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0 reviews for “Dreamgirls

  1. Mike
  2. million dollar club

    one of the hands down greatest clubs in town screw the other locations this one is a pure class act

  3. jimmy
  4. Marky Mark

    Me and the Funk Bunch love Dreamgirls SOOOO much!

    Please play more C+C Music Factory.

    That is all.

  5. qed314 "at" gmail.com

    Dropped in for a quick drink and some scenery. Stayed 4 hours, out of a suprisingly beautiful selection of dancers, Summer defys description, smart, funny, freindly and of course beautiful (where is my tie? :)). “Juice” was best security/host I have had the pleasure of meeting. Would love to return, needs the dancers schedule updated on the site.

  6. Jaimie
  7. micklo

    nice girls, too expensive!

  8. Petey

    Victoria, you are incredible. I will definitely come back just to see you

  9. Nice


  10. DanceFan

    WOW! Went to DreamGirls last night for the return of liquor party. It was amazing! My favorite club just got better. thanks!

  11. wallanon

    [5.67] Nothing much has changed in the couple of times I’ve been there since 2005. The Pure Platinums are better clubs in SD that also serve alcohol like this place does. Dream Girls owned by the Deja Vu chain. Not sure since when, and it’s relevant because that brand is known to be decent in other towns but not really in SD. You hear a lot of “for San Diego” in reviews for DV clubs, but even then you’ve got better options (see above). One or two girls working when I dropped by in mid afternoon on a Saturday. Stage was shut down and both were at the bar talking to customers (maybe 5 of them). All things considered that was probably the place they needed to be. I’m going to go with the notion that this is a locals bar that looks mysteriously like a Deja Vu. After I was there for a few minutes the DJ actually put someone up onstage (even though no one was on that side of the club). A curvy 30-something dancer with a pretty nice enhancements got up on stage and actually did something other than stand around. The guys at the bar were playing liar’s poker, loudly, and generally driving me nuts. After downing a kamikaze I take a seat at the stage because, well, there was a friendly dancer there with a huge set of cans. She appreciated the dollars since that got her back into the poker game, and just laughed when I asked her why the guys seemed more interested in each other than her. The sound system had issues and cut out in the middle of two songs back-to-back. Hotel California by the Eagles deserves better. How this club stays open I’ll never be able to figure out. Oh yeah, liquor. Pretty decent as a bar and refueling stop between other clubs.

  12. stripwatch

    stripwatch.com it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  13. Harry Cannon

    Stopped into Dreamgirls the other day for my first time. Definitely the hottest girls in San Diego. Very laid back. The food here is AMAZING! I did not know that clubs like these had such great menus!

  14. club regular

    the club is nice, I love $2 tuesday and the girls are friendly and some hot specialy LATINA! I am a bit disappointed about some of the dancer quiting or getting fired because of the new GM I think his name is kado(asian guy) but not sure…non of the girls seem to like. I think the girls need a caring manager!

  15. propartier

    This club is by far the best club in San Diego. It has the best looking girls, the best staff, and with their new restaurant opening, there’s no place I’d rather go to relax with some fantastic company or party with the always returning clientelle. The liquor license is back and you’d never even know it was gone. The club is already back to full swing and I have to say back to full swing with even better looking dancers than before!!! Definately, definately check this place out!!! You won’t be dissapointed.

  16. jj
  17. Guy

    serena you were amazing 🙂 really wish i could of had one more dance

  18. Mark

    Nice Club, Nice looking girls, Most of the girls are ok, once in while you get a bad apple that rips you off.

  19. ryan literski

    naomi is amazing

  20. New Management!!

    Hey everyone, the man who is notorious for firing some of our best girls is gone now, too, and we are already seeing BIG improvements!! We also took on a bunch of new hot girls! Come check us out again, we don’t disappoint!!

  21. john


  22. mary
  23. Joseph

    I love this club, the dancers & staff are friendly and the service is excellent. if ive ever had to wait longer than a minute with an empty beer or lap it was MY own fault! just wish they had newcastle in bottles… Kato..hint..hint. even if they didnt count on tuesdays..i’d still buy em

  24. 4 leef klover

    The girls are super sexy and I loved spending time with them but it is going to cost you. Make sure you bring lots of cash to begin with.

  25. Ty

    I enjoy myself everytime I go Dreamgirls. Deja is the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my personal opinion and to the guy talking bad about Jordyn, just because she has taste doesn’t give you permission to bad mouth her. If you don’t like her, don’t speak or deal with her and let the rest of us who enjoy her company do so. Overall, I love the club.

  26. Bunny
  27. ivan

    i love this place

  28. Sam27
  29. Savvy Traveler

    Overall, this is not a very good club. The dancers don’t give you the time of day even though it was slow on a weekday. I had money to spend but I guess they would have never known. After their dances on stage are done, they asked me for tips even if I was sitting at the bar. They basically nickel and dime you where they can. There’s a lot of clubs in SD so I will not be back.

  30. china

    Being an entertainer for twelve yrs. I could not find a better place to work at. The staff and patrons are the best, where you will always be treated with respect. I put so much time and effort in everything I do that for anyone who decides to come in I wish the best.Leaving with a smile but better yet getting their moneys worth.

  31. DiegoMan

    Club is dead every time I go there. The best girl ranks about a 6.5, but good luck getting a dance from her. ATM is ALWAYS broken. Why do I keep going back (no crowd…maybe I should get the hint).

  32. tom

    this club sucks terrible girls.

  33. Jef K.

    I use to love this club, but some drastic changes recently has really changed this club and not for the better. The steak they had on Tuesdays was killer for the $2, now it’s a cheap cut of mostly fat and grissel. New management has fired a lot of the dancers and some of the employees. Not much going on there anymore, I think there thought is to build new clientiel with new cookie cutter girls, no girls with junk in their trunk any more.

  34. anonymous

    recovering from last night’s $2 you-call-it. had a great time and am still recovering. no more club hopping, your club is back and better then ever! thanks for bringing liquor back.

  35. Don Spangler

    Love the place!! Jasmine & Sunsine are hot!!!!

  36. j

    it cool

  37. Chris

    Love the girls. Haven’t seen Bay in a while. Cherry, Tiffany, Hollister are great! Jacqueline is a dream, just not there enough.

  38. Carlos

    Cool little club. Most of the strippers were good looking. There were a few that were incredibly sexy, very hot. There was one in particular, don’t remember her name.. She had pale skin and curly brown hair. She just knew how to grind her body and she was in great shape. She moved smoother than a Jellyfish. She was exciting to watch, and she looked like she was having a good time. I wanted to yell at the other people in the club for not throwing any money on the dance-floor, but I didn’t want to look drunk. I mean come on you guys, hottest woman in the club and your drunk asses aren’t hooting or throwing?! And now speaking of drinks, don’t even bother getting a soda. It will cost you five dollars, then you know you have to tip so that makes it six bucks. And for someone who doesn’t drink any alcohol anymore, that’s asking for a little too much. The music sucked. People are still bumpin’ this ghetto-crunk garbage that gets worse and worse each year. So I guess because all the regular clubs are playing this crap all of the strip clubs are playing it too. I mean if I wanted crap I would turn on Jammin’ Z90. So out of about 30 songs, only 3 were good. 6 underground, by Sneaker Pimps. I think it was Du hast, by Rammstein and than Change, by Deftones.

    About three of the women who danced didn’t even approach me to get money when they were done. But it’s cool, that’s just more money for someone more worthwhile. So, some cool chicks there at Dreamgirls. Great way to enjoy a friday night, relieve some work stress, entertain yourself. SUMMER was another cool chick. Friendly and a great body, ladies and gentlemen. But everybody, check out that FINE belly dancer!!!

    You’ll know what I’m talking about!!

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