New York-New York Cabaret



1221 East 2nd Street, Franklin, OH 45005


39.5640446, -84.2798619




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “New York-New York Cabaret

  1. pete

    its ok

  2. michael

    this club is nasty! Dancers and Bartenders need to go on a diet!

  3. Harry Ballzack
  4. rich

    I went there to have a good time, and all the dancers talked about was there problems. I will never go there again.

  5. RX7

    Fab Hot ladies…Great smiles, smokin bodies, and very attentive

  6. Heather
  7. bb
  8. Nice and Sweet

    I had a great time here the other night. A nice variety of girls(different sizes and colors) nice for when your in the mood for something different……….

  9. MoMoney

    I had alot of fun at this is club. This girls are great and the bartenders are the shit. It was worth the drive and the money…….

  10. eep
  11. Kristen


  13. Joel
  14. el tourista

    went in wed. afternoon,only saw two girls at the bar. the other girls were in the private dance rooms (2 fer $25)with regulars,which pretty well sums it all up…you have to tip them WELL when they are on stage for any attention unless you are a regular.very pretty and well enhanced standout hottie who could be dancing anywhere although after tipping her $6 on stage a cold thanks is all i got as she blew by me ,and back to a regular.

  15. Kenny
  16. Bruce

    This place is far from clean. Maybe if you are talking about a biker bar but a nice strip club this is not

  17. Megan

    Had a blast at nyny. The girls are super nice. It’s hard being a girl and to go into a club where the girls treat you good. Thanks ladies… I’ll be back with friends…..

  18. shakemoneymaker
  19. Chris
  20. Brian

    Place needs to be shut down

  21. Brandon

    I like the club a lot better. It is worth the time and money. Girls are pretty nice and the food is good too. You seem to get a little more for your money…don’t feel like you’re being hustled. girls at Cheeks and Diamonds way more pushy about getting money.

  22. Jack

    Came in on sunday and there was some feature chocolate stuff going on on the stage, was cool as hell nice looking girls too. Had a blast will be back!!!

  23. fun times

    This place rocks my socks off………….

  24. jim

    Very nice club.They have a very nice day shift there.Some of the grils are hot.I got a couch dance from a girl named Zia. WOW she was hot.

  25. rockstar

    I party like a rock star and that girls treated me like a rock star

  26. j

    its great the girls are all nice and the prices are right

  27. Tim
  28. Joe
  29. TonyG
  30. oldmandam

    the club was nice but the dancer destiny was a no go back

  31. AJ
  32. infected

    i go into the club from time to time have noticed a lot of changes some good some bad the new head guy with the glasses very rude, he was walking around talking to customers i had the dis pleasure of chatting with him made me wanna leave right then! i tried to request a few songs like all ways have

    in the past was told could not songs were to heavy(do to rude guy with glasses )and could not here the music over people talking i asked about that as well again(do to rude guy with glasses) i used to love going here the girls are still great (only reason still come in)

  33. chad

    i went there on day shift and there was only one ugly girl working.

  34. eddyL

    COVER: No cover for Active Duty Military. After getting in for free, the door bitch asked for a tip. I declined and she smirked. I told her I’d get her on the way out. CLUB SETUP: After coming into the club there’s a VIP area to the right followed by another room with a pool table. There’s a single long stage the middle of the club with the DJ booth at the back of the stage. Stage had three poles if I recall. In front of the stage is a bar with about 10 bar stools. I came here on a Monday night for the 10 buck lap dances. There were about 10 customers there and maybe 10 girls…most of the Johns were sitting at the bar occasionally tipping the girls on stage. Oh…did I mention that the reason I came here on Monday was the $10 lap dances? hahahaha…good deal if you only want one dance with a girl. Regular prices for lap dances is 2 for $25…requires more of a committment from you. GIRLS: As stated before…there are about 10 girls there on a Monday night. Most of the girls were actually pretty attractive, skinny and friendly. There were a few girls sleeping in the corner because of boredom I guess. There were two black girls working tonight too…one of which I made it sprinkle on here (Proper RAIN defined as tossing 200 $1 bills in the air…a SHOWER is 100 $1 bills…a SPRINKLE is about 10 bucks). LAP DANCES: One way contact only. There are posters of Rule 52 at the entrance of the club stating it is ILLEGAL to touch back, buttocks, thighs, lips, vag, breasts, etc on the girl. Lap dance area is next to the DJ booth so it doesn’t afford much privacy. Trust me, those guys are looking at you every 30 seconds or so to make sure you don’t break the rules. I can’t say I’d recommend coming here on Monday night. At times, the stage was empty between sets and some of the girls aren’t the most overtly clean. One girl kept on running around the club barefoot. GROSS!

  35. Angel
  36. Brad

    Place is dump. Girls are nasty.

  37. Jay

    The dancers are nice but the bar and wait staff are smokin you have to check this club out!

  38. Craig
  39. Rick

    The only reson why I went to this club is because I heard the Bristols girls were here. They were not. Where are they?

  40. AL


  41. dave
  42. G Man
  43. bo

    i really enjoyed myself the other night here.

  44. SAM

    Club is really changed for the better. The girls are alot better looking,and nice. I will be back here more often!

  45. boobbbkat

    what a dump!

  46. nunya

    Not much fun. Many hefty girls, and all girls not on stage were sitting at tables with boyfriends. Go elsewhere.

  47. playertou

    love this place

  48. Lindsay
  49. Alan

    Came in Last night very pretty girls an great music i love this place

  50. SatinLvr
  51. Dayton Clubber

    I’m not sure why this is my favorite Dayton area club. I guess because I don’t feel hussled. The girls are very nice and not pushy. Overall the girls are a bit better looking at Cheaks up the road, but, overall, this is a much nicer place.

  52. J Money

    This place is great

  53. scott
  54. George
  55. Big Boy

    Friday night is the busy night. Dayshift girls are nice too.

  56. Bryan

    My friend took me for the first time the other afternoon and I had a great time. I will be back again in the evening. I recommend this place. Screw dixie strip hit nyny…..

  57. Ben
  58. Earl Cuyler


  59. BUTCH


  60. Mark
  61. Sandra F.

    There are not many good strip clubs in the Tri-state area/Cincinnati (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana). The closest one to me is a couple in the Covington area. I don’t want to bash other locations, but they are not great and the women don’t do many pole tricks. Just parading around the pole… that’s boring to me. I’ve been taking Pole Fitness for a half a year and was curious to see their styles and moves. My friend did the research and found it for me (never heard of it). This is located close to the Dayton/Springboro area. We went on a Friday night. It’s $5.00 for the cover charge and free for women. The outside was just plain with a huge neon sign. Nothing spectacular. The inside is very spacious, clean and open. There is a bar area, the stage, (4 poles, if I remember correctly), seating in the front and tables behind, a private room (lap dance-which we did not participate), and lounge room with a pool table. The person up front and the bartenders were attentive and friendly. We saw 5 different women put on a great show. Out of 5, 4 were excellent. My favorite was Evelyn. She did so many pole tricks, spins, inverts, floor work and moved gracefully. I was definitely impressed. The rest of the women were the same, but she was my favorite. I think they put on a great show and was not boring (great selection of music- hip hop to rock). FYI, this is a topless club. We had two women approach us. They introduced themselves and did not make us feel uncomfortable or pressured. Very friendly and I even commented on their work. Evelyn hung out with us for a couple of minutes. It was really nice to talk and connect pole!I know I am a female writing this a review about a strip club. But I believe this location has the best exotic dancers. They are in great shape, beautiful and know their pole tricks. I had a great time and did not feel uncomfortable at all.

  62. D
  63. tweety

    A pretty nice club, a lot better than most in Dayton. The girls were very nice and great on the stage. Good music and a good atmosphere.

  64. Money G
  65. DEREK


  66. Miles

    Very nice club, very clean. The girls and staff are extremely nice.

  67. mike
  68. locutus

    This is a great, non-franchised club. Excellent ladies with great attitudes; Highly recommended. It is always best to go there and get to know dancers before investing in Champagne room. Only problem is that club should discount champagne rooms in early afternoon.

  69. man
  70. John Q
  71. Bill
  72. James
  73. wayne
  74. Entertainer

    This is a very nice and well kept club, girls are clean and friendly, Smoke free, tons of food great staff, girls arent pushy, its laid back I love New York its a Great place to work!!! Were like family here!!!!

  75. George Willson

    This club has an overall friendly appeal, the girls do not

    hustle you and will actually sit and have a friendly

    conversation. Fabulous bartenders, always keep the party

    fun. Two song sets on stage, and reasonably priced two for

    one specials on couch dances. I was surprised to come in

    Sunday and see the new 10$ dance specials going on, and also

    to my surprise the day shift weekend and weekday girls are

    gorgeous!! Would def recommend this place!

  76. Nate
  77. beth

    james is a great manager unlike some of the other local clubs.will be back to work soon!

  78. M

    This club is classy, nice girls that arent overly pushy and the management and other employees are great:) Nice place to go!

  79. Russell
  80. me

    This club rocks. Day shift is the best time to go!!!!

  81. tyler
  82. to the last guy

    This club is great!!! We are not snotty we are working. We dont work for free. If you dont tip you dont get any attention strip club ethics duh. I hate guys like you if you dont wanna tip go to a regular bar.

  83. HugsAndStuff

    good music,great girls…. I had lot’s off laughs and lot’s of fun. Will return. Nyny is my new favorite club.

  84. john

    The girls are very sweet here, look wise i rate most 10, i love this place an will continue to come back.

  85. Aaron
  86. Jeremy

    This place sucks

  87. Harryballzack

    Been there a few time and got to say that there is something for everyone at this club. I had a great dance with a girl named devon probably the best I have ever had.

  88. chunky monkey
  89. Steve
  90. people
  91. Michelle
  92. Milktoast

    atmosphere here???? um…if you like a bunch strippers that look like they have been around more than a drum on a dryer and the ambience of a Denny’s restaurant…run do not walk to here. Cheeks ALOT Better than this place in dancers and atmosphere….

  93. kisses

    had a blast…. girls are so sweet….

  94. Rusty

    I had a great time here on Friday night I will be back next friday. Girls were great and I had a all over good time. I never felt like i was being hustle for my money which is a change from most clubs….

  95. Crystal
  96. pki

    Stopped by for a bachelor party on Saturday. It was my first time here, and this is now my favorite place in Ohio. Italia might be the most beutiful dancer I hav ever seen.

  97. Herman Munster

    Laid back fun… I will definately return

  98. Rob

    I stopped in to this club for the first time in a couple of years. Things have really improved. The quality of the dancers is better than I remembered and they now serve food. Nice neighborhood style club.

  99. dawn

    i didnt mean that all the girls were dirty because only like one or two look like they could use some help. i think its a great club and the girls are really nice, you dont have many places where the girls are really nice and dont try to steal all your stuff. i love it there , thats why i keep comming back.

  100. ed
  101. Shawn

    I will say something about the club. Don’t waist your time. I went there saterday and there were only 5 dancers. on a saterday night.

  102. satin
  103. Fred

    I like the club, staff is friendly and the gals are not pushy.

  104. HB

    I keep returning to this club because the staff is the nicest in town and the girls are tops. They are best thing south of Dayton.

  105. Bill, Toyota

    The girls are okay. the club is cool..overall

  106. Dump
  107. kill

    this club sucks ass and you should never go if you dont want to get arrested for all the illegall shit they do there

  108. Squidbillie

    I love this place mang.

  109. fred garvin

    overall great place. one of the best in the area. comfortable and relaxed.

  110. Ronald

    Where are the girls from the website because the girl here look nothing like them This place sucks and who cares about the manager why don’t he gst some girls in here

  111. no luck.

    got busted leaving cops are pissed off at this club.

  112. Nick
  113. danny

    wow! what a place!

  114. um no

    if the girls we not so snotty then youd get a ten.but unless you shove a twenty in their face they dont even notice your there

  115. Steven

    The staff is friendly and girls are not pushy

  116. Tony
  117. more to love

    I had a very good time, the girls are hot….

  118. BOB


  119. chuck
  120. Allen
  121. 49er

    Go there during the day, lots of girls and 2 for ones are good for the money. Get rid of fthe benches where you get lap dances and relapce with big overstuffed chairs, like at the living room. A lot more comfortable.



  123. frank last time

    got busted for there shit they did.

  124. Adrian
  125. Sidious

    THE DJS ROCK ASS!!! No matter when im there I always here great music and I love the laid back atmosphere!

  126. satins a doll
  127. George Jetson

    Overall quality of dancers and club is good. Drinks are a bit high. The ratio of dancers to customers vary depending on the night. DJ/music is consistently good. Nice club overall.

  128. Will White

    NY-NY is sooo much better. The girls aren’t too pushy and the price is right. Gotta check it out…especially on Tuesday night.

  129. stripper lover

    This is a great place to hang out with some great girls……..

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