2975 U.S. 224, Tiffin, OH 44883


41.1078676, -83.2276591




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasyland

  1. Jack

    What a shit hole the girls are nasty and the employees need some work on their personalities, DJ sounds like a whiner and the door guy is a real prick, don’t waste your time.

  2. derrick albert

    awsome 1st experience

  3. hillbilly

    club girls are hot. i go to watch Ivy, she is awesome. i wish the specials didnt happen so often. every two songs is a bit much a working man cant afford that….

  4. TOM
  5. pleased customer

    so i see you got rid of the nasty crack head std infested tori… this should make your club a little more pleasing now that customers dont have to worry about the girls being skanky 🙂 nice change of scenery

  6. matt
  7. Caught it

    Watch it gentlemen, hepatitis is running through the water in that damn place, all the junkies here have it!!!

  8. Mamamia
  9. Joe

    Won’t be able to say anything nice now that Montana and Kelly are back! Oh yeah! Your DJ’S great!

  10. 1
  11. John

    All the girls here are fugly as hell!!!

  12. hahahah
  13. vick
  14. butch

    You have a dancer there named ivy does she have a par of wings tatoo onn her back,cuz there used to be a dancer at the naughty kat named ivy and i was told that she worked there and i was wondering isf it was the same one.

  15. Gus

    Anyone want a skanky dancer lookin like their 40?

  16. louie
  17. Brandi
  18. bug

    bestclub i have been to

  19. Dirk

    Excellent club gorgeous young ladies….

  20. Don
  21. Pissed Off

    Same owner as the dump in fitchville, same style of shitty gold diggin club with nasty bitches!!

  22. greg
  23. LocalTraveler

    A typical club with some awesome girls. They tend to focus on a few guys that they seem to know and ignore new people. Beware that this place is a little more high pressure tactics to get dances.

  24. chris
  25. James
  26. anron
  27. Wraithe

    Works For Me

  28. Rollins
  29. Dancer

    I just want to say to all the haters rating this club, im 21, im one of the best looking girls there and one of the best dancers, i don’t have hepatitis ,and I have never put any drug in my body but pot and I’m the only one there that even does that so you can get off the junkie kick, and there are never any “deals” about quickies. I can’t say anything about other girls because I don’t know but I almost guarantee your just talking out of your ass, I think its pretty rude and pathetic. How about you try finding a woman at a bar instead of going to strip clubs and then when you don’t get what you want you bash them on the internet.

  30. happy customer
  31. Eric

    Best club I’ve ever been to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. TERRY
  33. Dick


  34. hhahahahaha
  35. nick
  36. krazyhorse

    the club is not bad but like other people say the guy that runs it [brad] is a total dushbag,the girls are real nice when there are not alot of other people in the place then they are real nice and they sometimes makes you feel real special but i was the only one in the place and i got totaly ignored like i was invisable,but the nice thing is i did not spend alot of money.

  37. Vixen Beyond HOTT!!

    Go see Vixen that girl is smoking definatly to hot for that small of a club. Don’t waste your money, the only girl I let dance for me is Vixen!! Montana isn’t bad either. But no match for VIXEN!!!

  38. Keith

    I am not sure who it is saying bad things about tori….But I happen to think she is one of the best looking dancers that fantasy land has….from what she’s told me at the club everyone’s just putting the rude comments off as a psycho ex boyfriend who lost the best thing that could ever happen to him….too bad for you dude…what a loser…haha…but yeah guys…go in and check tori out….she’s a real sweet heart….and is a great dancer….talk to you soon tori…..

  39. goody goody
  40. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    stay the fuck away from tori. she goes from guy to guy to guy…. fucking SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Tori....

    Hey I am just wondering how erin is doing….And wanted to thank her for the support before i got fired for…Erin I hope you are doing fine…And I’m wondering is montanna still there? Just wanted to tell her….isn’t it funny how life works? lol

  42. tombyron3

    My all time favorite club. Girls are great. Been going there for 4 years when I am in town and it rox every time. Best lapdances. If you want to have a nice time and be there for a few hours it will cost a few hundred. The only club that has wholesale private dances every 1/2 hour. Poosie poosie poosie for sale. Great memories!

  43. fred
  44. larry
  45. christ is king

    it is to expensive for dances and drinks, plus cover. girls are below average, to many colored ones for white tiffin

  46. Trevor
  47. tohot4you
  48. Jordan

    It is one of the best cleanest clubs around with decent respectfull girls who are trying to support their families and put theirself through college.All the girls are really nice.And Erin is a fabulous housemom

  49. huey
  50. lori
  51. wow
  52. Beastie Boy
  53. Rogue

    not impressed with this club at all, been to many clubs with much nicer girls and a lot nicer club, don’t waste your money.

  54. Christopher
  55. Levi

    It’s good if you want your balls smashed.

  56. Shut it Down!!!

    Shut this place down until you can find some real entertainers. Can’t a guy drink a beer and talk to a chick without some bargaining price for a quickie?????

  57. vic
  58. harry johnson
  59. jon
  60. me
  61. benny
  62. one of the girls

    dear just wondering: this is one of the girls and yes it is an awesome place to work! Owner, mngmnt, dj, bouncer….everyone can be trusted and they are fair. girls are great and we have a lot of fun. Even our customers rock! Call in and ask to speak with the manager and he will give you all the details your seeking. I would highly recommend auditioning and you’ll see that this is a top notch club to visit and work for.

  63. one happy man.
  64. Bad Ass

    Fun place to go. Ivy and Montana worth every dollar.

  65. darkbluedog

    this club is classy for small town tiffin ohio.if you guys were ever wondering where the good looking girls are. come here to see a number of gorgeous girls

  66. tim
  67. sam
  68. tommy
  69. fantasyland expert

    i too miss the hot girls who left here, like piper and ivy. those two were drop dead and worth every penny.

  70. Trevon
  71. The Fucking DJ
  72. gregory

    what happened to all the good lookin chicks????

  73. satisfied customer

    i was there last week, and ithoght the girls were really nice,awesome dancers, and the bar tender was really cool. they play great music there.i got a few v.i.p’s and they were well worth the money spent. i definatly recommend this club to anyone.

  74. Big-Ben

    what a nice club!! much better than that club rog place in Freak-mont im not into watching guys give other guys head in VIP room like they do in club-rog

  75. Airborne1

    been all over the country this is a fine club for a small town would rate it right up there with some of the finest I have visited

  76. ben
  77. billy
  79. customer

    Kelly is so sexy, she is my favorite and i think one of the hottest girls there, i got a dance from all of the girls and kelly is by far the best in the VIP room!

  80. pecker service

    What a shithole (sorry) Ava is a total bitch and goofy, watch out for this brunette, hips are wider that semi’s, she is just a plain tramp, the manager is a big jerk. how can a club like this stay open

  81. kevin

    I was in saturday night to check out this club and had a horrible time. First i was told i couldnt bring in my cell phone and then I was accused of having a fake id by this huge guy at the door. I’m 28 it’s not like I just turned 18 maybe if he took that cheeseburger out of his hand he could have saw that. Then i sat down and was hit with a special almost every other girl and the dj sounded like a high pitched steve urkel. I couldnt understand half of what he said. I left after an hour of this joke they call a “club” and went to club rog in fremont and had a great time. Steer clear of this place!!!!!

  82. anonymous

    this is an awesome club

  83. Lucas

    Girls with bad breath and ba attitudes, only looking for a fix!

  84. sammy
  85. Bill

    The stripper nazi…yeah that would be my opinion of what I have seen as a customer…

  86. nyob
  87. Brian
  88. guest

    went to this club it not to bad of a place to hang out

  89. bob
  90. scott

    made my nephews 18th birthday a nite he will never forget…and star made it a nite i will not forget…thx

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