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14500 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, OH 44135


41.4187846, -81.7966665




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gigi Lounge

  1. Richard

    Was in a few times last week and the lady I usually sit with was off. Can you guys post a schedule of the girls hours? I keep missing her! Thanks

  2. Bob

    Beautiful dancers, waitresses and bartenders – not to mention they are also very down to earth. I am always in heaven when i come in here.

  3. Yes


  4. Iggy

    NOt a bad club if you don’t mind flat-chested strippers

  5. Mark

    This bar has chamged a lot, and for the better. For once in years, all of your dancers are beautiful. Not one “butterface” in the house!

  6. david
  7. hey nope

    $4 cover, you must of been at the club down the street you drunk ass

  8. Blah HumBug

    This is one of the worser ones I have been too, it has a foul odor to it and is very tiny. Glad I didn’t spend anything on the girls they are white trailer trash and a few mixed ones too.

  9. Dan

    Love this club will be back when im in town

  10. hey cracker

    if you got a problem with this club, either stay out or grow some balls and quit hiding behind your computer screen and bring your butt in and we ll deal with your problem face to face

  11. Tobacco Dude

    Hey al you got to check this place out, I was a regular at P.M’s for the longest time but I wanted to check out the scenery elsewhere and I am so glad I did. I came in last night and had a few dances by some hot girls and I am so coming back, maybe next time I will see if day girls are hot too.

  12. Joe

    Up to you – we can keep doing this all you want!

  13. outstanding

    this place was alot of fun, the last person to leave a comment must be a disgruntled former employee

  14. question

    How did you guys manage the Smoking Ban? are you non or do you have an area for it? Just curious.

  15. UGH

    This place SUCKS

  16. Local guy

    Had a great time! I will definitely be back, and very soon!

  17. DB

    good value,very nice motor on italian sports car.

  18. Curious One

    Come to the X mas Party On Dec. 20th, free food,fun and beautiful girls. What do you mean Joe?

  19. Kevin

    Must say the day dancers are smoken got there around 5 stayed til a little after 8 when shift change was.. The day girls blow the night girls out of the water! I will be back had a great time!!

  20. 123


  21. Waste

    This place is a waste of time, they water the ladies drinks downa nd charge you alot of money. I would taste drinks next time I am telling you if they are even real, after 6pm don’t buy any on dayshift and after 12 am on nights they are fake! you pay 9.00or more for koolaid lol, go somewhere where they really care for their customers and not try to rip you off.

  22. guesswhosback


  23. RJ

    I was surprised. This place doesn’t advertise, but they should. I stopped in not knowing what to expect, but I had a great time. I will be back. Everyone is very nice.

  24. nice

    had a great time

  25. SPRING

    Yes Spring is here, so enjoy the weather, go to the park with your family and your children and don’t waste your time is this small, dirty over priced club. Rent a porno, at least you can make out with your tv if you wanted to. And it doesn’t cost 10.00 to look at something your probably has better of.

  26. Michael

    This club is fun the girls are great and they have personalities

  27. re: ex dollar tipper

    Yes maybe back when old owners owned P.M’s. But now its well taken care of, I love it and I plan on staying there forever. It is very busy with great girls and clientel, lets put it this way… I never leave there with under the 4 digits. However Gigi’s is still a good place too. I liked it while I was there, the girls are not pushy and the owners maintain it decently and care well for the girls. i was there for a long time, but I needed to go where I knew I could support my family. I think gigi’s and are the best two joints in cleveland!- hailey


    this club rocks!!! best on brookpark road and great eveneing dancers. The one in the school girl outfit is my favorite she is real nice and has a down to earth personality. I don’t care much for some of the other girls but the overall variety of girls is great.

  29. ideas

    need to remodel. New furniture to begin, then maybe new pictures and well needless to say new dancers.

  30. FYI OHIO...

    CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB will be opening January 28, 2009!!! This 16 thousand sq ft Adult Entertainment Complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area’s Hottest Ladies!!! Come down and Play With Us!! We’re at 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2AM BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS: WE WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 28TH 2009!!! Tons of you have already applied at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club, but in case you’re still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! We are taking applications M-F 10 am till 6pm. Give us a call & come down today!!CHEERLEADERS GENTLEMEN’S CLUB 3100 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh 412-281-3110

  31. Come on in!!!!!

    Christmas party Wednesday Dec.19th all day and night!!!


    I just recently started coming back to this club about eight months ago. With the downtown clubs charging outrageous cover charges, not to mention the $8 beers, I find this club to be refreshing…I would much rather spend my money on the girls! This establishment has the ambiance of a corner bar, with the added bonus of some really outstanding girls. A must for anyone who enjoys the company of beautiful women without feeling as though you are being hustled by grossly inflated prices.

  33. FYI

    Xmas Party Dec 20th!1pm till 2:30 am

  34. wally

    first time to this place, and I had a really fun time

  35. Deker

    A good variety of girls with some real smokin afternoon girls. Friendly with no pressure or gimmicks.

  36. good time

    had a good time, nice selection of girls

  37. dommofire
  38. Fried Bologne

    I love this club!!! the girls are best around, come see.. if not its your loss.

  39. nope

    $12 cover, fuck that!!!

  40. awful

    Club has not changed for the better. If Steve and marie came back then yes it would but not with hilljacks running it. It is being run down into the ground.

  41. Doug

    Had an amazing dance from Andrea Tuesday afternoon. Enough friction to start a camp fire.

  42. JD

    If you are looking for a filthy whore, go down the road. If you are looking for classy girls who will show you a good time, come on in!

  43. Apparently

    Apparently they did not do such a good job if the trash ( majority) is still there. They weeded alright, but the good ones.

  44. Sprung

    Spring is here – come and see our hott lineup! (The post below was written by a stripper who has been fired, so please disregard)

  45. gare bare

    Awful place, fat girls, smells bad, dirty bahtrooms and horrible service and mostly pricey drinks for low quality watered down alcohol. Pathetic.

  46. awesome

    Cover is free during before 7pm, come visit.. guaranteed you will return

  47. Ben

    Best lineup! New hotties and the existing hotties – I used to drag the strip, but now Gigi’s is my only stop!!!

  48. Jerry

    This is by far the best titty club in cleveland! Hot girls, great personalities and good service.

  49. Club Review

    Ok, better if Hailey was gone!

  50. Bill

    This Place isn’t too bad. Good variety of girls. However maybe they need to reodle soon. Also hire a new dj the evening dj is awful.

  51. frank
  52. horrible

    this place sucks, the girls are fat with celullite asses, and the bartenders think they r strippers trying to get get customers to return when i return they r disgusting 50 yr. old whores trying to get tips. trust this isnt a place for anyone special but u can get a hand job if u ask the right girl for cheap etc. sherri she does it! a bitch claiming disability but doesn’t have custody of her kids yet leaves early on mondays to be with her boyfriend. nasty, must be nice to suck dick in office while informing of bullshit.expect FBI bitches.

  53. tommy

    great place to go!!!!! good looking girls and they great to be around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work girls!!!!!

  54. happy

    love all the new girls. best place on brookpark rd

  55. Calvin

    A hidden goldmine! Beautiful girls, good atmosphere, grest music, and everyone here is so friendly and down- to – earth.I will definitely be back

  56. BYEBYE

    Sorry guys, no more handjobs, Hailey has quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. voter

    Please Help Save all the clubs! this is harassment and controllment. Power upon injustice! If you enjoy your freedom and agree many good men have died in the past to protect it then please go to and vote against issue 16. if you don’t your very pleasure may be- well unpleasurable! Hailey

  58. Hailey

    Halloween Party Satruday 28th all day all night, come in a see what we are wearing- or not wearing!!!

  59. Bucky

    Had a blast, thanks to all the fine looking girls who accomponied me on my visit Saturday evening, I will return! Don’t care for the big breasted girl Barb or Barby she acts to high class and she is not.

  60. Clubber1

    Simply a great bar and strip club. At Gigi’s you can make friends and have a good time without feeling ripped off on drinks or dances.

  61. re: sick of this

    re: sick of this

    Oh yea ok I am sure, you dumbass, Jen or anyone can call there and ask when i started and I guarnatee they say 2 1/2 weeks ago, so unless you know what your talking about SHUT THE FUCK UP! on top of that very clever by saying this hailey girl as if you don’t know me because I knwo you. Grow up, get over your jealousy, get psychiatric help you stupid bitch.- Hailey

    p.s yea go ahead and try to ban me!!!!! I bought a membership to this site cause I make $$$ bitch

  62. gregofromtampa

    was in lastnight and talked to brandy for awhile she was nice i got some dances from her ! i also talked to alex she’s so beautiful and has alot of class she did some dances for me as well . i live out of town but when i come back for a visit i will deff. be back !!! fun place to be and the girls rock

  63. hmm

    Went to the club and there were nothing but a bunch of old worn out girls. The one good looking one just talked to the DJ all night. It was a very crappy time.

  64. sassygurl

    New lineup, and all of your favorites all in one place! Stop in, have a cold drink and a hott dance!

  65. re: nameless

    Hailey is not gone, she is on break. She will be back in 2 weeks. So the person who keeps writing on here about her should get a life.

  66. eddyL

    This place is a dive just like most of the other brookpark strip bars. The dancers are not the most attractive in cleveland but lap dances are only $10/song but they try to fleece you on the “dancer drinks” which are overpriced so the dancers make a commission when you buy them. There was no cover charge when I arrived in the afternoon.

  67. Tbone

    COOL PLACE!!!!

  68. Steve

    Need to be remodeld soon.

  69. silkkkkk


  70. deja vu

    The night DJ rocks!!! Come on in and hear your favorite songs, and even the rare ones, available by request!!!!

  71. Posse

    this club isn’t bad at all. sure beats the bigger clubs because they don’t want you to basically give your life savings up.

  72. Douglas

    Ugh ya do not waste your time.. i do not think the girls are even good enough quality for west 25th. All the good ones are gone like Shelley, Tanya, Madison just to name a few. Shitty place needs to be bulldozed.

  73. bluefox

    ok i have been going to this club for about 10 to 15 years off and on, there have been extremly beautiful girls here and also there have been alot of other ones too,the club has a new owner she’s nice except when provoked not to be ! this club could be alot better than it is , it should be updated with t.v.’s new furniture repave parking lot and add some cable for those who are into the sporting events , and i know that its tradition but please fix that broken mirror that is on the stage !!!!! the main attractions are crystal alex layla and a very cute tall black girl who’s name i can not remember but has a great ass and cute tits !!!!!

  74. Crazy Joe

    Nights are best, Hottest of girls.. and best personalities. Day shift is after just one thing and that turns me off. The night girls actually sit and talk to you.

  75. the traveler

    first time I’ve ever been here. Overall, a good visit.

  76. MITYH

    Could be better…but they keep getting rid of the best dancers.

  77. Clubber

    Gigi’s is just great fun. The girls aren’t lazy, they work. In other places sosme will just sit and ignore you. Not here, you can sit and talk with them and then the dances are top notch. Just don’t expect the Ritz, it’s a bar. But it’s what a good strip club should be.

  78. xxx

    Cold outside? Come in and let us warm you up!

  79. fritter17

    This strip club is good

  80. hick fucks

    unless your related or a sheep do not enter, they only fuck them. Contaminated, std disgusting fucks.

  81. JC

    OMG!!! amazing, love the new lineup, I haven’t been here in a few months, but I definetly will make it a more regular thing. Days is best, much more ladies to choose from and they are smokin’ hottttt.

  82. GiGi

    Come join us for our annual Christmas party, Wednesday December 17th!!!!! All day and night!!!!!

  83. djdj

    COME ON IN! Beautiful girls, cold drinks and great tunes!

  84. Bob S

    Had a great time on Saturday. The beers were cheap and the girls were all very friendly and nice. I hadn’t been here in awhile, but I will start coming back on a regular basis now. Thanks for a great time

  85. jack
  86. Party time

    Happy hour specials from 4 p.m. til 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday! $2 beer specials!

  87. sticky icky

    hole in the wall

  88. funtimes

    i like it but needs better looking girl and new dj on nights

  89. Steve-O

    Had a kickass time on Friday day. First timer, but I will be back!

  90. doot doot

    good times, good music, hott girls.

  91. Improved

    this club is great now the trash is gone! keep up the good work and keep steering clear from ghetto girls and you will do well!

  92. Happy Holidays

    Join us for our annual Christmas Party Wednesday December 16th all day and night!

  93. new hire

    Hey guys – come in and check out this club! I am new here and I love it here!

  94. Quote Man

    this is a fun club, may be smaller but very cozy and they treat you well. The owners are great they are very welcoming and have fun and talk to you and the girls are all fun.

  95. for Jen

    This is Hailey and i wanted to comment something.. just for standings I never shit on your club, I am not a disgruntel ex- employee, I have no beef with you or anyonme there. i enjoyed my time there and I do not want any hard feelings. i took a longer break than anticipated and when i went to return I read some nasty postings you posted about me not being welcome back So I did not come back. No hard feelings, I am mature and not going to fight. your club is good, my club is good- TRUCE. However- just for standings I never posted shit, I found out who did and it came from my computer but it was not me, it was someone else trying to get me unwanted there so i would never return back dancing. But I did. Friends?

  96. Sean

    Stopped in on Friday and was very impressed. Bartender was very nice, as well as the dancers. Beer was cold, and the atmosphere was very good.


    This club rocks! The music is good, the staff is great and the girls are knockouts! I feel like every time I come in to this place I am a celebrity -and I am just your average guy. Definitely worth checking out! Try it once – you’ll want to come back again and again!

  98. eewww

    this place is nasty, I urge no one to go

  99. nameless

    Hailey is gone, and this place is rockin!! Stay at the Hustler club, because this place is a whole lot better off without you!!!

  100. Larry
  101. Rob
  102. john bridges
  103. Alex
  104. jason

    day girls are far from blowing night girls away i think you need glasses good grief

  105. Jacob

    Nice Club, desperatly needs new furniture the chairs are dirty and breaking and very uncomfortable. Get some chairs like crazy horse those are real nice. Great group of girls now, its a pleasure coming in!

  106. guest

    Was there on a tuesday night, out of 4 dancers, one wasnt too great looking, 2 were average and sorta plump, the other had small breasts but nice looking and a great body overall.

    The best part was the bartender. Dont remember her name, but she was smoking hot, and extremely friendly.

    I would go back just to see her.

  107. Mike

    Awsome club, had a great time. All varieties of ladies… day or night you cannot go worng, definetly will be back!

  108. hmmmmmmm

    Save your money and go to Hustler, worth every penny there.

  109. think again

    Cover here is 4 dollars per person, is and always was. Unless you were there with 2 other people, there is NO WAY you would have been charged 12 dollars. I go here at least 2 times a week, and have never paid more than 4 dollars!

  110. TED


  111. Robert

    They weeded out all of the trash here, and the quality girls remain. I give this place an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10

  112. dude

    so i decided to check it out one night. I come in, sat down with my dudes, and all of a sudden they are screaming at me to tip the lady on stage. lol. i’m like WHAT THE FUCK shes like 45, and nasty. thats not the best part. The best part is, Kellen Winslow Comes in, sits down, and they do the same thing to him and his friends. They had no idea who he was ,we got up, left and went to ambers. Was MUCH better, and bigger.

  113. Russ

    I disagree i happen to like Hailey alot… amongst a few others there!

  114. Sam

    It doesn’t matter what night you go in the girls are always hot & the service comes with a smile. They do need new furniture badly though.

  115. Dave

    take a bath u stink

  116. dazedandlovinit

    As a CURRENT employee: Gigi’s might not be the absloute best in show for a strip club. But in comparison to most, we aren’t nearly as over priced as some of the other clubs around. The people (dancers, management, bartenders, dj’s) are great people to work with and to work for. I personally have a lot of fun when I go to work. We party hard and have a good time. If you don’t like the place, don’t come in. It’s as simple as that. If you are looking to have a good time this is th place to be. Thats why you go out, right? Good times…Good times…

  117. Wayne

    Beautiful ladies, great drinks and rockin music! Best deal on Brookpark Rd.!

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