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2121 West Foothill Boulevard, Upland, CA 91786


34.1072523, -117.6919927




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tropical Lei

  1. angela

    loves it.

  2. PalmDesertGuy

    Drove out to this club last Friday (6/27) and had a GREAT time.

    $15 dollar cover isn’t too bad but they do charge $6 a drink (no alcohol) which is a rip off and annoying when the servers are constently hounding you. There are a couple ugo dancers that won’t leave you alone, but what club doesn’t have a few of those? The rest of the girls however are simply AMAZING. Got dances from Felicity (Damn) Jules (bar far the best looking girl there, which is quite a complimant) Mariah (smoking hot blonde) and Paris (VERY sexy brunnette who obviously enjoys her job, if she were the only girl there I’d still drive all the way out there). I got VIP room dances with Mariah and Paris and well worth every penny, trust me on this.

    It’s quite a drive from where I live, but I will for sure be back many times.

  3. BT2

    Excellent Club…. HOT WOMEN!!!!!!

  4. Ashley K.

    Horrible customer service. Guy at the door was a dick. Totally rude went in with a great buzz left with a buzzkill. He was rude and so was the manager we tried to complained too. He didnt seem to care whatsoever about his customers. I definitely recommened the spearment rhino in riverside. Hotter girls and better service. Its always poppin at the rhino where as the tropical lei was just dead and had horrible rude customer service. The dancers there and the cocktail waitresses were great but the management overall was just awful.

  5. D

    To many dirty dancers, strip clubs are here for the eye and seeing what you can’t have what happened to that I’ve been dancing for 3 years and I have never done anything of that sort. what is wrong with these girls???? don’t they have any respect for themseleves??? WOW

  6. AssnTits5

    I like watching the ladies…the more scantly clad the better…nude I’d think would be the best. So after grabbing a few drinks in the WestCo area I started making my way back to my stomping grounds…well upon getting a bit raped at the door with the $15 cover charge I was then informed of the $6 per hour minimum drink charge. So after I was seated I settled in and started sipping on my $6 cranberry juice…the ladies looked….well as my cousin put it…drugged on horse tranquilizers…all slow and choppy. Sad looking…like if this is it…like they got fired from a reputable place for doing meth…or riding the dragon. We were also informed that no cell phones were to be taken out…but a lot of the dancers were texting on their phones waiting for someone to take them away and look after them…pretty woman style or something. Sigh…I wasted my $21 bucks…I almost shed a tear for these girls…I was scared walking to the bathroom…I won’t go back.

  7. tl

    girls will do it all vip is 3 songs short and sweet

  8. bill,

    the club has a very personel feel and the lady’s put on a hell of show, i would have to say CELEST WAS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!! and all the girls were outstanding!!!!!!!!!! hope to see them soon, thanks BILL from ( san bernardino )

  9. David b.

    Scrawny ass girls got no body, waste of my money. After being there 30 mins and seeing all the girls. All 10 of pathetic never again will I come here and I would not recommend anybody coming over here

  10. mathewater12

    Wish I could put ZERO . This place is WHACK. Trust me I thought I entered an episode of The Walking Dead. Me and BF decided to check out a local club. Wrong choice. 15.00 each to enter. One drink minimum at 6.00 water or soft drinks only. The music was horrible, the girls flat, can’t dance, move. We stayed maybe 30 min and felt like we took $45.00 and threw it in the trash can!! Save your money, this place is not worth it at all. Girls aren’t friendly, most out if shape!! Yuck! Zero stars buddy.

  11. JDUB



  12. Eric L.

    Don’t know why this place gets a bad rep. This place is the TITS maybe people are putting up bad posts so people wont go here and crowd up the place. Anyways i wish this club was closer to where i live it takes me 40min to drive over to this particular club so I’ve actually only been there 2x. But that doesn’t mean i don’t know what I’m talking about. This place reminded me of the infamous Hawaii Theater (@COI). And for the people that have been there, do i need to say more. Girls are F***in beautiful and are willing to go the extra mile for the right price. The club is rather small, smaller than Hawaii Theater. A couple of bad things about his place is the parking (very limited) and the drink hustle of “do you want to buy her a drink” line is ridiculously annoying . Other than that don’t come here with weak wallets this place can get on the pricey side.

  13. rich

    one of the best places in so cal…. a must see…look up precious…..

  14. Rachel W.

    So after a trip to a dive bar down the street, my slightly buzzed girlfriends and I decided to go to tropical lei. Ummm…ladies beware, they won’t let girls in without a male escort! They would not let three cute single chicks in at all. We called the manager out when the bouncers wouldn’t let us in, and his response was, “Sorry. That’s our policy.” It was total bullshit. Needless to say, we left and ended up at Deja Vu in Ontario.

  15. Weedman420

    I had a hunch my bf was at TL. I showed the doorman his picture with our son. He lied to me that he was not there. He went in and tapped my bf, told him I was outside. I could not go in because I am a woman. This place promotes cheaters and prostitution, not to mention disease. Google other reviews from other resources. I love to see them shut down. They are not operating a clean business. They got busted before. And I hope they will again for good this time.

  16. nickstrip

    I don’t get all the hate. It’s not like a man chooses to go to a strip club with his big head.. I knew why I was there and naked girls make me happy. I got some sex in the back and left happy with glitter on my face. What’s the problem?

  17. hollywood
  18. Don't know the time

    Last time I was there I got my fist up a dancer’s cunt and I lost my watch. It was a nice one too.

  19. igor34

    Like most strip clubs depends on who is working that night can be great or terrible. Have been there several times and had a wonderful time waitress is always nice some of strippers are very pushy others are can be really nice .

  20. nude

    how close do they get nude on stage? are they up close to you or far away?

  21. larry1

    They’re girls are ugly , we left to get cigarettes and they said we could come back and when we did they kicked us out . We will take our money else where honestly they were so rude we wi never be back. Thanks for basically stealing my money

  22. biggdogg

    been goin to this place for years, always satisfied, vip is a must , if you say no to drink offers they usually get the hint, but there are some smokin hot sluts there! tips are negotiable, i use to date one of the girls,she was outrageous, still friends, good atmosphere!will go back soon

  23. fritter17

    This place sucks ass!!! Save your money and go somewhere else it’s not worth it here!!!

  24. DexterRexter

    I called they said they closed at 2:30 we get to the door they say they close at 2:00. Whatever that’s fine so I walk in 20 min before closing and the waitress hits me up saying a mandatory drink. I say I just through 60 dollars in ones. They say I can’t be in here without buying a drink in a hour. I’ve only been here 10 min there closing in ten. Place is ran with no customer service I was about to give a girl $40 in lap dances and she went to tell the bouncer I didn’t buy a drink. I walked out before being thrown out for not buying a drink. Place is garbage really recommend FLESH SHOWGIRLS alcohol drinks and there not mandatory. Place is whack never been disrespectful at a place like this. Place is beyond garbage. I’ve been to strop clubs in 6 countries they need to learn. I just started working in this area and they could’ve earned my business. I will never come again and I spend a lot at FLESH. Sad part is I’ve sold cars to 3 of the girls that had cars bought to them by customers here when I was at my last dealership. How can someone spend money at a place that just kicked me out for not buying a non alcoholic drink. 20 thumbs down.

  25. joe

    find the “tall” skinny blonde and a really short partner in crime of hers and get them in a private dance room and oooohhh man!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. mj

    Great time, girls very personable, lots of fun, VIP is great

  27. nasty

    Heard Roxy will be at DEJA VU City of industry for now on. Will Be sure to Check it out

  28. Brill

    I’ve had sex with several of the strippers. It is basically a whore house. Several will do it with no condom. Crazy.

  29. louie


  30. fred
  31. Devildog
  32. Angelica C.

    Ok I might sound like a cheap ass but what if u ppl don’t pay my bills. They have a mandatory drink purchase min is $6. Look it whatever I like to have fun. But not when the girls are pushy and I see the dynamic of both sides between men ” pigs” and workers “strippers” it grosses me out when u see that shit sober and with your boyfriend. Oh well hopefully better experience next time in LV.

  33. joseph1k

    Effff this place. I took a cab to get here and their ATM won’t even work. There’s people outside who’s card won’t evern work. How is this place a business? The manager even walked by us and said he’d be right out but guess what, HE NEVER CAME OUT!!!!! surprise. Never coming back here. I came with 2 if my friend abs we were willing to spend AT LEAST $200. Not now though. In fact, not ever. Id rather dance for my friends in the mirror for that amount. Haha. Bye.

  34. adamrod

    I called on my way to a wedding to see of they were open I’m a female they told me to come in. When I got there they refused my service because my friend and I didn’t have a male with us. Is this legal? They were extremely rude.

  35. Gopher

    Been going for just gets beter and better. Anyone know if Jenny still works there?

  36. Sean D.

    This place needs to be shut down…these girls halfto fuck. Or get sent home…if a girl gets raped…they send her home…making a point…or get fired …shady..Truth be told. ..for the girls who cant speak. ..

  37. dannyboy7

    First off the place looks like crap lighting is effed up very dark you could barely see shit on the stage vip is a piece of crap with just the stupid ass curtains and it’s not even all the way down so privacy is a no no. Now the females well no complaints if you go there the right day quality is ok but not great when I went on a Friday night there were at least 20+ girls I ran into a girl named Andrea she’s stuck up manipulator and a rob be very careful negative zero on this place.

  38. steven

    i didnt like the bouncers that tell girls to go over to guys when they just want to relax

  39. will

    These girls are beauties

  40. guy

    these girls are all whores, went in there one day and 4 girls in a row come up to me and told me they were full service and stuck my hand in they’re crotch. then one girl told me to come in back with her, so she could fuck me. now thats great if ur into that but, i personally wasn’t. so if ur looking to get laid go there.

  41. Mister E.

    Crap Hole. Very tiny and very sleazy. I’ve only been here once and hated the experience. Literally walked right in and noticed that there was no seats so I walked right out. I told the Bouncer why I was leaving and wanted a refund. Bouncer was an absolute jerk and went on to tell me that they didn’t give refunds. Luckily my lady friend who I was with told the manager our situation and he gave us our money back. On top of my experience, nothing impressed me about Tropical Lei. I have no urge to ever go back and will keep it that way.

  42. tj

    the only things annoying is that the waitress kept asking the customers to buy drink for the dancers. So annoying.



  44. StripClub431

    This place has been there for years and went to check it out with a friend And i gotta say the Women are beautiful it a great place to go if you like it simple i agree it the place to go for a night out with the fellas I am also Reviewing another club so i have to meet it in the middle i will be back again.

  45. Dane

    Worst drink hassle on the planet, would spend a ton more $$$ here if not that damn sucker drink hassle. You will be asked every two minutes.

  46. hell yeah
  47. Christopher C.

    Tucked away in the foothills of Upland is this very small but relatively popular gentlemen’s club. The place has some really hot and sexy girls there (and a few toed up ones) working hard for them dollah bills! There’s a $10-15 cover charge to get in depending on the night. Parking can get tricky since their lot is very limited, so street parking is your other option. The music is loud as it is in every club. The set up of the place is simple, but like I said it’s small inside and can get a bit clausterphobic on a busy night. The girls are nice, and aren’t pushy to sell you lap dances…sometimes you just wanna be left alone and enjoy the scenery. But man, gotta love the stripper smell when they’re all hugged up on you tho! The girls are cool at this place, and don’t have attitude like in other clubs. Lap dances are $12 bikini, $20 topless, and $40 nude, and done out in the open (no VIP rooms at this place)…and these girls can work it! Drinks are watered down, so try not to get suckered into buying more than one to tell you the truth….sip slow and make it last. Coming here makes for a fun night out with your homies. (uh, no pun intended….)

  48. Mistercap12

    I first started visiting TL in early 2005 and had a lot of GOOD times there throughout these past ten years. But as of recently, the club is starting to lose its appeal on me. Of course, I had that way of thinking towards the club back in early 2010 but my feelings changed. Now, the loss of appeal has returned. The reasons for that are that the favorite girls of mine at TL who were Shawnee, Ashton, Natalie, Sapphire, and McKaylah, are gone. I also had some semi-favorites at TL too but the girls whose names I mentioned were the girls that I loved to see when I went to the club in the past. If I happen to be in the area, I’m at nightclubs such as Vive and/or Luna in nearby Pomona these days. Going to strip clubs throughout my twenties and early thirties were fun to go to. But they’re not as fun to go to in my mid thirties.

  49. Kc_909

    had an awesome time there sat. there are some beatiful girls plus sexy nikki: any girl that strips to heavy metal u cant pass up. there was also a new girl irene or something small tight body asian gurl. execllent dance in VIP. worth every penny i spent!!!

  50. S.C. Hoppin'

    …one girl was an 8.5, another was a 7, and the remaining 8 weren’t all that (ok bodies without attractive looks) on a Sunday night. Normally, I would try to visit again on a Fri/Sat, but not with this place because the club is tiny with small, back-less, bolted-down seats.

  51. XhXeXy

    “NOW AUDITIONING FOR 2016”..This prostitution palace can only hope.Disguating. Place is a total dive for victims of molestion aka strippers. These ladies are expired and tired. A few of them are decent. Some drive from a distance because they are allowed to sell their bodies for sex. When is Upland going to shut this eye sore down? Totally brings down the value of our community. This place is perfect for San Bernardino. Save your money. If you dont, wear 3 condoms.

  52. curt

    This is 1 of the best club for so cal. It is low key. If you want sex this is the club. Most of the girls are hot and right down dirty. They will do it all – anything and everything. Go into the VIP room and do your thing. Time limit 3 or 5 short song/ Your cost 120 – 200 plus a tip. All the girls there are hookers. Remember the house gets a piece of the action. Have fun and your pick. If you dont see anything you like and want more time, there is a massage salon down the street and they will do the same except on a bed. If the drink server askes you to buy the stipper a drink. Just say no and give her a tip. Tip wear shorts or sweat pant only for easy access. I usually go when there is a shift change. New girls and fresh.

  53. V-dog

    Dancers are really friendly and are for the most part hot. drinks are expensive. bring alot of tip money!

  54. BIG D

    VIP all the way!!!!!!!

  55. Tropical Lei

    Tropical Lei in Upland CA. This place sucked even before we made it in! We were 3 couples, as we attempted to go in, we were informed of the no cell phones policy, fair enough, we walked back to the cars and left our phones in. As if people really are going to take pictures of the dancers with all the free porn available on the web! Then they told the ladies no purses where allowed.. How anal is that? Then as my friend walked up he was told he could not go in with his bandana on, this was not your average gangster type bandana, we were 3 clean-cut, trendy looking couples with money to send in this place. We told the guys at the door what they can do with their polices and proceeded to go to another place, literally down the street, where none of those rules existed and we had a blast. It is mind boggling to me that the management of this place failed to see that fact that with all their rules, they made it seem freaky and perverted rather than a relaxed club-like atmosphere. They lost 6 customers for life and about $500.

  56. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  57. maxxy1

    Tropical Lei can either be a hit or a miss depending on whom you run into inside. I would say half are nice and friendly and the other half leave a bit to be desired. If you don’t want to be conned or cheated stay away from Porsche inside. If you have been to the VIP room with her you will know how she cheats and cons her customers. It is unfortunate that they have employees like her at Tropical Lei. I went back recently and found that they still work there so beware guys.

  58. Franklyn

    Definitely has its off nights, recommend fridays and Saturday. Some nights the girls are hot, other nights I’ve walked out within 15 min, and the girls on the off nights are way to pushy.

  59. mike
  60. woow

    woooooow the best club with the hottest sexiest girls ever to strip in cali.. crystal is the bomb shes so fuckin hot with big tits and great body.. vip cost me 200 for 5 songs but trust me its worth waayyy more than that..

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