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0 reviews for “Little Darlings

  1. TomTom

    From time to time Little D’s can be a happening place. I’ve noticed the pressure has gotten stronger to get unwanted dances when the club is less crowded seems to have picked up with the economic downturn.

    Overall, there are usually some decent dancers. Some of the hottest give low mileage dances, while some of the others try to upsell for a “hotter” dance. There always seem to be a couple of newbies, and they tend to give the best dances with neither of those 2 problems.

  2. Eric
  3. hammermill92

    Even though I wrote the last review, and my comments were just as true today as they were on Wednesday, I felt I had to submit another review increasing my rating. Somehow, tonight was even better than Wednesday, and if you read my review, you’ll understand why it surprised me.

    The night was spent entirely with one girl, and she is the exact reason they call the club Little Darlings. Precious has got to be the hottest, sexiest, petite thing out there. Best lap dance I’ve even had, and I’ve had a few. Some girls spend the entire time going through the exact same routine over and over again…and the more dances you get the more you see the same moves. Even after 5 or 6 dances, she kept including different moves.

    What I thought was most incredible is that shes only been stripping for a few months. While Sasha, Crissy, and Kayla are still at the top of the ranks at Little Darlings, Precious, in my opinion, has taken over the top spot.

  4. maxxy1

    Disgusting place I don’t even know if half of these reviews are from people who have been Inside. I am a good looking dude as well as my brother we were in there for 40 min didn’t see one woman besides a dancer actually dancing. Plastic cup Drinks more bouncers then people. A lot of better strip clubs in the area

  5. AssnTits5

    Come for the free lunch…stay for the fine pussy….Okay, well so they don’t really have a free lunch. Yes, the sign on the road does advertise a free lunch from 12-4pm on weekdays but don’t walk in expecting a burger and fries. Although they still had a mighty juicy picture of one on their flat screen inside. Hmm…The sign also advertised no cover before 4pm. After a successful smog down the street, we decided to celebrate. The nice lady at the door said we must be Military (because I suppose my male companion and I had the military look) and got us both in for 20 bucks. Which I though was weird because I thought ladies were usually free, on top of the fact that it was 3:30 and we shouldn’t have to pay any cover…but we took a look inside and saw how empty it was.We decided to donate to the cause.My companion goes to the ATM, which charges him 6 bucks and I find a seat up close and personal. It really is a small place, with maybe only a dozen or so seats around the pole and a couple rows of tables behind. This particular Friday afternoon there were only a handfull of guys up close and 2 or 3 at the tables.The ladies were all really good looking, in their own ways. I do agree with the other reviews, that they do look bored at times but I really didn’t hold it against them. There was a lil of something for everyone, skinny lil girls to thick women…pierced and non pierced. What I did like was that all the ladies did look natural, not a ounce of silicone in the place!Maybe I should add a star for that. Yes, I think I will.On top of being aesthetically pleasing, the ladies were also very nice and polite. Not pushy at all when it came to offering up their “Blue Special” 3 for 2 lapdances. I would say only a few came up to us and actually tried strike up a conversation.So all in all, yes I would come back to Little Darlings…maybe at a busier time to get a better feel for the place and the patrons…maybe to see more of the pretty ladies…and maybe just to see if there ever really is a free lunch.

  6. MMC

    This place is great, always wild and crazy stuff happening.

  7. ryan123

    some lady showed me her p*ssy.i gave her a dollar to go away.not sure if she worked there. or was a homeless person.either way. a dollar well spent.T_T

  8. chrgerfan08

    The girls here are very friendly and i have sooo much fun everytime i come in… the club may be small but i think they have some of the hottest girls in the san diego area!!!! Danny and Charli are my favorites!!! January is very talented as well these girls are definately worth my time and money i recommend getting dances from them if you get the chance…the dj’s are awesome as well theyre hilarious! Belinda is also my favorite bartender! Cant wait to go back!

  9. Ronald M.

    Been going to clubs all my adult life, this was my worst experience ever, entry fee plus one (1) dance over $100, I’ll take my entertainment dollars elsewhere, bad employees? I’ll go back to Déjà Vu/ Paradise

  10. Weedman420

    I’ve been to a few clubs around SD and this one has to be my least favorite. First off this club is very small, it’s almost the size of my living room and the patron seating is set up like a town meeting. There really isn’t a direct walk way to the stage, no lie I’ve seen a dancer weave through the crowd and enter the stage like a WWE superstar (literally). I at least thought a door with a curtain from the back of the stage would be there but nope. I notice they have a waitress but she never has asked me if I wanted something to drink, unless it’s completely up to the customer to ask or walk to the bar then I may be wrong. There are a few chairs and tables that need to be replaced hanging on by a thread or unstable. Two things I can say positive about this place is the music selection and the late closing around 4am. One incident I can recall is that my buddy was robbed out of his cash after asking for $100 in “1’s” he received $80 back, I watched him recount his change numerous times to verify their error. The manager told him he could only “Go halfway with him” because of the time lapse on the camera (already assuming the customer is trying to get over) giving him only $10 of the money they shorted. Who would rob a damn strip club for $20? Give the man his money smh. I attended a couple weekends and not that many girls danced or seem to be on the roster. Another buzz kill for me was that the lap dances seemed too patrolled and my dancer I chose was being hounded, not a good experience. Anything from disrespectful customers to disrespectful dancers they have it all at this place lol. In my opinion it’s a very unprofessional establishment and seemed like a fiasco. To me it’s just the hood spot under the bridge, you don’t have to take my word for it just go and experience the environment for yourself.

  11. JayZ
  12. LD Lover

    Last time I was there in the VIP room on Monday. I gonna say the $100 Monday is so great and I really had a lot of fun there. I know not much about what is supposed to happen in VIP room. I simply had the girl (covered) againsts me and treats me well. But, is that all? I have heard someone does have something more in VIP room but I have no idea if they are true or lies. Anybody who can answer me? thanks.

  13. friendless in lemon grove

    I’ve been to lots of clubs. This is the best value for your money. A girl for every taste and fantasy.

  14. Jenn

    IVY IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL i would love a picture of her

  15. Chris

    This is a great club to go to, I was actually just there 30 minutes ago, but i digress. Great Club, Great girls, Great atmosphere. I’ll be there every friday just like I have been, supportin’ all the girls. Call me ladies!


  16. Bryan (aka Mr. Noodles)

    The staff was friendly and fair. The girls were hot (Especially Avalon). The price for the cover and dances were affordable. I wish Avalon worked here more often, she gives the best dances.

  17. Elmo

    Attended Show Girl of the Year on Thursday. It was great!!! All of the contestants were hot, especially Keirstan.

  18. dave


  19. jghngb

    wow went jus a lil bit ago GREAAAT chelsea charms was there OMG those are some tits

  20. fu

    goodgirls. 😉

  21. hammermill

    Just got back from Little Darlings and had a great time. First, military is free on Wednesdays, so it was the right day for me to go. Otherwise, the cover is $10 but that includes bottomless drinks. I wasn’t there a minute and Sasha came over to me, sat down and started chatting with me. No pressure about a dance, but she did let me know about the club since it was my first time there.

    Within a couple songs, they had their “blue light special” where the private dances are 3 for 2. Dance prices are $20. The club information page is incorrect when it says the private booth dances are nude. They are clothed, but are full contact. Also, you put your money into a machine and it times the dance. This is a bit weird, but it also means you get your full time (instead of a girl starting mid-song so you only get a half-length dance). When the special started, Sasha asked if I wanted a dance…this time, I took her up on it and was NOT disappointed. She was absolutely amazing and at the end of the 3, I had another.

    If you’re from out of town, keep in mind that in San Diego, the girls on stage will come around for tips from you even if you are not on the rail. While this would be bad if the girls are trashy or f-ugly, at Little Darlings, nearly all are incredibly hot. There are always those girls that aren’t quite up there with the rest, but I would rate all that were there tonight a 7 or higher. Most would fall in at about a 9. Sasha, Crissy, and Kayla were 9+/10.

    When the next special came around (not even 15 minutes after I finished with Sasha) I didn’t really want a dance. I knew Sasha was going to be on the stage and wanted to be at the rail tipping her. None of the girls were pushy about a dance nor were they upset when I turned them down.

    At this point in the night, I was sure I’d made the right choice of clubs. How was I to know it was only bound to get better. Another special came around and Kayla came up, out of the blue and asked if I wanted a dance. I had seen her on the stage earlier but didn’t take special note at the time (caught her at the tail end of her set after coming back from the privates with Sasha). Hands down hottest girl working tonight, and like I said, Sasha and Crissy were smoking hot! Absolutely, by far, one of the HOTTEST dances I’ve ever had. Next time I go (and there WILL be a next time) I will check to see if she’s working. If she is, I’ll definitely go. If not, I’m sure I’ll still go since I don’t think you can go wrong at Little Darlings.

    Thank you Sasha, Crissy, and Kayla for making the evening. Kisses all.

  22. dante
  23. dejah-monroe

    I love this club hahaha

  24. richard95

    Open til 4am on Fridays and Saturdays??? Oh what!!!!! I’m there!A lil grimey some might say but that’s just what you think from the outside. Here’s my top 3.. Cali (Cause she’s a white girl with a booty), Bailey (Always dancing to dubstep), and Paris (Once you see her you’ll know why). My list actually goes on but I don’t remember all of their names… surprisingly. Let’s just say I didn’t rate this a 5 star for nothing. Holler at me!Little D’s always has new recruits every time I come through. It’s hard to keep up with them dancers. WHEWWWWWWWW!

  25. Raymond

    Just came back from Littledarlings. I strongly recommend it. It’s not a tiny club but you can’t judget it only by its size.

    The girls there were really nice to me. Friendly, no pushy and really know how to treat customers well. They asked me if I would like some companies frequently but it didn’t bother me. Even if I turned down some girls, they still gave me smile.

    Got a lap dance from Naomie(or Naobie, sorry don’t know how to spell your name). Man, she was gorgeous. She gave me an unforgetable night. I gonna say, Naomie, you’re the best!!

  26. fritter17

    Best strip club in San Diego Becuz the girls are nicer and more intimate, not in a slutty way, and a lot of the girls are really beautiful. I have fun every time I’m there.

  27. jesse

    I love your girls! Cant wait til you guys have one of those wrestling matches again!

  28. Ruggy J.

    Uf dah! There wasn’t anything “little” or “darling” about this place when I rolled through. In fact…it was more like “large” and “frightening.”There were a lot of car salesman types hanging out, but I guess it’s to be expected, because it was like, 2:00 in the afternoon when I went. Sometimes, it’s just entertaining to to see the talent working the midday shifts.3 stars is as low as I’ll go…I don’t wanna get shot by management.

  29. tommy boy
  30. Reggie

    I didn’t expect the girls to be as hot as they are for that part of town.

  31. Yaboy V.

    10X better than eye candy!

  32. fuckery12

    Zero alcohol, but full nude. I came during a celebrity night for Lisa Ann. Look her up she won some awards in the adult industry. I was able to get $10 off because I was a VIP member, so $15 total for me during celebrity night. One main stage with a lot of tables surrounding it. Kinda sucks to go to a full nude bar and be in the back. I came in early and with a small group so we stayed in the front stage. We made it rain so we were not stingy and deserved those seats. Around the stage there are seats that allow you to be really close, for some very fun viewing and fun teasing moments. Lap dance area is money feed operated ($20) so you really do know you get every second because the green light and red light feature. This night had a good number of decent looking females. One special lady Natalie is very pretty I think she has some type of Asian blood with some very sexy moves, my friend was gone for more than an hour getting a lap dance with her and he stated he was close to busting a nut (damn!). Despite that she was very friendly and fun to talk to. Another special lady is Ebony. I think she is Asian, cute thin body with some awesome natural breasts. But this girl was a waitress. Despite that she took really good care of me and my buddies with drinks and getting us change. She was really cool to tease with and I was checking her out a lot more than the strippers. As for all the staff, very polite. You don’t have girls hounding you to take them to the back for a lap dance very chill girls. Before the main event with Lisa Ann there was a duo show. If you liked American Pie 2 with the 2 hot girls in the house you will definitely like what Little Darlings had to offer. Won’t say much but the crowd loved it, stage floor was covered with money to show appreciation, I was pointing and shouting damn near the whole show. Better to experience it than be told. Lisa Ann is a performer. Bad ass show with literally a bad ass. Muscle thighs with a big muscle butt. Flat stomach, sexy moves. I wish you were there with me because I can go on forever. Bottom line, amazing show. Left with a big smile. Amazing night.

  33. joe
  34. Don juan

    the first strip club I ever went to and still the best 8 years later

  35. aadd
  36. Ben
  37. Jammer

    came in tonight alot of hot girls, new girl Cora she was great

  38. Ruben Alan C.

    I have been coming to this place since I HAD to move here part time, the ladies are a hit and miss, and marya is a major bitch! She yelled at my buddy ’cause he wouldn’t give her a tip! Hahaha I save my self the drama and tip every girl when they get off the stage. I have my faves’ like Jo Jo, cassey, britney, Julie, and lili. But what really bothered me today is that one of the dancers started bleeding in the middle of her show ( people use your imagination) and told the dj to stop the music. I was sitting in the front so I knew exactly what was going on, and instead of the manager cleaning or asking to clean the stage ( there was streaks of blood on the floor) they announced the next girl to come to the stage. The worst part of all this is that it was Julie, the girl that I wanted to see in the first place. I felt sorry for Julie and I could tell she knew ’cause she didn’t really do her show like she would normally would. If I was her I would have DEMANDED for someone to clean the floor or refused to dance. I am angry at the manager cause he saw the stage and did nothing about it and now my stomach is revolting and I have this feeling of throwing up! I understand girls bleed, but I don’t understand why the manager did nothing about it I think it’s a health hazard, and poor managment. I hope that some Deja vu corporate reads this and trains these managers to deal with situations like this. What a letdown.

  39. moyris
  40. smith

    Itz worth for the money.

  41. Tom

    It’s a nice local strip joint, good value for dances.

  42. Kitten

    private with mia was awesome she smelled really good loved her piercing down there too

  43. pookie

    little d’s is quickly becoming the new hotspot for SD!

  44. Harrison69

    Went in with a friend on a Tuesday night…we ended up sitting there for 30min before any girls started dancing…I highly do NOT recommend this place. The girls are unattractive and don’t dance very well. The club is very small, and the bouncers are weird.

  45. Chris P.

    Came here for a friends birthday.Paid cover.Exchanged my money for sum dolla dolla bills.Sat down right up front ordered a coke since there are no alcholic drinks served.Watched some wack girls dance.Now after every girl finishes dancing they come around and expect u to tip them.(even if they are wack…I tip anyway cuz I feel bad for them)Bought friend lap dance from the hottest chick there….(wasn’t a lot to choose from)After turning down numerous strippers for lap dances I decided to call it…Overall id rather use my dollar bills for the lottery machine…I didn’t even get the chance to make it rain 🙁

  46. joseph1k

    I always have a great time! However this particular night was the best. I go outside to smoke and end up venting to the security guard Nicky Hohney and he took the time to explain to me how things work. I really appreciate what he did, Little Darling is luck to have staff like that! People like him make you keep coming back! Oh I can’t forget Kory and Jose too!

  47. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  48. hova

    This is club is the best club in san diego because the girl are really good dancers!!

    keep up the good work!

  49. Lovin_da_ladies

    OMG! I am lost for word! I went to Little Darlings with a group of friends only to find myself in the back buying sooooo many dances. Maybe even to many. I could help myself! the girls were smokin hot! I liked Nikki, Cali, and Kayla. All the other girls were pretty but these three were the hottest by far. Next time you think of clubs think Little Darlings!

  50. adamrod

    I haven’t been to very many strip clubs in San Diego, but this location was down the street from my house and we decided to stop on by.Of course from seeing from the outside, the location wasn’t going to be the biggest club in town but the ladies were nice (of course they want your $$) and as well as the staff.We went with a female that was getting hit on by some of the customers. Kinda weird, you never thought a dude would try to hit on a girl while at a strip club.

  51. MR. RICK


  52. StripClub431

    Very rip off prices compared to others such as cheetahs etc, a little diveish, this would of been one star if it hadn’t been down to one cool and cute chick that looks a bit like Debbie Harry did in her hey day (blondie) -morrissey

  53. Grove N.

    Not the best strip club I’ve been to (im not from san diego btw) but I damn sure had a good time. Low cover charge is also a plus. Most of the dancers/strippers look pretty good (Paris is the sexiest) and can actually dance. Me and my friends actually went there two nights in a row lol so yea I recommend it. $10 dances b4 9pm, and 3 dances for $40 during blue light special. If you’re lucky like me, you might get more than just a dance so keep that in mind.

  54. Denny
  55. harryharry

    Worst strip club I’ve ever been to. Not a very good location. Called ahead to see how much it would be. I was told $10 after 8:00 p.m. and unlimited Rockstars. I also inquired about a VIP free admission card I had. I was told I would get in for free. I got there and my card that said ‘Free Admission’ was only $10 off. And it was $20 to get in. Rockstars were $5 each! We got a hooka (way overpriced at $40!) And the hose was FULL of ash. I got a mouthful. Their ‘oops we f-ed up’ cover for that was a free mouthpiece, which were a dollar. Absolutely ridiculous. The girls were pushy and rude.One girl was obviously very drunk and thought my husband and I were cousins. What? We tried to explain to her that we’re MARRIED, and he’s my HUSBAND, but she kept hearing ‘cousins’. Uh…okay.I knew too many of the dancers and it was awkward watching them dance. All of the girls were beyond rude. And there’s nothing ‘little’ or ‘darling’ about them there.I will NEVER go here again.

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