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25540 Miles Road, Bedford, OH 44146


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crazy Horse Mens Club

  1. Lisa

    I have to disagree with the last post… I was in (again) yesterday with a female

    friend of mine and find the previous review to be misleading. The girls are

    mostly 7-8’s but there are clearly a perfect 10’s. The fact that there are 3

    playboy models working here should be your first clue. The total packages:

    dominique and carmen, malana. Drinks are reasonably priced and service is

    always right on time.

    The secret here is really that dances on the floor are just a teaser. The private

    rooms are clearly where anything and everything worth talking about goes

    on. I’ve gone up with a dancer by myself and with my boyfriend. There has

    never been an objection and its always “memorable”.

  2. Rich

    This place really isn’t that great. BITCHY girls & one old hag!

  3. TD

    overpriced..not munch fun and empty most of the time

  4. Yea Right

    Yea all 10’s -9 =1 That’s more like it. A little self promotion going on. The bulk of these reviews are all true this place is no good

  5. Jesse Offal

    Sucks!!! Most of the reviewers on this board are shills—management etc. The only reason I go here is for the reasonably priced extras–HJs and BJs and sometimes blumpkins.

  6. BEN


  7. sports bar

    opened last night!!!

    it’s sweeeettt!!!


    projection screen

    private bar

    we had a blast

  8. The bad and the ugly

    That says it all.

  9. Dan

    Gave this place a try on a Thursday night. Was pleasantly surprised and generally happy I went. The atmosphere is corporate yet friendly. The women were all friendly and half of them were quite attractive. The other half were average yet no one stood out as especially unattractive. I frequent gentlemens clubs relatively often and I would visit this establishment again.

  10. tom
  11. Just a guy

    Woest place i have ever been to!!

  12. Jay

    Girls are dogs-High priced-much better places with better girls and dances for less

  13. Darkman

    I was in the other night and had a good time. The girls are some of the best Cleveland has to offer and the atmosphere is nice. I love the fact that they don’t run a drink hustle like many of the other clubs in Cleveland. However, if you want a good dance you must buy a $20 VIP bracelet, and the VIP dances are $20 VS $10 on the floor. But the floor dances are boooooooring!!! So basically it’s $40 for the first song in the VIP room which is a bit expensive. Plus they do cut a lot of songs short, which is the biggest downside to this club. Other than that, they have some of the hottest girls in Cleveland and you can get a hot dance in the VIP room, or an even hotter dance upstairs.

  14. nASTY

    Sweethome sounds like one of the many angry dancers who work here. Everyone here has a bad attitude and adds to the bad experience i have had when i have been in. This place is not a good time. The high prices woulden’t matter if the girls were worth it. The prices just add to the pain because this is not an enjoyable place..Much better out there for youur money..

  15. Hottie

    This club is dead! Over priced! Empty!

  16. Gone for Good

    Yes I am. Worst of the worst..

  17. Tom k
  18. Thomas

    Bitchy girls, shitty dances, too pricey. Avoid.

  19. Check It

    A want to be high end club with low end talent. All window dressing with no delievery. Overpriced and half the girls give bad dances. VIP is a rip off if you get the wrong girl. Tip your floor guy for advice to make your stop have any value at all Best to go somewhere else.

  20. kitten

    I love the club, everyone is nice and the girls are sweet and hot,

  21. Randy

    Great club judge 4 yourself

  22. Charles McCalister

    You have all beautiful women, no fat ones or but face girls!!

  23. matt
  24. Harrison69

    I’m 22, Ive been to my fair share of strip clubs in cleveland, and i have to see this is easy the best one! I enjoy the intmancy the girls dont hound you for money hell half of them would rather have a few drinks and chat than get dances! I would recommend two girls Candy and olive, both girl STUNNING and very friendly! The neighborhood is safe i work down the street! I love it other than being very very very priced beer its awesome!

  25. Rob

    Two words for ya – gross and nasty

  26. Jason

    Fantastic!!! In town for a few weeks… this club was the best I visited. The new girl, Malana, was the sweetest. Very genuine and classy. I’ll be back when I make it back to Cleveland.

  27. Wally

    Not only is the club worn out like the last guy said, but you’ll probably end up getting some type of disease. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to get antibiotics after spending time with a dancer in a vip room. Flu, strep, sinus infections, etc. They’re all single mothers with snot-nosed kids at home. Waste of money and painful experience. Not worth it for a half hour of “fun”.

  28. Mike S.

    This club has all 10’s, The drinks were real,nothing watered down, Intimacy with the the girls, very impressed, quaint atmosphere. This site must be for jelous others,I was glad I judged for myself!!!! See ya again this weekend,

  29. Guy

    Was in for day shift..much better than friendly girls..

  30. Namet

    MOst dancers do outcall for the right price especially single mothers. For $500 most dancers are GTG.

  31. william

    classy place great food woldn’t hurt to get more classy girls to go with it. I’ll be back!

  32. Annoyed
  33. Long Time Customer

    the quality has gone way down hill in here.. what happened to all the hot chicks working.. now all i see is overweight, unattractive, trashy dancers working here…. isn’t there any sort of standard in this place???

  34. big-E

    hot day girls fast very friendly service for lunch.i’ll be back.

  35. JD

    This place is a cesspool. Ugly, repulsive women who constantly hustle for the overpriced “vip rooms” and waitresses who hustle for overpriced drinks every two minutes. Hope it shuts down and they all crawl back into the sewer where they belong. Take this “Horse” to the glue factory and put it out of its misery.

  36. Abe
  37. Doc. Bc

    A no talent club with bad management. Overpriced save our money

  38. george

    I had a blast!! We will return!!!!!!

  39. Nick

    Ugly girls. high prices. not worth your time or money

  40. emo

    yeah 500 600 will do it, especially if you spend it regularly, but your better going to jens den for your money, there are rich people who go here and they make it worse for everyone else. thats life I guess but the girls here deserve to burn imo. Other than that, its cleveland and even the druggie whorse whores down to the streetwalkers are prudish about sex. They will try to rip you off first.

  41. mick

    Great afternoon shift never been at night

  42. LaLa

    drinks were expensive and the girls were descent looking, not bad. From what the bouncer said, the hotter girls work during the week, i guess they all go out on the weekends, will try my luck again

  43. big daddy j
  44. John

    The negitive comments are very true. This place went down hill and is one of the worst.Sorry i ever stopped back

  45. Harry Coach

    I got outcall from my favorite dancer at the local motel for $600. I hear that is the going rate—it was worth it.

  46. Bob Johnson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  47. Not bad

    Nice atmosphere. Lot of pretty ladies the night I was there. Club is acually pretty good.

  48. beth
  49. joe
  50. Just Me

    My comments reflect day shift.

  51. Mike


  52. Joe blow
  53. Masa

    Save your money-way overpriced for what you get-

  54. frank
  55. Gus

    I was pleasantly surprised, did like the day better than the night but overall it was good. Michelle behind the bar was very nice and Stephanie helped me out with info on rooms, thanks I’ll be back!

  56. JoeFabeats

    I’ve been going here on n off for 5+ yrs. Like a fine wine it only gets better with age. The girls are nice, pretty & not to pushy. As far as price goes, I would say it’s about average. It’s a nice place to go so I don’t have to drive out to W150th or Downtown after a night of uptown drinking.

  57. adamrod

    This is a good club with a variety of girls in terms of looks. The only downside is that they wear pasties and it’s topless only.Dance options are table (10) with no contact, back room (20) with some contact, and VIP (200 for half 375 full hour) where contact level is different depending on the girl, but you can get your money’s worth.There is only one small stage open consistently. The larger side stage opens when it’s busy.Lots of out-of-town business guys, and a mostly older crowd during the week. Calm atmosphere i.e. no fights or out of control drunks. Some younger partiers on the weekend.It isn’t the greatest neighborhood but the club itself is very safe and the clientele definitely isn’t from the neighborhood.Nice outdoor patio with fire pit for smokers. Outdoor bar during nice weather.

  58. Babe

    Flat out no good.One of the worst for price vs talent

  59. GLD

    Great Club will be back asap

  60. Nathan
  61. Mack

    Very Bad- Day shift is the very best this place has to offer

  62. Mr Vegas
  63. ..
  64. Rick

    I was just there the day girls are hot there are 2 new girls /blonds very good stage danceing and fun to talk to no whiners. see you soon.

  65. Tony

    I had enough money, and I had a very good time

  66. ajay

    It is a cool atmosphere… very professional. Dancers range from a 7 to an 8 scale. They are either tits and no ass or ass and no tits. They all are NOT cute in the face. No special dancing just regular. I am a female and was not impressed. The best time I had there was getting compliments from a lot of the gurls because I am a 10. I am cute. Shit… i should probably apply for a job there. I would probably get tips from the strippers and customers alike. The cover charge is cheap and you get what you pay for so can’t complain. Drinks ar reasonable. I will go again becuase I don’t expect vegas strippers in the suburbs of cleveland. This is almost the best that cleveland has to ofer on the east. DJ could use some work. The music mix was wack… thats probably why the dancing was medio!

  67. Tom Jones

    There Day Shift rocks I,ll Stay True to Them

  68. jake

    this is places has the best private rooms anything i mean anything goes on ive got my dick sucked by nearly all the dancers and fucked five in the vip for the right price surprised they havent got closed down yet must pay the cops or something love the whores guys

  69. WalterWhite2277

    This is a great place to come and unwind after work or have a great time on Saturday night. I have been there twice in the last couple of days, once on a Thursday night around 10 PM and once Saturday afternoon around 1:30 PM.

    The variety of dancers is great, they have small, thin girls, girls with some curves up top and down below, and generally a great variety. They offer $15 dances in a general open area, but almost no one does that. They also offer 3 songs for $60 and there is quite a bit of mileage and contact with these dances. They also offer a half hour for $300 – $325, and this is in a private room and it’s really nice!

    The overall club environment is really nice, it’s well laid out, and the girls are all very friendly. I will be spending more time there for sure.

  70. FYI OHIO...

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  71. jim

    these girls are great

  72. Mark

    I have been to this club a few times and the overall quality of girls is good. One 9 a hand full of 8’s and a bunch of 5’s. The champagne room dances are great but the songs are cut a little too short in my opinion.

  73. Travis

    Worst service of my life and to top it off the girls were

    ugly. I got some okay action from a blonde named “Emma”.

    She offered me out call fun for $500. Didn’t take it

    tonight but I may give her a call in the future. I

    definitely won’t be returning.

  74. Dick & Jane

    This place has no good girls cost to much and was empty. One of the worst places i have ever been in

  75. Very Happy

    Your day Shift is picking up There is a red head there that is very beautiful Keep up the good work

  76. maxxy1

    I heard from a buddy this was not a safe part of town but I did not seem to have any issues with it. $10 cover charge and $8 for my jack and coke. They have private rooms of 5 songs for $100 but not sure on how the action is upstairs because I could not find a dancer attractive enough or willing to sit down with me.

  77. Jaz
  78. scooter

    nice place. I would prefer more than one stage. But nice place

  79. Road Warrior

    This place has finally hit rock bottom!!! The bathrooms are never cleaned, the food is mediocre, all the hot girls are gone, and the furniture is falling apart. Time to close this one up.

  80. beef cake


  81. Stopped In

    What a waste of my time and money. I wish i would have looked on here before i went

  82. Alan

    Pleasant changes out with the OLD in with the new(young)

  83. todd
  84. mo
  85. Dave

    True-overpriced and 90% ugly

  86. Happy
  87. Mr.No Go No More

    I am glad word is getting out. This place is a dump with trashy girls and for sure overpriced!!

  88. mR t

    Baaad Stay away…..

  89. Yuck

    I have been to a few good places in Cleveland but this is not one of them. Save your money and go downtown. You will have a better time.

  90. Tad
  91. let's tell the truth here

    you sound like a disgruntled worker, maybe the dj. um yeah get a life cry baby.

  92. Bob

    Had a great time best time to go is 2 in the afternoon.

    Hot Girls!




  94. Big Al
  95. BA.Kane

    You guys are over the top this place is bad but is by far not the worst

  96. kevin
  97. Mackey

    Yea we been here and it is nasty and high priced. You sound like your doing some self promoting.This place sucks

  98. SweetHome

    well Nasty…… IF i was a girl…. i probably would be a stripper…Angry strippers? maybe u just pissed them off… if u must know i am a regular there and I see how cheap douches like you treat them…. nice try though

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