XTC Cabaret – Dallas



8550 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247


32.8285694, -96.8716875




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “XTC Cabaret – Dallas

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  2. Faila M.

    Great dancers love the music and the management know what they are doing! Only down fall is the ratchet ppl who don’t know how to act in public end up there drunk as hell and get in pass the front desk…I just suggest tighter security squad

  3. Jorge
  4. too much

    30 bucks for a short song during the day is too much

  5. Ted

    Best club in the State with really great dancers.

  6. Allday

    I have to say that this is me and my wife’s favorite club. $10 to get in, you get 2 free drinks, then breakfast at 3 am… EXCELLENT

  7. first_timer

    Just went this club the other day, it was around 5pm, it was just me and two of ma buddies. only two girls there working, Milan and Tyler. Milan was really skinny, but fit as a fiddle, nice perky small tits, and super flexible. Tyler on the other had bigger great feeling breasts. wasnt as skinny as Milan, but was far from fat, she was just perfect, she sat on ma lap n smoked a cigaret n we all talked before she gave me a private dance, and it was well worth the 20 bucks. overall its a nice place to go with some friends, but just dont get addicted.

  8. J G.

    Had a great time at X. Bouncers were nice and helpful. Girls were friendly. Would definitely come back again.

  9. Franklyn

    So I usually come here with my group of guys and its usually fun. Of all strip clubs, this is probably my favorite. FULLY NUDE!! Although some of the females here can’t really dance.. Lol. I just come to hang out with the guys, drink and look at girls tats! They play pretty good music too! It’s different from other strip joints in Dallas!

  10. Weedman420

    How much is for upstarts of Xtc cabaret like of $25.00 dollar tip for dollars do you How much is that for dollars that of girls.Didn’t it for of Tuesday is really cheap for many dollars.$5.00 for lap dance.

  11. larry1

    I came up here for a friend’s birthday party and this was my first and last time here. The girls with the exception of 2 looked a mess. I’m sure there are better places I just need to find out where. It was very packed in here but it wasn’t any strippers besides two that stood out to me. Also, I wanted to add its 20 to get in (25 after midnight) and they charge you 18 dollars for ice and soda. Bring your own ice, juice etc.

  12. fritter17

    I’ve been here more then a “few times.” Ugly women, too many people walking around being gangster, expensive valet($20) and cover($20). They do sell alcohol until 5 am though. They have a decent building but bad management. Google Xtc Dallas lots of crime there… pass there are better places to go.

  13. Kick B.

    Amazing place to be. Both my friends and I had a good time there last night.

  14. curtis17

    Hell to the no…. Weed smoking… Bad body girls… Too many ppl there for show walking around being hood. It was ratchet at its best.

  15. riley is the best
  16. daytime camper

    I have great times here in the afternoon! I don’t go to the other clubs, so I don’t know about them. Maybe the other boards will talk about them.

  17. monday monday

    I had a wunderful time a couple monday afternoonz ago!!!!

  18. Value

    I am glad the finest entertainers are still at the XTC. I always have a great time here!

  19. whoa

    Awesome time thanks everyone at XTC

  20. Rebob
  21. sasuke
  22. Christy A.

    I have no idea why XTC has 2.5 stars! I’m seriously shocked because I had a 5 star experience lol..The cover was $20 but it’s BYOB, I mean c’mon who can complain!The place is huge, the girls are werrrrrrqing and the music is on point with the atmosphere (you know the atmosphere). The crowd is diverse (some more ratchet than others but whatever) it was peaceful.Parking is a madhouse so be ready to walk or if you’re with a gentlemen catch front door drop-off service.Thank me later.

  23. Jen B.

    I’d be willing to give it a shot but didn’t actually end up going in because there was NO parking. I went around the block (and by block I mean it involved the freaking highway!) to park next door and by the time I got back around all lots were closed. This was just seemed super busy, it’s BYOB also. Maybe some day..

  24. ralph
  25. XTC

    ROCKS!! Thanks for showing my friends and I a nice time. Will be back.

  26. Lex B.

    Went to XTC cabaret last night for the first time. Ive been to a total of 4 strip clubs in Dallas and I rank this one about a 6 (with 10 being THE BEST). My homeboy invited me for his bday celebration so we were in V.I.P. The security and staff at the door was cool. No problems at all getting in. No long lines (I arrived a lil after midnight) I like the BYOB because I don’t have to hassle with buying alcohol at the club. We were in the back VIP on the ground level so I didn’t really pay attention to the girls in stage. (I wanted to though) but with a few girls coming to dance for my boy, I was easily entertained by them. They weren’t dimes but mediocre. One white chick with a huge booty an black lipstick wouldn’t of been my fantasy. The females can all shake their ass but i never saw a “real show”. Nothing that made my eyes huge lol The music they play is pretty good. Most of the dancers (if not all of them) are tatted up with piercings. The bathroom was decent. Not too long of a line. Quick in an out with no female drama. It’s a diverse strip club which I’m always a fan of. You don’t have to pay to park an the place closes at 5am. I’m not saying I wouldn’t go back, but it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice.

  27. AssnTits5

    Im an out of town dancer myself (never danced at a ratched club like this) who came to check out this club with an older male friend. Let me start off by saying we were the ONLY white ppl in here and the place was packed with hundreds of ppl to the brim to the point where it was fire unsafe, claustrophobic and ghetto (as in I was scared to get shot, stabbed or beat up uf I looked at someone wrong :x). We definately got some stares from a lot of ppl. At 3am there was absolutely nowhere to park and we came back at 4am the place still super packed. It felt like I was in some hood nightclub in Jamaica rather then a gentlemen’s club in the US. Dancers were going stage to stage with plastic bags (!) and cardboard bear boxes filled with 1$ bills (ratchet). It’s a nude club but no one took off their panties, a girl told me she never takes of her panties because it’s unsafe for her. I don’t blame her I wouldn’t either in this zoo. Some girls were going nasty dances in corners and crevices upstairs. Weed smoke everywhere, a dude offered us weed at the stage. Way too many female custumers and most ppl looked 18 to 25 and non spenders. I wanted to see some actual pussy and after some time getting used to the loud ghetto music and actually embracing the ratchetness I told my friend to get some ones so we could make it rain. Only one girl showed some pierced pussy and made some lewd comments yuck. Definately a nasty club that looked high mileage not somewhere I’d dance but I still had a good time. The music was awesomly ghetto and souther hiphop which I actually like and I just pretended I was in a hip hop video while making it rain or dem thick ass booties. So if that’s what you’re into enjoy.

  28. dannyboy7

    I had last been almost two years ago when it was a decent BYOB club, one of the few all nude clubs. Went last Saturday night at 10:30pm expecting the same. Here were the disappointing differences: rent-a-cops now pat you down at the entrance. Despite paying the normal $20 cover, there were no tables free that were not being marked “reserved” by the bouncers which I could sit at. I got kicked off one table, and told they were for people who paid for them (why then did I pay $20?). So I went to a different section and asked one dumbs bouncer where I was supposed to sit now- he pointed me to the table I just got kicked off of. Finally one nice bouncer said I could sit at a stateside table until about 2 AM, so I did. Soon another dumbs bouncer came over to hassle me about where I was sitting AGAIN. The patrons were predominantly gangsta garbage as were the obese trashy dancer-baby-mamas. To be fair, I did se 2 cute thin non pregnant pre-partum girls. I sat at my table for 30-40 minutes without ever being approached by any waitstaff. (only the aforementioned dumbs bouncers) The scene was so bad with all the seating BS hassle, me being sober, and the fat gross chicks, I ended up leaving after 45 minutes, saving all the money in my wallet that was slated to waste on young women that night. I should thank the management, I guess.

  29. Riley

    I just started working here,and I have a great time here..Stop in and see me..

  30. air force steve

    everyone else is some haters

    this club is the shit

    a little faith is all u need

  31. S.

    Medea is the best dancer there.

  32. question

    Saw tyler and victoria once hot girls do they ever work together?

  33. richard95

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Worst place I’ve ever been. Packed full of drugs and overcrowded with guys. If a sausage fest is what you’re looking for instead of some nude girls then this is the place for you. The ratio is probably around 100 guys for every girl. The cover charge was 20$ but I knew right away that my money was waisted.

  34. Final Four

    We had a wikked good time here last month! The private time was wikked good.

  35. XhXeXy

    This was my first time coming to a strip club where they are completely nude. The place is pretty huge on the inside with upstairs and downstairs. After a certain time they stop selling drinks so they allow you to BYOB. We didn’t know that so we definitely were liquor-less but by the time we made it there we had enough drinks in our system already I’m sure. The girls are very talented and can really perform. The music was on point and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

  36. Not From Ohio

    I think that this is the best club in Ohio. Each time that I have stopped in, at least a couple of the dancers have been bright, interesting, and friendly.(nice looking, too!)

    The only strange thing about the place is that afternoon private dances are more expensive than evening private dances.. (???)

  37. Fitness Phil

    Not what it used to be! Where are your feature’s?

  38. jeremy

    i had a wonderful hour at this club the other day and tyler is awesome but i was never allowed to just grab at her the bouncer said he would kick my ass

  39. tonycluber

    I wish I could give this place negative stars lmao bouncer kicked us out for taking a pic I know you can’t take pics of the girls dancing but we were literally the only table there so we took a pic of OURSELVES, kicked out cuz the dancer wasn’t getting attention and she told on us taking a pic with OURSELVES! Get real man they ain’t making no money there it was dead as hell.

  40. jude
  41. Melissa

    Everyone here is so Nice… and almost all of them owned my homemade hemp necklaces!!

  42. JDubYa
  43. DexterRexter

    Decent titty/booty bar. If you from dallas then you know what XTC about after hours spot to get drunk for cheap security turns the other way if you smoking weed or doin lines and the ladies are decent big booty broads from oakcliff or some hood around dallas. GoodtimesThe thing about byob clubs like this is they dont make any money off alcohol so they try to hustle you in anyway they can so I suggest going here on a weekday if you go fri -sun expect to pay 200 250 for a just a table to sit down plus 20 to get in plus 20 to valet plus 20 to get ice and mixers so your looking at 300 dollars before you even sit down .Now price shouldnt be a big issue when your at a strip club but if Im paying VIP prices I expect to be seated in a special area not with the general public to pay for a table 300 dollars when any other day of the week is free is pretty retarded but if your stupid enough to pay these dumb prices go ahead I rather go to a normal strip club pay 300 for a bottle and get treated like a king not this dumb shit.Also the bouncers/floor people are worse then the dancers trying to hustle tables so they can get a cut they should be walking around in thongs and g strings too.As far as nude some dancers take it all off some dont, I could care less either way actually I prefer dancers keep something on for hygiene reasons I dont want bare naked pussy in my eye unless I know where its been but again thats supposed to be the difference in being a byob then a regular club.So all in all its a ok strip club to go if you still feel like partying after the real strip clubs close at 2am also dont take any drink from a dancer if you dont see the bottle they known to spike customers drinks and take they stuff when they passed out I saw it happen lol youngsters

  44. Me

    Hot ladies!

  45. Mark
  46. marlonmoney12

    This place is NASTY! You wanna go smoke cheap hookah, look at nasty girls, AND FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO GET RAPE EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM then this is the place for you! I could handle the rude staff and the nasty girls, but the fact that EVERY TIME my and my sister went to the restrooms we had guys trying to grab us, and I mean like grab us and trying to touch us EVEN WHEN WE SAID STOP. (We weren’t even dressed like strippers or ravers, but either way NO IS NO) When I finally told someone working there NOTHING was done.We had to make sure one of our guy friends was with us at all times when walking anywhere honestly. This place is TRASH AND DANGEROUS and not friendly for woman or safe! This place is about as bad as insomnia was and will probably be shut down for the same reasons.

  47. timmykilla

    Geez!!! Where do I begin? Let me first start off by saying Dallas is a rude city!!! We came in from Houston late on a Friday. This large city has absolutely nothing to do afterhours other than a few strip clubs. So this one was recommended. It is byob which is ok. We payed 25 a person to get in. I hope you drink your liquor straight because I paid 18 bucks for 4 cups of ice and 2 sprites. We get in and the place is huge. People everywhere. It was literally standing room only. This was more of a younger crowd. I believe around 18-24 ish. So just be aware of that. Music was up to date and pretty much rap music. Absolutely not the cleanest place at all. Bottles, cups, Styrofoam all over the floor.

  48. makeitrain

    went on a wednesday for the oil fight,that was hot if you ever around stop and have a dance with jade.lovely girl.

  49. not bad

    there were only a few dancers on a friday night. One was smoking hot but had no tits. A few were thick and didn’t move were well. But there was a black girl with a small huge tits, and gives the best lap dances. Ended up stay for a few hours just to have her dance for me.

  50. Traveler

    I had a wild wide eyed time here a couple fridays past!! Go in the middle of the afternoon to see the overlap of fine early girls and mid shifters.

  51. ray
  52. Tommy

    Victoria is stunning and Tyler is the very best

  53. Vote For Pedro

    This will be my favorite club to attend from now on.

  54. adamrod

    Came here to shower a scantily clad sweetheart with dollar bills but my expectations were let down! The forcast called for making it rain but it was only a 5% chance when I arrived. Girls girls girls you are in the entertainment business but yet you complete your shift like a layabout sloth! I’m sorry but you want to hustle some cash doe you need to work that pole & make my blood flow yo! People love bad bitches, That’s why the proliferation of seedy strip clubs has permeated Dallas like a ray of dimmed smoky lights & cheap perfume! XTC screams STD lol but seriously I came here completely drunk obviously.. I was worried if my hep shot was up to date & so afraid of getting a blue waffle from the chairs. The trash on the floor kept reminding me of the acts on stage! Now these ladies have potential yet the lay on stage clapping there ass like a poor executed rap vid. Be a boss ass bitch bitch BITCH & ditch the lazy routine & start working the pole, it’s an art form & honestly this breed of strippers are ruining the act! Class it up, keep the place cleaner & maybe get a new Coke dealer & get to work cuz this shit is not cutting it!

  55. rob

    stopped in on saturday night met two hot puerto ricans from new york one was tan with long black hair and a wicked ass,while the other had a seductive look like celopatra.prices were great 20 for a dance and trust me they aim to please.stop in to see jade and sapphire you won’t regret it

  56. StripClub431

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to in Texas. The most bad built b*tches I’ve ever seen… like, it was horrible… They were box shaped… Biggest waste of $20 I’ve ever spent. I coulda bought a pizza, some booze, a pack of Fiji. I woulda been better off with that. They weren’t into the music, didn’t matter if they were bottomless… Don’t waste your money. Go to Onyx.

  57. hmm

    I’m starting to warm up to this club. They play metal. I talked to one dancer for awhile, it was like meeting a old friend. She didn’t push dances on me or anything. Had some nice conversation, saw a few girls do there stage show, and had some drinks. A good time was had.

  58. Pete

    Tyler is not available outside the club. But I wish she were, she is easily the hottest girl here, and she is worth every penny. That is why so many men ask her schedule.

  59. Big Mike

    Very nice upscale club.

  60. ken

    Love Kristen

  61. Rich

    Great Club, love Victoria and Devon! Hot ass girls.

  62. ryan123

    Came here for my birthday just so I could turn up a little bit. Waste of my money. The bouncers are so f-ing rude! There was not a friendly person working at all. I seriously believe that the only nice people working here were the valet. The girls were not sensual or sexy at all. All they could do was shake and jiggle. Not my cup of tea. If you’re into that rap video kind of chick who has booty shots and a busted face, this is your place. Not coming again. I’ll stick to the high class strip clubs.

  63. Johnnyboy123

    I like to go with my guy friends and maybe a girl or two. It’s a cool place to go and hangout, esp for $10 Tuesdays. There are a few girls that are pleasing to they eye but for the most part there are lots of ghetto girls with tattoos and piercings and bad weaves… but hey we keep going back. It’s definetly not classy and is for the younger crowd (21-30ish)… basically clubbing ages b/c they play club music, and it’s a cool place to go after the club. We always have a good time. LOL I just have to mention though that I took one of my friends here when he was visiting from NYC and the first thing he said was “Wow, a lot of these girls are out of shape”. haha welcome to Dallas.

  64. Harrison69

    This was my first trip to strip club in Dallas on a Friday night . Coming from Miami there’s no comparison but I expected better. Granted it’s a good size club I felt there’s not enough space for the strippers and the ppl there. Some worked or twerked for that money but majority were boring, no tricks, no tip drill, no hanging on the pole. They just wanna do lapdances that’s ok but damn everyone ain’t good at lapdances! And to the DJ, please play actual twerk music for the strippers, it sounded like you was promoting every underground song out there. Dudes ain’t the only at the strip club! In general it was ok, but I would never invite no one from South Florida here tho!

  65. too much?

    some say paying for a nice car is too much. if you want cheap stuff then buy cheap stuff.

  66. igor34

    These fools charge to sit down ,, had to pay for a table and it wasent even packed … It was barely 10: 00 .. Rentedcops be taxing…

  67. matt

    it was a good time.

  68. Cadillacman

    Excellent time.. go on Fridays from 10 pm to close because you wont get disappointed.. i cant remember much of friday but the babes where banging and had a few celebrity strippers.. good to go for first timers and a awesome pace for high rollers

  69. Dave
  70. porky

    I enjoyed myself last friday afternoon

  71. erik


  72. kevin

    carmen is so hot

  73. sexy

    I think Kristian is so very sexy!! I like this place a lot on a Saturday night. I got a dance from Tyler recently and she was also very good. I don’t see why some one keeps saying bad things about her here. I had only good times with her and Kristian.

  74. Mistercap12

    Went here for my first time and it was OK please beware its BYOB the staff is pretty rude security very aggressive weed and liquor EVERYWHERE some girls were nice but don’t do as much for a few tips they walk around with plastic bags some are nice some or a no some have vagina piercings some walk around naked music on point but PLEASE GET THERE EARLY IF YOU BUYING A TABLE IT GETS HELLA PACKED TABLES ARE EXPENSIVE AND I DON’T REALLY GET THE BANG OUT MY BUCK HERE SO I MEAN THIS WONT BE MY FIRST CHOICE

  75. maxxy1

    Had my first female strip club experience here and it really didn’t disappoint.Came here with my man on a random Tuesday strip club adventure. It was after midnight when we arrived so things were in full swing. They had a main stage and little mini stages surrounded by chairs so you could get your own private show. And guess what? It’s FULLY NUDE!! Like, boobies, crotch, the whole shebang! I cocktailed at Babydolls for a couple nights (hey don’t judge me!) and this was A LOT better. The stages had poles and these lovely ladies actually knew how to work ’em. This place also offers a plethora of different chicks so no matter your preference, you’ll find a lady to your liking. Seriously. They.Have.EVERYTHING. Sure there were some hood mamas and interesting weaves (I saw a feathered weave ohmygawd!) but the cuter chicks make up for it. And heh, hood mamas need love too! I did get into one little scuffle with a rather thuggish urban gentleman who was upset that our chairs were so close together but, being the thug that I am, the situation dissipated. If you want, you can BYOB or make business deals with your fellow club-goers to purchase their bottles. They’re also open til 5am which is great for late late night/early morning fun!My ONLY tiff about XTC is that the girls need to show their lady clientele a little more love!! The whole reason we came is so I could get a lap dance (or three) but the girls only seemed interested in my guy and his friend when I was the one wanting to spend my dolla dolla bills yo! I finally got a dancer to give me a dance at closing with the lights on(um awkward ) which was nice but i wanted more attention! Ladies need some lady love too girls!!

  76. joseph1k

    Ok I have to admit to have never been to all nude club before (besides in Mexico when I was 21 for spring break). I think the place is tasteful- lots of beautiful women- natural is a plus and yes, they can REALLY dance- well some can’t but what can you do? Great place to bring a group of girls for a bachelorette party. Its silly and fun.

  77. Octopus

    Date 3/31 “What a Dump” can best describe the place. Should have known when the parking attendant explained the rules, “No Guns, No Drugs”. Got patted down,the only thing missing was the x-ray machine. Underage and gangsta style with grills and no money. Dancers were extremely unfriendly and some were scared to even walk or say hello. At minimum there were 7 to 1 customers to dancers ratio. Fights broke out – Stay away,Bad, Bad place.

  78. Ghetto Revival

    The Girls know how to get u hard quick and suck ur dick too

  79. tom

    love the place

  80. tigerman
  81. Stiff Kid
  82. grasshopper

    I saw Victoria tonight she looked great.Where is this Johnnies??

  83. regular guy

    i enjoy the daytime scene too

  84. T

    I was in the club and all i have to say it was amazing… the girls were all very nice but this one girl. man was she perfect she gave great lap dances and let you run ur hands all across her body!

  85. happy

    i had the best two girl dance fantasy show ever with christie and tyler last week in the afternoon

  86. merle k

    Love the place, love the girls, love the dances.

  87. Anon

    It was my first club experience. Got a private dance at it was well worth it.

    The girls there are very attractive but there is a decent amount of black women if you are into that. Overall it was a great experience. Sweet and hot girls.

  88. Krysten H.

    This was my first strip club experience & I must say it was a BLAST! They play the best music ALL night. The girls are talented & HOT! Of course there are a few bad built ones but for the most part they were all very attractive. Lots of booty! Lol I’ve been there twice & tonight will be my third for my bday! Love this place!!

  89. T.
  90. Todd

    I prefer the excellent daytime ladies. They are worth my money, but the night girls are pretty good too.

  91. Nooner

    All of the hot daytime women are at Bottoms Up!

  92. Nick
  93. craven morehead


  94. Not Quite

    This joint is jumpin but I don’t know of any dick suckin going on. They look very hot for this area though! I love it!

  95. The Boss

    By far the best in Akron!!!

  96. Zach S.

    Went for the first time last night. I don’t know if it was Cuz i was already drunk as f!!! Lol but I had a blast! girls were attractive, I mean who doesn’t like a naked girl dancing on them, only saw one that had a kangaroo pouch but im not complaining. Only thing I disliked was having to leave to go get beer, but there was a gas station down the block so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

  97. rogerrab2

    WORST MANAGEMENT EVER. Anyone with the xtc shirt on acts like they are better than you and treats their customers with no respect. One manager actually put his finger to my mouth and told me to shush. With that being said, the girls were super nice and really fun and the crowd was awesome. Would never go back again though. Despite buying a $300 table, they moved us twice and were extremely rude.

  98. dan

    i have a reeally good time here can’t wait to come again!

  99. Jim

    Went Sunday 6/6/2010 about 10:30. Found out this was a little early for this club. Spoke to the bartender for 30 min, Great supporting cast and everyone very friendly. Club started happening about 11:15 on a Sunday night, amazing. Hooked up with a Dancer Jennifer. Awasome girl and very sweet great attatude. Would have her dance for me anytime. Dances full contact. BYOB to this club they will set you up with ICE and mixers for a fee. Very clean and modern

  100. Bert

    Good place, I would like to tell you who my fav. dancer is but if I did she would get so popular that I couldn’t get her to dance for me. She is fine. I make sure I get a dance or two from her everytime I go in.

  101. james1412

    Went last nite….got there early 9pm. Unless you in a big group…you have to come before midnight. For the second time in a row got kicked out by bouncers on bullshit. Really cause someone else was tired of standing and paid for a table.

  102. eddyL

    Worst place ever. Went to VIP with Erica. She stole $500 from me and ran out of the club. The bouncers play stupid like they didn’t see anything ..

  103. Carmen lover

    i think some of you boys should come in and see my girl carmen

  104. johndoe
  105. Out of Towner
  106. fuckery12

    This was my first nude strip club experience and it was ok. A few of the girls are pretty but most are out of shape!! There are some of them that dance really well but for this to be a strip club I didn’t see very many with pole dancing skills!! It’d extremely LOUD and they play music that all sounds the same!!!! It was ok but not really worth the twenty dollar cover!! Oh ya and you also have to pay for most the tables and its BYOB!!

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