Stilettos Men



301 4th Avenue, New Brighton, PA 15066


40.7396065, -80.3180696



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Stilettos Men

  1. Marc

    Not a very good club. 5 years ago was great, now just a dump.

  2. fanmods

    i am a former employee, and all i can say is after i left i know the club went down hill. the owner has other interest and has let this club go to the waste side. what once was a super club to goto is not run by people that have no idea how to run such a club. as far as dancers go erice the owner and his wife korena ( taylor sims) do not treat the dancers very well and if i was a dancer there o would not stay very long. but just my 2 cents

  3. jeffcantell
  4. Anonymous

    This place is great. It’s not a hustle hut at all. The girls really tend to you and make you feel welcome, not as a dollar sign in jeans and a t-shirt. I really do love this place and plan to return often.

  5. SouthMan

    Club is a dump but easy to get them girls

    to do what you want bartender is the best

    looking one there but you gotta work

    alittle harder on her my buddy is almost

    there then hopefully me, what I would do

    to her if I had just one night show her

    sumthing these PA boys can’t

    do…definitely would still feel me the

    next day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. MonsterRain

    Great lunch stop, private with Jamie who was very good dancer. Highly recommend for lunchtime stop. No food, cheapish beer for club, two pretty dancers working and about four customers. girls are cool don’t push for tips or dances but are worth your time and great tips.

  7. David

    I visited the horse for my 18th birthday and it was by far more than i had ever expected. im sure i will blow mega-money in that place, haha

  8. william

    i love this club i have been going there since before it was remodeled

  9. HadFun
  10. ken

    just got back from a very enjoyable night at the horse, some new talent. Never had a bad night there, good time

  11. Bob

    Would like to see the cover charge decrease or maybe go towards a dance fee.

  12. Pedro
  13. Jeff
  14. Old & New

    I was disappointed that the club took so long to reopen, but it was a huge improvement. The girls are beautiful and talented. I like this much better than the other one up the road, Club Escape. At escape, I only found drama filled little girls, and they’d easily ignore you. Stilletos (Crazy Horse), is so much better.

  15. ME


  16. Heather

    This club was the first and only ive been to, and ive come back 3 times, they are very classy, gorgeous girls, clean place, and very nice people. I felt very comfrtable there, and i highly recomend it!!!

  17. Andrew

    The girls are great and put on a great show even at the stage. If I could afford it I would be there every night.

  18. Dancer

    The club has reopened and it is awesome. Beautiful girls, full contact dances, great prices. Check it out.

  19. Bob complains too much

    For Christ’s sake, if you think the cover & dances are expensive here, you shouldn’t be going to titty bars. $10 to get in during the week is excellent ($15 for features). $20 dances are a gift (esp. if you get the right lady & tip her afterward to show your appreciation). The only thing somewhat overpriced are the drinks, and even they’re moderate.

  20. Exceptionally Pleased

    To the reviewer below, the dancers do get completely naked on stage now, they changed that rule from people like you and I complaining. They have a liquor license now and suprisingly decent prices; comparable to local bar scene prices. The cover charge here is only $5! The dances are also a great deal. Cheaper in cost, but definitely not cheaper in quality. All dances are completely nude! The lap dances are $20/song or you can buy 2 dances, get the 3rd free, or buy 3 and get the 4th free. The private bedroom dances are $50/ten min or you can buy a “hollywood” special, buy 2 bedroom dances and get 5 min free. They also offer a 40 min champagne suite for $165; champagne is available on request here (ps it’s way to sweet for my liking). Their prices are definitely worth everything you get.. I can’t wait to go back and see all the beautiful girls again. I was only going to stay for 30 min and ended up staying 3 hours! This club is a must see for everyone.

  21. James
  22. whoiam

    good music, great girls, great time

  23. Randy

    The greatest girls putting on the greatest shows

  24. steve

    girls r gross place is dirty

  25. Joe

    The Girls were naked and you seen their butts dude it was awsoem

  26. john
  27. Dirtyslutlover
  28. Old Reliable

    Was very pleased with all the modifications done. I love some of the girls down there… very friendly and gorgeous. You’ll find your money gets you a lot in here. I found them by their group page and I am so glad that I did.. I found my new spot. You can find them as Stilettos Gentlemens Club on face book.

  29. matt
  30. danny
  31. CJ

    I love this Club!! Dancers are beautiful. On the weekends it’s even better and more busy… during the week more relaxed and private. πŸ™‚ check it out fun times naked hot chicks and drinks

  32. stunned

    eric went the cheapest way he could in the remodel and it shows. girls not nude on stage. was way better the first 4 years it was open. id say 2 thumbs down

  33. Afternooner

    Girls are great, lap dances are best in area for the money.

  34. jim
  35. Guy

    The girls are hot. A nice place to go drink beer,watch tv and dance with

    naked girls.

  36. fred75

    used to frequent this club 6-10 years ago. it was awesome back then. went back for the first time about 2 months ago. VERY slow night. maybe 2 other customers and myself and girls were mostly unavailable. thought maybe just was a bad night and gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried again this past saturday. was even worse. and for a saturday?? i will not be back.

  37. Andy

    I am there at least once every week and never had a complaint. That says a lot.

  38. Mark Salansky

    A very good club if your looking for a good time the prices are right and the girls are great. Even though no liquor is served soft drinks are available. I rate this one very highly.

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