Deja Vu Showgirls



2720 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110


32.747925, -117.202461




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Any Navy town worth its salts boasts an assortment of showbars and San Diego is blessed with many, but the Midway Deja Vu easily surpasses all of the other local competition with its plush surroundings and first-class trappings. No expense has been spared in appointing this club and the result is a huge variety of entertaining options. The main stage is complemented by comfortable seating and a unsurpassed view of the mayhem.Plus, it boasts a relaxing VIP Room complete with a mirrored fireplace stage of its own and relaxing sofas to view all of the action.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. travis

    tried it out last night for the first time, club was not very busy when i came, my waitress nicole was very nice and cute. i was very impressed at the two pole dancers of the year kenedy and jennie, i got a private dance from jennie and she was awesome highly recommend it! she offered a variety of dances and was very helpful outside of the dance, i will definitely be coming back to visit with more friends next time

  2. triton

    where’s sky (julie)? classmate of hers from ucsd. haven’t seen her at deja vu or cheetahs?

  3. La L.

    Ok this does not get full rating because of the drink girl – we paid to be VIPs there, and the drink girl was NEVER there – she would come and try to serve the guys around us – but us 2 females had to keep asking the bouncer to get the girl over. We moved to the non-VIP section and she was still no where to be found. Serious attitude too. Maybe she was just having a bad night but still. On the other hand they have two of the most amazing strippers we have ever seen – Kennedy and Starr. And there was this black and hispanic girl too that were good to watch as you could tell they loved their job but I do not remember their name. A lot of the girls look like they do not want to be up there dancing – and a lot of them were not even dancing they just moved around a little bit. BUT it is worth sitting through all of these girls just to see Kennedy, seriously that girl is mind blowing and so sweet and friendly. The door guy and the guy that worked the vip “gate” were extremely nice, and respectful. I just wish the VIP sitting was actually move comfortable than the non vip sitting but then again the view is better. This is a great place to come with friends and hang out watch a show vs. just be at a restaurent or usual bar…. oh and they have THE best hot cocoa lol — if you want to get a true show were the girls actually dance FOR YOU when you give them money as they are dancing on the stage go to their other club just a couple blocks down called Hustlers the girls there are a lot more enthusiatic. But I have to say it again – Kennedy is absolutely MINDBLOWING!!!! In a very classy artistic way and she has the best body.

  4. rogerrab2

    Gorgeous ladies. Hookah lounge. Nice chairs.

  5. Clint

    I was in town with a couple of friends on July 23& we decided to check this club out. All I have to say is that Jennifer rocked my world!!! I didn’t go V.I.P with her(didn’t bring enough cash)but the lap dance she gave me was out of this world! Tipping is highly recommended! It was my first lap dance & she made it memorable to say the least.She was very polite & made me feel comfortable as soon as she came over & sat on my lap. I hope she is still there the next time I’m in San Diego!

    Clint…or as she called me Mr. Canada

  6. Chris

    Clean, good sound equipment, beautiful girls and friendly.

    Good shows by the girls, big variety of girls.

    Good burgers.

  7. Mr friday night

    i had a awesome time this club rocks ! My only big complaint was the music was waaaaaayyyy to lound for the most part i couldnt even hear the showgirl i was talkin to. i was hoping to get a dance from pepper i saw her on myspace page and fell in love ! i ended up spending a decent ammount of cash. This place has some of the hottest ladies i ever seen thanks deja Vu see yall tonight

  8. Shawn

    This is very nice club. The set up of seats is great and the girls are gorgeous; Definitely Showgirl material. The specials are great from the free lunch during the week to creative performances by the dancers on the weekends! I would consider this club to be the nicest and most upkept Strip Club In San Diego and East County. The girls are not pushy at all and very appeasing.

  9. Jerome A.

    I am not a big fan of strip clubs but this is a cool place to hang out if you are partying with the guys, the bars are closing and you want the party to keep going… The girls are friendly. The dances are very expensive ( or at least it seems to me).. $100 for 15 mn… But like I said, I do not go to strip clubs often so I have no idea what it would usually cost.

  10. Orbitz

    Amazing overall experience, highly recomended! What a fun night, all the girls were extremely friendly and dances are perfectly priced. Will return soon for another great night of entertainment (bring friends with you too, the girls are pros at making sure your whole group has a good time!)

  11. XXXbeast

    Its alright, well I can’t complain too much cuz I got in for free. But I wouldn’t say its worth $20. . the private dances are rip offs . . . there are better strip clubs elsewhere . . the girls are decent

  12. Harrison69

    This place suck not good looking girls security was very strict girls can’t even sit on your lap $20 to get in no free drink don’t waste your time rather drive 2hr go to Los Angeles know they got some good clubs

  13. Mike

    my first time there yesterday. great club with hot girls. dances are $20 and sometimes they have specials 2 dances for $30 and get a free shirt or porn dvd so i got 2 dvds from that night! The quality of lapdance you get is varied. Usually the girls who dont ask too much are better imo.

  14. jerry

    some of the hottest girls ive seen, great music awesome atmosphere!!!! ***** super fantastic!

  15. pb

    INGA Incredible, Naturally Beautiful, Graceful, Adoreable

    INGA, She’s the STAR you know!!!

  16. Trevor F.

    Ya i went to that event to and the shows were great except this one ugly fat girl came out of no where and squirted her breast milk in the announcers face. I almost threw up, poor guy he should have slapped her. Where is security when ya need them??? Other than that I had a lot of fun I will be back for sure.

  17. elizondo

    nice dancers…

    specially INGA

  18. Daniel N.

    a hookah lounge? really?

  19. name
  20. eddyL

    Worst experience… DO NOT SPEND YOURE MONEY HERE….

  21. jeff

    very sexy women

  22. Minnasota


  23. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  24. Mikey

    Hot girls!!! The Atmosphere was fun and friendly. The Waitresses were fast, friendly and just as hot as the dancers. I will go back to this club for sure. was wort every dollar I spent there, and I dropped a few grand!

  25. Nice

    Awesome club, great entertainers, great atmosphere and the best San Diego has to offer

  26. GSM3 Tanakatsubo

    Very fun place, beautiful girls, great environment, its hard to leave the place. Best girl there is NOVA.

  27. jay
  28. Franklyn

    This place sucks! The last tine I went I swore I’d never go again. My wife waned to go for the hookah so we went. I was hoping the quality of woman would change, boy was I wrong! Overweight AND Underweight women. I felt bad NOT looking at them.The only reason we stayed was because I had already paid for the hookah. What horror! Id rather go cheetahs. No hookah there but the quality of women cant be beat by Deja Vu! The girl that helped us with the hookah was hot but she wasn’t dancing. What a disappointment and a nightmare!

  29. fritter17

    How unfortunate. This is where newbies go to shake their first dance fear. They put on their new Victoria Secret underwear and bra set and swirl around on the pole looking sad. Don’t waste your time.

  30. David Castillo (aka Rocky)

    Been going to this club since 2005 and it just keeps getting better

  31. Robert

    Great visit while in San Diego on buisness, awesome time spent with Natasha:great dancer!!

  32. JTS

    The Dancers were great very friendly and very beautiful. My only complaint was that the DJ on the 12-6 shift on Saturday sucked. He didn’t play any music that the girls liked. Overall though I had a great time although there is very little benefit for the VIP room might as well save that 20 bucks for an extra dance. My favorite dancers were Eternity and Cali they are both beautiful and very into what they do.

  33. Marisol B.

    EIGHT double posted 5 star reviews?I call bullsh*tSidenote:I thought you can’t take pix in a stripclub?

  34. mainman

    had the time of my life last night, wasn planning on bein there for so long, but with a beautiful girl sitting on my lap all night and getting a dance whenever i wanted was amazing! gotta love the vip section, and the vip room!

  35. victor
  36. curtis17

    It would be nice if they had lamb without the Beef. The chicken doner was ok, it tasted like a burrito with little flavor. This place is good if you’re drunk and it’s 2am, but if you’re sober and it’s 7 pm, I would eat elsewhere.

  37. Anthony M.

    Not a bad place. A hookah lounge, nice stage, very hott girls, dance specials, and comfy seating.The cons: The girls are very money grubbing, also they come around after every stage performance asking for tips which kinda makes it hard to relax. Another annoying thing about this place is the DJ tends to be almost demanding in his tone of voice. He will say stuff like “you guys need to throw more money if you wanna see more” and “wow, San Diego is letting me down”, which also makes it hard to relax.The major saving grace of this place (the reason i gave 4 stars instead of 3), is the major porn stars they have come down for special events. I myself have gotten to meet Alexis Texas and Teagan Presley. Have some dough to spend if you are gonna hang here.

  38. Rachel


  39. Matt
  40. anon

    every visit is great at this place. beautiful girls with great bodies, good dances and shows, nightly specials. good selection of dancers

  41. Jordanp

    Well what an experience. .. first off the waitresses are extremely nice and attentive. Janette was my favorite . The girls are okay looking nothing out of the norm , very nice and fun. I went with a friend we got 2 lap dances and to my surprise the girls were very respectful and before they began they asked me what I was comfortable with. I been to several strip clubs in my years and I can honestly say this one made my top 3. Only thing is that they need to maintain their bathrooms…

  42. Hank

    Always a great time when I am here.

  43. new cus

    love this club. and it just got better when eve started working there :)love u eve

  44. Brian R.

    So I’m not a fan of strip clubs…I respect the hustle and I’m always down for a naked lady…the clubs just aren’t my thing. That bein’ said this place is the tits (pun intended). Most of the girls are pretty attractive in that ” I wish we met on different terms and you didn’t have that tattoo” kinda way. I like that they pretty much stay away from ya and don’t bug you about tipping. I mean, I should be able to tip when I wanna tip noy cause you asked and made me feel guilty…Like I said though, I respect the hustle.Wear sweat pants and bring score cards…

  45. Chris B.

    Me, My GF, and her 2 girl friends, went this past sunday around 10pm – 1230am. Not that crowded, but the place is small. I feel bad cause the stage seems like it’s holding back the dancers from doing and moving more. Not too bad looking girls. My GF ended up getting 3-4 lap dances that night. She even bought me 1. lol yay!. Depending on the dancer, they’ll let your friend(s) watch for free. I was watching a dancer giving a lapdance to my GF. OMG that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen haha. It was very clean inside. There is always someone around picking up empty bottles and cups, floor was free from debris, tables were set up nicely. They have 2-4-1 Specials going on like crazy. The dancers don’t hassle you to Tip or for private dances.For the bad news, before you even walk in the door, your $30-$40 broke which include entrance and (required) bottomless drinks. The “booths” are really cramped and look more like stalls.Seating is very cramped. Stage is small. A tad bit pricey. either you pay for bare minimum of $20 or $100+. There isn’t any pricing in between those.For the random: next to the stage there is a big flat screen TV (with volume low) showing sports and stuff lol. I don’t know, to me it should be placed somewhere else. Maybe the dancers feel like they need to compete with the TV for attention or they’ll lose on tips.

  46. HHP

    Sarina won my heart she’s the best!!!! fantastic dances, wasn’t so keen on Brittany nice to look at but herdances weren’t that great. hot asian chick there too!

  47. Westin
  48. Shawn McClain

    loved it

  49. military

    it’s a nice club, but the lap dances are the worse i’ve ever had, and are far more expensive than they are in other parts of the country…

  50. good times tonite

    I must say this club has a grreat atmosphere and fun environment. I had some great dances from a few girls but the the ones you really need to stay away from are Emani (sp?) and her friend that looks like a black frog, Allure. I have never met such classless women in my life. They have very bad attitudes and worthless dances. I had decent dances from Vanessa but she does have an odor under her armpits and her pussy too, in which I dont mind. It kind of turns me on!!Other than that, I had some amazing memories with other girls in the VIP room.

  51. Crispin

    All I can say is that Deja Vu girls are the best, especially Raven. Atmosphere is pretty good and there are girls of every type for every guy.

  52. bob juan

    great club niice had a blast

  53. no one
  54. maxxy1

    All in all the place is a 2 star. I am military so i didn’t pay a cover charge, but they make you buy 2 drinks to stay in the club. (Soft drinks are $5 a peice no alcohol) The girls looks pretty decent, but take it from me, the backroom dances are a ripoff. There are $20, $40, and $60 dances they don’t get fully nude in the back room, but you can see all the goods while they are on stage….. just saying.

  55. Justin G.

    I want to thank Dionysus for the special lap dance. I was feeling down but she

    perked me right up. Next time I will get a VIP from you.

  56. Ian

    Flew in from Sweden for the weekend.. What a great place got some dances from Trish WOW!!!!!!

  57. Jammy

    really good here

  58. pete

    the club is stepping up i gotta admit, the best thing going for it now is that some of the old hags are finally outta there. getting rid of that one old crazy bitch hayley was a major step in the right direction.

  59. HKS
  60. bets
  61. Myster D.

    Wow the night time doorman’s fuckin RUDE.Girls range from 3 to 7. Very small place and quiet even on a Saturday.Not really worth visiting.

  62. charles

    I recently visited this club while I was in town on vacation. My friends and i had a really good time. The guy at the door taking our money was very friendly and informative. Such a nice change from other clubs I have visited. We went to the bar for our drinks and to get some change before we sat down.The bartender, a redhead I didn’t catch her name was fast and efficient and was smiling and joking with the patrons. We ended up sitting at the stage and I have to say great girls and good performances. Kennedy I believe she was called did crazy pole work and walked on ceiling. We got dances from her and Taylor. Hot girls very funny and sweet. Well worth my money. I will be going back for sure when I go to San Diego again.

  63. billy

    What ever happen to ASIA, she was really nice, always had a great time when she was there!!!!

  64. WOW

    Best club in S.D. hands down!!

  65. John

    Had a great time this weekend at Midway, so many hot girls, I fell in love with Cali, and wow i forgot anbout Trisha, and her big tits… can’t wait until next month

  66. Nadia Fern C.

    I just wanted to add……they now have a little inflatable pool for those who would like an aquatic frolic with a floozy.AND YOU GET FREE LUNCH TOO…Yick.

  67. Vic

    Corrina is one hot clad chick

  68. Bill

    I have to say I have been to many strip clubs across the country and this one is by far the best. The staff and the entertainers are top notch and I have never felt so good spending my paycheck.

  69. Maik

    Good Club. I love San Diego. Greetings from Germany.

  70. JIm

    Not sure what some of the previous postings were talking about, they must have been to drunk and ended up somewhere else. I travel frequently for business and when in San Diego this club is always one of my stops. Great dancers, great staff and a wonderful environment.

  71. La F.

    Since this club is 18 and up it is full nude so no alcohol, but there is a bar next door. It is opened till 4 on the weekends so when you want to keep the party going, it is always filled with people and there are maaany girls to choose from. Yes not ALL of them are smokin hot but they definitely have their fair share of hotties.uhhh and to no one in particular: it’s funny how girls go to strip clubs and are such haters! When I go I enjoy myself, some of the girls won’t be that hot, and some will be! There is a type of girl for everyone out there. Also, suggesting the strip club Hong kong??? I mean we are in San Diego.. TJ isn’t far but when you just want to go to a strip club one night I don’t think anybody is going to deal with crossing the border especially given the current climate. The chicks at Hong Kong are fat anyway.As far as 18+ strip clubs go in san diego, Deja Vu on midway is top three for sure.

  72. tongy

    The Dancers where hot and the pole work was very good.

  73. Mac Jr.

    This is the best club in town, great dancers and great talent everywhere… were else can you get a free dance and a free XXX DVD or FREE T-Shirt

  74. Briana

    I really like the club.Theres a lot of pretty girls there and they dance well. the dances are good butthey could be a little longer.we are paying 20 dollars per dance so it would be nice if they could make the lap dances longer. Other than that its fun.

  75. harryharry

    i liked it here. the girls were for the most part attractive and they weren’t all pushy about gettiing a lap dance. most were really nice. the blue light special is the way to go if you’re looking for a lapdance. that’s where you get two dances for $20 instead of one… and for a little extra you get a little extra 🙂 i will definitely try to come back again.

  76. Randy

    I love this club ! All of the girls are hot and also friendly. Just a terrific place to spend several hours and enjoy a good time.

  77. AssnTits5

    By far the worst strip club I’ve ever went to. No one I mean NO ONE had a nice body. Wtf with over 20 bitches from servers to dancer NO ONE?!! Really?! Ewwwwww I’ve never seen so many flat booties and no tits broads n one place in my life. I’m offended. I love strip clubs and San Diego dude, y’all putting broads on the stage that look like 10 year old girls. We literally all had to turn our heads a couple of times becz the chicks looked like lil ass girls. No tits no butt size -0! My dude kept getting up and going to play pool. I got a lap dance from a broad that had a spoon full of butt and that bitch stank, smelled like boos and gym socks. I just woke up and I’m angry! Suggestions for change1)Stop those corny ass shows w the servers they are all busted dusty ass broads2) get some women with body 3) the music u guys are playn is whack ESP between the dancers 4) the dj is horriblePlusesThe entry fee was $10 I feel like we donated to their building fund

  78. larry1

    As far as strip clubs go, this one is pretty fun. It isn’t quite as sleaze-ball as it looks from the outside. They don’t serve alcohol since it is full nudity…so drink plenty before you go. Who wants to sit at a strip club sober….awkward!

  79. HandsSR

    Great time in SD. Open late and super hot ladies. Bring some money and make it worth your time. If you want to get a bomb LD talk to ALYSSA. Thanks girl, I will be back. Hope your side gets better soon!

  80. Casey14

    I had went due to some firend inviting me to go. apparentl one of my budies had fallen in love with one of the girls. The club looks small on the outside but it pretty cool inside. MOnday , Friday and Saturday apparently are the good days. THe girls are amazing. Kennedy is freakin awesome!!! she walks on the ceiling, no lie. NExt in line on the pole was A small island girl name JaMaica. She is sweet and funny and a killer on stage. Come to find out thats who my buddy was stuck on. Lapdances from kennedy, Eve, Jamaica, Gwen , and the infamous KAT are the perfect endings to a guys night out

  81. M
  82. for the comment under mine

    some times we don’t come up to couple because the girlfriends gets bitchy with us and we don’t need more shit from women we get enough from the men that go in there so don’t miss judge us with out knowing all the facts, and i’m sorry that no girl came up to u, is because we have been treaded like shit by some of the women that go there!

    so we would love to see u again and i hope u have a better time, and don’t be shy u can ask the girls for a dance too it always makes us feel good.

  83. Michael

    I was here last Tuesday night i get ever Wednesday of at work so Tuesday night i go out the club was awesome last time im gonna go check it out tonight see ya there

  84. JB
  85. Midway Fan
  86. Weedman420

    Stopped by since it said free day shift but it was five bucks. Place is empty. Only one girl came out to sell lap dance. No stage girls in over 15 min. Exit stage.left.

  87. James

    good club. nice dances.

    some great stage dances!! kennedy is amazing! a couple other awesome ones, jennie and lure

  88. Andrea

    Ok, I went to this club recently with my boyfriend and I’ve heard good things but I was so disappointed. First of all, we were in the club for 3 hours and not once did any girl come up to us and ask us for a dance. I think since I’m a girl, they assume I don’t have, or want to spend money on them. Little did they know I had about $300 in my purse that night that I wanted to spend and they didn’t get any of it. Even when the blue light specials went off, none of the girls came up to us. There wasn’t even that many people in the place. The girls went up to the guy next to us and he turned them down and yet they still didnt talk to us even though we were right there. Another thing, I found alot of the strippers to be incredibly lazy. I used to be a dancer myself and I was always hustin, making sure I asked every person in the room for a private dance, and ask them more than once of course. I saw so many girls just sitting down, drinking and talking with the other girls. You cant tell me they were tired and on a break, it was barely 9pm! They seriously need to let these girls know that couples are the best to dance for, there are 2 of them, twice the money. Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I don’t want to have fun. Why else would I come? I don’t think I’ll ever come to this place again, I’d rather go to a better club where they actually treat me like a guest.

  89. bob

    fabulous foxy

  90. Tony S.

    ridiculous place that nobody inside and they cheated me very lively, fucking idiot. The only fun do the pool that I can play it unlimited, but is that mean you can have fun with the pool in the dancing club? That’s awesome lol

  91. jey

    the right girl in the VIP room means a good time for you

    choose wisely otherwise its expensive for the same type dance you would get on the floor for less

  92. cesar

    It’s great entertainment!!!

    Angie is so hot, all of them are hot.

    Lap dance is the best when you pay a little xtra!

  93. Nick T.

    Since we do not have a Church of Satan in San Diego, this is my suggestion as to where we should meet for prayer, communion, confession and just some good ole sinning.All are welcome, especially those who regularly go to and support The Rock. Its also close by , almost in the same area !This place is great for large groups, and if you come by on any given night, especially military nights, you yourself will see how accommodating the employees are. People are so nice here.Dont worry, you can bring your Bibles, just make sure you have dollars bills ! Lots and lots of dollar bills !

  94. Kyle

    Constant flow of very beautiful dancers – most of the girls are very attractive, face and body. A bit crowded at times and girls are a bit agressive, but overall a good experience. Very high quality of dancers.

  95. patrick
  96. felixnada

    Not too keen on going to places like this, but I was in the Midway District and my buddy really wanted to go… what’s with the putrid orange and constipation blue paint? The designer’s mother must have been tripping acid in the 70s… I know it’s a strip club, but really?Getting past the gag reflex, I have to admit the place is real nice on the inside. There is the obligatory red velvet, but what I like is the patio and a fireplace that actually works. It doesn’t seem like you’re outside.The vibe in the place is relaxed and comfortable. More non intimidating lounge that high volume meat market strip club. The girls aren’t that aggressive just aggressive enough to make it fun, which is a definate plus. If thats not your game, just hang out watch the game or play pool…or watch the girls.

  97. Brian

    its a nice club need to make a trip out to it sometime its so worth the drive and time>

  98. richard95

    Deja Vu…. deja sucks. I have never been so bored out of my mind at a flesh joint. the only reason we stayed was because there was a cover and we had to get our money’s worth.This place is smaller than my living room. I wish I’d stayed home instead.

  99. winston12

    I love this place, free sodas! i come in with my boyfriend and a few friends every once in a while and just found out that they opened a hookah lounge! They also feature a porn star once a month !

  100. Lex

    OMG if you like metal girls there is the beautiful one named tammara. She didnt even have to take her clothes off to give a show and if you like metal girls or girl who dance to metal shes your girl.

  101. ryan123

    Its not called expose…they rele redid the whole club its super nice inside and are still doing tons of new upgrades. the girls in there are super cool and talented on the pole..deff recommend going there if i were a guy looking to look at naked girls hah.

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