Platinum Plus



1251 Airport Road, Allentown, PA 18109


40.6299205, -75.4417174




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Platinum Plus

  1. George Capussi Jr

    Awesome! Fucking awesome!

  2. USMC

    Don’t believe that bullshit. I got crabs TWICE at scarlets!

  3. P.

    Don’t be scared, just be prepared for the worst.

  4. Glow Gentlemens Club

    NOW HIRING DANCERS!!! Ladies my name is Mark Mariano i run Glow Gentlemens Club in Bethlehem. We are now hiring DANCERS to work for Glow. We promise you more money than you are making here at ERVs. Come check us out or call. Ask for Mark or Paul. 3868 rte. 378 Bethlehem PA (610) 866 2110

  5. Desire

    Im a slut and if you guys want to fuck me come by ervs and for the price of a muffin you could fuck this hot loose pussy.

  6. Gary

    Laidback atmosphere, sexy women

  7. Brett

    Best club in the entire valley! Scarlets sucks monkey cock compared to Ervs!

  8. Rafael

    Scarlets has fat welfare chics. Erv’s has the hottest girls I’ve EVER seen!

  9. harryharry

    you know, I haven’t been to a “Mens Club” in years – honestly. A friend suggested this place when we were in the area golfing for a little entertainment.My take: – lots of beautiful women ranging from 21 (or so) to the mid 30s. – full bar with decently priced drinks and beer. – friendly women and friendly staff – music is way too loud, could hardly hear the girls talking to me (yelling in my ear).If I come back to the area, I’ll stop in again – but I’ll bring earplugs.If they turned the music down a notch, I’d give them 5 stars.

  10. 1st time customer

    I went there got robbed this stripper promised things I didn’t get

    then got thrown out for telling management don’t go unless u like

    dirt fat girls getting it on treated like shit and getting all your cash

    stolen oh yeah and blamed I wanted that wanna be stripper to take

    all my cash drunk bitches watch out they offer then scream RAPE

  11. Bobby

    Listen $20 in tips + free admission is better than $20 admission + $1 tip. You are a cheap clown if you only spend $20 anyway. Stupid.

  12. Tal

    not full nudity on stage-dance floor. lame. packed in like sardines.

  13. Jolly Roger

    I have to say i have had a similar experince with the girl trying to overcharge for a lap dance. i still like this place though. booooobs

  14. Rebel

    This place is the BEST! I’ve been to Scarlets…they suck!

  15. Matt

    R U kidding? This place is GREAT! I come to Erv’s every day after work. The ladies are classy, nice, and very friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I love this place too!

  16. To Curious

    Just about any of them will do extra if the price is right. Some will go all the way and some will not, im not going to give out any names because i don’t want to get anyone in trouble. They all give blowjobs. Most will let you fuck for the right price, and there are even some who will let you fuck them in the ass. Just remember to wrap it up you do not want to catch anything. I have brought a couple surprises home from ervs. Syph, herpes, crabs. If your willing to travel check out the pleasure dome, the ladies will force you to fuck them and practically rape you. If you want to stay local go to ervs. I go to ervs all the time to dump cum in those little sluts.

  17. Love

    Theres a reason Ervs has been around for 20+ years.

    BTW jesse jane and jenna haze… cant wait!

  18. Baldeagle

    Fun club. Nice clean new building. Dancers pushing for drinks. Dancers on stage were hot. Very close to patrons. One stuck crotch in my face.

  19. john

    had a great time. Everyone seemed happy to be there. The girls were really goodlooking. Maybe, the girls will do a shower show next time.

  20. Frank

    Good time last week but girl tried to overcharge me for a lap dance and threatened to tell the bouncer I was grabbing her if I didn’t pay.

  21. bill

    great club

  22. Chase Utley

    When I’m not busy winning the world series, I go to scarletts. Hot chicks and free beer. Noe thats a home run.

  23. Parker

    Holy shit! These girls should be in Penthouse!

  24. Neil

    Not too shabby

  25. DALLAS???????

    Where is dallas working these days???

  26. Jethro

    This place blows scarlets doors off! The women here are 10X better than the skanks at scarlets man.

  27. NY

    We have better places in NY, but this place is the best I’ve seen in Pa.

  28. J

    The club is now Platinum Plus. Clearly they are attempting to be much more upscale and classy than the previous Erv’s. The facilities are now A+ but they need to recycle some of the crappy dancers and replace them with talent that matches the facilities. Tonight was the first night so I’m sure it will happen in due time. But for now, drinks are reasonably priced, and half of the girls are good

  29. Mr. T

    I pitty the fool who goes here. Scarletts is free and free beer. the owner is awesome.

  30. The REAL Brandisi

    Yet again your competitors are using my name. How pitiful.

  31. Billy

    Hot girls here! Bouncer kept trying to grab my junk. I’m just not into gay stuff.

  32. Eminem

    Will the real Brandisi please suck balls, please suck balls.

  33. wille

    great club

  34. Tommy T

    Not bad. It wasn’t as great as our NY clubs, but it’s the best I’ve seen in Pa.

  35. Tiny

    stopped in a few days ago, rather surprised, it was really nice, and for the middle of the week a lovely group of girls working all gorgeous, got a private dance from Carter and it was fantastic, I can guarntee I’ll be back next time I’m in the area, Thanks Erv’s and thank you Carter

  36. Chris

    There are only two clubs in the lehigh valley that are worth visiting, and they are the two that have been in the area for the longest time, ervs and scarlets. You cant go wrong with either place, and they are both pretty different. I always have a good time at both places. The other clubs in the valley are a waste.

  37. Sean (Smiley)

    Erv’s is a great place for a good time. The girls are hot and friendly. Great featurette shows too!

  38. SAYitAINTso!

    Heard Francesca from cloud is there now…That girl is BEAT,

    with a real bad attitude, and has a real narsty drug habbit.

    This place used to have real cool girls workin

    there….ya’ll just welcomed a drug usin, and abusin, hand

    job given (ive heard not even good ones), Ho into your

    business, GUARANTEED that girl causes problems, BAD

    ones…hope it don’t last long….and hope even more that

    it’s just a rumor…other than that, Erv’s is a cool spot

  39. Rod Fontana

    This place is disappointing. Wheres the class and fun atmosphere of a good nudie bar? Not here thats for sure.

  40. Management

    George, stay the fuck off of my site asshole. We know you have fat welfare chicks cleaning your bathroom.

  41. Yogi

    not really that good

  42. Dr. George

    I recommend going to scarletts its clean and disease free. Take 2 free beers and avoid erv’s. Unless you are the health inspector.

  43. customer

    carded at door and drivers license scanned, music is way to loud

  44. George of Scarlets

    Erv, you are an absolute genius in regard to business. Not

    only did you close me down, but you learned how to make even

    more money. Can you give me some pointers?

  45. Ahhahahaha

    You are so stupid, do you actually think people are going to believe all of these fake positive posts. Ervs is such a dump it is unreal. The dancers are hanus, ugly, fat. The club is always empty, nobody even goes to ervs anymore it is so horrible, not even the features are helping him out. Get real erv your club sucks and you fail. The swingers meets failed horribly, the swingers do not even like going there and Ervs has a bad name in the swinger community. Your Lehigh Valley Swingers Club is a failure. Your Rock n Roll cafe failed, Erv you have failed at everything you ever did and Ervs BYOB is the next to go. The club sucks. To all who read this go elsewhere in the area, there are plenty of better choices.

  46. Krazy Keith

    I stopped in after moving in the area recently and I have to say that these people were so friendly and the women were HOT! GREAT PLACE!

  47. Kyle B.

    What the H! Now I have to pay for drinks and pay a cover? This is un-

    American! Plus what’s with the chubby chicks? Get some Asian women

    too! If your going to over charge make it worth while!

  48. Whore House

    Come on are you serious. This club is horrible. It is basically a whore house with fat ugly disgusting women, well it actually is a whore house with fat ugly disgusting women. Do not even waste your time here, unless you are some weirdo who likes this sick shit, and are willing to get an STD or two. Go to any other club in the area minus goodfellas. But goodfellas is actually better than ervs, but that is not saying much.

  49. #1 customer
  50. Jester

    Perfect club. I like this place.

  51. Vic

    Damn! GREAT TIME! Theese women ROCK! Fuck scarlets! Erv’s is the place to be!

  52. Jimmy

    In the state? In the country! I LOVE when this plac has a feature! Top quality features and regaular dancers here! LOVE IT!

  53. Shiny W.

    I love the place, beautiful girls place is a nice size. Buy a shot get a lap dance good place to party and have drinks prices are reasonable. Maybe one day I can make it down on a Thursday heard amateur night is fun

  54. larry1

    Erv’s is now called Platinum Plus. The club is VERY different from the club it was. The lights are stil very intimately lit, and the set up is more of a colliseum type where seats are all around the stage. The girls have gotten ALOT prettier but some are still VERY by the book and don’t warm up to people they just tapped their cash from very well. It is 5 to get in before 7pm and 8 after. Be aware that they now give out 2 dollar bills instead of 1s.

  55. Gerry

    Hot, friendly girls.

  56. Chad Ochocinco

    This place is a little dirty even for me. Scarletts is much nicer. Free to get in too.

  57. jen and dave

    can anyone help me my wife is very bi curious she would like to attend the swingers night she is alittle nervous about male nudity is there any there on swingers night i dont want to take her if she will be uncomfortable any replies would help also do you need to have some kind of membership? thanks

  58. jake

    I love this club the girls are fing hott

  59. Sucks Ass

    Ervs is 100% pure shit. Waste of time. Waste of money. Waste of space and the dancers are wastes of life.

  60. Dixon Tighcondaroga

    These girls put lead in my pencil

  61. Hank

    Erv;s is the place to be!

  62. Vixen

    Hi Scott! I work over at Scarletts now. Come play with me !

  63. Mike

    Awesome, the girls are amazing

  64. Tony

    Loved Nikki Benz! The hottest feature in a while. Get her back soon! She was so nice and so naughty….the best I’ve seen!

  65. SC Fan
  66. Lenny

    Dude! I was at Erv’s Friday night with about a dozen guys from work. This place ROCKS! Thanks for the great time everyone! We’ll be back for sure!

  67. Nick

    This is the BEST strip club in the Valley!

  68. Manager

    Scarlets is free because they only have ugly bitches and they are desperate to get people in there. We have hot chicks here.

  69. regular


  70. Joe D.

    Scarlets has free admission because it has fat welfare broads there. Erv’s is the BEST!

  71. Sam

    I’m new to the area and was told about this place. Love it! The girls were very friendly!

  72. Scott

    I like Erv’s. Nice girls here. My GF won’t let me go to Scarlets anymore. One of the girls shit in the sink there. Erv’s was really nice though. This is my new hangout.

  73. Wade

    Awesome time friday night! at least half of the girls were hot! I think the bouncer may be a fruit though.

  74. Tommy

    Been everywhere else, Erv’s is the BEST!



  76. Sirus

    The $40 dollar cover charge was crazy to see jesse jane, and the shows were not that great.

  77. Uncle Paulie

    this place is almost as good as scarletts but not quite. you will have a good time at both, but scarletts is cheaper

  78. Valarie

    I used to dance at Scarlets. Fucking PIGS! George Jr used to try to make me blow him in the office. I danced at Ervs for a while and they respected us!

  79. Kyle

    Girls are hot but the bathroom is gross. Clean this dump. Who would ever eat here?

  80. Johnny

    Who gives the best private dances? How are miss nude pa’s private dances?

  81. Edward

    Right. If ervs is so good why are there so many fat cows working here, and smelly pussy girls. Ervs blows anymore. Fuck this club and the corny features.

  82. New Customer

    This club sucked. Some ugly broads in this place. Your feature taya parker was lame, no wonder she lost the reality show competition. Although for a few extra bucks the dancers here offered to suck and fuck me in the back room. Other than that this club was a shithole.

  83. Keith

    Dude, this place has the HOTTEST women I have EVER seen!

  84. Chuck Brandisi

    Keep up the great work Erv & Staff. I came in from New York for another business trip and you guys never failed to please. Well worth the money.

  85. Jose

    Best club the valley hands down! I can’t get enough of this place! The management and staff are friendly and the girls are smoking hot!

  86. erik

    This place is great. i give it a 10. thanks for the dance silver your great i will be in again to see those pretty brown eyes of yours and those fantastic nipples……….

  87. fritter17

    I rated this before & Now im doing it over. 1st strip i ever been too. & i thought it was just ok. Now that i been to a few. This is the best one ive been to so far. Lovely girls. Pretty. Hard working. Music is a lil weak in my opinion. Big & nice inside. There is a cover. They give out $2 bills btw 😉 lol Located in a plaza. Good dancers. Dress formal.

  88. George Capussy Jr.

    I love this place! Nice girls! Great atmosphere!

  89. lrod
  90. Tony Rome

    Shie is awesome! Heather is so sexy she drives me crazy! I love Heather! Jasmine has been getting me hard for years! :/

  91. Guy
  92. Out of town visitor

    I was in Allentown on business and had a chance to stop by Platinum Plus Friday afternoon. It is a very large club, at least compared to the ones back home.

    I had no sooner walked in when a sweet girl came over and asked if she could join me. I found out she worked at the Platinum Plus in South Carolina and she was up visiting. She had a great personality and we talked about everything from vacation spots, to her bad hair extensions, to kids. We sat and drank for a good time before she even mentioned getting a dance.

    As other have mentioned, the girls set their own dance prices. Most start at $40 each, but you can get most of them to agree to two for $40. The lap dance area is pretty big, with a bunch of little couches separated by dividers. Not totally private, but not wide open either.

    The champagne room requires you buy a fancy bottle (starting at $300) plus whatever you and the girl agree on (I was told $300-400 a hour). Too rich for my blood.

    I hung out with my South Carolina sweetheart (I wish I could remember her name) on the floor and in back until she left at 5pm. One unique thing about the club is the girls make their own hours and come and go as they please.

    I wasn’t ready to leave yet and met a girl named Angelina. We talked for a bit when some of her friends stopped by for about 10-15 minutes complaining about another dancer. They finally left and we negotiated a price for a 1/2 hour dance. Part way through the dance we started seeing the bouncer walk back every 2-3 minutes. After about the 4th time she asked him what the problem was. I guess the daytime manager wanted to leave and wanted her to pay her house fee. Thinking the bouncer would take the money and leave us alone, I made the mistake of giving her the agreed upon money. She then got dressed and said she would meet me outside. Back in the main room, I think she could tell I was upset for getting cheated out of about a third of the time I had paid for and within a couple minutes left to freshen up.

    On stage, I noticed a thin blond doing some great pole tricks. Promising she was “drama free”, we chatted for a while and did some dances.

    I was out of money by that point, so said goodbye and headed out.

    Some final thoughts –

    The Good

    1) Large club with a lot of girls to choose from.

    2) Girls seem to be willing to sit and chat before and after dances. Even the waitresses will sit and chat.

    3) Most of the girls allow a fair amount of 2 way contact.

    4) I actually like that each girl can negotiate their own price. It seems to work towards your advantage if you like to get long series of dances.

    The Bad

    1) It seams like every time your turn around, a shot girl came over pushing shots for you and the dancer.

    2) With that many girls, it seems like a lot of “stripper drama” was going on.

    3) The music was louder than I liked, but I could still talk to the girls.

  93. Todd

    Jesus Christ these girls were smokin’ hot!

  94. Jack

    I like Erv’s best. Besides, my buddy from the Marines got crabs at Scarlets twice. He told me who gave it to him too.

  95. Bob

    It is nice to visit one time.

  96. good ole boy

    music is way to loud not worth going deaf over a night out my ears were ringing for over an hour after i left the club also got a slight headache

  97. pica

    No more Jeffree Starr for these broke Ho’s !!!!!

  98. Larry

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  99. Johnny B

    Lame and Dirty. Clean the crapper and put a door on it. Can’t believe they serve food here.

  100. Vince

    This place had nice looking women, but you need to fix the bathroom door.

  101. Brad

    First time here! WOW! You guys rock! Beautiful women!

  102. Richie Welcheizer

    Please this club is lame and over priced. If your so sick of it jesse then stop erasing or over posting my comments. Thats the lame thing that you can’t take any negative feedback no matter how honest

  103. WOW


  104. Roger

    This is the BEST fucking claub in the valley! I’ve been to Scarlets, but Erv’s fucking RULES!

  105. Lou

    I’ve been to Scarlets and Reflections. Erv’s is the best of them all.

  106. tj
  107. allentown pd

    this weeks special free mug shot with admission sponsored

    by allentown pd vice squad

  108. Bob from Baltimore

    Friendly place with nice atmosphere and some very nice and attractive ladies. Wish it was closer to home.

  109. Danny C.

    Girls are hot. Food sucks. Bathroom has no door. DJ needs a dental plan. Girl at the door needs new inplants…soft ones this time. what are they rocks?

  110. Brett E

    I love these hot girls! awesome. The Dj tried to toss my salad which would be ok if he was a chick

  111. Charlie

    These are the HOTTEST women I have ever seen!

  112. Jen

    You think this place is a hot mess? I was at scarlets last night and one of the fucking skanks there shit in the ladies room sink! I kicked my bf’s ass for taking me there.

  113. Richard

    I LOVE this fucking place!

  114. clint

    amazing girls…great lap dances

  115. jerry

    There are a lot of hot dancers at this club!

  116. Steve Irwin

    Krikie! Your place smells like a dingo’s arse! Maybe Bendi can dance there …if you clean the place.

  117. Ray

    yes yes yes

  118. Couple

    We want to thank Ervs for a wonderful time. My wife and I had a blast! We’ll be back!

  119. kyle b

    tried to rip us off saying if we left it would be $45 to get back in because it was after 6PM. called at 8pm and asked how much to get in, and was told $25. Way to treat loyal customers. there were 9 people there 6 left in our group due to the scam. Erv needs to check what trash he has working the door. girls were awesome as usual

  120. Jack Sparrow

    Tis place has it all! I love it!!!

  121. carm

    No lots of ugly bitches here, i hate ervs.

  122. Rod

    Scarlets is free because they have fat ugly welfare broads and they are desperate to get people in there. Erv’s has the hottest chicks in the Lehigh Valley…..and you are right about one thing…Erv is the nicest guy I have ever met.

  123. Arnold Jackson

    I agree with Andy this place is dirty. Scarletts is free and clean. Bazinga.

  124. Jimmy Dean

    This place makes my sausage sizzle too!

  125. E.

    More like Erv is sweating scarlets. Its a shame ervs is shitbox. Scarlets girls are hotter than ervs. Ervs has to many old dancers. Ervs has alot of black girls and that is not good. Oh well i take scarlets anyday over this piss pot.

  126. Mack

    I heard Scarlets is closing HA! HA! HA! Erv’s took all your business, huh? LMFAO!

  127. William

    I always have a great time at this club. Dancers are better looking then in other clubs and they are very friendly. Midnite Rules!!!!

  128. Mr. G

    Visited last year and was not impressed. This year the quality has definitely spiked. Ladies were sweet, drinks were cheap and the decor is upscale. definitely plan to stop by again.

  129. George Capussi

    I admit it, this place is WAYyyyyyyyyyyy better than Scarlets!!!!

  130. Re: HHH

    Are you serious, this is the best in the area? Your obviously an idiot. Reflections and Scarlets are miles ahead of this place. We can just start out with dancers, ervs girls are a train wreck. Reflections and Scarlets both have better looking girls. As far as club quality the interior of ervs looks like a dive bar. Scarlets and Reflections interiors are great. If you think ervs is the best in the area your a idiot, or as fred sanford would say a big dummy. I would go to scarlets or reflections any day of the week over ervs.

  131. Eric

    This club ROCKS!

  132. WTF

    Erv must write these positive reviews because this place is a hot mess. crappy club.

  133. Danny

    Tell me that guy is lying about the trannys. That is not something I want to

    see. Say it ain’t so.

  134. Limo Bob

    The girls here are trashy, just the way I like ’em! But they need some new faces, many of these chicks have been here for years and years! The LD’s are a ripoff at $15/minute+, especially with Asha, Sugar, Jenna and Poison (only ones I tried). The features they pull in are good but not great and the attitude of the girls is just lousy.

  135. Scarlets Former Manager

    I admit it, Erv’s beat our asses raw. They are still open and we got closed down. Congrats guys. You are/were the better club.

  136. Bill C.

    good time but needs to be cleaned. The old boxcar was better. I like yogert.

  137. Yan

    I was in on friday night and there were about 10 dancers and a feature. I was here from around 8-11. There were more dancers than customers. Not more than 7 guys including myself. This club is a waste.

  138. Right

    Fuck that shit. Erv’s RULES! The got a chick at Scarlets with a small penis. GROSS!

  139. WOW!

    These girls are ALL 10+! I’ve never seen a club with such hot women!!! I’ll be back!

  140. action jackson

    Not impressed. I agree place could be cleaner. I like how sign says $30 dances and the girls demand $40. What the hell? C.R. Fannys is way better.

  141. Darin

    I am a guy who is in the allentown area on business every so often. And I must say I have no idea how people can compare this club to Scarlets grand international!!!! Scarlet’s is so much better. Better girls and better atmosphere. When i went into erv’s,some of the girls had attitudes and the rest hounded you for dances most of the time. They didnt even give you a chance to breath. Dont get me wrong, i love to spend money at clubs, but come on, if it wasnt for this club having pornstars come every once in a while, i wouldnt come. Scarlets has more beautiful girls than erv’s by far. And I have many friends and business associates that would agree!!!

  142. Bob Evans

    This place makes my sausage sizzle.

  143. FormerErvsRegular

    Half the girls I saw were overweight but it was before 10pm.

    Maybe B girls? 2 stages. There is seating at the stages so

    girls are much closer. Bar is away from stages. Renovations

    underway. Music way too loud. Not BYOB. Beers 4.75. Cover

    charge 8.

  144. joe

    was there last week on a monday and we had a great time we had a bach party and i believe there names were tom and dan very nice to our party

  145. Ralph

    Na, I love Erv’s. Lots of hot chicks here!

  146. Sissy Boy for Fantasy

    Fantasy please let me lick your toes and worship your feet, i want you to wear your boots for a whole night and after working a shift with your feet all hot and sweaty let me sniff them while i look in your eyes. I want to lick all over your smelly feet. Please force me to eat your pussy and ass. I want you to piss in my mouth and make me drink every last drop, i want you to shit in my mouth and make me eat it all and then lick your asshole and pussy clean. Fantasy i want to be your fuck toy. I want to cum in your pussy and eat my cum out of you. I want you to do me with a huge strapon and make me scream while i jerk off. I will be in for a VIP room to do this with you. CALL ME ASAP 610-241-0722

  147. Re: Brett

    You must not have been to ervs for a long long time. Ervs is horrible compared to Scarlets, but thats my opinion. You must not have been to Scarlets in a long long time because it is actually very nice. Or you are just an asshole trying to obviously cause conflict between the only real clubs in the Lehigh Valley. Ervs and Scarlets are the only two clubs that are actually good clubs in the area, but i myself do prefer Scarlets. There is a reason that these two clubs have been around as long as they have, when the other clubs are dropping like flys, like coyotes shutting down, and i hear that trouble is up ahead for reflections and that they will probably be closing in the near future. The other places are not even worth mentioning such as goodfellas, cr fanny, the fox, etc.

  148. captain
  149. Dennis

    Hot chicks. Great time. Bouncer tried to grab my Rig though, I like a good handy but not from a dude.

  150. Scarlets

    We apologize for our staff being assholes and posting on your site. We endeavor to have hot women like Erv’s does.

  151. Roy Oswalt

    I hear the chicks are hot and the bouncer tries to grab your junk. Damn homos

  152. Ex Customer

    Fuck this club it is horrible and a rip off. Do not go to this hell on earth that is so called a gentlemens club. The dancers are fat and ugly and are a bunch of alcoholic whores that are also crackheads. For a few bucks you can get fucked and sucked in the back room. This club sucks and a book can be written on how bad it is. Stay far far far away from Ervs.

  153. Tom
  154. HHH

    Silver, Sasha, & Heaven r super hot. The rest leave a lot to be desired. Silver & Heaven give great private dances.

  155. Bob R

    I go to both places. Boobs are great as long as they look good. Tough call in this economy, but free boobs are always great.

  156. ken

    love the place… all the girls and staff are nice

  157. ROCK STAR


  158. Greg


  159. Customer

    The little big show was the shit, i had a fucking blast. My friends got me trashed and the ladies were all up on me. Private dances are good YEA BABY.

  160. Big John

    These girls are hot! Why do you bother arguing with the other club? It comes off as stupid in my opinion.

  161. The Paul O

    Girls are hot! Great Time! The DJ did try to blow me though which would have been great if he wasnt a dude.

  162. Erv

    You should talk George. We know about you bussing up girls from Allure to compete in Scarlets contests—and they win! Talk about calling the kettle black. One of your managers told us about this little scam you ran for a few years.

  163. Sonny Crockett

    Boobs Boobs and more Boobs! I love it. MMMMMboobies

  164. reg customer

    If that leather face old hag with wrinkled boobs is your feature this week, with her nazi boyfriend watching her vips, then don’t bother to have her. She’s not a feature and a draw for the club, but she’s a reason to stay away.

  165. More like worst club

    Have you even been to Ervs? This is more like the WORST club in the state. Fuck this RIPOFF club. Why do you charge so much to get in Erv? Your club sucks. I am not giving that fat jew any of my money and you should not either.

  166. Re: Yan

    Don’t feel bad Yan. Scarlets only had 5 customers ALL night long.

  167. Slappy

    Cappy very poor grammer and judgement…..scarletts is awesome…or more gooder as cappy would say

  168. Connor

    This place ROCKS!

  169. Pete

    Pretty good place. They do not accept the SCL coupons. The girls could make much more $$, if they dance more.

  170. Re: Re: Scarlets

    HAHA WOW what a bunch of lies. Ervs is horrible compared to scarlets. Perfume truck haha that was a good one, Ervs is the worst club in the area, Scarlets and Reflections are the best right now. You are obviously either an ervs employee or dancer, or just someone really pissed off at scarlets. Nice Try but SCARLETS ROCKS, REFLECTIONS IS GREAT, Sorry but the truth is ERVS SUCKS!!!! Ladies and Gentelmen the award to worst club in the Lehigh Valley goes to no other than, the one, the only, ERVS!!!

  171. Rachel

    I worked here and hated it, the club is so trashy and management sucks. And Erv the owner is a real piece of shit. All he tries to do is fuck and get blowjobs from all of his dancers. One day he pulled me aside and actually pulled out his dick (really really small) and told me to get it hard and put it in my pussy so that he could have Bev watch us while she fingered herself and wanted me to eat bevs pussy when we were done. The fat fuck erv is just disgusting, needless to say i ran the hell out of there. This club sucked anyway, erv told customers to treat us dancers like shit and to treat us like little sluts. He would even let them fuck us in the back, i watched a new girl get raped by 3 guys in the back room, and then the guys handed erv a envelope on the way out. Erv gets paid while that girls life is ruined. What a piece of trash i hope this club is closed down soon for all of the prostitution going on in the back and the drug dealing.

  172. NY Visitor

    Heard some good things about this place. They were all true. Good place, great people.

  173. jon

    Silver gives great dances…and does a little extra in the back!

  174. George Jr

    Val 1st off u did blow me and 2nd off u quit because i wouldn’t let you do it again. Your fake boobs are like rocks. Very sloppy job.

  175. JoePa

    Decent club. You will get good value for lap dances if you find the right girl. Best option in the Lehigh Valley.

  176. Peter

    Erv’s is the place to be! Sarlets FAKED their ameteur night by bringing gilrs in from the other club in Atlantic City! They are rip off artists at Scarlets! Erv’s rocks!

  177. Andy Reid

    Scarlets is free admission! If L.T. is right thats awesome. Erv’s bathroom looks like L.T. took advantage of it.

  178. Jeff

    Nice place, everyone is friendly.

  179. Jesse

    I’m so sick of the crap. Look people, the simple truth is that I have been to every strip club in the tri-county area. Erv’s is the very best hands down. I don’t know why the other clubs just pick on this place instead of upping their standards like Erv’s did, but I find it offensive that they continue to attack this place. Just trust me and come to Erv’s. You’ll see the truth. He has the hottest women around.

  180. Curious George

    Its kind of lame your staff has fake arguments with another club owner on this site. Scarletts is way better and free. bazinga!

  181. Rick

    I LOVE this place! I also got word that the owner of Scarlets brings the dancers from AC to compete (and win) in the fixed dance contest he has. The manager told me.

  182. Andrew

    I agree this place sucks. Whats up with the hometown hottie contest, it is so lame. The girls do not even undress, if i just want to see everyday girls dancing i will go out to the dance clubs. Fuck this place i will not be coming back. The girls that dance here are ugly as hell anyway. A bunch of old fat strippers. Disgusting. And yes the dancers do extras in the back room, but they are so ugly and disgusting that they would have to pay me to do anything with them.

  183. curtis17

    Awesome upscale gentleman’s club with lots of pretty ladies. Remember though this is a commodity industry and those who are cheap won’t have the best experience as these girls are here to make money. Make sure you get a dance from Giovanna! Pretty girl with a sweet personality and curves.

  184. Big Johnson

    This little club is really rocking. Drink prices were cheaper than most strip clubs I’ve been in. I went on thurs and the place was packed. They had a lot of girls, most were 7 & 8’s but there were a couple 9’s. I will definitely be back.

  185. hot dog johnny

    I agree the girls are hot. the rest of the staff sucks. scarletts is better over all. I agree with the other dude.

  186. ?????

    obviously those reviews were all done by the club itself. nice try but stop posting false positive reviews managemengt. Everyone can see your bullshit, and we all know this club sucks.

  187. Andy

    This club has ugly dancers, old hags, no teeth, fat, dirty, smelly, little sluts. Ervs curves my ass. More like Ervs disgusting fat slobs.

  188. casha

    i love this cub

  189. Out of towner

    I liked the shows, I liked the girls, you have your choice when it comes down to it, there are many to choose from. I will be back!

  190. Big Lou

    You guys need to advertise more. I would have never heard about you guys but I overheard the girls at Scarlets talking about how great your place is. Once I checked it out I was hooked! They were right! Great girls, nice people!!!!

  191. George Capussy Jr

    Stop arguing. I’d work at Erv’s if they’d hire me. The girls at Erv’s are the hottest!

  192. Kevin

    This place kicks ass! Fuck Scarlets! I’m coming here from now on! This place has INCREDIBLE women.

  193. Dancer

    I dance here nowand I LOVE IT! I used to dance at Scarlets but you can’t make any money there becaus nobody goes there.

  194. bagger vance

    jasmine rules

  195. Ron Burgandy

    Scarletts and scotch are my 2 favorite things.

  196. Cappy

    I’m new to the area and have to several club. This place certainly has the hottest women I’ve seen yet!

  197. George Capussy

    I got a couch dance from Jessie. WOW! This place fucking rocks!

  198. Josh

    This place sucks. We had an awful time while we visited this club. Not many dancers on there was about 4 on a friday night and one of them was a grandmothers age. The place was empty, besides my little get together the place was empty. I wouldnt come back.

  199. hot box

    great culb

  200. mingus

    girls are flabby and not well toned. since they keep putting the same two ladies on stage every 15 minutes I have noticed the crowd has thinned out.

  201. Fred Sanford

    These girls got junk in the trunk and I like junk. DJ seems to be gay with the bouncer though.

  202. Kurt

    Best club in the STATE!

  203. George

    Nope, I splled my own name right. It fits my personailty…..pussi. I’m a weak piece of shit that fucks people over. (pussy) see?

  204. Mark

    I have to disagree as well. I do not like ervs. I would rather go to scarlets, but hey thats me. Reflections is a shithole. I personally think that scarlets has better looking dancers and the club looks better ten fold. Everyone is going to debate and have there own opinions about what club is better. Bottom line is it boils down to Scarlets or Ervs, you decide what you like better. The rest of the clubs are not even worthy of being clubs.

  205. Ron

    I love this place!

  206. Re: Scarlets

    How come Scarlets keeps mocking you on their site? Have they become so desperate that they attack their superior clubs?? The truth is: Scarlet sucks and erv’s ROCKS! Scarlets has banana trucks out back every day to feed theri monkeys, and Erv’s has a perfume truck to grace the beautiful women here.

  207. Frankie

    Bev is the BEST. Swinger party next Saturday !!!!

  208. Lawrence Taylor

    Scarletts is free to get in!!! 1 More reason to avoid this place. Plus there bathroom doesn’t resemble a port-a-potty at the eagles game.

  209. Wayne

    Once I found the place I was pleasently surprised (It is behind a grocery store and my GPS pointed me in the wrong direction). The decore is not exactly a 10, but the girls looked good and they were not too pushy. I will definately go there again.

  210. Rock

    I always knew this place was the best in the valley. Now that Scarlets has gone under and Erv’s still rocks on, we all know the truth.

  211. anonymous

    I stopped in here the other night to see a feature dancer I was really interested in seeing again. I called ahead for directions, and to confirm that the feature would be available for lap dances and poloriods. They confirmed and I traveled 3 hours to the club. The club is actually hard to find, it’s behind a shopping center. I saw the feature on stage, but they only came out briefly for autographs, and when I asked about lap dances from the feature, I got the run around, she said she was ill and the club’s schedule was too agressive. I have no problem with that, but I was rather upset that the club would stoop to false advertising and waste my time, especially having traveled such a long distance. When I politely asked one of the staff about it, they threw me a major attitude. Needless to say, this is no gentleman’s club, else I would not have been spoken to in such a manner. Needless to day, I will not return, and I will not give them another penny, neither should you.

  212. Danny c

    Let us in free if you are charging for drinks clowns

  213. Milo

    Much too loud. The girls are not georgeous like the MC keeps saying. Can’t understand what anyone says while they’re on the stage. The drinks are never the same price. Each waitress charges a different price. A drink was spilled on me, and no one cared about the mess it made. I thought customers come first. I will not go back.

  214. LOL

    Just because the girls don’t like U is no reason to complain Poindexter.

  215. Jhay Klyde

    Who’s the fat chick with the black hair and all the

    tattoo’s and piercings in her chest? Erv’s has some decent

    looking girls….but that one seriously, seriously gosta

    go…mad props for all girls going up and workin, but when

    they have mouths like that one does….they need to be in a

    different business….you know…..

  216. Nevada Jack

    Wow! Just wow!

  217. Gabe

    This place totally ROCKS! I love it!

  218. Richie

    Awesome time saturday. Hot girls. Bouncer tried to grab my hog though. I’m not into gay stuff.

  219. C

    TURN DOWN THE DAMN SOUND SYSTEM. DJ talks way to much. Can’t understand there dumd jokes.

    Other than that – Ok.

    OTC available.

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