3747 Lakeshore Road, Blasdell, NY 14219


42.783082, -78.848578




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gold

  1. no crack whores

    allowed in salamanca

  2. luke

    never see a waitress and girls to busy talking looking for easy hits

  3. Victor
  4. Largest & cleanest

    club in WNY (newest too) salamanca

  5. Jonny

    This place rocks! Great girls and management!

  6. broke dancer

    Don’t forget the broke ass customers on welfare that come in here and only buy one drink and say “sorry I don’t get dances”, maybe it should be, “i’m a cheap fucker who likes to just stare at your tits all day and not spend money” fuck you losers.

  7. no name

    the type of girls the club has is usually a reprenstation of the type of customers. ugly girls, broke ass trailer trash customers with no teeth.

  8. one girl

    the only girl work seeing is Angel on day shift. she is smoking hot and is very nice to talk to. she is it. everyone else is trash.

  9. Josh

    TRASHY from the dancers to the bar staff was there last week not worth

    the time or money!!!!!!! Drunk staff coulnt get a drink from the fat girl

    behind bar guess they didn’t need my money !!!!! dancers horrible …



    I WAS ALSO TALKING TO ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR GOOD GIRLS, .She says that the new girls are already complaining about the money they are making here and are going out to look for work at other clubs, If they already screwed the Paradise they are out to screw with us to, and to listen to them talk about already leaving is not helping any of us! Again we are LOYAL TO YOU KIM AND WE ARE OUT TO HELP YOU SO YOU MUST HELP US!!!!!

  11. ladies

    girls make $$ at new clubs (salamanca)

  12. UGH

    Moo. I Rated them a 0.4 because they at least had oxygen!

  13. Charles

    This club was expensive, dead with no attracitve girls. Dances are $22 but on the other hand no one watches the cameras and you get bj and fs for a very fair price but the girls are maybe 3’s and 4’s

  14. Tim

    Never any girls.. ones there are busted

  15. looking

    for clean girls only (salamanca)

  16. insider

    this place is a dump and all the girls are drugged up all the time as for riley she is cute…… ANGEL looks like a little boy if your into children then shes the girl for you.

  17. no floor fees

    in salamanca

  18. bills fan

    here for the Dallas game. The club was jammed packed after the game and had about 30 dancers. From canada, the place reminded me of a mini Sundowner. Except the nudity, of- course. Manager Dominique was very nice about letting us in for no cover charge. Be back again when in town for next home game.

  19. billy

    I love this place, night girls are hot. Was there Monday night, had a ton of dancers and custimers. The manager, the chineese girl was nice to us. Shot girls are hot but pushy. I golf at Wanaka CC be there in summertime.

  20. big john

    NASTIEST CLUB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. me

    dump with pigs

  22. From Hamilton Canada

    24 Solid Gold was a good time. Me and my buds were there for Bills Game Saturday night. Place was fun , but not CANADA. Need to see pussy New York .

  23. RON

    Stopped at this club Saturday, From Maine to see Bills get destroyed. Had a great time plus its nice to see they have an in house taxi service because we drank hard. be back next year when we beat the Bills AGAIN>

  24. pigs & whores

    this place blows

  25. nightrider14094

    went on a friday night, had two girls on my lap instantly, liberal back room, laid a fifty on my jock, tall trailer trash girl from lockport covered in tatoos named amy ressman did a line, unzipped me and took care of everything that needed taking care of. followed me and friend back to hotel for a couple hours for another fifty bucks. girls are homely compared to paharoh’s by airport, but for a quick pitstop who cares. compared to toronto, bargain.

  26. jimbo

    love the girls, small joint, far away from the wife.

  27. x fan

    The girls all seem cut throat anymore. Not as fun to go to as it used to be

  28. One of your good girls

    I work the day shift here to, and I am NOT GOING ANY WHERE I LOVE MY JOB HERE!, These bitches from the Paradise DO HAVE TO GO !!!! Kim, PLEASE or I think we CAN SEND THEM TO another Buffalo club to work, OR WE should work a deal with the Chit Chat, or Shit Shat because the former dj Tim, is now the “manger” at the Paradise,So that when we send the NEW Bitches who will be leaving INSTEAD OF YOUR ORIGINAL GOOD GIRLS will have a place to go, and do not have to deal with their old boss! EVERYONE WILL BE VERY HAPPY!!! WE LOVE YOU KIM, YOUR GREAT TO US AND WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO HURT US!

  29. Hey Oink Oink

    Go to Salamanca

  30. Salamanca

    Salamanca… Salamanca … Paradise!

  31. jay

    Had fun at The 24. Girls were not pushy. Spent 150 and had a great time.

  32. SAm

    had fun after bills game. tons of broads

  33. have to be...

    the girls have to be so dame cutthroat. all of those damn Paradise girls keep comming here to work now. you don’t need 12 girls during the day to take care of 5 customers. competition is very fierce.

  34. dirty club

    this place is a DIVE do your self a favor go somewhere else!!!

  35. Great

    The tipouts are high in Salamanca, The Bouncer tried to get in my pants(because I have a (GREAT ASS), eVERTIME YOU SMOKE OUTSIDE I LOSE money there bUT WHAT MONEY? , The Girls are Crack Hoes and ANEREXIC OR tooooo moooo fat!!!!

    The indians should take over asap!! aT 24K we were so busy, MAD MONEY EVERYONE!!!!!

  36. WOW

    Reopened and same shithole.. still drugs and hookers

  37. NO ONE

    The Girls are definitely disgusting!! They belong out on the street. They would not even make money out there!! Don’t they have to pass a test or something for the club to allow them to work there?!

  38. bored

    improvement, better dancers now, but still some that should keep their clothes on… im happy w the lapdances

  39. Gabe


  40. angel lover

    go see angel or go stay home, no one else worth seeing there.

  41. Jimmy

    I love the Day Shift girls. I frequent the club and i think its the best club in Buffalo. All the other clubs in cheektowage are nice as well but i enjoy this place. Plus it has great food. Love Reiley, Marylyn, Natalia, Raven, Angel, Cupcake has the best tits and the shot girls are HOT as hell. i like the new girls Candy and Fawn. Actually there are new girls every week. Good manager. See you Thursday ( i have off from work) Yippie…….



  43. larry

    i beleive manegment is a real turn down alls i see is the manager just standing aroind and hitting on all the woman also when i come in it never fails the bartenders are always drunk and always over charge my credit card i find it to be unproffecinal

  44. dickie

    Shit hole. glad they closed.. drugs and whores. mark whipple is a coke head.

  45. Phil

    this club was slightly better than a hole in the wall. its a place old men hang out and look at one girl..on a friday night, not a party strip club. Dancers were not that good looking

  46. bill

    great club after the Bills games, tons of broads.

  47. JOHN

    Had a good time with Cupcake ! She got fake tits and they are nice as hell. Be back Saturday. Wings are great too in kitchen for lunch.

  48. j

    Not a bad place considering its the only club in the Southtowns. I thought i may get a little sex in the back, but the girl said she could get fired. I actually had a good time on a Saturday. I will be back.

  49. don

    shithole/crackwhore house

  50. Paul

    Dump,. Nasty rude cunts

  51. Good Girl AT 24K

    What so funny is these bitches wrote what is the better club? Salamanca? They F them over and come here. Just look at all those past reviews kIM Like I say They did it once and already started doing it to us, are we Stupid? Kim we are not victims here!!!

  52. girls...

    …always make $ at new clubs (salamanca)

  53. Richie

    guys, Marylyn and Rosa are hot as fuck. The club was small but intamate, cozy. Kendra and Michelle were fun. Shot girls not pushy and jill the bartender was fun as hell. I live in Cheektowaga and enjoy Pharoahs but this club is woth the extra 15 minute drive.

  54. Lost1
  55. hot ed

    Was there after last home game and i had a great time with jen, star, angel, marylin. They were tens and worth the 1000 i spent. I will be back for the after party when the bills kick the shit out of the Jets.

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