19th Hole Lounge



3011 Jenkintown Road, Glenside, PA 19038


40.1208249, -75.1613708




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “19th Hole Lounge

  1. jay
  2. CC

    great place to drop some caca

  3. he-man

    just moved around here n i love the location of it

  4. Glenside Guy

    Too many money grubbing “ dancers” and shakedown artists

  5. George
  6. Holer

    19 hole is Ok, tends to be hit or miss. Depending on which girls are there. Some totties some shouldn’t be dancing for money. Usually not too crowded. Don’t have those Bachelor party crowds. Good place to stop in & grab a few beers and also have some girls dancing for you. Come by for tips but not overly aggresive.

  7. H Eskin

    It’s alright for a corner club. Went golfing with Charles and stopped in. It is what it is.

  8. t.b.
  9. tom tom
  10. putin tain

    the girls are engaging – the lap dances are weak, they keep carping about camera and I’ll get in trouble. That’s kind of a turn off.

  11. jeff

    didn’t know what to expect, came out very pleased, great girls, friendly atmosphere, going there again!

  12. DumpTrump

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  13. been a long time

    came in for the first time in 2yrs, was dissapointed to hear that the bartendr amy no longer works there, she was my only reason for stopping in, sorry to say i wont be returning.. the service sucked and the girls wernt very nice.. u guys need to get better barteders and nicer dancers.

  14. Anthony
  15. illadelph

    Went there this Friday to chill with some friends. Not the first time I’ve been

    there, but some of the girls are super ugly. There were a few hot ones like

    Sahara and Lola, but the rest had baby bellies or busted faces. Roxy has a hot

    body but a face like Snooki, so she could dance with a bag over her head and

    we would all be happier customers. Didn’t see the two girls that give good

    “extras”, Tara and Adrianna, but usually see them during the weeknights.

    Also, they didn’t have any budweiser or bud light. What the hell kind of bar is


  16. Antonio

    This place blows!The girls are nasty and the bartender with the goofy ass look on her face that use to dance here sucks!She needs to go back to bartending class and learn how to make a real drink!Hire some real bartenders and some of the hotties that use to work here back and you will make better flow!

  17. TheMan

    There are a bunch of uglys at this club, there was one hot girl, she was tall, thin with a nice tat on her back and pretty face, but she was so stuck up she didnt even come up to me. I will never come here again!!

  18. Stripperfan28

    Nice place, fun and great women…Definatley a good place to go if you are not loaded with money!

  19. Rachel

    This place is fun! Its a good joke dammit!!:):):)

  20. MJ L.

    The Basics:$5 cover Thurs/Fri/Sat after 7$4.25 beers$6+ Jack and CokesDances:$20$30 option in an room where each couch is separately curtained.$100 for 15mins in the above room.$150 for 1/2hr in same. The 19th Hole Lounge is located a bit outside Philly in a mostly residential area so it seems a bit out of place. Kind of looks like they converted a neighborhood diner into a strip club. Size-wise I’d guess that this place is a bit smaller the the Northeast Club Risque location. A bit dingier too. One large room with a rectangular bar surrounding a slightly raised stage (low ceiling heights preclude a raised stage). The stage is just large enough for two poles and two dancers. Two couch dance rooms are off to the right just past the entrance. The $20 dollar room is your standard couches-along-the-wall option (maybe substandard as there are no partial wall dividers like you can find at most clubs in the city). The $30/VIP area has full walls between each couch and a curtain hanging in front of them. In both area the couches have certainly seen better days. The ladies as a whole aren’t quite up to the standards of a downtown club. Maybe in the 5-8 range? You’ll have to judge for yourself. I found the the dollar parade a bit heavy as almost every girl went for the one up top, one for the bottom, one for the kitty approach which gets old fast. Not a terrible place but I’m not going out of my way for a return visit.

  21. Joe

    I am looking for a brunette I saw here the last time I was in Glenside, she was

    tall slim and had a great rack….. I had a great time with her in the back room Is

    she still dancing here? if so what is her schedule so i can make sure to see here

    again! I love this place will be back real soon

  22. craig
  23. Ok place

    Small club with stage behind bar where girls do a aggressive dollar parade. Girls range from a 1 to a 9 in the looks department. Some will come around and give you a little bar side action while others will plop down right next to you and complain about everything. The $20 LD room has white stains all over the couches. The last thing I want to do is sit on another mans dried up nut stain. The $30 LD room is much cleaner and has a private curtain.

  24. wtf is he thinking

    Saw love getting pick up by her man…..I wonder if he knows

    whst she does in the back room….. sucks for him

  25. C.J. Barkley


  26. Anonymous


  27. BoBo

    Dump, extras are long gone

  28. Dave

    i was really let down the girls here were soo ugly half of them didnt even know how to dance the only good thing was their bartender who seemed alot nicer then any of the girls

  29. Jason

    The recent “talent” in this place is awful. The girls watch

    the clock and jump right to selling their next dance. Pushy

    and lacking personalities. If you need a last minute place to

    go, bring a leash because these dogs need to be trained on

    what to do.

  30. LocalGuy

    Been here many times, but recently it seems to be much better than it has.

  31. photo guy

    dancers were ok. bartender julie was the hottest one there, but what can you do? the private dances were worth the $20 and the best part of the club. still dark, not smoky when I was there (sat night). overall not bad.

  32. Harry

    Dive with a lot of regulars, over-priced drinks, cover charge, below average dancers, mostly older and overweight.

  33. Dive

    The Hole has hit rock bottom… strippers are ugly, cover charge and high drink prices.

  34. freddy411

    Took a visit to the 19th hole, my uber driver said its the place to be and boy was he right!! had a great well work it dance with a new dancer name Philly big tits nice ass make sure you tip her right and you will have a good night,Katie was so polite but boring, love club.

  35. Ug

    The nerve to charge a $5 cover for the level of talent at night? What a joke.

  36. thegun

    place sucks big time, girls are ugly and fat and too smokey

  37. Mojo

    The daytime brunette with the big fake t*ts is weak. Smokes in the corner instead of lap dances. Too much attitude. Egypt was cool, drinks good, still a smoky place.

  38. Coucher

    Always a fun place to hang.

  39. JustMe

    Wide variety of dancers and I enjoy that. Are they all 10’s? Hell no but they are real women that have a lot to offer.


    This club is a joke, and a bad one at that.

  41. A fan of Donna's

    This club knows how to hire great help. Donna is is a great dancer who really knows how to treat a customer in the vip room.

  42. Wilfork on first date
  43. Leroy

    Oh yea goid time

  44. ME**

    This club is cool.. A little drama, but that is every club. Its fun here, the girls are very nice and treat people with respect. Good place to chill out and watch pretty titties!!L

  45. interested

    What exactly does love do in the back?

  46. Yankee

    Ok for a local place. Drinks good value, too much smoke in the air. Girls ok- especially Essence.

  47. bartender
  48. a customer
  49. Tie Guy

    This place has gotten better with the new girls. The drink specials are good. The lighting and the smoke is never going to change.

  50. cj
  51. wiredat40

    This Club is great, The girls (most of them) are beautiful and very friendly. Not a huge fan of the night time girls but the day shift rocks! Very Pretty girls, WAY BETTER MUSIC, friendly bartenders, decent DJ, Lapdances are well worth it. Even if they arent giving bonuses the lapdances are still phenominal. The best looking ones i gotta say are Nikki, Gia, Angel and Theresa. Absolutely Beautiful!

  52. bald guy

    This clubs sucks anymore, after the remodel it will still suck

  53. Enjoys Lappers

    Great place to unwind and ease the days tensions.

  54. Vlad

    Was worried when I pulled up last Friday. Was happy as hell when i left. Went back yeasterday and am now twice as happy. Gotta go more……..

  55. Tony
  56. YUCCK
  57. No name

    Need better advertisement, this place could make so much more money.. Need to host events to bring people in..

  58. Local Guy

    This clud has been improving… The current rating is too low.

  59. Alex

    What a dive hole. Girls are not worth your time. GO SOMEPLACE ELSE believe me. Dark cant see in front of your self and thats for a good reason. Girls are dogs.

  60. KM

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