Amber’s Cabaret



13311 Brookpark Road, Brook Park, OH 44142


41.4180317, -81.7839517




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Amber’s Cabaret

  1. little one

    ten dollar cover for cleveland is to high.

    I hung out with Taylor and Tyler. Really nice but dingy girls. Both are in their late/eary 20/30’s. Deffinently they were pros and new what they were doing. All about the money but at least they were honest about it. I had a great server and the management was cool.

  2. Rick

    I had a great time at Amber’s Friday afternoon around 3PM. I recommend going in the afternoon to avoid the cover. Just know the shift change occurs at 7PM so the dayshift dancers are leaving around 6PM and the night dancers are arriving, so it gets pretty slow between 6-8PM. Dances are only $10/song but be careful to know the prices upfront because the dancers will get prissy and ask for $15-20/song instead. Just let them know that you know the prices and they quickly back down from their bluffing. This is my favorite club in the cleveland area. It is decent and not outrageously expensive like Christies or Hustler.

  3. jmann

    nice club very small though. everyone can see the private dance area that isn’t very private. However, you would be suprised how good the dances are.

  4. tonyt

    Great environment, great dancers (better in the later hours), off the charts bar, I didn’t want to go home (a given, but I really didn’t want to this time 😉 – No contest, this place is a gold mine. I will definitely be back.

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  6. ocsurfer

    Some hot girls and some were not. The dances are really good but ymmv. They really hound you to buy drinks for the dancers. If you can survive the drink hustle it is a good time.

  7. $KING$
  8. STP

    I love it here! Great girls.

  9. George

    This is the best club in Ohio and if you check other strip

    club sites such as you will also see that they

    agree that this is the highest ranked club in Ohio. If you

    are willing to travel a bit, then go to Indiana and visit

    Brad’s Brass Flamingo or Flight Club in Michigan.

  10. DAN


  11. charlie
  12. the perv
  13. Jay

    Had fun when i was there the door man was a dick but the girls were good at there job the dances they give are great be back to see you girl again real soon

  14. john
  15. eagleye
  16. blueblack

    decent i’ve seen worse, Go in on friday’s or Saturdays day good looking girls there.

  17. ex-dancer

    I worked there for 9 months, The girls that stick around are very friendly, and good with customers, we would all run the rats out of there. Truth be told there was a lot of drug use not including me, but they were still good people. The night time manager gilly was good to the girls if they didn’t act stupid, however the longer you work there the harder he was on you, and he was very degrading at times, which was a big turn off to work there, we do not get paid for our drinks however you had to sell freaking 12 a night or pay for them that was bullshit, so if you want to help us out buy a drink and dance. I loved the girls they were so kind hearted, and there was a great variety for all sexual appetites. Some girls get really nasty with the dances, so if your not into that be careful who dances for you. The best girls to go for are Dallas, Tia, Cloe, Lisa, Vanae and Sasha. Avoid Suzy, Amber is extremely wild, and Anya lies about everything, she has a different story for each guy, but she is totally cute. As far as bartenders/servers Andrea is really sweet, and honest, Diane acts like an angel, but she’s sneaky, and will overcharge you for tips, so if you get her ask for a different server. Note: The girls don’t always get to pick the songs, so don’t judges them on what they play.

  18. RegularVisitor

    Sexy girls, friendly. Hot private dances!

  19. ou81
  20. lucky

    The club is stricter now with more

    supervision so the girls have trouble

    making any real money there now. Good

    news is many of the them will see

    customers outside of club because of that.

    I’ve already had that pleasure with a couple

    of them recently.

  21. Jaye

    Went to this place on a Friday night had 5 girls. The manager was being the DJ and was playing music from the 50’s 4 songs from around 2008. The one stripper stunk so bad made me sick. Then when my boy was getting a lap dance from a non stinky girl. There was another customer pointing watching to the point the girl stopped and flipped out on him. Place needs new owners and management

  22. night sucks

    This club is strict and uptight at night. The dancers cover

    their nipples with tape and the bouncer rebuked the dancer

    during our lap dances telling her that straddling was not

    allowed because it is too sexual.

  23. LTDH

    Lots of hot new girls, and some old school girls that are still looking fine.

  24. pool player

    Stopped by during day, had a good time. The girl to see is Caramel!

    Beautiful, can hold a conversation, and gives an incredible dance in

    vip. Thanks sexy lady for the great time, can’t wait to see you


  25. ClubGuy

    $10 cover, $10 VIP dances. Dances are worth the money.

  26. Need some work

    The Dancers are nice the bitch at the door needs to leave them alone and let them do there job. The Dancers also need to talk to more them one guy some will sit with the same guy he will not tip her or anything and they sit there for hours on end. But if you can get passed the bitch at the door and dill with only one Dancer that might talk to you in the whole night go for it

  27. In the Know

    Xmas Party: Thr.12/21,Fri.12/22,Sat.12/23 Cold Drinks, Hot Food and Great Women!

  28. rj

    best club i ever went to so far!

  29. Clubber1

    Liquor and dancer drinks can be overpriced if you don’t watch what you’re buying. But there’s a nice variety of girls to fit all tastes, from Jade on the oriental side to Britney who is great dancer and sexy blond.

  30. 128

    Nice girls, some better looking but overall a great time. Definately worth every dollar.

  31. Donald

    I had an remarkable time at Amber’s! Great girls. So much personality! My friends & I will be returning.

  32. DPR

    BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! Friendly atmosphere.

  33. $12 Grand in one night

    Went to the club about 8pm. Older blonde named “Robin” ask me if I wanted to play “Samson and Delilah” ? She would get me drunk, make a fool of me and take my money ? She has huge bolt on tits so I said “sure”. Four hours later I woke up in my hotel room with a raging hard on. Next day I found out she had me put $12 grand on my AEX card ! I went back two days later and she just laughed at me

  34. K

    It don’t get any better on Brookpark, or anywhere else for that matter

  35. Club Review

    Best on Brookpark

  36. Dave

    Good Club. I recommend it highly.

  37. eddyL

    gilly is a retard..most of the girls are looking but who charges a $20 atm fee?! gilly does!

  38. JPL

    Hot friendly girls. Nice atmosphere, better than GiGi’s.

  39. one hung low

    A+++ This place is the best on Brookpark Rd or anywhere! Hot friendly girls. Great dances, well worth every dime.

  40. Joe

    Mackenzie has a great personality and can dance too! Great time

  41. P Duddy

    Dayshift is great! Better looking girls than GiGi’s.

  42. ClubMaster

    One of my favorite clubs. The girls I usually spend time with days are Sparkle, Cat, Aleah. They run a big drink hustle here, but you can handle that if you know it going in, but sometimes you just want to party along with it. The above girls like to have a few drinks, have fun and give great dances. I give them my highest recomendation.

  43. Short Guy
  44. fazman
  45. rip off

    success has spoiled this club. Too many dancers now want

    $20/song for lap dances and treat you like a cheap skate for

    wanting $10 dances. This place is NOT worth $20/song

    considering there is no privacy and the chairs are too small

    and uncomfortable.

  46. DB

    Best dances in Cleveland.It will cost in drinks.

  47. sebulva

    as every where, there are nice girls, and other not so nice. the environment is average, the girls do not dance very well in stage, but in vip room they do.

    as of jun 2008, beer is $4, cover=$7, LD=$10.

    girls are wearing stickers over the nips everytime, and briefs or shorts over the thong, by law.

    very good cost/benefit ratio.

  48. t
  49. BEN


  50. J

    I like it there the girls are really nice. Have not had a bad night there yet. But I have had a lot of people say they dont understand it the girls go to the guys that dont tip or never gets a dance from them. But the ones that do want a dance never get asked. SO with that said i hope one of the girls read this and lets the others know. There are guys there that want a dance from some of them all they have to do is ask. If the guy tips you when your on stage ask him when you get off of it if they want a dance. They liked you enough to tip you so why not ask them.

  51. TB

    Went to the club recently on Saturday. Had a great time with a girl named Haley. She was amazing. Can hold a conversation, smart and beautiful. I’ll definitely go back. She said she only works Saturdays.

  52. John Q.

    $7-10 cover charge, $8 drinks, nearby the cleveland airport. I was quoted $10-25 for dance prices but did not find any dancer interesting enough. The dance area does not have any privacy.

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