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10am – 7pm


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40 reviews for “Uncle Paulie’s Inc

  1. Obse rver Obse rver

    An okay place to get a drink and watch the women, but DO NOT buy a lap dance here at all. There is absolutely NO touching allowed at all, neither giving nor receiving. Glen Ellyn city law, too, and enforced by the Glen Ellyn Police Department. Any woman approaches you and asks you for a dance, you tell her no, you’re not interested in a ten foot air dance. And to make matters worse, the people here try to get you to stay by telling you that “no touching” is Federal law, enforced by the FBI, as if according to them, any club in the entire United States that allows touching gets shut down by the FBI and by Homeland Security. If you want to get dances, go to Blackjack’s.

  2. eddyL

    I believe that at this point in my life I have become a certified dive bar aficionado. Which means that my tastes may be different from your tastes. As such, this is my review.This is a Grade B dive… Why a B instead of an A? The drink prices are high. $4 for a High Life? $9 for a PBR pitcher? Come on now, the overhead is just not that much here. Other than that, great joint. Crazy C- strippers do their best to put on a show on their 4’x4′ stage with a pole that wobbles as they swing. The bartender is a cool chick. The patrons are part true dirty bikers, part executive bikers and part normal dudes. I don’t think this place brings in too may groups of females due to the intimidating nature. Don’t be scared, give it a whirl. You just might find me sitting at the bar.

  3. kkk love

    fuck nigger the would be a lot easier if we would bring back slavery, when u mad beat up nigger

  4. ijj


  5. cizzzle

    all i gotta say is… nasty

  6. handyman

    Admittedly I have been to this place a few times. However, I normally go as a joke and bring someone with as to show them what a shit hole this place is. If you are looking for a total dive that is way over priced with nasty looking girls giving shitty dances this is the place you have always dreamed about. Trust me this place is an A # 1 SHIT HOLE!

  7. old regular

    this place is pathetic, hasn’t been good in at least a year. what happened to the good ol days? these girls or should i say girl, are pathetic!

  8. John

    This is by far the worst establishment I’ve ever been in. The drinks are over priced. The service is horrible. Unless you’re one of the “regulars” expect to get over charged. I have read the “rules” of this website and I’m not supposed to write about anything illegal, so I can’t mention certain things that were proposed by two of the nastiest “women” I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. I really wish I could have that hour back. Overall recomendation is to STAY AWAY. How this place is in business is a mystery. So many illegal activities going on it’s rediculous.

  9. TC

    not impressed

  10. D man

    Just plain bad. I guess not bad for a hole in the wall but strip club it is not.

  11. He who knows

    This club may be good for eye candy, but it is totally no

    good for handsy guys. Touching here, even during lap dances

    (air dances really) is strictly forbidden; and I even hear

    that it is by order of Glen Ellyn. The absolute maximum

    amount of contact the customer gets is an occasional

    shoulder tap.

  12. Tommy

    Stopped by twice last week an twice the week before everyday i come in there are some new hotties working very cool great attitude be back as soon as i can

  13. fritter17

    I remember driving by this place many times on my way to work and thinking to myself that this bar reminds me of a place that would be near the downtown square in my home town. A cinder block building with some sort of beer signage on the front. Looks like it could be an auto repair shop or a bar where you may need to stab someone….again, it simply looked intriguing.A friend from back home came to visit and I said we have to go to this bar down the road I think we would both feel at home there!!So we walk in and see a woman in her panties and steels to our left dancing for some guy and we kinda shrugged and said to ourselves must be a bachelor party. So we walked got the bar ordered a beer and fired up a smoke…..a few minutes pass and another woman appears out of nowhere with even less on and that’s when it hit us….I was the lucky bastard who moved into a new town within a mile of a non nude strip club! Yeah they serve beer but that’s not why people come here.I’m not a strip club guy but it was a fun time for about an hour.Ambiance: THE divy of the diviest dive bars! Another friend later on from the area called it “The Shame Of Glendale Heights” lolFood: I’m not sure they serve anything but alcohol.Value: Cheap beer and an opportunity to help young girls pay their way through college! What more could you ask for! Gives you a reason to feel good about yourself!

  14. Franky

    This place is like a little neighborhood bar with some great eye candy Kelly the bartender is awesome she is hot an has a great attitude and cassie well just say SHOTS thanks for the good time be back soon

  15. Buddy
  16. jijth


  17. Rick

    What a dump!

  18. Mr. X

    I go into Uncle Paulies once in a while. The blonde bar tender is alway friendly, plus she is gorgeous. The girls are usually very attrarctive and friendly. No cover and usually only 3 girls working at a time. SO if you want lots of variety and pay a cover and be in a very upscale enviornment, then Uncle Paulies is not for you. If you want to stop in have a few drinks and be around some sexy females that know how to ride but pole and who have moves, then hit it is for you. I was in there last night and saw one of the best dances ever in a stip club – I can’t remember her stage name but she was very nice and even extended her hand and introduced herself – point is she actually seem genunine. That was a friday night and she is a brunette.

  19. Jim H.

    So I love this dirty a****** but this is the first time I went in there and I could not sit in the C section The Cockroaches had booties on and the rats had remote control cars.! I like my girls with a little bit of dirtiness but when I went in there all I had was a 300 pound soon ready

  20. big bob

    no grinding

  21. JJ

    This place sucks.

  22. nick

    i love how bree violently gallops on stage like a sexy clydesdale, i wanna ride that big pony!!!

  23. DUG H.

    Uncle Paulie’s is one of the best drinking establishments in the NW ‘burbs, provided you ‘get’ the joke.Just a few of the things that make Paulie’s one of the most entertaining places on earth to drink is the fact that there actually is an uncle Paulie and he is a gruff old biker who has, to my knowledge, never bought a patron a drink; stories of his cheapness are legend around the bar with the regulars. Beyond his fulfillment of the dive bar owner stereotype Uncle Paulie is to be admired for the fact that he is fighting an almost constant battle to keep his establishment open and the boobies in full view in the middle of the madly oppressive ‘burbs.Dancers range from amazingly hot to total trash and the skill levels show the same spread, and are not always related to appearance. After dancing on the about 2″ tall stage the girls make the rounds asking for a buck from all the patrons at the bar and generally flirting and having a good time, and drinking heavily; these gals are more then willing to have a few, or more, with you at the bar between dances. Topless and private dances are offered but I have never seen them taken advantage of; the girls seem happier to sit, drink and joke with the patrons then strip for them and the patrons seem pretty happy with that arrangement as well.Selection is crap, yellow fizzy beer and crap liquor bit prices are cheap for the ‘burbs and if you tip well there is a pretty decent buy-back on drinks and they are willing to serve you well past the point of sanity.Other patrons range over the whole spectrum but in the warmer months the place is sick with bikers, and not this candy ass weekend warrior types either. These guys are the real deal scooter trash; like to the point the bar has signs up that you can not wear club colors in the bar.

  24. rogerrab2

    Was a fun dive bar until the one selling points, the girls had to cover up. They used to wear pasties but now they just wear swimsuits..lame! Before they did that maybe the overpriced beer and drinks would be understandable. You might read this review and wonder if me being a woman has something to do with a bad review but I’m a biker, I love other bikers, I don’t ask for much in a bar and I love cute looking girls. .with that being said, I’m glad some of them cover up, as the one I thought was a grandmother is not too much older than me. I don’t like girls that are coke head skinny, strung out on heroin or just look old. .the girl doesn’t have to be a certain size or age but make it work for them. Plus there is no entertainment like bands..and that would bhai e a, great space. I would pay to see a local band that is decent. It’s a shame because the owner seems nice and the regulars are fun..

  25. jonny
  26. big t

    fun spot/hole in the wall.

  27. Randy

    Its a great club the girls work hard and the owners are real nice to thier customers as well.

  28. Bob
  29. BurbGuy

    Great blue collar/biker bar. Girls are average/above, dances are air dances. If you want a few beers and wanna look at some tail this is you’re place.

    No Cover.

  30. RIK

    Not a strip club. More like a neighborhood biker bar with a lingerie show. 3 girls max.

  31. jack

    this must be were all has been old dancers go

  32. joseph1k

    If you have ever seen the movie “Dusk Till Dawn”, Uncle Paulies will remind you of the “Tittie Twister” bar in it. Drinks are reasonable, and the dances are also. A definite biker hangout, with plenty of local flair. You get a good bang for your buck. The building, and parking lot, seem out of place in this suburb, guess its good to have a grandfather clause, or the uptight yuppies would have closed this place years ago. Still waiting for the vampires to slam and lock the door shut, and yell “feeding time!!!!!!!”

  33. pink monkey mohawk

    nice place, calling it a stip club is a bit of a stretch. drinks are sheap girls are nice atmosphere is of a local bar, if you want snatch in your face then go somewhere else. great place to have a few drinks and watch some girls dance and flirt.

  34. a black man

    dont go to this club if you are a minority. THE GIRLS WONT DANCE FOR YOU IF YOU ARE BLACK! They said that they aren’t “ALLOWED” Wow but it also looks like a biker hangout anyways. Not worth your time.

  35. meow

    sexy ladies, i’m in love with haley!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Kurt

    This place rocks

  37. Buba

    Nice good time neighbor hood atmosphere with hotties

  38. A NIGGA


  39. Ron

    go somewhere else if your looking for a real club.

  40. llllllll


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