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0 reviews for “Cheetahs


    Overall, this is one of the best clubs I’ve been to on the Mainland US of A. Most of the girls are hot, fit and in their prime, no hoggers or over-the-hill chix to be found. If your are military, be sure to show your ID, because the cover is only 8 bucks instead of the usual 18. The only down-side to the place is no matter where you sit in the club, the girl who just came down from the stage will hit you up for a buck or two for the “priveledge” of seeing her naked, whether you really wanted to see her or not. Overall a very good club and would recommend it for anyone who wants to see some pretty girls strut their stuff.

  2. denzino

    the girls are so hot… especially CARMEN and LILLY!!!

  3. carolina


  4. Waveos H.

    Twice – We went back, so it must be a good one. What we (yeah, the lady and me) liked is that the girls are natural. Sure there are a few fake ta-ta-ta-tas, but not every girl like some places. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – That was nice. If you’re looking for a pole dancing competition, look elsewhere. But I like the innocence of the inexperienced dancers (not sure that makes sense, but you know what I mean). And we were able to mosey around from stage to stages to look at what we wanted to see. Some places you can not even take a sip of your drink without every flippin girl asking for a private dance or to buy them a drink. If your flavor is chocolate, this place probably isn’t for you. And if you like the “full figured gal”, go somewhere else. Most of these girls were fit and nice. What in life requires hair? Not dancing here. Which is a good thing in my book. Love it. It was easy to be anonymous, which is nice in a strip joint. And oh what a few dollar bills will do to a girl. 🙂

  5. Paul Vriton

    Very expensive. Fun to a point. Best advice is don’t buy a lap dance and don’t bring a credit card, or an ATM card, or money money than you want to spend.

  6. Johnson12

    Didn’t like the place. I’ve been to a few clubs in Vegas, and the “service” is much much better there than here in San Diego.You can’t even have a beer while watching a show? That’s ridiculous. Won’t come back.

  7. junior

    jessica kicks ass

  8. JayPee

    went in around october sometime with a few of my navy buddies, must admit the rule in san diego about no alcohol at full nude bars is a joke but the bar next door is a convenience, met drop dead gorgeous dancers, one in particular her name was kelly or krystal, blonde, great body very sweet, great dances, overall great time for me and my buddies, have to say will have to say it sure as hell lived up to its hype about the best strip club in San Diego, i must say juss drop dead gorgeous dancers, its true you get what you pay for

  9. Charlotte Guy

    The club is great. Always a pleasure and the girls always make me feel welcome. I’ll be sure to come back when I’m in town again!

  10. Dr Evil
  11. pilotwithheart

    Was told “Cody” dances here. She went by “Brooke” when at Expose. I’m glad to come support her. If any of the regulars or even fellow dancers could shed some light, it’d be most appreciated. She was brunette, 5’7″ and said she was a native of Missouri.

  12. Jeff

    The girls were very hot. The $100 VIP room is worth every dollar! The dances are great! Check out Mya, Bree, Precious, and Peaches for GREAT private dances!

  13. yanard12

    Awesome place, decent rooms, high number of girls and a good selection. its a little slow around 6:30, 7pm but there were still pleanty of girls, i wasnt really impressed until about 11 though

  14. Jen T.

    I dont like the layout of this place. The stage is huge in the middle, and there are a lot of chairs right next to the stage. But there isnt enough chairs far from the stage to chill at. And the girls are ok looking. Ive been to better all nude strip joints.

  15. joe s.

    I don’t know why so many people are hating on this place. Everytime I go here I met really cool girls. Given I never go on a weekend, but otherwise the girls are hot and there’s plenty of them, its so nice having so many hotties compete for a male’s attention. I’ve been to other strips club where the girls seem under a microscope or have taken an oath not to touch anyone. However, I can tell the girls here wanna make money and management isn’t eyeballing you as you get a lapdance.Will all the haters here please go somewhere else, you don’t know how lucky you are to live in San Diego with girls like this. It really bothers me how ridiculous some of the reviews here are. If your a classy guy you’ll have a blast, if your a pretentious woman welcome to the paradox of strip clubs – women competing for a man’s attention.

  16. OutOfTowner

    The 5 dances for $20 is not worth it because full body contact dances are fully clothed.

  17. Franklyn

    I got a 20 minute lap dance by a hot chick…..for $200!!! 🙁

  18. asshole
  19. john k.

    I find it funny girls writing bad reviews simply because they were charged a cover. Perhaps the real reason is they’re jealous that every stripper in Cheetah’s is better looking than them. Or maybe they’re feeling rejected because the lesbo strippers didn’t pay enough attention to them!Cheetah’s has the best looking babes of any strip club in San Diego–and LOTS of them. And most can be very naughty… I’ve sampled every strip club in San Diego; I know of what I speak. Unlike the other strip clubs in San Diego (which are dead except for late Fri & Sat) there’s always good talent here no matter what time. This place is a true Vegas experience–when they’re not dancing in the Vegas Cheetah’s, the strippers come here. And if you to throw out your Vegas Cheetah’s card (like I did), flash it here and you can get in without paying the cover–just the 2 drink minimum charge.Yeah, there’s no alcohol, but a decent sports bar next door they partner with to give you free lunch and dinner in the club. And it’s not a plate of reheated frozen meatballs–you can get a variety of things for lunch (like a pub double cheeseburger with chips) until 4pm and a New York steak and fries from 4-7pm.The $20 lap dances are good–better than most clubs in San Diego that charge the same amount for an “air dance”–and they offer 4 for $40 up to 10pm. But spend the extra money on a private session for $100–definitely worth it!For those who complain about the strippers begging for a buck after their set: Where ya been? It’s been like this in San Diego for a long time now. And yeah, the girls are going to sit next to you and chit-chat, trying to convince you to go into the back for a dance, darn them. Politely decline and they’ll go away. Remember, in the eyes of every stripper in every club, all you are is dollar signs.And to the guy who complained that it was so crowded he could barely get a seat: Duh! I wonder why that is! Could it be everyone knows this is the best strip club in town?If you want a huge variety of nice looking boobies in your face, this is the place. If you’re only interested in seeing naked skanks on the cheap, try one of the lower class joints.

  20. Dulce M.

    I went here last night for the second time. The girls are decent but I really like when a girl can work the pole. The girls need to work the pole instead of flopping around on the floor. I think the club needs to set up additional poles. I like to sit at the front of the stage and get my 8 bucks worth. The drink girl was super annoying and kept pushing the showcase dance. It wasnt’ very crowded for a Friday night. We went for a friends birthday and had a good time thanks for the alcohol at the Bull Pen. Didn’t get a lap dance this time because I didn’t see a girl that was worth 20 bucks for 60 seconds worth of dancing. Pretty entertaining if you have nothing better to do for a Friday.

  21. eddyL

    One of the classy strip clubs in SD…Its a perfect place to go if you are bored and want to see some gorgeous women take off their clothes and make you feel like the best looking man even though you aren’t. I ended up here tossing money at chic’s vaginas all night. Went back for a couple dances and had a great time. Tatum may be the hottest stripper there, but i wasn’t too thrilled on the lap dance i received. Bottom line, they dont serve alcohol, but they do put nice body parts in your face and its worth your time. 20.00 dances are cheap, so find a freaky ass chic and enjoy some time.

  22. Patricia B.

    I came here with my boyfriend last week and we had a GREAT time! We both like girls, and I’m not the jealous type, so it was fun. He got off work early one day and was feeling frisky, so I suggested we go watch some dancers and get a lap dance, then go home and have some fun of our own. Who would have thought a strip club could be so fun before the sun even set?! He said Cheetah’s was his favorite, and that he used to go with friends from work. Woo hoo, the plan worked! 😉 The door guy let us in for only the 2 drink minimum, and said we could purchase a VIP card next time if we wanted. Not sure what that gets you… but either way, $16 is not bad for getting us both in the door! We gave each of the dancers a dollar or two when they came around after their show – it’s the least we could do after they strip nude for us! If you are broke or cheap, I suggest you avoid strip clubs, because everyone knows you spend $ there! Since there is no drinking, it wasn’t full of stupid and loud drunk kids. Still, when we wanted to, we could go get a drink at the bar next door. We ate there as well, then found out that they serve the same food at the nude bar! (Although I don’t think I’d want to eat and watch nude women at the same time, lol). Once we had a drink or two, we went back in (re-entry was fine), and picked our favorite dancer for a VIP dance (we had a couple favorites, so we had to draw straws, so to speak). The dance was fun! She was very flirty and attentive to us both, which really made a difference for me to enjoy myself. 😉 I have to say, the back room could use some repairs, and they have a bit too many TVs for my taste, but in general the place was nice, the dancers were attractive and friendly, and the bartender was on top of it bringing us our fake beer. LOL The dances are fun and I wouldn’t want to leave without one, so plan ahead and bring your $ with you if you are worried about the ATM fee.

  23. WhatevaWhateva

    For what it’s worth, this is the best club in San Diego. They will always have the

    most girls working at any time, and the $10 Lap Dances are a decent value, even

    if milage does vary.

  24. fuckery12

    It’s all about presentation! This place has ugly girls!! But if you must go here, I’d suggest going next door to the Bullpen and take a few shots first!

  25. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  26. Tiffany R.

    I’ve checked out a few clubs in the past few months and this is one of my top favorites. The first time I came here, my friends and I were impressed with the cute girls and hookah lounge. Not so impressed that we had to go next door for a drink, but a couple of the girls recognized us (from being in the club earlier) and we went back to get dances from them. Our favorites were Aiden and Quinn (Harley Quinn for the nerds). They definitely put on fun pole dances and gave us lots of attention. It’s fun to be a girl 😉 BTW- You should always tip these girls! I’m reminded of that movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, when one of the characters says, “I bet you think strippers like you too.” They’re just trying to entertain us.

  27. Aric and Danielle

    I took my girlfriend out to the club, my treat. The doorman was excellent, always having change, and quick about it as well. The girls were very good, the ones that couldnt dance, still gorgeous, and the ones that could dance, even hotter. Kary(sp?) was amazing, treating my girlfriend and I to an amazing private few dances. Tip well, and the girls will treat you right. Kary, we will be coming back to see you.

  28. sam
  29. Joe
  30. Johnnyboy123

    10 dollar dance same as 100 only 10 min longer, then was Hustled saying we finished a song when I told her to stop and wouldn’t stop until I gave her 20. Dancing on stage was good but two back room experiences that were bad with two people.

  31. B-ry P.

    Someone told me this was a zoo for nocturnal animals. To my delightment it turns out, I was grossly misinformed.

  32. rshotty

    this is the best club i have been to in SD but it would be an average club in other major city.

  33. John J.

    If could rate a zero I would. Went to the bullpen today to watch a few games. Decided afterwards to go with a buddy next door to cheetahs. Ten dollars apiece to enter, OK, that’s fine. But after being there for literally one minute I got a text saying I was supposed to be home. I went up to the guy at the door who said his name was Tom. I told him my situation and that I wanted to know if I could get a refund because I needed to leave. After a lengthy discussion where I kept apologizing for any inconvenience he accused me of trying to scam him and that he would not give me any money back, despite not even being there long enough to order a drink or watch a girl on stage. He afterwards tried to say that he would let me and my friend in free next saturday, but i told him I wouldn’t be coming back. i told him to have a good day and we left. I tried to call the club after I left and he answered the phone. i asked for the managers name but he said he was the manager on Sundays…. today is Saturday. He then said if I came back he would give me my $10 back, but I was already on the road. I will NEVER visit this place again and advise anyone considering it to go to platinum or another place instead. I will update the review after I call back on Monday. The money to get in is not even important, its the complete lack of reason and service that are the issue. DO NOT GO HERE.

  34. Terry

    Some of the best dances and dancers in the area, will be back

  35. jason

    Cheetahs has the hottest girls!

  36. Ruben C.

    expesnive… but beauitful women and awesome lap dances,

  37. Zach

    The club is AMAZING!! Best time Ive excpieneced in a long time.

  38. jesus
  39. Gecko

    songs are getting shorter but the girls are still

    quite nice looking, except for 1 or 2 overthehill

    ones . the 5-100 dances could be better but it depends

    on the girl. best club in san diego, nvertheless.

  40. Sonof a sailor
  41. Roger

    Take $20 with you. Leave the rest of your cash and your ATM/credit cards at home.

  42. StripClub431

    This place is terrible. The girls there only want you to give them 100 dollars for vip. Only to offer u 350 for icebox as they call it. Total prostitution going on up in there. Not all the girls . One of the girls only did what was expected. I ran into 3 that were. She asked for 4 grand for her and 2 of my friends smh. This place should be out of business. Some girls are clueless to what’s going on. Or maybe not..

  43. Dagevin

    Anyone who thinks there is a better club in San Diego is deluded. This is hands-down the best club in SD. Who else can have 20-30 girls working on a week night. Of course, by law, no drinking, which sucks, but the bar is next door! I know I sound like I work for the club, but I am not! just someone who has checked out all the clubs in the area and have come to this conclusion

  44. Traveler

    Gonna be in town in a month or so. Does anyone know how much the cover charge is. Is this a good club, if not is there any better ones in the area

  45. Yuuki N.

    For all you dudes out there, this is definitely a place to avoid for a dudes night out…….I’ve been here few times but the last time was the worst experience i had……I decided to go down there like back in November or December ’10 and we went on a Saturday night… read from here…The place was packed and barely nowhere to sit…….by the time me and my friends get a seat, girls come asking for a dance right away……I gotta admit the first dance was alright but the second dance was ugggh…..This second girl pretty much was a bit on the naughty side. When i got a dance from her, she kept making me touch her “down there”, which i was pretty sketched about…..Then my friend gets punched by some girl……Overall, girls here are hot. But I rather avoid this place from now on.

  46. Broke2

    It’s easy to waste about $200-$300 per hour here. When you leave, you’ll realize you’ve been had and you’ll hate yourself for going.

  47. Dustin

    I enjoyed my first visit to Cheetahs. I will come back again.

  48. Jorge

    Dis place is starting to suck

  49. AssnTits5

    -My Wife rounded up my friends to take me out for my bachelor party a few weeks before we tied the knott. Told them to take me here. Thanks Babe! I read that this place does not serve dranky dranks. No beers, no mixed drinks.. Ok no problem, because right next door there is a bar!!!!! So go get liquored up, and return! Easy! We went back, had a great time. The first lap dance I received was great and the girl was pretty funny, yep, lap dance and was telling jokes. We had fun. The rest of the night was awesome, most of the girls kinda knew that we where there to have fun, pay up and not wifey up with them. Guys, when you go to these places I dont think they are looking for a relationship. Maybe they are – what do I know. I thought it was funny when one man was saying “but mija, I love you, please ” lol. Dude, let her work, go home! Staff was great, even the Muscle at the door was cool with you if your looking for a good time, drama queens stay home. If the staff ever reads this, Thank you.

  50. Easterner

    Great club! The best looking girls I’ve seen in a long time. There is free food during the week. Once you pay the cover, you get a membership card that gets you in at reduced rates for subsequent visits. The entire staff was very friendly and did I mention that the girls were gorgeous?

  51. fritter17

    Where to start? It was like walking into a funeral? My Fiance’ and I went with another couple. When I went to use the restroom I had to share it with the MALE staff oh and alllllllllllllllllll the dancers, it was their locker room. I saw dancers washing things one should never see. Bluck! Dancers were VERY pushy about dances and tipping them whether you liked thier dance or not. Only one dancer actually used the pole the rest stood on stage in a fog and dropped their clothes like they were getting into the shower? And then put them back on right on stage like they just got out of the shower? Horrible music choices. No alcohol or food? $50 for a half hour at the Hooka Bar which is really just a table with a Hooka Pipe on top, not a “bar”.

  52. 1
  53. Jay

    the $100 dollar room sucked it was i huge waste of money i will never go back.

  54. lap

    went to Cheetah’s tonight finding beautiful girls that want to cheat you out of money. Had a VIP dance set where the dancer tried to stop short of the number of songs. there was no nudity in the VIP area. if you are laying out a hundred it would be nice to have a look at the goods and a little contact. Poor quality for the money.

  55. Eskimo Poet

    Been coming here for years; Great Time for the money. Usually tons of hot chicks. Check out “Blaze”. She gives the best couch dances this side of Vegas.

  56. timmykilla

    Best strip club in San Diego….some nice girls and some horrid ones….the latter are usually annoying and the very pretty ones are usually bit hey….

  57. Harrison69

    Strippers wear sweaters. Half of them were a little on the heavy side. Cover was 20 bucks, no alcohol but the bar next door was a plus. Not going back, had a terrible experience.

  58. Tomas A.

    Above average dancers, had a couple of non alcoholic drinks. Some of the dancers actually take the time to sit down and talk to you. Would definitely return.

  59. tonycluber

    PROS: Many of the girls here are cute, a few you could even call Playboy or Hustler beautiful. Some of the ladies are also very sweet and kind. But There are a few whales who you don’t want to see nude, and a few meanies, but not not too many. Maybe some guys like fat women (I’m not one), so maybe there is a reason to have a few “large Marge” women, who am I to say? There are a few who are excessively thin, anorexic even. But most are OK, body-wise, and some are really athletic and sexy beauties you may fall in love with.CONS: It is costly to get in, with a high cover charge and (non-alcoholic) drink charge. It also can be costly to stay for a while, since the ladies are VERY demanding about getting tipped after their sets, even if you missed them dancing. You can be in the most distant part of the club, even at the pool table, and the lady will eventually come around with her hand out for a tip. $1 or $2 after every set adds up fast. I don’t mind tipping the dancers I like, even $5, but why should I tip a 260 pound gross lard ass? I hide out cowering in the men’s room when lard ass comes around for her tips, but it actually wouldn’t surprise me if lard ass burst in pounding on the stall. Go to the gym lady, before you ask for my hard earned money! Even more annoying, lard ass and some of the other ladies are constantly hassling you for $20 lap dances. If I told lard ass point blank I liked slim curvy athletic ladies (cheerleader types) and told her to leave me alone she’d probably call the bouncer. On second thought, maybe lard ass is the bouncer! Lard ass thinks she’s the hottest babe in the club and has an attitude–she bosses the other ladies around. Like someone else said, LET THE GUYS DO THE CHOOSING LADIES! Nuff said.

  60. Justin C.

    The girls are okay looking, very diversed. I hate that you can’t sit down for 5 minutes to watch the girls pole dance without having other girls come sit on your lap begging to take you to the back. If I want a private dance I’ll go find a girl. GIRLS ARE VERY THIRSTY!!!

  61. Nick T.

    Free lunch and who can pass that up ? Unless you’re uncomfortable with the sight of naked women prancing around while you chow down, then maybe its not your cup of tea. The Hefs been doing it for decades and look how healthy and happy that man is. We can all take a lesson or two from that deity. I saw a roast on Hef once and Artie from the Howard Stern show said to him. ” I smell pu**y in here, Hef did you just burp ? ” haha.Anyway, they have complimentary burgers but I think its $12 for a coke. Suckers ! If I’m paying that much for coke, it better come with a rolled up dollar bill, a small mirror and a razor blade.Oh well, at least enjoy the ambiance and groove to the funky beats of stripper music. Strip Hop ?Believe me, when you’re in there during lunch time and its dead, you’re guranteed to get some attention from chicks with names like Star, Destiny, Houston, Sahara, Jade or Asia. Make the most of it because all you are to them is a walking ATM machine.Speaking of Asia, while I was enjoying my $12 coke, an Asian gal asked me if I wanted a lapdance, I told her no, and this is what she had to say to me.” Ok, let me know when I can start feeling sorry for you ! ” and then waddles off. WTF. Was that an insult ? I dont even know what that means. Whatever, go home and make some fried rice chica.

  62. jack

    i wanan have sex with all the girls

  63. mugen
  64. billtheguy12

    Great club, great atmosphere and great woman. Kinda bummed they don’t serve alcohol, but what covers that is that they will let you go next door bar get drinks and come back. I usually don’t go to strip clubs but I had an amazing experience and if I end up going again cheetahs will be on my list.

  65. Eric C.

    Wasn’t this place in trouble cause they were in involved in money laundering or embezzling or something with a local city council member?

  66. rogerrab2

    Dude this place is hella nice, this place is not ratchet like all the other clubs in san diego. Hot chicks one girl sticks out the most to me her name is lilly hot little asian blond shes super nice and makes me spend alot of money on her all the money i have spent on dances from her are well worth it to me everyone should get a dance from that chick lilly your hella cool in my books.

  67. Cheetahsisgreat

    Best club is SD. They do have to keep their cloths on during dances, but they sure as hell make up for it when you are back there!! The $40 room sucks, but the $100 room is amazing! You get what you pay for. I can’t wait to go back! I dont remember the girls name that I danced with but she had huge tits and was fucking great!

  68. curtis17

    Came in from out of town and was not impressed . They don’t serve alcohol here . It’s a all nude but didn’t see any women getting nude . In Vip the women couldn’t can’t get topless . The worst thing was out of 20 to 25 women working not one approached my girlfriend and I to talk . The club was empty and the girls were standing around . Are these dancers working on a salary ? This was pathetic . There were a couple of attractive women here but apparently they like leaving work empty handed . I was more than willing to spend lots of money here but don’t waste your time . Over all experience with several gentlemans clubs in San Diego was terrible . Pacers was just as bad .

  69. Zora O.

    I went to Cheetah’s while I was vacationing in California from Portland, Oregon, where I am an exotic dancer. I have pretty high standards for strip clubs, and Cheetah’s didn’t really meet them. It wasn’t bad! The interior of the club is well kept, and well designed. The bartenders are friendly. But the girls that worked there were all very entitled. I have never experienced girls walking around, begging for tips after a stage set. Where I’m from, customers sitting at the stage tip you, and if they don’t, you better put on a better show next time around. I felt obligated to tip the girls that I wasn’t at all attracted to, just because of their pouty faces. I like to have a fun time hanging out with some lovely ladies, giving my money to the ones I choose. Cheetah’s is more of the typical club in the movies, where the lonely, heartbroken men go to satisfy their heartache with a couple of equally lonely women looking to make some cash for their next fix. Just not for me.

  70. haha

    It looks like Entice wrote that about herself…who the fuck says that shit?! hahaha

  71. joseph1k

    A friend told us to check this place out. So we did. ya, um……i prefer strip clubs in Vegas, Baby! First of all, cover was $18 for my bf and me. Can you believe they charge ladies at the door too!! Ok, whatever, we’re at a strip club, time to take in the sights. Maybe one or two girls were worth looking at. I’m told all the hot girls go to vegas for the weekend. Which would explain why i have a much better time with the vegas strip clubs. All the seats were disgusting. I know that its pretty standard in Cali that full nudity clubs = no alcohol. Maybe the lack of alcohol is the blame for not really enjoying Cheetahs.

  72. George

    can’t wait to come back here

  73. ryan123

    This place is not classy. The girls are too pushy. They aren’t as good looking as they used to be five to six years ago. I guess the better looking girls found something better to do once the economy tanked.

  74. Mistercap12

    Cheetahs is the best strip club in san diego. Great service. Best girls. Upscale atmosphere with a chill vibe. Great Lap Dances and VIP area. All the girls are pretty hot and not all blown out like some of the other clubs in S.D.

  75. hq

    Kayla is wonderful, really knows what she’s doing. Be careful, some of the girls “accidentally” mis-count the songs up to 5. LOTS of girls, even on a Monday, and they’re all quite attractive.

  76. dopeboy19

    The girls are hot for the most part but some make it awkward when they approach you and ask for a dance but youre not attracted to them. Other than that the girls need to be sluttier so when i come in drunk i can get their number and they will let me have sex with them, before my life starts spiraling into depression and bad thoughts cloud my mind. I need help.

  77. Z
  78. Colbys

    Went in with a friend last week and had a dance from Phoenix. WOW is all I got to say about her, She was the best dance I’ve gotten in a while from anyone. (don’t meaning anything mean about other girls who danced for me they are still good too)

  79. GarryWas

    Went to a bachelor party here and Marilyn was awesome I had friends from out of town and she was funny sexy and made us feel like cheetahs was some place we had been coming to for years. Marilyn your persona and sexiness made a great time for us. Thank you

  80. igor34

    Love this club and am there often. Dancer by the name Michelle is incredible. Very fun experience everytime.

  81. Great Value!

    I spend a lot of money here too, and it’s well spent. Come here and have a great time and don’t be a whiny bitch like the poster below because of you spent a little money. Cheetahs has some of the finest ladies san diego has to offer. If you truly want to “waste” money go spend it on the ugly cows in the other strip clubs around san diego.

  82. Joey

    give this place a good review good people

  83. james1412

    This is the number one strip club in San Diego, I hate the fact that SDPD is trying very hard to close it. It will not be the last if they close Cheetahs, which club will be next. There are only 2 topless clubs in San Diego, now with liquor.Because there liquor license were taken, Its seem the city is trying close all adult entertainment business that aren’t downtown. Lets find a way to keep this club open. Let’s stand up for adults who love hanging out at Cheetahs

  84. Some dude

    There were a lot of beautiful girls!

  85. Dis-a-pointed

    What happened to this place!!! Who are all these new money hungry girls? Don’t let them talk you into going to the left dance room, in the right you can still get 5 but for half the price!! Believe me, no matter what they tell you they give the same half ass dance in both rooms…

  86. Johnson

    Wow! This is the best strip club in Southern California. Te ladies are the best of quality.

  87. Omar W.

    Really great professional environment all the girls were nice and didn’t pressure me spend any money I didn’t have. No alcohol is served but for reasonable justification. The women were all beautiful and the environment was welcoming and controlled. I will be returning

  88. Adel O.

    Bottom line no alcohol means full on vagina show. Club has a huge amount of girls in there. I’ll be nice and say that’s good so that every guy’s interest may be found here. For me that night I found less than half of the girls being awesome. There were a few girls I saw that should have invested in a retirement fund because they just looked tired. Biggest negative about this place is that the girls have no great skills on the poles if they did do a trick it was very basic. Also the choice of music is wack. Hardly any hiphop. Another crappy part is that they are not affiliated with the other strip clubs so my discount VIP card doesn’t work. VIP room looks like a regular lap dance area and their regular lapdance area looks like a big family room with a big couch. Besides being able to see some shaven Va-jay-jay, there are some very gorgeous women up in here. Some flawless looking girls that make your jaw hit the floor. One of those ladies being **Andrea**. Very cute face and body, natural breasted, and very fun to talk to. I like coming to these places and feel like some of these gals are cool to chill with. **To make it sweet and short this place is average overall. But, and a very big BUT, there are some rare beauties that make you feel like your in heaven by just looking at them. Hhhhmmm….

  89. Mark M.

    Yeah… it’s a strip joint. Lotsa fun and a good way to release those unnecessary funds. It’s almost as good as going to a fancy steakhouse and paying for a juicy ribeye cut, then having the staff bring it out so you can just look at it and smell it before they take it away. LOL

  90. Jen S.

    A name like Cheetah’s encompasses certain imagery: slinky, sexy women crawling across the stage with cat-like prowess looking hungrily for a lap to pounce into before exposing it all and shaking it in our faces. But alas, this place should be called ‘Meerkats’ because the women stood erect with bewildered looks on their faces, and were not quiet the “cats” we were made to believe. About 2 out of 10 women were attractive. The rest were bony ‘lady skeletors’, who boasted C-section scars and odd bruises that surely resulted from rough, clumsy sex. These ghostly women have seen better days. Actually, perhaps this joint should be re-named ‘The Bone Yard’. I mean, really, they looked like the skeleton men from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. One out of 10 could actually dance and work the pole. None of them spread their legs revealing their vaginas though. Rather, they swayed side to side, made feeble attempts to spin around the pole, and kept their legs closed as tightly as a child’s mouth encouraged to eat his brussel sprouts. But it is the strippers who need to eat their green vegetables; for they looked like emaciated villagers scrounging meagerly for a place to die on the forest floors of Cambodia aka Skeletor Land. The cola was served in receptacles that were not quiet large enough to be considered mugs, but just a smidgen too big to be considered shot glasses. The cups were also brimmed with ice, which meant I had three sips of cola before I was ready to turn in my second drink ticket for another three sips of watered down soft drink. This brings me back to vaginas. People attend full nude establishments TO SEE VAGINAS. I mean, if we wanted to see breasts we could go to a topless bar and drink alcohol from pint glasses. I think there needs to be a rule put in place called the ‘Three Foot Rule’: if these women can’t spread their legs three feet apart and hold that pose inches from the faces of paying customers with sweaty fists full of money, then they should go back to Walmart or whatever job they crawled from before they became strippers. After all, Walmart frowns on vaginas.The only positive thing I can say for Cheetahs is that their chairs were clean.

  91. Ricky
  92. harryharry

    I have to admit the lap dances are really cool. The strippers don’t really trip, if you feel on them. For some reason, the strippers are really skinny in there. I don’t know if it’s a California thing or what, but most Cali chicks like the skinny Paris Hilton look. Paris Hilton looks like E.T with make up on. Don’t go in there, expecting to see Pamela Anderson in there; but don’t expect to see Joan Rivers in there either. There are a couple of HOTTIES, in there, I not going to lie. They have some cool lunch specials, as well. If you get there around like 11:30am, you’ll get free a lunch. I hate it after every dance, they ask for a dollar. That is so annoying and pisses me off, sometimes. This club is definitely better than, the Body Shop, though.

  93. Robbie

    I have been to many clubs in SD and Cheetahs is definitely my favorite. I highly recommend the evening hours.

  94. Mike

    Wow, This place is amazing. I spend a lot of lunch hours here since i work so close. Tyler is amazing. thanks to all the girl to allows having smiles on their faces and allowing everyone to always have a great time!!!

  95. Oscar P.

    The place is not worth going back. I was not impressed. Way too much $$$ for the service you get.

  96. myaistheshit

    say what up to mya

  97. mathewater12

    A great club with lots of beautiful women. There is a bar next door where we could go and get frinks so that was nice to step out and relax for a bit. Great lapdances

  98. fisherdex1

    GREAT SERVICE GREAT Steak Hustle factor: 9Hastle factor: 2Dances NOT worth price San Diego rules SUCK!like paying $20for a lollipop!!???Goto LA, Mustang ranch,Anywhere LEAVE WALLET AT HOME!!Hottie to Sloth factor: 3:50Lookout for pinche cabron drunks fri/sat after 11pm

  99. Victor

    You couldn’t lose your money any faster in a casino.

  100. friendly Joe

    Wheres ENTICE guys huh thats the major question she made the club so -enticing she was there loyal,glowing young hot exotic beauty where is she if anyone knows please post.Entice would make you feel like the most luckiest most comtertable ever “its relaxion its like getting a massage but in dances that relax you as she would say and did for ME she gave the best dances at the cheetah ever i say and know everyone knew.WHERE ARE YOU ENTICE FROM LAS VEGAS?

  101. some body


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