a very couple friendly club. We’ll have to come back next time we’re in town.

  3. Ken

    I love this bar.. it’s my kind of place!!!!!

  4. Yis
  5. Geezer Butler

    This club rocks, had a great time here!

  6. Rain Man
  7. Matty
  8. CK

    Fist time I was ever here and I was impressed. It doesn’t look like much from outside but inside is nice and the girls are freakin hot. Top to bottom there really are no bad looking girls and they are all nice. I bought 3 dances from 3 girls and liked them all.

  9. northernguy

    Thank you Janine. I said if the champagne room was worth it I’d leave you a good review and it was worth it. I just hope you’re still there when I go to asheville next month.

  10. Avilleguy

    Had not been here since it changed over to the Treasure Club. I must say it is a VAST improvement. A little remodel but the best change is the dancers. Lots of very attractive young women who are friendly and nice. They have it all – blonds, brunettes, redheads – I’m sure you will find at least one you like. Be sure to check out Rose, she has got to be one of the prettiest I have ever seen at a club. You need to show your love, guys, we need to make sure they keep the great talent they now have.

  11. Brad
  12. Rajah
  13. Again
  14. juicebox69
  15. Trvlnman

    Been 2 years since I was here last and the club totally changed. Looks real cool and the girls were good looking. Really big improvement.

  16. Brian
  17. Tony
  18. Tina
  19. Andrew

    Always have a good time. Great looking dancers that are always in the mood to party !

  20. lakerfan
  21. traveler
  22. Experienced Club Goers

    My husband and I visit clubs at home and every where we visit. We were excited about this one bc of all the great reviews. SO WORTH IT. Best club we’ve been to, anywhere. The most GORGEOUS dancers we have seen. Stayed all night. There were more girls as the night went on, all of them had great bodies and faces. This is the only place to be in Asheville.

  23. Treasure
  24. David
  25. Dereck

    First time back in a year. They got lots of new girls that are pretty hot. Everyone was real nice. Good place to have fun.

  26. Tori
  27. Larry
  28. Keith & Liz

    My girlfriend and I were in for the Halloween party and had a good time. The girls were very friendly and treated us good. They were not pushy and we will be back.

  29. Garth
  30. Frank

    Haven’t been in this club since they changed from the Trophy Club to the Treasure Club. I was shocked about how good the club changed and how the talent really improved.

  31. Eric A

    Saw UFC fight and had a blast. Was in here like two years ago and thing changed alot. They got real good looking girls now and inside is so different. Liked it very much.

  32. Mychal

    Good time here the other night. Enjoyed Scarlett, Veronica and Rose a whole bunch. Will be back soon.

  33. Davis
  34. Cupid
  35. Jared
  36. Amy
  37. bb

    Always great girls !

  38. Cynthia

    The girls here are pretty laid back. My husband and I went and the girls to see are Lindsey and Ariel. Ariel gives good lap dances and is a down to earth kinda chic which you don’t see much anymore. The overall atmosphere is kinda dark but pretty cool!! And the dj rocks…a big variety of music!!!

  39. Hal

    visited last weekend, and i have to say one of the best clubs i have ever been to.

  40. Lito

    Fun place. The girls are pretty good looking and the club has a comfortable feel. No girls were pushy and they had at least 10 girls working. I liked it, it is not super fancy but real acceptable.

  41. Antonio
  42. Wow!
  43. Roger

    Was in Friday and then again Saturday for the UFC fight. The club was packed and there were like 20 girls! Awesome time and some really hot girls. Be sure to check out Dakota, Marisa and Rose.

  44. LJ

    Girls are pretty hot. Had a good time. Got a table dance and a Vip dance. One bouncer looks like Rick Flair but he is cool. Fun place.

  45. Burt
  46. Billy Ray

    Great time at the club, check out Star and Roxie, they are hot!!!

  47. Tom

    Nice intimate atomosphere. Well worth the time. Serena you rock!! See ya in 3 months. 21st??

  48. Matt L

    Hard to tell that it’s a nice club. But as you walk inside,

    the club is clean, (what I like in strip clubs). Nice

    layout and interior design, and last but not least, very

    very hot ladies. I’ll be back here my next trip to

    Asheville NC. THanks Treasure Club

  49. TC

    Club had a nice set up, and everyone was friendly, especially the girls. Most were very pretty and some were even drop dead gorgeous. Best looking bunch I’ve seen in a club in a long time.

  50. Phil
  51. Andy

    Great club with terrific girls !

  52. Doug

    Had a good time here. Good looking and friendly girls.

  53. DJ
  54. Russ

    First time back ina while. Had a real good time. They had a lot of girls, none worse than a 6. Several 9’s. Everyone was real nice.

  55. northern guy
  56. ooo

    the club sucks and most of the dancers do to.dont get a dance from a girl name rose she will rip u off.The dj rocks.Its a ok club but not the best.

  57. Tn
  58. OPP
  59. Mike
  60. Jennifer

    Go to this club. My wife and I were visiting a friend in Asheville and decided to hit the club. We had been there before, but that was a couple years back. Big improvement. The girls are hot, you can drink relatively cheap if you stick to beer,the people at the door were courteous and explained the drink specials and upcoming events, the barmaid had a good disposition, the dancers were not pushy and if you were not interested they understood.The negatives I noticed were few. They include a 10.00 cover at the door (which you can defray by sticking to drink specials), the waitresses on the floor were not always attentive (which is how we got to know the barmaid) and they frown on any touching of the dancers. The last complaint may not be legit, since I’m thinking it is a code violation. In Michigan, my wife and I are able to push the boundries. Overall, a very positive experience. I guess that is why we went back twice this trip. Will be back again. Also dig the t-shirts they have. Should’ve picked one up.

  62. curious lady
  63. Giselle
  64. Savy1

    AWESOME TIME!!!! The girls are friendly and damm hot!!!

  65. JJ

    Always a good time.

  66. Rich

    Heard good and bad things about this club. Finally went there and was pleased. Outside is ugly but inside is nice. I thought the girls were pretty hot and I had a real good time. Dances were $25 for a pretty decent dance – I will be back.

  67. Jason
  68. Number One

    Club in my book.

  69. Drake
  70. Darrelle
  71. Yeah!
  72. Todd

    Just left club and it has really changed alot since I was last in. The bar is cool and the girls were very friendly. Lots of TV’s – big difference from what it used to be.

  73. Scott

    Had a real good time. Got dances from several girls and they were real good. Club looks pretty cool and nobody was pushy.

  74. Edgar

    Does anyone know if Morgan is still dancing at the Trophy Club? I haven’t been in over a year, but would like to see her again.

  75. Chris
  76. Kevin
  77. lexxxxi
  78. HT
  79. Rodney

    Great club !

  80. Reggie
  81. Chong
  82. Irving
  83. Jimmy
  84. Ron

    Still one of the best out there.

  85. ryan
  86. Santa Claus
  87. Road Warrior

    Girls are pretty hot. Nice place with good dances.

  88. golden
  89. Chuck

    Came in with a couple of buddies a few nights ago and this place rocks! I got a dance with Sierra and I think she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. Definitely check worth dropping by. I know I’ll be in again.

  90. E
  91. travelinman
  92. RJ

    Terrific looking dancers !

  93. Great Dancer
  94. Joe
  95. Aaron

    First time back at the club in over a year. The talent has gotten much better. Great time! Dance prices and drinks are fair, best club around. Absolutely will be back.


    JADEN from greenville SC has herpes gave it to me works for Jay Levy PARTIAL owner of the club.. “contract married ” to potential terrorist Adrian Santos. of Brazil Pilot for another strip club owner.. call the slut 864-360-1065

  97. Bryant

    Like the club alot. Hot, Hot, Hot girls.

  98. Dave

    Went to club for first time tonight. Really cool place. The girls are goodlooking and friendly. Lots of Tv’s.

    Had a great time.

  99. Matt
  100. F.D.
  101. Fox
  102. Dawn
  103. Global

    Had a great time a few nights ago, all the girls are nice to look at. They need to update their website more often though, drink specials haven’t been right in months.

  104. Me2
  105. BJ

    best dancers in the city

  106. rose
  107. Ryder

    The club is really cool. Good looking girls and alot of fun. Not pushy and plenty of tv’s to watch games.

  108. Big Tony

    Always have a great time with the girls

  109. Georgie

    Love the club and there are some really great girls here. To the guy that put down Rose, you must be an A-hole, she is smart, sexy and a ton of fun. If she treated you poorly, you must have done the same first. This club has really improved over the past few years and is a pretty good place now. Wish the DJ would back off the mic a little, though (can’t understand him).

  110. Taylor Bood

    If I had the money, I’d come here all the time. Freakin

    LOVED it!

  111. Mark
  112. Kid
  113. John
  114. Nick

    Saw Mayweather fight here Saturday night. Club was packed, girls were awesome. They had like 20 girls working. Most were real hot, nothing below a 6. Gonna watch UFC fight this Saturday. I LOVE YOU MANDY!

  115. Ann
  116. Rex
  117. XhXeXy

    It’s called the treasure club now. Went yesterday with my husband and a friend. The lady up front was nice, it was $10 a person to get inn. A little pricy but it was my first time to a strip club so I was willing to give it a shot. The inside was nice, the toilets a little sketchy but I didn’t come here to spend my time there. Most girls were pretty with nice bodies and seemed groomed and fresh. Yes there were a few muffin tops but from the ~14 girls at least 10 were very pleasant to the eye. Most had great moves and tricks on the pole and some even had little shows with glow sticks. I enjoyed watching. My husband and I got a private dance with one of the girls. She was really nice and made me feel comfortable with my first strip club/private dance experience. Yes it’s pricy but hey that how this industry works and the girls make it worth your while.

  118. BEST

    club in the State.

  119. too much

    this club is rocking the most sexy and down to earth chicks.keep on rocking!!!!!

  120. Jim B.

    Was there for the UFC fight. There were a lot of girls and a lot of stages open. I got a few table dances and had a great time.

  121. Rae
  122. Sam

    This my favorite club. Lots of good looking friendly dancers.

  123. Rob

    Club looks good on the inside. Lots of tvs, lots of girls. Good drink specials and nobody too pushy. Good value, worth the money. Best club I’ve been to in a while.

  124. Dennis

    Nice club. I thought the girls were very pretty and had a real good time.

  125. me
  126. steven
  127. dm

    Best pole dancers I have ever seen, and not just 1 or 2, but 5 or 6.

  128. bad puppy
  129. doc rick

    Very nice. Have always been treated great.The bouncers seem really protective of the dancers. I have yet to have a bad time.

  130. Passin through

    I had an awsome time here. Check out Willow or Lindsey. They really know how to move it.

  131. Dwight
  132. Mattt
  133. Anne

    My husband and I visited on a Monday night. VERY SLOW! At one point we were about the only one there. Because there were so few people, the girls did not dance, but once. They were very friendly. Lucia-you were great! Thanks for my first table dance and private dance. You made my night and my husband’s. This is a Very couple friendly club.

  134. Guest

    Not great by comparison to some of the other clubs I’ve been to. But, not bad for a little town like Asheville. It’s worth a try. There were plenty of girls for the number of customers in the club, and most of them were 7s and 8s, and OK music. My only real complaint was that even though there were plenty of girls, there was quite a bit of time throughout the entire night where nobody was on stage. They took a lot of “breaks”, and if a girl didn’t get tipped within the first two minutes of her set, she usually just left the stage, leaving another song and a half to play with an empty stage.

  135. Rasha
  136. Aude
  137. Rocco

    Top notch club!

  138. Alex

    I have indeed checked out Lindsey and Willow and yes they do know how to move it.

  139. Buzz

    Awesome club….So much better than bigger clubs. Girls are hot, very friendly, and I felt comfortable. Never pressured for anything. I’ll be back.

  140. Good times!
  141. Laryy

    Great looking women !

  142. Samantha
  143. Sean

    I was in this club Monday night and had a good time. The girl selection was decent alot of 7’s and 8’s. Club is not super big but is ok. Overall a good time. Wish ASheville had more to compare too.

  144. Jack

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