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220 S Vermont Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73108


35.4636038, -97.5964946




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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94 reviews for “Night Trips

  1. Anonymous

    that stripper sounds amazing I want to marry her, please tell me more!!

  2. eddie

    did she do it for free??? how is this possible? what is the girls name I wanna take her for some dances>???

  3. Anonymous

    did she use a condom?? hahah

  4. Sabrina

    this sounds hilarious hahaha and blame it on the girls im sure ur hubby had nothing to do with it and was completely innocent. What next she forcefully shoved is cock up her vagina and is now pregnant? LMFAO

  5. Livid

    My husband came here this week sadly enough. One of the…sluts, pulled his pants down and put it in her mouth. Not sure how things will go between us now. Thanks a lot night trips. Scummy. Watch your girls.

  6. Pamela

    I got my first lap dance there and it was awesome. I will be back. 😉

  7. Tsmokiee

    Went there last night for about an hour. Was a nice place, only complaint was that most of the girls kinda stayed to themselves and only had one girl even ask if I wanted a dance. Overall I had a good time and will go back.

  8. In Style

    I heard the Lawton Club Closed is this true?

  9. Kevin

    One of the best clubs I’ve ever been to. The girls were very friendly. The club was more like an upscale night club with naked girls. Really great drink prices and clean environment. I can’t wait to go back to OKC just to visit this place.

  10. CLysonski

    Me and a buddy went here last night and it was a great place. The little hottie who gave me the lapdace was smoking and getting freaky on me. I’d definetly go there again.

  11. Jake

    A fun club

  12. timmykilla

    So 4 dances =$175?!?!?!?!?!?! This is why I will never go here again thanks to the girl with the Texas tattoo on her ass

  13. lil darling copy cats

    this place must be scared because the are starting to copy

    ideas off the new guys on the block.

    they just need to get rid of the drug dealers and whores and

    clean the place up and they would start getting a better client el. its not that hard to figure out.

  14. Buddy

    roaches dont get raided as much as this club does. maybe if they got rid of all the drug dealers the cops would leave this place alone.

  15. Mike

    I was in OK City for the weekend, and decided to take a walk over to Night Trips. I went during day shift and I had a blast. The girls were gorgeous, and I got 2 really good dances. 1 from a petite girl named Joanna, and one from a smokin’ hot girl called Bella. I’d definately give Night Trips a 5/5.

  16. fritter17

    Went there with a friend that was in a wheelchair. Horrible HORRIBLE wheelchair access. He can’t even get to the bathroom. Have you EVER heard of the Americans With Disabilities Act?Girls are great. But because of his experience I don’t think I’ll be going back there.

  17. David

    I don’t get to OKC nearly enough! Was there last night and want to say thank you Natasha you are the best. Call me!

  18. tanner

    I went to Night Trips the other night for the first time. the girls are hot,theres a few really good dancers who can really work the pole,my favorite was secret hot dancer knows how to work the pole i cant wait to see her again this week!

  19. clubber
  20. Only ADAM

    Need more girls

  21. next trip

    next trip is more like it.

  22. winston12

    Extremely unprofessional, I had a horrible experience with elements ranging from, be inappropriately touched or groped. All the way to being shorted $3 when asking for change. I do not recommend this establishment.

  23. Cara O.

    As far as strip clubs in okc go, this is best one; however, as far as strip clubs across the country go, it pales. The chicks are cute for the most part. Most either have small tits or bolt ons which is always somewhat disappointing but hey, better then nothing. They do not serve mixed drinks, its beer only but the beer prices are reasonable. Chicks always get in free which is awesome. The DJ is pretty hilarious. If you get the right chick that isn’t scared of the cops, you can get her to suck on your nipples out of your bra which is always a crowd pleaser and generally good for tips for the dancer and it always gets me some tips and free drinks but that certainly isn’t why I do it. The girl’s restroom is miniscule which sucks but there are usually a couple dancers in there which always turns out well. I do happen to know that they have a good club sandwhich if you get hungry. The smoke is thick, the music is loud, the chicks aren’t naked thanks to oklahoma state law, but as far as strip clubs go in okc, I think it is the classiest one. I have been there MANY times and never seen drugs passed around or men get into fights. Out of all the strip clubs I have been to around here (which is a lot) night trips is my fave.

  24. joe

    they didnt use enough perfume to hide there stintch down stairs,you will never see me in there again


    I figured since it wasnt ran by jt that this bar would be a good place to go,boy was I wrong

  26. rogerrab2

    Officially now the best strip club because now it’s non smoking I get kinda offended just don’t like the smell of that cigarette but now no more and that’s good plus the girls are hot I seen in mornings but just don’t have the chance though but anyway good strip to be at with non smoking

  27. Ladies

    Plenty of great looking ladies. The waitress’s were even hott

  28. ryan123

    I’ve never been in a strip club that served alcohol* so it was a little bit of a different scene for me. Not that I frequent the boobiebars, but ‘eh. I partake. Anyway, Lets just say… Everything in Oklahoma is flat. EV-ER-Y-THING. I’m a big-chested girl. To quote Daniel Tosh: “I LIKE BIG TITTIES! Big boobies… Top shelf. Little boobies… mmmmmbeer in a can.”I can’t help it. I know what I like. I was overwhelmed by the stench of douchebaggery (AXE) and weak beer. Another difference: Our strip clubs are 24 hour. This one closed at two. Kind of a bummer. If I had known that, I would have gone to a REAL bar. *over-priced pitchers of shitty beer.

  29. AMANDA


  30. In town

    I was in town for a about a week and I spent every night at this place. Very friendly service

  31. thecap

    This is an awesome club. Traveling for business, stopped by this place — the girls were smoking hot (look out for Rihanna — what a bombshell). Place was clean, drinks were cheap, cover was cheap, and there were plenty of girls — really outdid my expectations based on other reviews on this site. It seems some of the higher reviewed places in OKC on this website are actually smaller clubs that are “more laid back” but also a little raunchier / ghetto. Would recommend Night Trips as the best overall strip club in OKC – relatively upscale and filled with gorgeous girls.

  32. tittysweat
  33. J

    came in from out of town and was quite surprised at this spot…very packed, some very pretty ladies the rest ok (none of them were horrible), dances while hard to get are worth the 20

  34. Manage

    There managementt sucks now that Adam is gone, bring him back and the place will rock the block again

  35. E-3 Msn Crew

    Girls tend to stick with one guy all night. Some will put their mouth on your couk and Hmmmmmm. Last dance I had the girl would grab a hold and start stroking, and let me grab her tits when she saw no one looking. I figured I was in so licked her nipples and she didn’t seem to mind.

  36. attitudes

    this place use to be something, but now everyone there has a i dont give a shit attitude.

  37. Great

    A well run club that was a lot of fun

  38. CLUB NUT


  39. adam
  40. Bill

    In town once a month and this is a must stop and spend a couple hours every time kinda place. Love it

  41. james

    not enough girls in comparison with the guys,to snoody

  42. Long

    Long live night trips, a great place to party with beautiful girls

  43. joseph1k

    Best fabric free entertainment in OKC. The girls are friendly and don’t try to milk you. They’ll ease into a dance slowly.

  44. Jeff

    Girls were too picky. Not that friedly but they were pretty.

  45. Super

    A super good time with hot chicks

  46. Jim S

    Girls are very stuck up, its just pussy for god sakes, don’t act like its any better than a hooker on the corner

  47. Jewels

    LOVED IT! best atmosphere for a club ive ever been to – HAD to do a review- you deserve it guys!

  48. taste her before you eat her

    this place sucks. you cant get a table because all the girls are sitting with their boyfriends. i thought dancers were there to make money. not hang out with their old man.

    go to the red dog, they will treat you better and you dont have listen to rap all night.

  49. wow

    just didnt care for it,but at least the waitress’s had personality

  50. Nathan

    Club is awesome.

  51. joker

    waste of time.

  52. tammy
  53. AA++++

    A wonderful time

  54. High

    Very high energy club, so popular you could barely see the carpet in the club

  55. Mike M.

    I was robbed here, 2 girls, 1 blocker, grabbed my wallet and ran, stripped the cash left wallet on the floor. Called the police, said they were going to file assault on me because I knocked the blocker down, and chased the stripper with my money, Mgt and Cops would do nothing. I know someone else who got scammed here, over a $1000, don’t go here, save your money.

  56. Air Traffic Guy

    In town for the FAA Academy,

    Went to Night Trips with a buddy and had a blast. Great looking girls who work hard to make you….(you get the idea).

    The only problem we had was the smoking…after a while it starts to hurt your eyes, but this seems to be a common thing at all bars in this area.

  57. veteran

    Club was very nice, plenty of girls who are Hustler or Playboy material!

  58. Vince

    IT was great. 1st strip club, 1st lap dance! see you again!

  59. woody
  60. Tony

    management needs to have a meeting with the girls,I do NOT have to give money to every girl that sits with me

  61. steve

    worst place I hv been to,had no place to sit,the girls where all butterheads

  62. Marties
  63. BILLY


  64. what happened to this club

    this place use to be the shit, now its just shit!

  65. Aw

    A awesome club

  66. mark

    i went there lastnight and got talked into a lapdance by this fat girl who talked a lot her name was jadie. she had the funk when she bent over it was sll i could do not to barf on myself from stinky muff. worst 20 i ever spent. stay away from this shit hole

  67. Will

    Will be back soon.Thank you paradise the dances were amazing

  68. Bad staff

    Staff is poorly trained.

  69. miller

    the club was alittle slow,but started to pick up around 4,other then that the dancers are great,but kinda standoffish. i had a few favorties,miss secret,isis,and there was a mexican who was really pretty as well.secret spins around the pole like no other,isis and the mex were both quiet but nice.

  70. money
  71. Best

    The best club in Okc

  72. Clean

    Club was very clean, over a hundred pretty girls and 2 ugly ones! Keep up the good work

  73. wall-e

    this place is better than the one in tulsa. the should shut the tulsa location down like they did the lawton club. this club would be better if it had liquor. DD is better.

  74. Briana C.

    The BFF and I decided to hit up this place on a strangers suggestion. Glad we took the advice! Girls were pretty and fit. They were very entertaining and friendly. Happened to stroll in when the Pornstar Lexi Belle was being featured. $10 cover was all we paid and we actually got front row seats. Beer was reasonably priced and bathroom was decent. Small venue at least from what we got a view of but it felt very open. They do have an upstairs but we did not venture up. Will definite recommend and come back again.

  75. ?
  76. 4play

    every time i walk into this place there is a fight.

  77. Chris

    Best club in OKC by far! There are a few other good ones out there, but still nowhere nearly as good as this one. The girls are HOT even on day shift & there’s almost always plenty of them on both day & night shift. In fact one of the hottest ones is a day girl. I think her name is Juree. Very nice! One of the night girls (can’t remember her name) is gorgeous & has one of the best stage presences I’ve ever seen. She’s short w/ long black hair & wears a black fedora hat. One of the songs she danced to was “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica. The drinks are nothing special since it’s a beer bar, but the beer selection is still good. Still, if you want hard alcohol then go to any number of standard bars in the city. You come here for the girls. Besides liquor causes more problems w/ drama & people getting too drunk & rowdy. Besides, if they had liqour they’d lose a ton of dancers who are under 21 & people would quit coming in b/c of the lack of girls. I only wish it was just a little bigger inside. Man, especially if you show up on a Friday or Saturday night past 9 or 10 it’s packed. I guess that would give incentive to get there early though. Ghetto customers also don’t stick around too long since the girls don’t really aknowledge them from what it looked like & the DJ doesn’t play music to encourage that kind of crowd either. Very good times!

  78. Nice

    A nice clean club. Well trained staff and quality entertainers

  79. fred

    dont think so,the hype on this place is over rated

  80. Marine

    I got a little out of hand and security was very considerate of my drunkiness! They didn’t use to much force but enough to get me out the door. I apologize to all of you thinks for not beating my ass like alot of other clubs would have done

  81. jack

    waisted to much time for nothing,thought this was the number 1 hot spot,more like number 1 ghetto spot

  82. Island

    I met a dancer there her name is island, she was super hott.I will be back to see her. The food was even good here

  83. totalguy

    There are some absolute babes at this club. The drink prices are fair. The only downside was the lack of attention from the dancers once they were off the stage. I had money to burn, but I wanted someone to ask. I did get one dance and it was mostly air. The dancer said that the cops will bust someone for even sitting on a customer’s lap, which I think was just BS. One of my friends had the exact opposite experience. Anyway, it was a good time if you want private dances and a great time if you just want to watch beautiful women on the stage.

  84. A+

    A great club

  85. A great

    A awesome time, will be back

  86. Awesome

    This club is awesome, very high energy along with nice clean girls

  87. M.F.

    Wasnt’ to pleased with this place

  88. AA++

    A very nice club

  89. Good time

    A very nice club, not a boring club. Went last Saturday night and it was crazy wild. Will be back soon

  90. Chase

    I’ve been several times, hasn’t been worth the $5 cover. Waitresses are excellent. DJ’s good. The dancers have terrible attitudes. I’m a guy in a suit with $200+ in my pocket every visit… just to sit and watch these girls chat it up all night with some greasy fat guy in the corner all night or run off to the dressing room between sets. They do it to most guys from what me and my associates have seen.

  91. ron

    you can not be serious,night trips is not the number 1 hot spot

  92. re: Delilah !

    Super hot Delilah ! She told me I was “Samson” so drink up and I did. Next day founds out she had me charge over $6,000 on my AEX card. She turned me into a total fool just like she said she would. Be careful.

  93. delisha ealey selling pussy





  94. The best

    This place is great, it’s not a gloomy strip club, its more like a high energy adult entertainment environment.!!

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