Pandora’s Men’s Club



10649 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8703136, -96.88332




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pandora’s Men’s Club

  1. jose

    It’s nice.

  2. S.A. couple

    My girlfriend and i went because a local friend said we needed to check it out on a Sun. night. first off, I’m a preppy looking white boy and my girlfriend is a busty Mexican. $5 to park, $25 each to get in. we get in, and it looks pretty standard. it’s relatively clean, 3 stages, bathrooms pretty clean and a solid mix of girls (a few cottage cheese butts, but still sexy ). language was a bit of an issue, but we are from San Antonio so it wasn’t that much of a problem. the guys there were all Mexican, young, pretty clean cut and really friendly. We got a really good vibe from the crowd- sometimes when i’m the only white guy in a place, people get pissed off or start talking trash. Everyone i met there was cool and looking to have a good time. things weren’t too rowdy but the girls seemed strait scared of us. we are a really crazy couple, even though we dress preppy, but found it super hard to get dances. girls would ignore us or pretend they couldn’t understand us. we had 1 GREAT dance and then sat there for 2 hrs. trying to get another. finally, a girl came over and did a dance for both of us- it lasted 3 min. and then she demanded $40. i have been to places all over the USA and have NEVER paid $40 for a 3 min. dance. besides, she had her bottoms on for 1/2 the time- in the VIP section! We got bummed out and left. Look, i know dancers are a little cautious of couples, but we are crazy swingers and do this all the time. maybe i look a little preppy/highland parkish, but damn- we went there with $500 to spend and left with $420. if you are a single guy, you’re probably gonna have a good time but don’t get played. we thought it blew and left feeling pissed and ripped off.

  3. jack

    Poor club no nice girls

  4. fritter17

    Sloppy is the only way to describe it. Shady crowd. Wouldn’t suggest this place to anyone

  5. Wayne

    Fine ass girls, friendly… they all smell good (no bad hygine)

  6. mario

    the club it’s nasty girls are very nasty

  7. Ray Collins

    This club is home

  8. Just me

    I’m not much into going to club late at night. I enjoy going in the day or evenings times. I went there this last weekend. I love latin women and boy do they have fine one there! Two of my faves were Lucero and Suesy, I think that was it. They were a lot of fun and give great lap dances.

  9. ryan123

    There was a time when I liked places like this. The bouncers aren’t just bullies they are brutal and possessive of the girls. This is the kind of place where they put a gun in your face for going to fast in parking lot. The girls and atmosphere inside is actually pretty good but it’s such a negative place that a 3 seems fair.

  10. Todd

    The worst club ever, fat ugly girl $25 at the gate $25 for pvt dance. If you like Fat ugly and stretch mark girl this is the place…oh and dirty looking envirnment.

  11. yanard12

    Probably the worst ever. When you gotta get searched by a cop before you walk flag..but he gets you primed up by grabbing your pecker…then you walk in to little Mexico…then the girls are phenomenal if your in to large upscale gals pushing 250lbs+ but at least you get to bring your own beer

  12. adamrod

    This place is shady and not in the cool out of the sun kinda way. But it’s BYOB and the girls are friendly.

  13. Lorenzo

    I’ve been a couple of times. Once on a Friday and once on a Saturday. Great atmosphere when I arrived. I’ve found my little Mexican to satisfy me and she’s great to talk to. It’s nice to find a place where for the right price the ladies will talk to you. Very down to earth. Great place to party.

  14. Bob D'Souza

    Was in Dallas TX area for business discussions during daytime while the nights were mine. Pandora’s had good ratings, so wanted to test out. Most girls are latinas; some do not speak English. However, this is the cheapest club where full nude VIP lapdance with all the friction in the world costs just $25! I had a couple of girls, one a WASP (boy she could be Ms USA…such a beauty) slim, firm breasts and she gave me a lapdance that I will never forget. (It was early March ’11). During my second visit I tried a bombshell who had the largest boobs…boy she went down over me and gave a titty-rub that had to end into a full blast. Guys, you just end up playing into their hands…they are so enchanting. (Her name probably was Cheryl or something). She treated me with respect and care and even gave a bit if an HJ for arousal. This done, she just bounced her ass on your lap, almost crushing the organ under those curves, but this was the sweet pain a guy would always vie for. In a short time, these girls create a mess of you, so if you wanna a lapdance in private VIP, wear a condom as a precaution! The BEST club in Dallas! I will ge there whenever my company sends me there!

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