242 Drinker Turnpike, Gouldsboro, PA 18424


41.2906569, -75.508706




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Grandview

  1. ryan

    my favorite strip club around!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dottifine-89

    grandview is #1

  3. Great

    This club is so hot!!!

  4. Dan

    FIRE ugly jordan

  5. sir Ferdinand

    The Pleasure Dome beats this place hands down

  6. barry
  7. Boston man

    it is true,jordyn is ugly and a nag

  8. chip

    great place..very clean and all the ladies are hot and have great attitudes. nice to see women who enjoy what they are doing. would recommend this place to anyone

  9. Dick

    ugly woman work here

  10. re ugly ass scar

    That would be ugly,drunken jordyn

  11. .

    Great place

  12. Big L

    Great club!!! Hot Women!!!

  13. Frank

    Need to get rid of the ugly dancers and start with Jordan the drunk

  14. cd
  15. Gerry T

    Hot club,mostly hot women, definatly coming back.

  16. TT

    Great place My friends n I will b back.

  17. Weedman420

    Edit for date of visit: 5/3/2014.Well, Joe & Eddie have been quite thorough in their praise and they do make some points I agree with, but sadly the cold water must come down as I too felt compelled to talk about how this is one of the worst strip clubs I’ve been to.A couple of things have changed and could greatly effect your experience that I want to point out: 1: I went on a Saturday night (prime-time) from 9PM – 2AM2: Cover was the standard $20, not 15$.3: You can bring in hard-liquor (a rarity for full-nude clubs) but the liquor had to be poured into a cup before you could bring it in thanks yet another weird legal loophole.Where I come from, a Friday Night or a Saturday Night at the strip club means…bring out your full stable and bring your A-game. At Grandview, it seems to mean that only every local male shows up.Literally: I’ve never seen so many men packed into a club for so few dancers. Yes, it’s nice to be able to smoke and drink and see full nude all at once in a clean club with decent lighting fx, decent music, and a friendly bouncer but guess what? All of that means jack to me if I have to swim through three rows of sweaty truckers / frat pledges to find a girl. There could not have been more than 10 dancers the entire night for a house of what must have approached 150 – 200 guys. Call me old fashioned, but if it’s a seller’s market, it ain’t a strip club. The girls leaving the stage could barely hit the carpet before they were bought for private dances. The particularly good ones were bought so fast I thought they’d clocked out for the night until I saw them on stage later. A majority of the private dances I saw sold were AT THE REGISTER as the girl was clocking out of another dance! And even then you had guys waiting!!! I’m not saying I need to feel special, but damn… I’m not waiting in a line to get a girl right from your lap to mine.But that’s what it felt like. Even at the stage. So many guys were piled on top of each other to look at one stripper that none of the girls had to even try very hard before the dollars came sprinkling in from whatever corner she went to. Yes, the dances are 20 bucks for decent mileage in a booth, but who cares when you need to get on a wait list to see a stripper? I’m ashamed of how much money I had still waiting in my pocket when I finally gave up and left about 45 min before closing.Long story short: if you care more about the club than the stripping then this is a great place. If you’re like me and prefer FFFFM over MMMMMMMMMMF then you’ll be sticking to Vegas and dirty Jersey – not this afterthought in PA.

  18. Mike

    grandview sux

  19. Gene

    I don’t beat Jordyn!I don’t want her dancing because i know she blows guys then comes home to me drunk and drugged up and it leads to fights. I don’t beat her but she needs something to get off the alcohol and drugs and to stop blowing men for money.

  20. Matt

    I saw Jordyns ugly scar >she shouldn’t dance with thatugly scar

  21. re jeff re

    i think jordan is a nagging scum bag

  22. Jeff

    Place sucks

  23. kevin
  24. anonymous

    I agree, this club is very poorly run, why would the owner hire some fat nasty girl then stand there on the floor in front of customers and cut them down. Seems to be the owner is on a power trip and likes to treat the women that pay his bills like shit. Not a fun place when you have that kind of tension between the owner and the dancers, will never go back

  25. It's a shame!

    Not the same Grandview that we all loved 4 years ago that’s for sure.

  26. Bill

    Love it

  27. Derek

    Great Women! Great Club!

  28. PETE

    jordyn is the ugliest dancer here,fire her like all other clubs did

  29. hill
  30. Carter

    Seen Jordan>smelt Jordan,now i stay away from her

  31. Brett


  32. Charles

    Wasted my money coming here.

  33. re ugly jordyn

    don’t forget that she is also a druggie and has been fired from everywhere

  34. Jed


  35. Billy

    Not a club to go to.

  36. RJDOyle
  37. Mackdiesel


  38. J

    How does this place have a 3.6? All the girls are gorgeous! Cameryn and Leah are the best!!!

  39. big ben

    nasty women here

  40. glib
  41. Skipper
  42. Jake

    jordan really is ugly and a skank

  43. pog
  44. the boy
  45. ryan123

    My top choice for strip clubs, hands down! Beautiful young girls, you can smoke in this place and BYOB!!! Not to mention that they’re completely naked. $15 to enter, $20 lap dances. If it’s pumpin, two chicks on stage and you get to motorboat them, if you’re lucky. $1 tips are completely acceptable, they never complain, never give any attitude or mean mug. Al Bundy would proudly make this his nudie bar.

  46. Pat

    Place sucks!

  47. Diesel

    Best strip club I’ve ever been to

  48. jmfbfl

    went to this place on thursday. all i can say is that i had a blast. every girl in the place was HOT! got a few dances from andrea (andy) and spent about a half hour just bullshitting. great personality and man was she gorgeous. same goes for the other girls in here (maybe minus the personality). all-in-all it was worth every penny of the $$ that i spent that night. i highly recommend checking this place out if you’re going to be in the poconos area. i can guarantee you that you wont find this many good looking girls in the same spot at any other club in the area!

  49. Fred

    God awefull ugly women

  50. pik
  51. Umberhulk

    We tried out Grandview the other night. I’ll give the Pros and Cons.


    Greeted by friendly staff

    Girls are really nice – not a pain in the ass when it comes to VIP dance requests

    VIP dance is worth every penny

    Very good mix of music – techno, house, classic rock, alternative, some hip-hop / rap

    Showbar is nicely set up so a lot of people can watch / mirrors everywhere.

    Easy to get to / find.


    No cooler / bring your own or drink fast

    No pool table – The dancers aren’t boring, but sitting and watching gets tedious. It is fun to kick it up a notch and get some games going. A pool table attracts pool players and dancers, a great combo for everyone!

    One TV and then it was turned off. Again, none of us go there to sit and watch TV, but games are on TV all the time.

    Final thought:

    We drove over an hour to get there. It was worth every mile and penny.

    Have fun!

  52. recustomer

    I like the club also/that scar is nasty/jordyn should be fired

  53. tht


  54. Henry

    Fire Jordan! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!And a pi!

  55. craig

    Club sucks>ugly women,especially Jordyn

  56. Glow Gentlemens Club

    NOW HIRING DANCERS!!! Ladies my name is Mark Mariano i run Glow Gentlemens Club in Bethlehem. We are now hiring DANCERS to work for Glow. We promise you more money than you are making here at Grandview. Come check us out or call. Ask for Mark or Paul. 3868 rte. 378 Bethlehem PA (610) 866 2110

  57. kol
  58. customer no more

    Fire Jordyn the smelly skank!

  59. bookmarking

    hA77DB Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Thanks Again.

  60. Michael

    Not worth anyones time!

  61. dude007

    club is good… some of the dancers are really really sexy… the best i like is Jordon.. she will give u the best lapdance u can experience..

  62. Clark

    Club sucks and so does Jordan

  63. Jimmy

    Great club..all the ladies are HOT. Great atmosphere, no high pressure to get you into the VIP. Very clean and lots of fun. No place around with the quality of girls this place has. Nice to go to a club and not see a bunch of overweight skanks with missing teeth and track marks on their arms. This place is top notch would recommend to anyone

  64. Thomas
  65. Larr

    Club sucks>>>it’s true Jordan is a drunk

  66. skeet
  67. Jim

    Best club in area. Best looking girls.

  68. Mark

    place bites it! sucks bad

  69. Allan

    Fire Jordan! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!And a pig

  70. pretty boy

    never coming here again>Jordan is ugly and a HO!

  71. Dancer Lover

    Great place…by far the best club in NEPA!

  72. jewel
  73. Sam

    Go to the club in Old Forge Its the best in the area. Hott girls and it’s packed in there.

  74. Ralph

    Fire Jordan! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!

  75. Wally Pack

    Jazzabelle is just amazing

  76. Howard

    I know jordyn is a smelly ugly drunk

  77. sal

    jordyn should be fired and i’m sure she will in time

  78. paul

    i used to like this club but now i don’t

  79. doug

    Was recently there on a Sat, have been there a few times before on a Sat, lot’s of dancers, never saw the same for 2 hours, private dance with a blonde, Heather, was very enjoyable! Well worth the $’s Time clock thing sucks though

  80. skye hater

    skye sux!!

  81. Dancer

    Everyone-other dancers-other club owners-customers from everywhere know The Grandview is he best. Its been 4 years n I am sure will stay that way. ALL of the girls are the very best. Sam n Tina do not allow trash 2 work there. The girls are 2 busy making money-not drinking or doing drugs.

  82. william

    i will never go back because jordyn was a nag and made me uncomfortable

  83. Marcus

    Was there on Friday night, Sierra,Jordan, and Makella are smoking hot!

  84. Greggory

    wow what a lousy place

  85. Peter

    I did like the club but Jordan is a nag and quite ugly

  86. bullfrog
  87. not happy

    girls are busted, horrible time

  88. realhogan

    grandview is great all the girls are sexy and friendly and the private dances are great i took taylor to a private dance and she rocked my world .

  89. bigpapi

    ginger was my private dancer, was a good time

  90. mok
  91. Denver

    This JORDAN girl is pretty skanky but didn’tt smell like booze,i would fire her though because of all the bad things about her.

  92. Kris Henriksen
  93. ?????

    Great place to work!

  94. Larry

    worst club in pa now

  95. Sonny

    jordan has ruined this club

  96. superman

    I love it her…girls are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. old timer

    i will not come backl and yes jordyn really is a drunk and really skanky

  98. Mikey

    fire the scumbag jordan

  99. re ralph

    Yes indeed!! FIRE JORDYN the SKANK

  100. polly
  101. Alex

    Fire jordyn! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!And a pig

  102. stanley

    jordan is really a ugly man trying to be a woman

  103. SS
  104. Big AL

    this club sux,nasty whore jordyn stole money from me

  105. Sunny
  106. Jane A.

    We came in here while vacationing in PA on a whim. There was a $20 cover, for guys and girls, and alcohol is byob but you can only bring beer bottles in as hard alcohol has to be poured into a cup in another room. It sounds weird and complicated but it’s pretty straightforward. There were A LOT of guys in there but it seemed like there were lots of dancers too. My favorite was Ginger who was incredibly sweet and funny. There were a few birthdays and it looked like those guys had a great time. The girls are all friendly and approached my guy friends repeatedly. If you’re looking for a strip club in this area for whatever reason, come here.

  107. tom from peckville

    What happend? three years ago the women were hot and friendly now total fucking bitches and now some are not that hot.

  108. lop
  109. Daddeo

    Fire jordyn! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!And a pig

  110. Dave

    Been here before but wow seen this ugly scared up scuzz bag named jordyn on stage and they need to get rid of her

  111. Johnny

    Some ugly ass girls here. Better places to go.

  112. Couple

    spent over 3 hrs in the club with a female friend of mine and never once did a dancer offer me or my friend a lapdance or even talk to us. the dancers are beautiful, but was pretty much a waste of 3 hrs of my life. never been to a club where the guys are allowed to touch the girls during a lapdance, but here the girls were letting the guys feel them up the whole time for a buck, no sense spending 20 for a vip when u get the same for a buck, but i did not get to experience this because i was there with a female and the dancers all acted like we didnt even exist. nice clean club and very hot girls, but as far as i am concerned not friendly at all. One good thing, paid 15 to get in and did not have to spend another dime so was a cheap night out, but won’t waste that 15 ever again. Your loss ladies. Good thing the dj put on some good light shows or the night would have been a total waste

  113. walt

    very hot girls!

  114. sas
  115. Steve

    Jordan is a nagging asswipe

  116. new customer

    Ok club,not one of the best,pretty dancers but a few(jordyn) NOT!

  117. das
  118. The real Bob

    Jordyn is very UGLY and i would NOT go near her.

  119. Patron

    Came on amateur night! Hottest club in PA! WOW!

  120. Andrew P.

    TERRIBLE place….DO NOT GO. The ratio from girls to guys was about 1:30, no joke. There was 2 girls on stage and ONLY 2 girls walking around for lap dances. VIP is a joke bc we paid $25/person so you would think all the girls would come our way but NOPE. I even asked the bouncer mult times and the waitress but still nothing. The one or two girls who finally came over didn’t even give us the time of the day.The other horrible thing about this club is the tipping. I have NEVER been to a place before were the girls DEMANDED $20 in tip BEFORE i even got a dane. You tip the girls after bc if they give you a shit dance how can you tip them….they need to work for the money. Do not go to the place. WAY to many guys and not enough girls….So terrible and i felt bad for the bachelor at the end of the night.

  121. jill
  122. Chris

    jordan needs more makeup to hide her ugly face and to keep her stomach hidden to hide that ugly scar or just fire her

  123. Club is ruined

    they hired a scummy drunk and drug bag>get rid of jordyn

  124. vbnh


  125. "S" to Dannielle

    Trying to get a hold of Dannielle!! The comment site is down I think!! I will call the club and leave my number for you!! please call.. I hope that you see this!

  126. hey

    great place. clearly all of the jordan comments are by one person who is insane

  127. re jeff

    i think jordan is a slut

  128. customer

    Not the best place in PA> by far

    won’t be back

  129. Chuck L

    Dancers are very attractive.. this is one one of the best clubs in Pennsylvania … all of the girls seem to be esperienced and hard workers … excellent experience

  130. Piss master

    I took a pee on the floor!

  131. Black

    jordyn is a drunk but not all that ugly

  132. FuckFace

    Overall it was pretty good except for some nasty girl named Tyler, all she did was complain about how bad her life is and how she needs a new husband, terrible.

  133. FIRE jordan

    FIRE jordan

  134. pol
  135. Donald

    Jordyn was fired from all clubs for drinking and drugs>YEKKK


    we have been coming here for quite sometime but not anymore had a bad experince with jordyn

  137. Zack

    Fire Jordan! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!And a HO!

  138. Tim Bremen
  139. Jean

    This place sucks

  140. JoJo

    Love the Grandview. Very beautiful and classy women. No one trying to drag you into the VIP. Very clean and very fun. The ladies of the Grandview are the best in the area. This club should be rated a 10

  141. BT
  142. azz
  143. Gregg

    Jordan is one ugly dancer>get rid of her please

  144. Nuts
  145. Rob

    Jordan is the hottest thing on the planet!

  146. criz
  147. re larry

    i think her scar matches her>>UGLY JORDAN>>UGH!!

  148. Milton

    Jordan smells like a bottle of liquor and is a HO!

  149. Will

    Saw the place and Jordyn>won’t be back>she is quite ugly also!

  150. Luke

    I agree>>FIRE the drunk jordyn

  151. sammy

    i agree>FIRE JORDAN

  152. real customer

    All these dancers are above and beyond beautiful..including Jordan.

  153. Big J.

    Lousy time! Rather have stayed home.

  154. Golfer

    Was here recently after playing 18 at a local course…ladies are top notch…all 7’s, 8’s 9’s and a few 10’s…lady by the name of Roxy gave a vip dance to die for…although pricey got a lot of mileage for the $. VIP stalls suck…small chairs uncomfortable, dont like the timeclock, but the ladies are accomodating…tip appropriately and you will be well cared for

  155. Axel Bellemonte

    Excellent private dances. Most girls allow touching with a tip equal to the cost of the dance.

    Some other posters seem to have a personal problem with “Jordyn”. I don’t know who she is and I don’t care, names are not what I’m interested in when I go to a gentleman’s club.

  156. Awesome Night

    Was at the club last wens night and had a blast. Not very crowded and only about 8 girls there, but they were hot as hell. Thanks to Kylie, Jasmine, Steph, Adrian, Crystal, and Alena..they are the best and showed us a great time. Was one girl named Summer that my buddy was ate up with, but she never went around to do lapdances or even came over to us at the stage, her loss for sure. Great club, great music and the girls are friendly and hotter then any club in the area. Would recommend to anyone

  157. Vernon

    This Jordan girl was drunk and smelt bad>fire her

  158. Out of town guest

    This place was awesome! We go to a different strip club every year for our bowling tournament and this club this past weekend was the best one we’ve been to! Great place!

  159. Scott

    jordyn is as ugly as everyone says!

  160. nate

    I love Pamela

  161. Tom
  162. Skank finder

    Jordyn are you working here now>what a skank

  163. Eric

    Just fire the skank already

  164. Arron

    nice club/pretty women/just jordyn the nag ruined my night

  165. Vitalli Guadageino
  166. iuiuiu


  167. Earl

    Jordyn smelt like a hangover>>its true what they say>>she is a drunk

  168. Kenny

    I think jordyn is ugly,smelly,overweight and a nag

  169. Adam
  170. re customer

    thats what i do to. I stay away from her. Heard alot of bad things about her,so i just stay away

  171. joedirt
  172. John

    Nice club but Jordan caused me to leave>drunk and smelly

  173. Newbie

    This club is top notch. All the girls are hot and no pressure to go to VIP room. The VIP rooms are small, but the timeclock thing is a good deal, you get at least 4mins where most clubs give 1 song and a average song is 2-3 mins and you have to pay a buck for the song too so its well worth the money. First time there, but will be back again. This place might be on the small side, but the ladies and the staff are high class. The rating should be at least 9.

  174. Dale

    regular customer no more,this ugly nag jordyn ruined my night

  175. OPEN


  176. Dean

    wish i never tried this club>Jordan really is ugly also

  177. F-Sal

    Best club in PA

  178. Andy

    Pamela is beautiful

  179. happy customer
  180. GT
  181. rich

    overall i have had a great time the last few years i have made the trip into town i will definatly come back again next year. the only thing i would address is maybe a wider variety of personality there were no pony tails or glasses

  182. leah
  183. patron no more also

    had a bad experience with jordyn also,NAG

  184. Lenny


  185. JP

    FIRE jordyn,she is a drunken ugly druggie

  186. Chet

    This club sucks anymore.

  187. sexz
  188. Blown away

    Does Elena still work here? She gave me the best dance I could have ever imagined the last time I was there. I’d love to go back just to see her.

  189. monty

    agreed>>FIRE JORDAN

  190. Me

    Love it here!

  191. jetr

    jordan really should quit or get fired

  192. joeshmoe
  193. BEN

    This place is not that great at all. Girls are pretty nice. Not busy in here. Yes its true about that jordan dancer. she does have an ugly scar and does smell of alcohol. i stay away from her

  194. mandern

    I think they fire jordan and make the club better

  195. GEORGE

    FIRE JORDAN just for being UGLY

  196. Brian

    Honey is absolutely beautiful!

  197. Ryan Clarke

    it is a blast nice girls…

  198. BOB


  199. Trent

    Worst club i ever visited!

  200. jj

    love this club

  201. Ronny

    Jordyn needs to be fired/its that simple/FIRE THE SKANK

  202. Nick

    very good club all the girls are very nice and very sexy

  203. Clubfan

    Best Club in PA!

  204. Guy

    jordyn is a problem>>drinking,drugs,nagging,prostituion

  205. re fire jordan

    agree also to FIRE>ugly,scummy jordan

  206. the butcher
  207. Eddie

    Hot Girls! Classy!!

  208. First time

    Well this club is on the small side but the quality of the ladies is very good. No pressure for VIP’s and all very friendly. The VIP rooms are a little small, but not there to look at the room and there are many beautiful ladies to look st. All in all, a good place, very clean, very friendly and well worth the trip

  209. jenn

    i love coming to grandview, its always fun! =]

  210. Carey

    Was there with some friends! Hot Women!

  211. Kyle

    Is jordqan really all the smelly?

  212. tom , peckville

    got to improve on privet dances, there not that great.

  213. Steven

    Iv’e seen better dancers in a zoo>>Fire jordyn

  214. joe

    Always liked it here, but they really need to update their website, so outdated and the girls look like sh*t.

  215. 57
  216. secret

    This club rocks

  217. jud
  218. vin
  219. pib
  220. Drake

    I seen better scars on triple bypass patients. She needs to retire!

  221. Justin C.

    I feel kind of weird to write this review, but being my best friends bachelor party is coming up soon, this place came to mind, and i’m very upset we won’t be coming here…Went here, psh, 4 years ago at this point, and I really do call it the greatest place on earth. One the way down for my brother-in-laws bachelor party, all the guys (who’d been there before) kept telling me how great this place was, and that even them attempting to tell me, wouldn’t be as good as it really is. People tell you this all the time, and it’s never correct.Welllllll, this time, wow, it was. This place is amazing. If we paid a cover, I don’t remember, we probably got there before 9/10pm when they might institute it. You can bring your own booze, which we brought 2 very full coolers worth. $20 a dance (i’m hoping/assuming it’s the same price), and the girls are insanely good looking.The girls are not pushy at all, extremely friendly, and being from NY, the, look-no touch rule, does not apply here, and they questioned me as to why i was essentially sitting on my hands. Well, because in NY, you have to. Um, not here. Seriously, if you’re in the area, or looking for a bachelor party destination, THIS is the destination, hands down.

  222. Traveler

    Girls are so fucking hot!!

  223. anthony

    i loved it o muh when i went cant wait to go back

  224. former customer


  225. ClubComer


  226. club man

    jordan is a skank and trouble>get rid of her

  227. Carl

    dancers are not up to par

  228. Smitty

    Fire Jordan! She is a druggie and a ugly drunk!

  229. Jay

    Jordyn really is UGLY

  230. Nice

    Great club! Hot girls!

  231. Big Daddy

    disappointing. won’t be back

  232. hot
  233. phife

    Overall one of the better if not best in northeast Pa.

  234. Still woozy

    Vanessa is gorgeous with stunning curves. No one gives a better lap dance than she does.

  235. Mitch

    Seen the scar on Jordan and it is ugly

  236. Billy Bob

    Girls are hot. Dances are great. The BYOB makes up for the cover charge and dance cost.

  237. George E.

    Hands down the best club in NEPA

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