Gentlemens Quarters



2151 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510


40.6574075, -73.6086164




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gentlemens Quarters

  1. Joeseph

    Great classy club, had a champagne room with Holly, 100% the best! Loved Holly.I’m sold on this place. Great establishment, hot classy girls.

  2. Informer

    Anna left Billy Deans and now works at GQ. She goes by the name of Holly now. She’s hot and worth the switch. GQ is a much better club, best on LI and now they have another great girl. Look for the polish girl with smokin blue eyes. She’s working tonight. Ask for Holly.

  3. paul

    it’s a really nice place, no one bothers you – but the dances

    are expensive, with a bouncer checking each dance to see if

    you want more… I found that weird. Private area nice, but

    super expensive compared to other nice clubs I’ve been in.

  4. mike

    This place has smokin hot girls, great club

  5. Mark

    Yeah all the girls here are very sexy. Had a really good time here last night too. Best club in LI. Sure beats that dump Cafe Royale. Keep up the great work girls.

  6. Johnny

    Great place and hot, friendly girls

  7. petey
  8. strip_it

    To LC (Last Rating) I so agree with u, cottage cheese is a great description.

  9. Stevie B

    Best girls on the island

  10. stuart

    was there this past weekend, note to new girl vanity, why

    dont you take some of that money you make and buy yourself

    a personality, i thought orientals were suppose to love you long time not sit around and look like buddha

  11. Pete

    This isn’t a strip club, the girls never get topless! I’ve been to more places than I can count, this place is by FAR the worst. All of the staff that I encountered were incredibly rude. With a cover of $12 and drinks at $8, this place has NOTHING going for it…except a big screen tv playing sports (better off going to a sports bar).

  12. curious

    So what are you trying to say… that billy deans is better than GQ? If so ur a fool!

  13. Johnny D

    Holly is incredible. Hot little body and a great champagne room. I’m coming back.

  14. Chris

    The girls here are really hot, but the bartender Kim is my favorite. I wish she was a dancer. I’d give her all my money just to have her touch me. Does anyone know which nights Kim works?

  15. Jon

    To the “guy” bashing Vanity. You’re obviously insane. There’s no way you have been to GQ. Vanity hasn’t worked there for over 3 weeks. Maybe the buddah in the corner was just your fat mother. GQ has the best girls and is a really classy place.

  16. More

    My first time here I was impressed. The club is really classy. The girls are hot and talented. I had a blast. I can’t wait to go back.

  17. Jeff

    F#cked up place with F#cked up people.

  18. Sargeant
  19. dncr

    The costs for the vip are 300 1/2 hr and 400 per hr… and it’s sooooo worth it 😉

  20. G.G


  21. Sal

    Wow, really beautiful, sexy girls here. Haven’t seen pole dancing talent like that in awhile. To Joe B. Are you blind man? Probably gay.

  22. Josh

    This is my 1st favorite… Thanks to my friend Richard brought me there on my birthday last year. I just wish all those girls are still there from last year in March. I don’t know where those girls are now because it’s sure great place!! I like new remodel of those light pillars that I saw yesterday, looks great of that decoration! Courtney deserves to be there! They respect me, they ddin’t beg me for more which is a nice thing! They said do you want another dance or no? That’s nice way to ask. That’s not like other place but to policy down there, I’m not going to say it. I wish that place could move to East of Long Island, oh well! 😀

  23. LC

    this club is crap. i feel like i am at a bodega looking at all that cottage cheese on skylar’ fat ass.

  24. Billy

    Highly recommend this place. Best tittie bar on Long Island.

  25. George
  26. GQ GOER
  27. Blake E.

    A Thursday night in january and me and a friend wanted a nightcap or two. Not to the tune of a $10 cover each. This aint NYC. Peeked in to see maybe 3 people and 2 girls. We obviously walked and took our business elsewhere.

  28. larry

    is that polish girl holly still at this club

  29. Ronnie

    Wow, Holly must be good, everyone seems so jealous of her. I guarantee the negative posts are from the pathetic girls of Billy Deans who can’t work at a real club. GQ rocks.

  30. Freddy

    Best and classiest club around. Great atmosphere and hot girls.

  31. Jesse

    This is a real upper class club. The quality of the ladies is incrediable. It’s not a sleezy club like Billy Deans, Cafe Royale or Taste of hunny. All the girls are gorgeous and complete sweet hearts. I love this place!

  32. Avi
  33. Tony

    Cool club. A bit too pricey. Buying a girl a drink will run you about $11. I had the best lap dance ever here though. Didn’t get her name. My god she was hot! Had to change my pants after. Wow, i’m impressed.

  34. Angelo

    Fantastic dancers that are very friendly and sweet.

  35. Dave

    Went into the champagne room last night. Worth every penny. Great atmosphere, awesome club. Will be back very soon.

  36. uniB

    This club is real weak. Once and a while they have some nice looking chicks, but the girls have no personality. Save your money for a porno or something.

  37. Regular

    I’m so in love with Olga. Sexy and sweet yet has a tough side. Can’t wait to see her again.

  38. Jason

    Was there on Monday the girls were smokin hot. I am definately going back.

  39. Andrew

    Why does everyone hate this club so much? I had a really good time here the other night.

  40. Frank Guliebsky

    It was a very classy place with hot girls.

  41. leaky
  42. floddy
  43. Seriously?

    Are you joking? I will admit the enviorment is nice but the girls are nasty. Holly is annoying and smells disgusting! I can’t believe that old bitch elena is still there. Damn what is she pushing 50? None of the other girls are any better. Can’t believe I stopped back in. Was a hot spot years ago. Now it’s and old lady whore house that can’t afford to shower or buy decent perfume.

  44. Wayne W.

    I’ve been to strip clubs all over the US. The only thing I can say about this one is, don’t give your credit card to the bartenders. You will have erroneous charges on it when you leave.

  45. Joe

    Love this place. Coming back again tonight. The best atmosphere I have seen in LI.

  46. Steve

    Hot girls! I wish they were all american, but at least they have a mix in race.

  47. alel202

    neighborhood getting really bad. not a place I would return to

  48. Patrick

    Whenever I go to Long Island, I will make a habit of going to that place. They have the finest women of all color.

  49. Bill

    Really classy place with hot girls.

  50. carz
  51. hammeredagain27

    Just as bad as my last visit. the immigration department needs to make a stop here. Don’t feel sorry for these broads, management needs to get some girls that speak english

  52. danceguest
  53. Frankie T

    Love this place, best girls on LI

  54. king leon

    even though its a bikini bar, it still has some hot girls. It is definately more

    catered to a “regular” but having never been there before you can definately

    have a great time. like with most clubs you have to be discriminating and not

    go with just the first girl who apporaches you. Whenever i come here i know

    who to stay away from because all these ho’s like to gossip. if you buy them a

    drink you will get the real deal.

  55. Let Down

    I have been going to this club for 10 years. I’ve always told people that no matter where in the country I’ve traveled, GQ is still the best club.

    BUT, I went there this past Saturday after being away for 3 months…what a let down. The few girls that were there were either Russian, overweight, or old. Mike the manager, Jeanette the hostess and the owner dude were no where in sight. Does anyone know whats going on? Staffing

    seems to be an issue.

    I have heard from other guys that this club is better during hte week than on the weekends.

  56. Timmy

    What is the CR? Seems expensive. Anyone been in there? Whats it like, what happens?

  57. Danny

    Check out the new girl Holly. She gives great lap dances. She told me she only works Sundays though…too bad.

  58. M I
  59. johnnny7
  60. Brian

    Nice club. Check out the new girl Jenna. Nice eyes, banging ass and great dances.

  61. Manny

    I second that. There’s a skinny white girl who is crazy on the pole, and a blk girl with soccer legs. they become one with that pole. always entertaining.

  62. Eric

    Classy place, hot girls and lap dances are over the top!

  63. shelly

    hey that ‘big’ guy at the door, is a sweetheart! i worked there for over 5 yrs. before retiring. it’s the bomb!! nice people, sweet girls, hotties, and great dances:)

  64. Safe

    The club is really not that bad. The are a variety of girls like Russians, Italians, Brazilian, Caribbean, etc. Just like any other club, there are some who would approach you with a wanna dance line and others who hold engaging conversations, there are some who hold the pole and do a little two step and others who show great skill, strength, and grace on the pole…There’s something for everybody there.

  65. MONICA W


  66. explorer
  67. Applebees_Crew

    If you like older woman..much older well I guess it is okay. It seems as if the club is tight on girls so they have to hire tired over the hill strippers that should have hung up there g-strings years ago. If I wanted to look at an old gal I could stay home with mywife! Sorry, not for me.

  68. strip club dude

    By far this is the best club. VIP room is great if you have the cash. Just make sure to wear a condom or bring extra clothes b/c these girls will work on you to make you explode. I’m so addicted!

  69. strip club fan

    Yeah I agree! Best long Island strip club. Girls are hot and not pushy. Can just relax and have a good time with some beatiful girls.

  70. Will

    Great club, great girls, I will be back. To the idiot trashing Holly, she is a class act. It’s all above board with her. I tried to get extras and she shut me down. She is beautiful and has respect for herself as well as the customers. I assume you are just a jealous.

  71. Joe b.

    BORING, raggy girls just grubbing your cash.

  72. barry westmen

    Overpriced, below average, avoid this place. Try Billy Deans in Bellmore.


    I was at the club during the week and had a great time! The vip rooms are great and a good bang for the buck. The atmosphere is great, like a city setting to be exact. But overall i had a great time, the dancers were very hot for the most part.

  74. bbdbd
  75. H. Mulligan

    Girl I liked the most Jenna, is now working at Billy Deans. Holly, absolutely nothing special..did not even get a dance with any of the girls. Very disappointed.

  76. Harry Reyons

    I visited the club over the weekend. it was a very clean place and a very exciting club to be in. it brought back memories of the old wiggles club in queens. the girls were pretty hot execept for a few. I had a good time overall.

  77. Mad Chemist

    Management is extremely rude (esp the fat guy at the door). If you get stuck being the designated driver for your friends you’ll have to wait outside b/c management says, “Either you buy another drink, or you can leave!” The bouncers also eye-fu** you. Not recommended.

  78. happy customer

    anna’s the hottest polish girl ever. I want to take her out so bad. Plese tell her

  79. DON P.

    Door man is Fat

  80. Rob

    Hot girls and a classy place

  81. Hammer

    avoid it like the plague

  82. gq fan

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