The Trophy Room



7700 West P Bill Atkinson Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73139


35.389694, -97.531303




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Trophy Room

  1. R&B hater

    What is with all the clubs playing all this slow-ass r&b bullshit???? I really don’t understand why these dumbass dancers think that r & b’s going to bring in the right customer base. The last time I was in centerfolds, it was a nightshift, and the only rock I heard was when the dj was waiting for the next girl to go up? I’d have to say that night 85-90% of the music was r& b. Needless to say,Centerfolds is a bar that I won’t be visiting this club again…!!!

  2. Dean

    to many fat old chicks and drunk girls

  3. kevin D

    great club

  4. police

    Police everywhere

  5. Rock and Roller

    I’m so tired of all these clubs playing all that damn hip hop and r and b and rap bullshit!!!! In my opinion, Centerfolds is one of the worst about playing it. I’ll never visit this club again.

  6. Calvin

    Club was clean but lights were a little bright

  7. kewl

    Awesome had a great time clean club and girls were fine!!!

    Managed well but music was too not see whay there are bad reviews . I will keep going for sure !!!! One of the best adult clubs in Oklahoma City.

  8. wayne

    I lived at this place for seven months while working down there!

  9. regular

    i’m always there see u ladies soon

  10. dental plan

    this club needs a dental plan for the dancers. lol.

  11. Yohan

    i cant believe that these are the best woman in okc they all are druged up or drunk and stinky

  12. DRAGON


  13. unimpressed

    I had a friend who used to DJ on the dayshift that I would go up and hang out with from time to time. It was a cool place back then because he would try not to play that crappy r and b or gangsta rap. The day time bartender/manager ( if that’s what you want to call her ) was a total waste of space behind the bar. She stubled around nearly falling, or she would just have some guy who didn’t work there bartend for her… I’ve personally seen her bad mouth girls, customers, and fellow employee’s. The owner must be blind or stupid to let her hold ANY position there.

  14. Shyman

    Was there in the afternoon. Not many people, girls didn’t come by the table. They dance 1 song and then take a break for a song or 2. At that rate it would take hours to see all the girls and pick my favs for private dance. I picked Ashley and it was the best private dance I’ve ever had in 20+ years of strip clubs.

  15. Goofy

    Private dances were great. Mixed drinks overpriced and in small glasses.

    Went there in the afternoon and had a good time. There were only three dancers that danced 2 songs, skipped 4 and danced another 2. I had to get the waitress to contact a dancer for me.

    I returned later that night, and the crowd was pretty good. Dancers all over, BUT they were too busy talking between themselves or acting like they were the hottest things around and too important to work the crowd for dances. Several dancers were very large (weight) , several large, and a couple decent size.

  16. Richard

    The day time bartender is a rude cunt -the dancers have no minds or personai”tities” or bodies at ALL some of them hade scabs on thier arms 2 or 3 are at least 8 mnths pregnant “from beer” you have to wave down the staff to get a drink too busy on the cell or playing video games the girls drinks cost $10 each and they leave the table afer you get hustled into buying one. I did meet one very nice youngwoman/girl great body named Alisha and i asked her whats up with this club she said the bartender shes nutts and runns off all the “bad ass bitches” she said she only worked there because they are willing to work with here scheduel she has too get off early for shcool i did have some nice dances with her and then went back across the street to my hotel…4 some r&r –shes probably going too get run off by the daytime manager too… hey but theres always rosey-palmer guys stay home its more satisfying and its cheaper!

  17. Kurt

    too smokey… but lots of girls they have liquor

  18. sucked

    this place sucks

  19. Mr. Bill

    It’s a great place with great ladies.

  20. passing thru

    can’t wait to come back

  21. nasty

    Needs a remodel

  22. 2fast4u

    this place is going no where fast. lol!!!

  23. Dan

    Daytime bartender is a total bitch.

  24. Steven

    Lots of girls last friday night got a good dance from Brooklyn

  25. bi bi baby

    the girls here are nasty.

  26. vip.." OWNER ....?".

    stay away………….awful where is the owner …BLIND LEADING THE BLIND….the dayshift manager and staff= “DAYSHIT..NOT DAY-SHIFT!”


  27. reality check

    im sick of the R&B, Hip Hop & Rap too, but im not sure as to

    why you would be surprised that is all they play there. This

    place is best known for people getting shot by gang members.

    i know that at least 3 to 4 people have been killed there by

    gang bangers. this club is far to dangerous. they need to

    clean it up and get rid of the gang activity. seriously!!!

  28. PS

    Used to live not to far so went for a beer in the afternoon a few times. Seemed to be mostly older women (mid 30s) who should have quit dancing a few years ago. Maybe better in the evening. Not very well lit.

  29. forest

    this place looks like the headquarters for the black panthers.

  30. Gangs

    Lots of gang issues, I did not feel safe there at all

  31. jet

    great club dont see what all the trash talk is about !!!

  32. Turbo

    Love the white meat!

  33. I would not reccomend

    I would not reccomend this club, this club has too many problems and issues to list in the space allowed. this club is an enter at your own risk type of establishment and i would not reccomend it to anyone.

  34. Not good

    Not a well managed club at all

  35. iggy

    i think they recruit their dancers from the stockyards. lol…

  36. jeff

    i can’t believe the lackluster

    this is a place not for me it is full of things not sexual or sensual but illegal and revolting i will not be specific but my experience was aw-full aw-full awfulllover.

  37. iwantarealclub

    Centerfold’s “Showbar”…? Still wondering where the show was at. I was there 2 hours and seen 2 dancers… The club looked nice and like it should be doing pretty good, but there was not even a fair selection of Quality dancers. And the bartender, I think her name was tammy or something, was rude and it didn’t look like she was worried or cared about actually helping the customers at her bar. She was more interested in talking to whoever would listen to her.

  38. dude

    What a boring place to spend the evening, not bad if you don’t mind sitting 10 minutes in between dances bored out of your mind, not the place to go during the week.

  39. d

    got a blowjob

  40. Ace

    looking for hot girls not hookers

  41. Jamie

    I really Centerfolds… Not only was it two miles from my

    apartment, but the staff had a good memory and Had a beer

    waiting for me by the time I got from the door to the bar…

    SOME of the girls were nice, but most of them were trying

    too hard to make their money… Overall, I wish I still

    lived in OKC so I could visit again

  42. MoMo

    Its horrible. Go to Double D’s

  43. sheldon

    way cool place great location now has security onsite.

    girls are so hot!!!

    very well kept and clean …. get there early friady and saturdays its packed with people>>> over class best one i hane been to in okc!!!

  44. Dustin

    better of the liquor clubs but very smokey

  45. Only Adam

    Club was of a higher caliber than what I expected. From the outside it appears to be a old hwy biker type bar with your rough neck characters, But once inside the crowd was very diverse. Dancers were for the most part good a couple were a little to thick, They only dance 1 song then there is a partial song that is played before the next girl comes up to dance. Waitress was very nice , I used the restroom and when I returned she had thrown my drink away thinking that I was gone. Once she realized I had not left she brought me another drink free of charge. Thats service. A ideal place to go and hang out for a couple drinks. The way the stage seating is makes tipping a challenge. Sydney is working towards her degree Help Her out

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