Deja Vu Showgirls



2491 Ripley Street, Lake Station, IN 46405


41.572642, -87.2390379




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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When most people think of Indiana they think of the annual Indianapolis 500, the Hoosiers and of course the wide array of first class gentleman’s clubs.


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Showgirls

  1. bob
  2. Sonnie
  3. Donni

    Hands down the best club around!

  4. bbb


  5. Rasta

    I was very pleased.

  6. lko


  7. cry baby

    girls are very hot here,



  9. big mann

    its good for the most part. there could be more dancers. thats about it.

  10. out of towner

    great club

  11. Carl

    Really nice club, great dancers.

  12. Y

    I love this place! GREAT CLUB!

  13. jeff

    i agree

  14. Rick

    Had a great time ty. I will definately be back!!!!!!

  15. lily
  16. sho nuff

    luved it

  17. sgt. bilko

    hello ladies…….luv u much long time.

  18. Lock Jaw....

    Jen congrats on the new marriage/111

  19. benny

    ill be back !!!!!!!!!

  20. Mike

    Hey ladies had an awesome time thank you for the sweetness. Also I was reading your comments and to TC the ladies in here need no help on how to give private dances..they just have respect for themself and dont have to sell out to do their job, your looking for a hooker go to another club!!

  21. silky
  22. cletus

    could have been missy all over johnny hahahaha

  23. kenny

    scarlet is sooooooo sweeeet

  24. gotti

    i felt special….

  25. Tom

    love love love all the ladies

  26. cdv


  27. to

    You dont need to tip the floor host they work without having a tip but if you do thats a great thing!!

  28. teddy

    great place.

  29. Re: Disgusting pervert

    This club is great compared to alot of clubs in the area. What you expressed is your opinion and is not expressed by all guys.

  30. Nutty P
  31. Andrew

    Went there tonight. Bunny gave me one of the best dances I have had in a while. She made my night.

  32. Tony

    Great Club A+

  33. Miss Lady

    Great club! Managment rocks there, especially Keith.

  34. rosco

    very cool place to spend some money and time.

  35. McLovin

    Great club it is a lot of fun

  36. S. Dancer

    Damn great club and money making is wonderful here! I used to work down stairs and you guys got to check us out!

  37. KJ
  38. Al

    A really good club, sexy dancers.

  39. luke


  40. nick

    6 drinks and 2 credit cards later i think i won……..but im sure the girls feel the same way. lol thank you i had lots of fun.

  41. henry

    very nice place !! jesica really can dance on that pole !!

  42. danny

    oh yeah

  43. WOW !

    WOW! This club really rocks. Taylor is just the best .

  44. bill w.

    working here from out of town, cant stay away from the place. something different every night so far. love it !!

  45. Chris K

    I had a great time cant wait to come back!

  46. Hes been!

    We love the club!

  47. KC GUY

    Had a great time with Brook a week ago on Monday. Hope to go back sometime

    to relive the day.

  48. ted
  49. homer


  50. vanessa

    the girls are incredible!!!!!!!!!

  51. will

    fun place to spend some time

  52. Anna

    I work here and its great money.

  53. Teresa
  54. lol


  55. daly
  56. doyle

    hada great time will be back often

  57. TO TC:

    your complaining about girls not flashing nipples??? How pathetic are you? You get to see pussy. That should be good enough. How about I come to you job and ask you to break the rules.

  58. Hank!

    You need a bartender who can mix drinks!!

  59. Ashlee
  60. sumjuan

    wish my girlfriend would leave nice comments about me……

  61. fiIJiGSkVIInzhn


  62. TM

    Really nice club

  63. Jay

    Had a great time I will definately be back!!

  64. r u kidding

    to the last comment, the gm was on vacation last week and he dosent rub up on the bartender even when hes there. the other male manager dosent either so maybe what you think you saw was the doorman back there giving her a hand and maybe kidding around with her. you did get one thing right, she is hot lol

  65. old friend

    is mariah still working there? havent seen her in a long while. what happened to her?!

  66. Summer

    I just got hired and I bank here! Love this club! Cleaner!

  67. Zodric

    This club and Dreamgirls are billed as two clubs in one. The dancers from Deja Vu and Dreamgirls go back and forth between the two clubs through stairs that connect them. They could do that with five clubs and it would still suck. Rules are pretty strict. Can’t touch boobs or butts. It doesn’t matter anyway. The girls are average looking at best. Not an experience worth paying for.

  68. Nate

    love this place

  69. Scott
  70. RALPH

    Keep up the great work…….Bob how are the video games??

  71. pWjhkKEoBh


  72. wow

    lots of girls

  73. Reignon

    …cont. last. Bring plenty of $$$ and get yourself the VIP treatment,

    you won’t be disappointed! If the monies right, she will treat IT

    right! By reading other reviews, I must agree, this is by far the best

    club in town for everything from a simple lap dance to a great BJ or

    more, buyouts available… Be discreet,with $$$ in hand and you can

    get yourself pretty much anything you want back in the private VIP


  74. Greg

    This place was overall GREAT!

  75. Unann

    I agree that Kristie is the best dancer in the club

  76. Victor Richard Veguilla

    I love being at the club when I cross in to Indiana. Even though I’m from the Chicago Suburbs in Illinois. I don’t mind driving that far. Thanks for the love from the strippers I have fun with there.

  77. joe

    woooooooowwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

  78. obama

    quality club. nothing else like it around.

  79. larry

    disgrunteled ex employees always leave the best reviews

  80. Trent

    Super club

  81. todd

    hannah made my night !!!

  82. tanya

    its a fun place for girls too

  83. PoauuWSDPjPhxklTCOI


  84. George

    Best time I ever had..unbelievable staff unbelievable girls. Thanks

  85. don

    cool place

  86. taylor

    lots to choose from. upstairs and downstairs was wall to wall ladies. had a great time.

  87. T

    Awesome !

  88. Chip

    Don’t have a lot of experience but Charisma rocked my world this weekend.

  89. Matt

    I really enjoy coming here. Cleaner than Hugger and better quality dancers.

  90. Just

    SO SO

  91. say what

    this club is ok

  92. Mrk


  93. dave

    i actually posted my comment on the dream girls site thinking i was talking about deja vu. any way awesome club great employees dancers so sweet i cant describe it, will definately be back next time through. HI SALEM!!!!!

  94. dj jaysen


  95. gary

    i agree charisma is a very pretty girl, easy to spend time with and money on.

  96. XhXeXy

    Just moved from Los Angeles and I have to say the quality of women and entertainment is better than expected. All the ladies exude postive energy and genuinely like they are having a good time. I will have to admit “Jackson” is my fav though. All around quality establishment from “Amanda” at the front door to professional security making their rounds. Had a great time and plan to be back on a Saturday soon.

  97. Louis

    Great club and the girls are super ass hot!

  98. Terry
  99. hal

    very nice place

  100. Lyrical Lizard
  101. Josh
  102. Shelly

    Love it

  103. Miller

    Best place to go while working out of state.

  104. hills

    hahaha missy the love bug

  105. Big Mac

    Nice club with great strippers !

  106. Lee

    A really good club

  107. Jorge
  108. RE: Rick

    Get in line

  109. pogo

    had a great time there. ill be back for more.

  110. Uptown

    Dancers here are hot and know what they’re doing.

  111. turtle

    came out of my shell and had a fabulous time.

  112. JULIO


  113. jim f

    some very hot girls, very friendly but not pushy. go on wednesday night, 5 dollar pitchers. best value i have seen in a strip club.

  114. dauber


  115. Alan

    Club has a nice layout and great sound. Upon arriving it took the server 25 minutes to ask if my female friend and I wanted a drink. During last call none of the servers would approach us and ask if we wanted anything. Pathetic!!! This is sad service to say the least. Also none of the dancers would approach us. I’m not sure if they were intimidated by my friend, she is a drop dead beautiful redhead, but money is money after all. Most of the dancers were cute, and the atmosphere was great. But if your not going to serve your guest or even approach them then it is a waste of time. We left dissapointed.

  116. where

    Is this place near the casino? I couldn’t find it yesterday???

  117. justin

    i love the place best club ever

  118. M K

    A + +

  119. Thomas D

    I love this place. I had a great time. Wish they had more specials on dances.

  120. Big Tony

    Best girls in the city

  121. divine
  122. Princess

    WOW! What is the name of the manager with the sexy, spiral pony-tail? He’s dreamy

  123. Sam


  124. Turk
  125. john

    its greta

  126. Snark
  127. jack

    possibly the best time ive ever had. makes me glad i got divorced. lol

  128. tad

    sweet girls friendly staff

  129. trxy

    loved it

  130. Oh my

    Upstairs is rocking it out with your cock out! Stacy, is awesome.

  131. Daniel
  132. Fun

    Good time to be had by all

  133. G Money
  134. Stan

    Keeps getting better and better. Lots of new girls

  135. Bill
  136. Steve
  137. Seth

    Had a great time friday

  138. an
  139. bobby

    i have been a fan of this club for 14yrs and the hotties are still there shaking there money makers some of the new ones there have no personality but the regular girs are still the best of all

  140. bonnie

    me amd my boyfriend enjoyed ourselves with the girls. thanks.

  141. ben

    lotws of very pretty girls. very impressive place.

  142. jj

    best club in the state of Indiana

  143. tom j


  144. Ryan

    Kristie rocks my world

  145. Dude

    They used to have really hot girls there years ago, but the quality of the girls has really gone downhill. Too many fat girls and ghetto girls. The few good looking women left don’t give you the time of day.

  146. party guy

    your girls are crazy fun

  147. lki


  148. Jared M.

    Had a good time this last week when I was able to come. Most

    of the dancers were very hot. But I do think it was funny to

    see what I guess was the Head Manager flirting with the hot

    bartender and rubbing up on her. Way to fit the stereotype

    of the typical strip club manager. Way to raise the bar

    their dude!

  149. Billy

    $$ has it all $$

  150. brv


  151. Bri n Brooke

    Me and the wife went last night and after trying many diffrent clubs over the years this one is one of the best and definatly the best in the area by far. I would recommend this club to anyone.

  152. Knicker

    I love this club. Cheap beer and cheaper dancers.

  153. PAUL

    Glad i found this place

  154. unknown


  155. Frankie

    Great place!

  156. Balooo000

    Hmmmmmm I wonder????

  157. buddy

    had alot of fun and the girls were very attractive overall.the mean comment about the girls must have been put on by someone who works at the strip. they have no alcohol and they put a towel in your lap so you dont get a disease from their girls. very classy…….NOT!!

  158. Dan

    Hot girls cold drinks

  159. BS
  160. dv
  161. jim
  162. kevin

    Worth for the money

  163. hot

    Great club and girls are hot!

  164. Iron Mike

    Best club in the city

  165. Boris

    This place is just terrific !

  166. name


  167. sean

    very relaxed place to be and feel welcomed. these girls are very good at what they do. they are super friendly which always makes me smile and needless to say they are hott. this place has an excellent variety ur sure to like at least one of these ladys. i will be back to this place to see my fav dancers love u girls <3!!!

  168. dale

    my x wife shoiuld work there lol

  169. Sweetness

    We had our bachelor/bachelorette party there and it was awesome! Malice made our night!

  170. tommy

    best club in nw indiana hands down !!

  171. Ken Moser

    My best friend and I come to your club frequently, although not as frequently as I would like! We always have an awsome time, and we always feel like we own the place. My props go out to “Ivy”. She is sweet, sexy, and definately makes me want to come back!

  172. Joey
  173. Jackson

    Awesome club

  174. Nice chaps!

    Sasha is back hell yaaa!!

  175. Hot couple

    My wife and I went here for the first time this past Saturday. We both had a great time!! It was my wife’s first time ever at a nude club and she already wants to go back!!!!( I think it was the SMOKIN couch dance she had) The dancers and staf were all wonderful.

  176. Kailey

    Can someone tell me if they are hiring? I used to work upstairs and want to come back. Is money still great here?

  177. Matt F.

    Club was better and bigger than the Hugger’.

  178. duh


  179. Cann

    This is a fun place

  180. Jake

    This club is a fun place for a night hot dancers.

  181. Adam

    Best looking girls in the city

  182. Chris

    Had a blast love you girls sexy sexy sexy

  183. Austin

    Elise made our night! All the dancers are good looking, good deal on drinks, cheap cover, cheap dances, and like I said Elise made our night with nice conversation and is absolutely gorgeous. Would definately come back if ever in the area.

  184. gill

    first time to a strip club four days ago and i cant quit thinking about that place. better then disneyland by a long shot !!!!!!!!!!

  185. lindy

    they give free pornos with the dances. what a novel idea…..

  186. doug

    really doug this club

  187. gman

    great club

  188. Aron T

    Always have a good time. Love Lilly !

  189. Marty

    I’ve been a guest for many years and I’ve always have had a great time. The dancers have always been friendly, funny and professional. My compliments to the management(Hi Missy!), the Bartenders(Hey Frank! and Hi to my “cousin” Chris). All of you have made my visits enjoyable and memorable. I hope to continue seeing you all for a long time to come.

  190. Phil Bang

    I want better beer specials!!

  191. ty
  192. WA
  193. Re: Alan

    I’ve never had that issue with this club. I don’t think it was you’re friend that was chasing the dancers away it may have been you’re body language. I’ve had cute lady friends with me and still got approached hear and at other clubs. One way to get dancers to come to you is tip the dancers on stage that you want to come over to you.

  194. Semper Fi

    Drinks are over priced and/or watered down, the new girls are snobbish, The seasoned dancers are great, the music quality is great, waitresses hospitable as well as other non-performing workers. I’d rate at a 7.5 with room for improvement if they get a better dancer screening process and better liquor.

  195. phil

    place hasent really changed in 20 years. still the best club in indiana.

  196. Dan the Man

    ron the door guy and ed the dj are awesome. and the dancer emma. oh my god the finest girl ive ever seen!!!

  197. Jeff

    Great time every time. Staff is second to none and it rolls over to the dancers as well. Good place to have fun or relax depending on what you want to do

  198. i agree

    couldnt have said it better myself

  199. Jim W.

    Big Sasha fan. Best dancer by far. (personal note) Sasha has to many tattoos for the beautiful woman she is, but her other qualities MORE than make up for it. Makes me

    feel special for a older guy. Wish she wasn’t a dancer.

    Emma is very sweet, Alycia could smile more. Holly and

    Nicole the waitress totally rock!

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