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0 reviews for “The Main Attraction

  1. Johnnyboy123

    By far the worst strip club ever! This place is a joke and poor excuse for an entertainment place. Soon as you walk in you’re not sure if you walked into a warehouse or a bar. The feel is uncomfortable and dirty. The girls all look like they don’t want to be there and wear what looks like a diaper but I guess it’s layers upon layers of bottoms. Hahaha! If you want to have fun I’d make the drive to San Diego. It’s worth it!

  2. Rudy Lopez

    I was impressed. The outside isn’t the best, but the inside is spacious and the girls really got into their songs. I did not feel harrassed or pressured into getting lap dances and they all were very nice.

  3. fuckery12

    As good as it gets in North County. This is the only strip club in North County, conveniently placed near the I-5 , 76 fwy and Coast hwy. This place has the best looking girls I’ve ever seen on a day shift ever. The DJ’s kick ass! The food is much better than you would expect at a strip club and the girls are hot. Plenty of tv’s showing different sports. What else could you ask for?

  4. Gr8

    I was a regular ten tears ago when i was stationed there. Whent back recently and the place still rocks beautiful girls and hottttt waitreses if you go see Lindsay and treat Sara the waitres good

  5. larry1

    I was making a quick stop in Oceanside for gas and food headed back to LA from San Diego. Traffic was kind of heavy so I remembered that one of my friends told me you can get some good food from Main Attraction strip club and see some live entertainment. So I got off the exit and headed their way.Mind you it was in the afternoon and was not one of there busy days (So I was told) so it was very slow. I went in and asked about food and was told the cook should be there shortly. I proceeded to sit down and see if I could watch the girls while I waited. NOT ONE girl ever came out of the back. The only thing I was able to watch was the basketball highlights on the tv. I waited about 20 minutes and then asked the security again about the cook. He then informed me that he was not showing up today. I was pissed so I left very dissatisfied. I ended up going to the taco shop down the street.

  6. Cristeen M.

    The worst ever! My husband and I have been in there twice. The first was terrible. The only highlight was the bartender Candace. She is amazing.This past time was last Monday. We came in to have a drink and I was going to get my husband a lap dance for his birthday. We were in there for an hour, not one girl danced….at all! Nothing, the stage was empty! And not once did any of the girls approach us. They were all too busy on their phones or stuffing their faces. Total disappointment, I had $200 to spend, all I could buy was a mixed drink for my husband and a coke. Waste of the $22 cover charge for the both of us.

  7. eddyL

    This place is a good time- don’t listen to the other people saying it’s wack… everytime we go we have a great time, gotta love the purple church!

  8. marco

    the club is great,the girls are great they always stop and talk for a minute. I like the fact that you guys have all diferent kinds of girls hispanic, black, white , asian in all shapes and sizes .The the service is great

  9. Carlos

    Stopped in tonight. Music was rocking. Sexy mamas everwhere! Had 4 Dances that were well worth the money. I’m coming back on payday.

  10. ron
  11. Micharel

    its great

  12. Clint

    This club has improved since I was here a year ago.

  13. mathewater12

    It’s 11PM on a Monday night and there is no where to go, Main Attraction is the spot. $14 pitchers and $1 pool, not too bad, there is a cover charge at the door though.

  14. JAMES


  15. Matt

    Hot Chix! What else can I say? The music is classic and upbeat. These are some of the nicest girls I’ve ever met in a gentlemens club.

  16. Eskimo Poet

    Should follow Cheetah’s example and cut the couch dances to $10.00.

  17. Dr. S.

    Yep this place deserves a freakin “NO STAR” for sure. This is the worst strip club in SoCal, and I can’t believe people still go there. Lets list off a few things that really pisses me off about this place.1. Majority of the girls are rejects from other clubs who did not hire them. I wouldn’t even let some of them fill out an app.2. They wear two pair underwear3. They wear stockings4. The girls go around demanding you tip them after they dance, even if you just walked in a missed the whole show.5. The girl have attitudes6. Flat chested7. Don’t have any motivation to have a good time8. They suck horribly at dancing.9. They stand out side like a bunch of hookers begging everyone who walks bye to go insideThis place sucks and they should just get new management or go away. They take advantage of all the young Marines who are trick to go inside, take all his money then kick him out when nothing in his pockets. OMG!!! please don’t waste your freakin time here at all.

  18. Bad Karma

    This place is really a good place. Sometimes you need to take a step back and realize what you are going in there for. If you are there to have a good time and relax YES, its a great place. If you are there to cause trouble, of course the bouncers are going to give you problems. And the dancers are going to ignore you. I mean, do you really think that you are going to hold a good conversation without having to TIP??? Thats these girls job, so quit being a tight wad!! And even if they ask for a tip after their dance, DAMN its only a dollar!!! I love this place and it is one of the better places around. ALL the employees are great and even the customers are fun to be around!! Oh and by the way, Billy’s not a bad guy if you would stop being a prick to him!! Maybe he will be nice to you, trust me it worked for me!!! THE PURPLE CHURCH IS WHERE ITS AT!!! So come down and have some fun, drinks on the house, if you can find someone to buy you one!!! GOOD JOB GUYS!! THE MA IS THE BEST!!!

  19. Nathan

    One of the better clubs in the San Diego area. A lot better than some of these reviews describe. There was a good selection of pretty ladies from all cultures. A return trip will be soon.

  20. mike

    I would rather look at a plus size mag. I was shooting pool and was made bug ever 5 mins for tips. You can’t get near the stage. and if you don’t buy a dance the girls don’t evan talk to you. They hang out in the dressing room. Go buy a porn mag and a case of beer. lots more fun and cheaper

  21. Jrem

    I think this is a very classy club. The girls are nice and almost all are smokin hottttt.. the private dances are good. they leave you wishing you were allowed to touch.. 😉

  22. StripClub431

    I don’t often write reviews, but I need to because there are a lot of unfair bad reviews here. My husband and I went on a Thursday evening to check it out. I’ve never been to one and wanted to check it out. We loved it! Absolutely none of the girls were ugly at all. There was a good variety of types as well: thin and curvy, small to very large breasts (natural and implants. I’m more into natural myself, but I know many like the implants. There was a good balance of both), white, latina, asian, black, short and tall and inbetween. A bit of every type…Music was everything from classic rock to dance to punk and none of it was too loud or annoying.Tats, piercings, or completely natural with none of those. I cannot stress enough the great variety of girls here! All the girls were super nice and friendly while also being low pressure. At first they seemed a little nervous about a couple, like maybe they were concerned I was dragged there by a jerk of a husband (lol He is seriously the nicest guy ever). Once they talked to us though and realized we were there because I wanted to be there and we were just looking for a silly, fun, chill time together, they totally understood and showed us a great time (including some really fun couples lap dances). Our favorites were Nikita, Tiffany, Jezabel, and Bailey.Only slightly negative things I have to say are that from about 6-7 it was a little slow as there was a shift change, and one of the girls seemed not into her pole dance, but she was probably exhausted as it was the end of her shift and it’s got to be boring working the weekday morning/afternoon shift in a strip club. There were almost no other people there either and we had just barely gotten there, wanted to settle in with our drinks before we got into lap dances, so there wasn’t much for the girls to do at that point. The other girls were great though, and any shift change is going to have a bit of lag time. Have no idea what people are complaining about. These were lovely ladies and it was a really comfortable place. Not fancy but clean and chill, which is exactly what we were looking for. I dislike overly fancy places and feel more comfortable hanging out in dive bars and pubs, rather than trendy prentious ones.Oh, and the prices for everything were great! Lap dances were $20 until 8pm then they were only $10! Had lots of fun and only spent half as much as I had budgeted for. Would have stayed much later and gladly spent it all, but we needed to get back to the kiddos at home lol There was a 2 drink minimum, but I was there for drinks too so that wasn’t a problem for me (although they said that soft drinks counted toward the minimum in case we didn’t want alcohol).Didn’t try the food but had some good beer. They had a couple of my favs (Stella and Sierra Neveda) so I was very happy with that. Hoping to try some food next time. We weren’t sure before we went in if they had food so we ate before and weren’t hungry this time.We were looking for a fun place to chill and check out some pretty girls together and we got exactly what we wanted 🙂 Will definitely be going back.

  23. maxxy1

    (How to approach this)…A strip bar is only as good as its clientele. Before you put desperate, working girls or daddy-didn’t-love-me-enough girls on blast, take a look at yourself first…Let’s break down the 4 stars:Star #1( . )( . ) of all sizes…voluptuous to minimal, perky to what I like to call active – and they were all REALStar #2 Friendly staff from the entertainment to the cocktail servers to the first girl who took our money at the front doorStar #3The entertainment…I love it when the girls get all Cirque de Soleil-ish with the pole. That makes for lots of flying dollars and there was definitely lots of that going with a couple of the girls. And it’s been awhile since I’ve been to a strip bar, but the girls here made very creative use of the floor space. Such a contrast to the wiggly but boring exhibitions at Fritz’s. And not that most girls don’t, but each one acknowledged their gratitude for the cash prompted their way.Star #4Back to the first sentence in my review. The clientele here was not what I expected. I expected a bunch of young, uncouth jarheads with nothing to do on a Saturday night and some single creepies. Instead, it was a mellow Saturday crowd of couples, our big group, and a few of the lesser creepies.The no star is for no special cover or no cover for the ladies.Overall, it was a good time of laughs and drinks. Hats off, and maybe a ( . )( . ) flash, for these special girls.

  24. Cyrus

    This is the best club in San Diego! Lot’s of mileage.

  25. John
  26. fritter17

    It’s a great place! Half the people that have written reviews in the past don’t no what there talking about… Or even no the business San Diego is extremely strick so people are comparing the main to Vegas strip clubs I means come on that is stupid… The girls are mostly great but everyone likes variety.. And they do not ask for dollars anymore.. And all clubs in San Diego ask for dollars when there done dancing… Just saying don’t listen to others try out for yourself:)

  27. winston12

    I debated about even writing this, but for better or for worse, for the good of us all, I must. The only strip club for miles and miles and it’s right in my backyard of Oceanside. The convenience and proximity does not outweight the quality of experience. I know one of the DJ’s that works here and he sometimes plays some jams well before they make radio and even some internet sites. He hooks it up with the new new. It’s cheap, no cover usually and if there is it’s $10. ATM fee is just a tad high, but nowhere near some places mark up. Drinks are cheap. From what I’ve found the bartender goes light on the bottle and drink after drink makes them stronger, usually the other way around. Bathroom sub par. The women’s is much better and yes I’ve used it. I don’t get the regulars, the guys who know the girls by names, real or not. The dude dropping bands. Or the bachelor party of guys that come here. I’ve never been alone, but also never more than a car full. There are some strip clubs I like, others I don’t, but I’m also not that much of a strip club guy anyhow. 2-3 times a year is about my rate of patronage. Lighting is your standard dim around the main areas and dark in the corners. It’s actually kind of large, but never packed. Plenty of lounging to be had. No backrooms. Oh they have a pool table in the back. You get your mix of college kids, military guys, old guys, drunks. Security is pretty relax, but will come down hard on infractions of protocol. Always get change from the bartender for your larger bills, your night will last longer. It’s easier to tip afterwards when they come around than during. I pay for performance, so if your pole skills are weak then so is my tip. Sure a few of the dancers are well endowed, others not, only a few seem to actually care about stepping up their game. I have to say they are all “beautiful”… Security does all the work, bounces, sweeps the stage, cleans the bathrooms, you won’t see that most places. Sometimes it’s just late and your friends want to go to a strip club and you don’t want to be a buzz kill so you come along and end up here. It’s not bad, not good, you get what you pay for, but only locals know it at Purple Church.

  28. mike jones
  29. Jose F.

    I don’t know what people expect. It’s a strip club and not a bad one at that. Just don’t be a douche or some stuck up bitch and you’ll have a good time.

  30. Jamaica

    I recenty went to main attractions for amateur night. Its kind of sad to say but I was not aware that it exsisted. I am glad that i did find it. Bill is one of the most professional and organized managers I have met in a while. they enforce their rules and as a result, the girls are happy as well as the custmers. I live in san diego and I was shown so much love by employees and customers. I recommed this club if you want a laid back atmosphre, cool girls and awesome music with a drink or two. and to the bouncers and managment, thankyou again. If anyone does read this be sure to visit renae, i have seen her table dance, WOW!

  31. Triana J.

    Although I agree with Phoenix that the cocktail servers are very nice and have great customer service skills as well as the dancers/entertainers are of all sizes and types (plastic vs real) it was too small to kinda blend in. The girls would literally come and ASK for a dollar. [If you were good at ENTERTAINING or DANCING, I would be more than happy to throw my $1’s or $5’s at you.] Not to mention, why do they charge girls let alone at full price? I came with a group and I still was charged. Never experienced I’m not a snob, I just have certain expectation when I go to a strip club, ya feel me? I will say though that DJ, or what have you had an awesome array of music going on. Anyway, I may go back depending on how bored or inebriated I am but, if its my pick I’ll go elsewhere.

  32. Don Juan

    The dancers are unhappy due abusive management, Billy the manager is a jerk and girls have a hard time to feel sexy and free when this guy is on duty! Changes needs to be made!

  33. XXXbeast

    This is no joke the place is a 0 star!! Take the drive to San Diego you better off!!

  34. igor34

    Good place to go for some titties and beer, don’t like how some of the girls cling to the older “locals” and only thing they come to talk to you about is “hey wanna get a dance”, then go straight back to ol grey hair in the corner. Men’s bathroom is in dire need of some work. Other than that overall it’s a fun place for a single guy to go get some dances, a few beers, and a serious pair of blue balls lol.

  35. XhXeXy

    I went to this club twice once on a Wednesday and the other on a Saturday night… both times was horrible. . Hopefully this club shuts down soon.. the girls are lame and the management is worse .. just save the trouble and drive to SD …

  36. larry


  37. Manny

    A friend told me about this place. I have been going to Clairemont Mesa for years, but no more! The Main Attraction is full of beautiful ladies with nice personalities. I’ll bring more money next time. I did not expect it to be this good.

  38. Mistercap12

    I’ve been coming to the Main for years and they have the hottest dancers than any of the clubs I’ve been to. This isn’t a sleazy joint either and nothing like the cesspools in SD or TJ. Usually when ppl complain about this place is because they break the rules and get kicked out for being scandalous. Security is friendly and I’ve seen them handle their biz many times and usually it is some knucklehead trying to flex. Btw 1st wed of the month is Amateur Night and the DJs ROCK here! The Purple CHURCH is an Oside Landmark & they have $10 dances Sun – Thur 830pm-10pm. More bang for your buck! I’ll be coming here forever. 🙂

  39. Tom

    Overall the club is very good. As far as mangement goes, there is one individual who is outstanding. His name is Chris, and he keeps the club moving. Another one goes by the name of Bily. The exact oppisite. He is terrible. He does not know what he is doing. As far as dancers, they are outstanding and friendly. They do not pressure you for a lap dance if you say no to them one time. The djs are outstanding with the exception of one named evan I beleve his name is. The dj named reggie is outstanding. Overall I give this clup a high rating with the exception being Bille and the dj named evan

  40. Rick

    The MA is Happening! Very Upbeat Staff and Ladies. I’ve Received Royal Treatment from all but one Lady. That’s Part of Free Enterprise, though. I don’t have to select Her, again. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be back for More!

  41. bling

    lots of hot chicks and crazy shows the best time of my life!!

  42. curtis17

    I always have a great time going here. They have really improved everything about this place over the last few years. The women are a lot hotter then they used to be and the place is a lot cleaner and better maintained. The drinks are reasonably priced. A few of the dancers that I remember doing a great job the last few times I was there are Tiffany, Sterling, Star, and Summer. The bartenders and cocktail waitresses were very friendly as well. Now California has different laws then other states so don’t expect a Vegas style lap dance but i always have a great time at the Main.

  43. Billy

    The quality of the dancers and rest of the employees has greatly improved since my last visit two years ago. I’ll return soon.

  44. Weedman420

    Terrible. It’s a marine bar. Dancers with Marine bf watching every move. Never been to a more strict and prude strip club. Horrible dancers. High prices that they make you believe are low. Worst part is marine bf though. Huge turn off. I’ll never be back. -10 rating. Worst club I’ve been to in the cOuntry. And that says a lot. Drive to San Diego or up to la. Save yourself the disappointment.

  45. AssnTits5

    You can never give something a chance till you attend twice, you never know. I did just that and let me say that was the biggest mistake I have yet made. 1) The food is nasty flys and shit.2) There were probably 2 (hott) females out of 9!!3) The waitresses are stuck up bitches!!4) All the dancers basically wear the same things.5) when you get a dance the dancer does ot even sit on you for 3 seconds expect her to dance around in a circle with her top on and expect your hands to be glued to your side.6) The females come around and ask for a dollars when you already throw money on the stage and if you didn’t like there show you still have to give them dollars!7) The females complain and fight with one another .8) No pole work just shaking ass on the floor p.s they can’t touch thier own bodies and the ones that dance on the pole only know like 2 tricks and does the same thing over and over again and the ones that try suck and look like retards.To be honest I can keep going and personally there is better strip clubs in Mexico and probably better food and the drinks in mexico will be cheaper and at least you can actually see Exotic and not flabby strech mark, selulit legs, hair tore up , attitude , females . when I go to a strip club I want to see different WOMEN exotic women that’s what strip clubs are about you go there because you want to see sexy , something you don’t get at home . I rather watch my wife on the pole then these nasty female sand at least her pussy doesn’t stink. I’m telling you you will regret if you go to this club.Take my word for it this club is not good . I rather spend 20 bucks in gas to go to gold fingers where it’s 15 mins away then spend 60 bucks for 15 mins at this club and want to leave . At least at Gold finger you see pussy and get actually good lap dances and e women are hott and respectful and treat you like a true Gentlemen.

  46. rogerrab2

    Ok, I wouldn’t ordinarily review a club of any type. However, after reading the reviews on this one I felt compelled to do so as I just think they are unfair and disingenuous. We went last night with a group of 6 people (couples) and honestly we had a good time. Place was clean enough, drinks were cold enough, and all in all was a fair deal and good experience. Setting the record straight: There was no begging for bucks PERIOD. These women were all very nice and coming back from a recent Vegas trip I would say way more laid back than that experience. Now the bad – Has nothing to do with the club, its California and its San Diego County and they serve liquor. The rules applied by governance are just dumb IMO. If you go expecting not to experience stupid California rules then, you don’t have much experience with California/San Diego clubs and are doomed to a night of bitching.

  47. William

    What a dive and poorly run. Trashy

  48. adamrod

    After being to many strip clubs from all over the country and the world this place isn’t bad. The problem is management needs to make there girls work hard instead of walking around ignoring customers and trying to get dances. I don’t know if the sound system needs updated or a new DJ but the music kept cutting out and the stage was empty half the time.

  49. harryharry

    I love this place. The women are beautiful the food is yummy the DJ is hot the drinks are strong what more do you need?

  50. Tizuano

    This beats the clubs we frequented in Iowa. We were surprized at the number of good looking ladies. This club has higher standards for the girls than most.

  51. tonycluber

    Zero star. Absolutely worst excuse for a strip joint ever… The chicks are ultimate scammers n can’t figure out how to dance on beat… Found a used condom in my beer. I was extremely disappointed when when I peeled back her g-string with my teeth and I got blood on my mouth, I am currently waiting on my test results… Bought a friend a lap dance and they charged her after I paid them! If it’s possible to get trashier than a mom twerking while tweaking they took the gold… Haven’t u ever heard of summers eve? To top everything off, my friend woke up today with swollen eyelids! I asked him “What the Fuck Happened”? He said that one of the strippers was grinding her crotch in his face! He found crabs in his eyelids!!! There for I regret to inform you I will not be taking my family and friends here and my daughter and nieces will not be seeking employment at your so called “gentlemens club” in future.

  52. Pete

    You’ve got to visit this club, gents. Some of the nicest and best looking babes I’ve seen in a gentlemens club.

  53. Jerry

    Dirty, run down, the girls are not as relaxed and happy as I am used to, possibly because they are not allowed to drink and it sounds like the management is always on them. It all seemed very up-tight and forced. I absolutely hated the place, and I do a lot of traveling, so am familiar with the wide variety of strip clubs.

  54. james1412

    Main Attraction used to be part of Pure Platinum, which held its clubs to really high standards. If it still is, then somebody up top needs to come to this club and fire a lot of people, starting with the management. This club is a letdown. It’s like they don’t care anymore.I moved back to this area in 2009, and this was one of the first bars I went to in the area (naturally). In 2009, the paint was worn off the inside of the men’s room door. In 2013 it still hasn’t been repainted. There’s still Scotch tape on the walls, and broken tiles. I can only imagine what the kitchen is like. Yuk.Half the club is dark and uninviting. Your ID is scanned at the front door. (What do they do with your information?) Yes, about half of the girls look like a New York subway, all tagged up.Some of the girls will come over to your table after their dance on stage and hit you up for tips, some won’t. I couldn’t get any of the dancers that I wanted to come over, and I couldn’t get any to sit with me, and I wasn’t the only one I noticed this happening to. HELLO! If I had a date I wouldn’t be in your club. But I don’t have one, so you’re it tonight. Come over and join me. You don’t make any money sitting by yourself. The talent was good looking, but I give them about four out of five stars. No ugly ones, but they sure could use a superstar or two, especially on a Saturday night.It’s not all negative. This club has a dancer who is the absolute best pole dancer I have ever seen. I just wish I could remember her name. But you’ll know it if you see her.I walked out with a lot of money that I was willing to leave behind. I also walked out feeling really disappointed. This was a strip joint that has seen better days, it was not entertainment. This place needs some help.

  55. Nightrider

    The Club itself could use some spurcing up inside. Otherwise, the atmosphere is great to be in, with all of those lovely ladies wanderomg around and dancing for all to see, view and be a part of, WOW.

    Sophia is absolutely the BEST. Dancing, Atheletic, Exotic, she has it all. This does not take away from the rest of the LADIES as they are all high quality dancers. Enjoy!!!


    NM Nightrider

  56. joseph1k

    Stellar co-ed softball team =)

  57. Michael M

    came to club on a recomendation from a buddy that travels alot with me. We enjoyed the company although there was a female who would not leave my table until i bought a dance. We felt very uncomfortable. Great after she left. One recomendation if anything, would be nice to see a couple petite women. Nevertheless i will be back to spend more again and possibly work up the nerve to ask a dancer to leave if she only sits for a dance and no conversation.

  58. dannyboy7

    Hot chicks-surprising killer menu for a boobie bar- cold beer- and the bartenders kill it every time!! It’s a great place. Go pray at the purple church.

  59. Gib

    The girls are so pissed off at the management in this place that it’s starting to not be fun for the customers. Ownership needs to fix that problem.

  60. jake

    was in this club and some of the girls were hot met a manager billy … they need to fire him or something … all the girld there hate working with him … well as far as the ones i talked to the door guy steve , i think his name was was funny and cool … would make this an ok hang out if billy wasnt there the dj didnt catch his name a (black guy) was the best dj i have seen at a club in a long time

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